FMEA Chapter 128 Part 2

Chapter 128 I will kick this pervert to death! 

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“Huuu…” Xia Yuqing took a deep breath before she calmed down. She turned her head and glanced at the person who was holding her, surprised, “Why are you here?” 

“…” We were actually here the whole time, you were just too focused and didn’t notice us at all. 

“Ahem, let’s not talk about this. Just now the screams of Fifth Royal Brother were so loud, I am afraid that someone has already rushed to this side. Let’s leave here first.” 

“What about him?” Xia Yuqing pointed to the ground at the man who has been turned into a pig’s head by herself. She estimated he had truly become an eunuch. 

Leng Ruofeng glanced at him and calmly spat out two words: “Leave him.” 



Xia Yuqing and Xia Muyun were speechless for a moment. Okay, just leave him there. 

The three, after getting consensus, left the unconscious Xia Mingqi and ran out of the courtyard. 

Just a few steps away, bright lights could be seen. Many servants were rushing there with torches. 

“You can’t go there, you two follow me.” Xia Muyun paused. When she found the right direction, she waved the two of them to run to that side.

Before escaping, Xia Yuqing and the others heard someone shouting from behind: “There are assassins, there are assassins.” 

Xia Yuqing had a quick thought in her mind at that time. Hey, why is this voice a little… familiar? But soon, this idea was left behind in order to avoid the rush of guards who swarmed in. 

“There are assassins, assassins…” The shouts of the servants soon reached the front yard. The banquet venue, which had been quiet, due to the scream just now, exploded. 

“There is an assassin, my goodness, there is an assassin, run…” The screams came one after another. The crowd began to run in chaos. 

The chaos in the front yard turned into a pot of porridge, yet people kept pushing and rushing out. Xia Mingxuan got up and avoided a courtier who bumped into him, then looked at the place where Feng Tingye was sitting just now. 

A gang of people all in disarray, the tables and chairs had all fallen over. The place where Feng Tingye was sitting was already empty. 

Xia Mingxuan’s eyes narrowed slightly, an imperceptible calculation flashed across his eyes. 

Xia Mingyuan guarded Liu Yixiang and withdrew from the bustling crowd early on. Leaving the front yard, he asked anxiously, “Are you hurt anywhere ?” 

“I’m okay, there’s nothing wrong. Just… where is Qing Jiejie? Where did Qing Jiejie go?” 

“Royal Sister has not been at the banquet since earlier.” 

“Hasn’t been there since earlier?” Liu Yixiang was taken aback. Just now she was patronizing the courtiers who came forward to flatter her, and had no way to pay attention to Xia Yuqing’s movements. She subconsciously thought that Cui Er and the others would protect Xia Yuqing, so Liu Yixiang didn’t care too much. She didn’t expect Xia Yuqing would not be at the banquet long ago. 

“En, about half an hour ago, Royal Sister left the table.” 

“Half an hour ago, then the scream just now…” Liu Yixiang’s face was pale, remembering the scream. She had lingering fears.

“It’s not Royal Sister’s, but… the voice sounds like Fifth Royal Brother.” 

“Fifth Royal Brother?” Liu Yixiang seemed to think of something, her face suddenly became ugly again. 

Xia Mingyuan sighed softly and comforted her: “Don’t worry, Cui Er and Ruofeng should be following Royal Sister. Feng Tingye also seemed to have rushed in during the chaos, nothing will happen. Let’s go back and wait for news. It’s too chaotic here. We don’t want you knocking into things to add to the chaos before Royal Sister comes back.” 

Liu Yixiang bit her lip unwillingly, but knowing her current physical condition, she nodded in compromise and followed Xia Mingyuan to return to the house first.

At the same time, the servants who rushed to the remote courtyard after seeing the scene in the courtyard, opened their eyes one by one and suddenly screamed: “The lord… the lord…” 

Xia Yuqing dragged by Xia MuYun ran all the way and finally ran out of An Wang’s Mansion. However, they still couldn’t get rid of the servants behind them.

