FMEA Chapter 128

Chapter 128 I will kick this pervert to death! 

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A quarter of an hour ago, Xia Yuqing ran out from the wedding banquet and quickly caught a Nu Bi who was walking in front of her. After asking the directions for the toilet, she quickly rushed towards the distance, she didn’t even realize no one was tailing behind her, that Cui Er had already fallen behind. 

“Hey, it’s so dark, how can I see which side is which side?” Xia Yuqing stood in a crossroad-like corridor and wondered what to do. “The person just said which direction it was, but is it left or right? ” 

Xia Yuqing was distressed when a young man dressed up as a family servant sprang out from the side with a smile: “Is there anything this servant can help Gong Zi with?”

“I want to go to the washroom, but I forgot whether to go left or to go right. Can you tell me?” Xia Yuqing asked expectantly. 

The young man looked at Xia Yuqing’s large, pure, flawless eyes and suddenly felt a little guilty. The angels and demons in his mind began to fight, until the people around him could not help but poke him and motioned him to look behind Xia Yuqing. 

After seeing the expression on the face of the man hiding in the dark that was beckoning him, the boy trembled. The little black demon suddenly overwhelmed the little white angel. 

“Um, I know, of course I know…” 

Why does this person keep looking behind her? Xia Yuqing turned her head suspiciously and glanced behind her only to find nothing. Forget it, let’s solve the urgent problem first. 

Thinking like this, Xia Yuqing turned her head and continued to ask: “Which way?” 

“Um, left…no, right.” 

“…Is it left or right?” 

“Right. Go over there.” The young man pointed to the side path eagerly. 

“…” Isn’t that the left side? This brother can’t even distinguish between left and right, how unfortunate. Asking him for directions must have really embarrassed him. 

After sending off Xia Yuqing, the young man was slapped from behind before he could breathe a sigh of relief and he almost fell into the mud. 

“Useless trash, you almost ruined this prince’s major matter.” Xia Mingqi walked out of the dark, his face a little ugly.

The youth seemed to recall the slave who was dragged out, beaten with sticks and became disabled this morning. He was still lying in bed and couldn’t get up. The youth trembled with fright and immediately knelt down to the ground to apologize: “Lord, please forgive me. This slave is incompetent, please forgive this ignorant one.” 

“Prince, that Gong Zi has already headed towards the small yard, that little matter is still waiting for you to deal with. This lustful night is invaluable. It would be meaningless to despirit yourself over such a little slave, right?” Another older youth who stabbed the youth just now flattered Xia Mingqi.     

Xia Mingqi raised his hand high, then pointed to the young man: “You’re lucky kid. Today, this prince is in a good mood. I will come back and finish you later.”     

The young man turned to the youth and gave him a wink. The youth hurriedly stepped forward and smiled: “Master, there are a few leaves on your clothes, I will take them off for you.” 

When he patted Xia Mingqi on his body, after only two pats, Xia Mingqi felt a little uncomfortable. He impatiently pushed him to the side: “It’s fine, don’t pat me down anymore. You guys stay here to watch. Don’t let people come in and disturb this Lord. If you do this well, you will gain merits and sins will be forgotten.”     

“Yes, yes, Nu Cai will guard properly so that no one will spoil the prince’s mood.”     

Xia Mingqi left contentedly and the Nu Cai’s started to talk. Soon when it was time to change the guards, they also spoke of the matter just now, but was unexpectedly caught by Leng Ruofeng who followed closely.     

Xia Yuqing followed the direction the boy directed and didn’t encounter any forks along the way. However, there were no toilets. When she finally entered a small, very remote yard, she felt that something was wrong.     

“Strange, this place is so empty. How could there be a toilet? Um…did the little brother point to the wrong side?” The more Xia Yuqing thought, the more likely that was the case. The boy obviously couldn’t distinguish between left and right. If this continues, she won’t be able to hold it in anymore!

Xia Yuqing was anxious. She really wanted to resolve her problem on the spot. Yet, she felt that wasn’t a good idea doing that in another’s home. If Liu Yixiang knew, she would definitely give Xia Yuqing a roll of her eyes and scold her. Do you think it is appropriate to do this at our own home? Qing Jiejie, where are your morals?     

After thinking for a second, Xia Yuqing decided to endure and ran back to the other side to find the toilet. Unexpectedly, as soon as she turned around, she was thrown to the ground, raising a cloud of smoke and dust.     

“Cough cough cough…Which b**tard attacked me? D*mn it, even if you want to sneak attack, find a better place. Cough cough cough, don’t you see a pile of dust here? I’m going to choke myself to death! Cough cough cough…”     

Xia Yuqing’s face was obstructed by the dust raised up, she couldn’t open her eyes. When she finally stopped her coughing, she heard a familiar voice directly above her: “The environment here is really bad, but it doesn’t matter. This prince will make you feel comfortable and forget everything else.” 