“Are these people paparazzi? Why can’t I get rid of them after running for so long, please let me go! Ouch, I can’t run, I can’t run!” Xia Yuqing was panting with exhaustion. She couldn’t wait to collapse on the ground and roll around on the spot. She was unwilling to take another step. 

“So tired after running so little? I knew at first glance that you didn’t move much beyonds eating and sleeping, no wonder you look so chubby.” Xia Muyun was also panting, but still didn’t forget to throw some damaging words at Xia Yuqing. Looking at Xia Yuqing’s small face and her waist, she made some critical criticisms. 

“!” Chubby? Has she become chubby? Ahhhh, when did this happen? I had just transmigrated and finally was slender, with an unbearable waist. 

But now, my face does seem a bit round to touch, it feels more fleshy than before. My waist, woo, seems to be thicker. There must be some fat left after giving birth. I will no longer have a waist. Also, my previous legs were obviously straight and slender, like two poles, but now… waahh, it is true that women who have had children are prone to aging and getting feeble. This is a precursor to divorce!

Xia Yuqing felt that she had suffered an unprecedented blow. She needed some time to calm down. 

Xia Muyun and Leng Ruofeng looked at the courageous vixen who had just dealt with Xia Mingqi and has now suddenly turned into a little cat with her ears hanging down slightly. The corners of their mouths twitched. This girl must have a dual personality. Does it really just change at will? 

“The matter is urgent, it’s important to withdraw first.” Leng Ruofeng paused for a moment. Finally, he reluctantly opened his mouth to remind the two of them that they were still at an urgent moment. 

“I remember there was an inn in front, we can go there to hide.” Xia Muyun also recovered and hurriedly led the two to run to the inn not far away. 

Asking for an upper room, under the ambiguous and somewhat weird gaze of the shop owner, Leng Ruofeng led the two people into the upper room without expression. 

From the window of the upper room, they could see the guards and servants who came after them stopped close to the inn. Then the soldiers left in different directions. 

“Finally gone.” The three of them breathed a sigh of relief. Later, Xia Yuqing and Leng Ruofeng were taken aback. Why did this scene feel a bit familiar? 

Why is it that when they stayed in Ye State, they would meet four or five groups of assassins without leaving the palace. Now that they were out of the palace and ran to Xia State, they would still be chased all day long. The Ultra Seme Lord said that Xiang Er’s life carried bad luck, but she thinks it’s not Xiang Er, but herself! Does she have some trouble absorbing item on her head, that calls on trouble no matter where she goes? This hit rate is simply… 

“They haven’t gone far, maybe they will come back. We should wait a while until there’s no one left.” Xia Muyun opened the window and looked out again. Confirming that everyone had already left, she was completely relaxed. She closed the window, turned her head to face Xia Yuqing’s small sad eyes, then was shocked.

“…What…what’s wrong?” 

“Third Princess, am I really chubby?” Xia Yuqing asked with a serious face. 

“…” Is this girl really an ordinary person? Where is your focus! We are on the run and just barely escaped, yet this is what your mind is thinking about? 

“Ahem… Just now this princess was in a hurry, and exaggerated it a bit more seriously. You’re actually…..” Well, there is indeed a little bit. Now that it is still early spring with the cold temperature, one can’t help but dress a little more. So, naturally she would look a little chubby, like a kitten wrapped in fur, very cute. 

Xia Muyun’s hesitation was interpreted by Xia Yuqing. Third Royal Sister must be too kind-hearted and couldn’t bear to bludgeon herself. She was even more disappointed. She looked at Leng Ruofeng pitifully, “Ruofeng, am I fat?”

” ……” How should one answer?

If one said that she was not fat at all and was just right, wouldn’t it be too much… wouldn’t the emperor mistakenly think that he has impure intentions towards Niang Niang? ! A friend’s wife should not be deceived, this kind of misunderstanding seems not good. But if he said she was really fat, looking at the girl’s current expression, she might cry… After going back, His majesty will see that her eyes are red and think he had bullied her, which is also not very good… 

Just like that, the facial paralysis and iceberg prime minister in the same body was properly entangled. The consequence of being too entangled was that his eyebrows were twisted and the air-conditioning broke out again. 

“…” Xia Muyun suddenly felt a cold wind blowing on her face, she couldn’t help being speechless. This man really could freeze the surrounding air anytime and anywhere. Why can he be happy and angry yet look the same? It’s… so interesting!

 Xia Yuqing couldn’t hear Leng Ruofeng’s entanglement. Seeing Leng Ruofeng’s appearance, she directly regarded Leng Ruofeng’s furrowed brows as being impatient. 

In fact, one can’t blame Xia Yuqing for thinking this way. Leng Ruofeng’s face tightened, so the expression on his brow seemed to say silently, why are you asking me such an obvious question? 

Leng Ruofeng’s refusal to speak struck Xia Yuqing so hard, she couldn’t lift her head. Tears rolled in her eyes. When she was about to burst into tears, she suddenly heard a low laugh behind her. 

Xia Yuqing turned her head in amazement and faced Xia Muyun. She was smiling happily, this made Xia Yuqing become more aggrieved. Third Royal Sister and iceberg Prime Minister are in cahoots! They were definitely a group, making fun of her together, unexpectedly… 

Hey, wait, something doesn’t seem right. Third Royal Sister and iceberg Prime Minister? 

“You… why are you two together?” Xia Yuqing pointed at Xia Muyun and Leng Ruofeng suddenly awake, her face full of shock. 

She didn’t even know when these two secretly interacted! Are they hiding it really well or is her observation skills too poor? Ahh, such explosive news has been kept in the dark, unforgivable! 

“What… what together? We just ran into each other on the road. I heard that you were in danger. So this princess… only reluctantly helped you and took him to find you.” Xia Muyun heard what Xia Yuqing said, suddenly became nervous and explained in a rush. 

Leng Ruofeng looked the same, but he completely turned the explanation into air-conditioning. As a result, the temperature in the room had become a new low. 

Xia Yuqing trembled, feeling numb due to the freezing. She said suspiciously: “It’s really that simple?

Xia Muyun narrowed her eyes: “Otherwise, how complicated do you think it is?” 

Xia Yuqing raised her eyebrows with a sly look: “Since it’s so simple, why is Third Princess so nervous?” 

“…” I… I’m speechless! Xia Muyun’s face changed slightly. When she was frustrated, she suddenly thought of something. With a sneer, she stepped forward and grabbed Xia Yuqing’s wrist, “Compared to that, there is one more thing that may be more important.” 

“…What’s the matter?” Xia Yuqing looked at the smile on Xia Muyun’s face and trembled. The senses of her being a small animal made her instinctively feel that danger was coming. 

“If this princess heard right, you seemed to have called this princess, Third Royal Sister…” 

“!” When? Why does she have no memory at all? Is she… playing me? ! 

“…” Leng Ruofeng’s face changed slightly when he heard these words. He wanted to step forward to help, but premeditated by Xia Muyun, stopped him: “Don’t come here, otherwise I can’t guarantee that you can see an intact Gong Zi.” 

Leng Ruofeng paused and glanced at the distance between them and the distance between Xia Yuqing and Xia Muyun. No matter how great his martial arts were, he couldn’t guarantee that Xia Yuqing can be recaptured with this distance. 

With both hands clenched into fists, his eyebrows twisted into a knot. Leng Ruofeng could only force himself to hold back his temper and watch the changes. 

Xia Muyun was satisfied. She turned her gaze back, and looked at Xia Yuqing: “Don’t worry, as long as you answer this princess’s question obediently, this princess promises not to hurt you at all.” 

“……” How did she leave the wolf’s den to fall into a tiger den? Transmigration God, don’t play so big without letting me know or else I’ll break! 

“Okay, answer my question, did you just call this princess, Third Royal Sister?”