The man’s voice became a bit crazy because of his over excitement. It was so wretched and abnormal that it made people get goose bumps.     

Xia Yuqing trembled all over, her eyes widened and looked at the man with a lewd smile on his face in disbelief: “Why are you here?”     

“Little beauty, this prince followed you. I lured you out after great difficulty. So, let’s have a good time now.”     

“!” Lure myself here? Sure enough, that little boy did have a problem! When he looked behind her, he must have been looking at this man.     

“Don’t… wait!” Xia Yuqing exclaimed, pushing Xia Mingqi’s chest, “You can’t do this to me! Because…because…”     

“You are under this prince now, why can’t this prince do this to you? Not only does this prince want to do this to you, but this prince also wants to do even more things with you.”

“No, no…” Ahhhhh! God this pervert, this grandma is your own sister. If you do too much to me, wouldn’t it be… Besides, the Ultra Seme Lord will be angry if he finds out. Once the Ultra Seme lord is angry, the consequences will be serious. At that time, blood will be everywhere, people will be suffering and there would be no way of getting by. The future would simply be a miserable world! 

“Why not?” Xia Mingqi looked at Xia Yuqing with interest, as if enjoying the teasing before the cat ate the mouse.

“Because…because… the prince is getting married today. During the night of the wedding, shouldn’t this thing be done in the newlyweds’ room, not outside with a… a man. I am afraid that it will not be good for your reputation. The reputation for Xiang Ye and your consort will also not be good. In fact, Xiang Ye and your consort will be very angry.” 

“Angry? Do you think this prince will care about that? Everyone treats this prince as a fool, thinking that this prince doesn’t know anything. Hmph, in fact, this prince knows everything. The old man wants this prince to marry his shrew and this prince did. So, what else does he want? He wants to interfere with this prince’s life? There will be none of that, this prince will do whatever he wants and no one can control him.”     

“…” Is the prince’s unruly behaviour created by his family? Well, in a sense, she is also his family member, but she didn’t create this at all! Also, if they make you angry and are indebted to you, go find them, why did you come to me? Targeting people indiscriminately, it is easy to sweep through a mine and get blown up!     

By the way, where is that Ya Tou that came with me? Where’s Cui Er? Didn’t Cui Er follow her? Where is Cui Er? Xia Yuqing finally realized that her little tail behind her was gone, and immediately panicked: “Cui Er, where are you Cui Er? Come and save me!”     

“Only at this time did you remember to find someone to help? It’s too late! Call out as loud as you want, it’s very remote here. Even if you scream your heart out, no one will come back to save you.”    

“!” Why is there such a strong sense of familiarity? Isn’t this sentence the most commonly used sentence in TV dramas when the bandits go down the mountain to kidnap people? Why did I hear this sentence in the mouth of my own royal brother in the end. This broken world, I will be broken by you!

“Wait a minute!” Xia Mingqi just wanted to pull on Xia Yuqing’s belt, when he heard Xia Yuqing scream again. His hand shook, and he asked with a grimace, “What do you want? Obediently listen to this prince and this prince can still treat you gently, otherwise…”     

Xia Yuqing silently let go of her hand that pushed Xia Mingqi on the chest. She replied innocently: “I just want to ask the prince… I heard that the prince’s thing is no longer working. Then how are we going to do that kind of thing?” Is it possible he wants the other person to be on top? But… how can a woman be on top?     

Fortunately, Feng Tingye was not here at this moment, nor can he hear Xia Yuqing’s heartfelt voice, otherwise he would sneer when he hears Xia Yuqing’s complaints: “Does Ai Fei mean that if you are a man, you don’t mind climbing the wall and having an illicit lover?” Then he would take her directly to the bed to punish her. 

Xia Mingqi was taken aback, then there was another meaningful smile on his face: “So you are worried about this. Don’t worry, even if there is no that, this prince has a way to make you happy.”     

“…” What way? Is it possible…Ahh, this wretched man, I will never admit that this guy is a member of the bl clan! He is simply a beast. No, saying that he is a beast has insulted the word beast! Our family’s Ultra Seme Lord is a ‘beast’, this one is simply a scumbag!     

“What are you struggling for? Are you pretending to be a chaste woman? Why didn’t I see you acting this reluctant when you climbed into Third Royal Sister’s bed?”     

“Third Royal Sister?” Xia Yuqing became stiff, and said in surprise: “How does this relate to Third Royal Sister?”     

“At this time, you still pretend to be stupid with this prince? Do you dare say that you have nothing to do with that little prostitute, Xia Muyun?”     

“…” She and Xia Muyun did have something between them. Sister, friend, she really couldn’t say they had no relation.     

Xia Yuqing’s silence was taken as an acquiescence by Xia Mingqi. He laughed more and more wantonly: “This prince had said this long ago, on the surface this sl*t always acts so arrogant and noble, but she is definitely open and wild in bed…”     

Xia Mingqi’s obscene words continue to spread into Xia Yuqing’s ears making Xia Yuqing’s face more and more ugly. 

Xia Mingqi still didn’t realize since he finally had a chance to run his mouth. In addition, he was upset and drank a few more glasses at the banquet. So with the alcohol working it’s magic, he had become more unscrupulous. After seizing Xia Muyun’s weak point, he ranted on. Xia Mingqi seemed to finally let out all his anger and leaned down on Xia Yuqing, smiling in an evil manner: “If that sl*t knew that the person in her bed was under this prince’s body today, I wonder what kind of expression she would have? Hehehe!” 

Xia Yuqing blocked Xia Mingqi’s body from getting closer and closer with one hand, then when Xia Mingqi was about to get angry, she smiled lightly: “I have one last question. If the prince answers my question well, this person will let the prince do whatever he wants.” 

“…” Xia Mingqi was shocked by Xia Yuqing’s sudden soft and shy appearance. He swallowed unconsciously. In his heart, he thought this kid was indeed a veteran seducer. 

“Hurry up and ask…” 

“My lord, is your place really unusable? If you can’t do that stuff, do you still feel it?” 

Xia Mingqi was taken aback, somewhat displeased and warned: “Why are you asking this for?” 

“I’m just curious, hurry and tell.” Xia Yuqing’s fingers were restless and circled Xia Mingqi’s chest, showing a seductive gesture. 

Xia Mingqi looked at the weak appearance of the person under him, wondering why he was making a fuss: “Of course there is feeling in it, it is part of this prince’s body. It’s not like this prince is an eunuch, how can it be unconscious?” 

“That’s it!” Xia Yuqing seemed to understand something. 

Xia Mingqi was a little impatient: “Although it’s a pity, it doesn’t matter. This prince has a way to make you happy. Come on, Little Beauty.”

“Although it would be fun to play with you, there is no chance.” Xia Yuqing said with an innocent look. Afterwards, her right leg was slightly bent and before Xia Mingqi could react, she kicked it up…

“Ah…” The deafening scream resounded over the entire mansion. 

Leng Ruofeng and Xia Muyun, who had just arrived outside the courtyard, trembled when they heard this scream. The steps under their feet became more and more rapid. Rushing in hastily, they completely stopped at the door. 

At this moment, their mood was extremely complicated, it was difficult to describe in words. Didn’t they come to rescue the teenager (girl) who was unfortunately abducted by the sex demon? Shouldn’t they be seeing an evil scene similar to catching a rapist in bed forcing themselves on a little lady? What is the murder scene in front of them?! 

Did they go to the wrong place or were they seeing the wrong thing? The young man (woman) over there was carrying a small tree branch to beat the man who fell to the ground. Was he (she) really the slender and delicate Xia Yuqing that they had seen not long ago, who was as petite and cute as a kitten? They only came out for a while, how could this illusion occur? 

“Perverted sissy, those people treat you as a fool and you really became a fool. If you have the ability, you should run to fight them and whoever wins gets to press down the other. At that time, I will set off firecrackers to celebrate for you and everyone will admire you. But, you don’t even dare to fart in front of them. You only know how to target the weak and the young. Those young people are the future of this country, how can you stand to ravage them like this and destroy them? You scum, how dare you try to play with men? You are a disgrace in this beautiful world. Give me back my pure and incomparable bl! Give me back my beautiful expectations! Ahhhh…… you scum, dare to say bad things about Third Royal Sister, calling her shameless, calling her cheap? I think you’re the sl*t. You are the most hypocritical sl*t in the world! Playing with a bunch of women and even a bunch of men, you are a cheap double-plug! This aunt hates scumbags the most, go die, die, die….”

“…” Leng Ruo Feng and Xia Muyun were dumbstruck in front of the courtyard door, silently listening to Xia Yuqing’s machine gun-like utterances. It turned out that when the kitty gets stimulated, it could be this…cruel. 

After a long while, they remembered the purpose of coming. The two looked at each other and hurriedly stepped forward to grab Xia Yuqing, who was about to kick him more and shouted in a low voice: “Don’t hit him, he’ll die.” 

The two of them drove Xia Yuqing aside, then they could see that the person who had been beaten by Xia Yuqing on the ground had already passed out with a bruised nose and swollen face. If you didn’t look carefully, you really couldn’t tell that it was Xia Mingqi. The person was still wearing a brightly colored suit, but they were afraid to confirm the identity of the person on the ground. 

“…” So we should never underestimate those small animals with weak physique. When they get crazy, they are sometimes more cruel than monsters. 

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