Xia Yuqing laughed and pretended to be stupid: “…Uh, did I? I don’t remember at all, Third Princess. Third Princess is so noble, how would I dare call the Third Princess my sister?” 

“You want to renege on your debt? Well, let me remind you, it was just when you scolded An Wang.” 

“!” F**k, at that time…… Xia Muyun reminded Xia Yuqing and all of a sudden, she recalled it. At that time, she was too into her scolding and it could have happened … 

“Ahahaha, it must have been because I was listening to An Wang’s cursing, so there was a slip of the tongue.” Xia Yuqing smiled, avoiding Xia Muyun’s eyes. She tried to avoid Xia Muyun by stepping back, but her wrist was clenched tightly by the other, and she couldn’t move. 

Xia Muyun listened to Xia Yuqing’s remarks, and nodded suddenly: “Oh, it turns out that Gong Zi was just following An Wang. But if this princess is not wrong, when An Wang curses me, he would never call this princess, Third Royal Sister. He would only call this princess’s name or call this princess a sl*t. Moreover, this princess clearly heard you say it at that time, ‘You are a scumbag, also dare to say bad things about my Third Royal Sister’. This does not sound like a slip of the tongue.” 

“…” Should I sigh because you know An Wang so well? Sure enough, there is a saying that is accurate. The person in the world who knows you best is by no means your relatives and friends, but instead, your enemy. Third Royal Sister, since you know Fifth Royal Brother so well, are you sure you really don’t love him? And does your memory have to be so good? I can’t even remember anything I have cursed out loud, yet you can even repeat it verbatim. Please just let it go! 

“What? Nothing to say?” Xia Muyun smiled coldly, “Very well, if you have nothing to say, then this princess has something to say. Tell me, who are you? Who is your so-called brother?” 

“…” What do you want me to say? Say that I am your big-headed sister who was pushed out by you to marry? That my brother is the emperor of Ye Kingdom who almost became your husband at the beginning and is now your cheap brother-in-law? If I say that, I will be killed, definitely be killed! 

Just when Xia Yuqing was tangled up and crying, the doors of the closed room was suddenly knocked on. 

“…” The three fell silent for a moment, glanced at each other, and looked alertly at the trembling door. 

For a moment, Xia Muyun had to find her own voice. She tentatively shouted: “Who is it?”

“This little one is the waiter of the inn. This little one came and brought some tea for the guests. If it’s convenient, can you open the door and let this little one come in?” A young voice came in from outside the door. 

Xia Muyun let go of Xia Yuqing’s hand and motioned her to hide inside. She squatted, pulled out a sharp dagger from her boots, then gave Leng Ruofeng a look and asked him to follow her to open the door. 

The two of them just walked over in tandem. Xia Muyun took a deep breath and opened the door, only to see that it was indeed the shop’s waiter who was standing in front of the door with a pot of tea. 

Xia Muyun was about to release a sigh of relief, when she suddenly saw that behind the waiter with a bright smile was Feng Tingye. 

Xia Muyun was startled. She reflexively turned around to look for Xia Yuqing. As soon as she rushed in without a trace, she realized that Xia Yuqing was gone. Leng Ruofeng, who was just behind her, was also gone. The whole room was empty, only the wide open windows filled the room with cold wind made a bleak sound. 

Xia Muyun stomped her feet and turned her head to look for Feng Tingye, only to find that Feng Tingye had also disappeared. There was only a bewildered waiter at the door. 

“Mi…miss, your tea…” 

“Drink, drink, they all ran away, what kind of tea would we drink? Get lost!” 

With a crash, the teapot was overturned by Xia Muyun and splashed all over the floor. The waiter from that shop was scared by Xia Muyun and ran away. 

Xia Muyun looked at the mess on the ground and madly grinned. She gritted her teeth: “How dare you play with me like this! Has this princess ever been infuriated this way? It’s fine. Dare to run and hide? Let’s see where you run to? You wait for this princess!”

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