FMEA Chapter 129

Chapter 129 Landing on a big event! 

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The day after the wedding banquet, at Xia Mingyuan’s mansion, Xia Yuqing appeared at the dinner table with two big black circles under her eyes. 

Xia Yuqing has been in a state of tragedy since last night due to a certain beast who loves eavesdropping in corners. First, she was blamed for going out and not knowing the person behind her was not following. Secondly, she spoke to strangers indiscriminately. Believing in said stranger, she nearly fell into a trap and was taken advantage of. Finally, due to the slipping of her mouth, she even revealed she had been underneath Xia Mingqi for a period of time. The beast became completely mad. 

Carrying her, he ran to their room and performed discordant exercises that lasted till dawn in the name of ‘helping her get rid of the smell of other men’. God knows that Xia Mingqi hadn’t even touched her when he was KO’d by her. 

“Tsk tsk tsk, look at the dark circles. Royal Cousin, you should restrain yourself.” Liu Yixiang saw the big black circles on Xia Yuqing’s face early in the morning and was startled. 

Xia Mingyuan glanced at Xia Yuqing, then turned to look at Feng Tingye and frowned: “Since you were so unwilling, why didn’t you follow her from the beginning and tie her to your trouser belt so that no one can touch her anymore? ” 

Feng Tingye held his tea cup and gave Xia Mingyuan a calm look: “This is the interests and delights between a husband and wife, how can the eldest prince understand?”

“…” Forced to listen to this man’s mouth trying to show off, he was bitterly… speechless! 

Liu Yixiang looked at Xia Mingyuan as if he failed to meet her expectations, then said in doubt: “Speaking of which, Royal Cousin, I am puzzled. Why do you have so much confidence in Qing Jiejie and knew that Qing Jiejie could handle An Wang? Qing Jiejie does not even know a little bit of martial arts.” 

Feng Tingye put down the tea cup in his hand and smiled: “It’s because she has no martial arts skill that An Wang has suffered from Ai Fei. Xiang Er, how is your strength?” 

Before Liu Yixiang had time to answer, Xia Yuqing had already stepped in to reply: “Xiang Er is really strong. When I first saw Xiang Er, she knocked down the gates of Ganquan Palace. ” 

Everyone couldn’t help but pause. Xia Mingyuan’s expression was a mix of sadness and joy. Liu Yixiang’s mouth couldn’t help but twitch. 

“…” Qing Jiejie, your mouth moves too fast! The pitiful image of me will be gone forever! This is Liu Yixiang who was busy mourning her image. 

“… ” It turns out that the strength of Xiang Er is this great!” Fortunately, I didn’t provoke her before, otherwise… This is the people who felt fortunate that they have not been brutally murdered. 

“…” It turns out that the shrew has been merciful to him, but… with such great strength, if she is really pushed in the future… This is Xia Mingyuan who was extremely worried about his future. 

Feng Tingye seemed to have expected this reaction from everyone. He continued with a smile: “Ai Fei’s strength is not outdone by Xiang Er.” 

“!” Everyone turned their eyes to the soft, fragile looking Xia Yuqing. 

After a long while, everyone recovered from their astonishment. Their looks towards Xia Yuqing were stained with a little complexity. 

Xia Mingyuan simply got up and walked in front of Xia Yuqing. He patted her shoulder and said earnestly: “Royal sister, Royal Brother finally knows where your bottomless appetite goes to.”

Everyone nodded vigorously in agreement. 

Xia Yuqing was confused: “Is my strength that great?” 

Feng Tingye laughed: “Have you forgotten the Phoenix bow that Royal Mother gave you last time? The weight of that bow is heavy enough that an ordinary man may not be able to lift it, yet you can easily do it.” And use it to directly kill two assassins. 

Seeing Xia Yuqing’s suddenly enlightened expression, Feng Tingye continued: “An Wang seeing that Ai Fei has no martial arts and appears weak, he must have preconceived that she was easy to bully, so he didn’t expect to suffer the consequences at the critical moment.” 

“Yeah, I used all my strength to kick his lower body at that time. I wanted to run away while he was in pain. I didn’t expect him to faint with his scream. I actually thought it was because he was strong in appearance but weak in reality. So, the truth is because I have too much strength?” 

“Uh… Royal Sister, you kicked him at his lower body with all your strength… at that spot?” 

“Of course, isn’t that a man’s weakest point? I also asked him since he couldn’t use it anymore, does he still feel any sensation. He replied with a ‘yes. he was not an eunuch, how could he not feel it’, so I just…hehe…” 

Looking at Xia Yuqing’s extremely innocent expression, Xia Mingyuan was speechless. Afterwards, he and all the men present suddenly felt a little… pain. 

Being kicked there by Xia Yuqing with all her strength… Tsk tsk tsk, after that accident, An Wang will probably have no more opportunities to use it. Poor brother, rest in peace.

“Speaking of this, I may be really strong. At that time, when I met the emperor for the first time…”

“Cough…” Xia Yuqing’s fast mouth was going to reveal some information again when Feng Tingye coughed and interrupted her. He gave her a warning look with a slight squint. 

Xia Yuqing felt shocked that she almost made a mistake. She hurriedly covered her mouth, and fell silent. 

“Why don’t you speak? What happened when Qing Jiejie and Royal Cousin when you guys met for the first time?” Liu Yixiang asked in a desperate manner without intending to let her go. 

“What else? When we first met, of course, I recognized the beauty of Ai Fei. I saw all her good points, don’t you think so Ai Fei?” 

Facing Feng Tingye’s deep smile, Xia Yuqing nodded with tears in her eyes: “Of course that’s the case.” 

It happened so long ago, I hope the Ultra Seme Lord does not plan to settle accounts after, Yamete (stop in japanese)! I knew this mouth was useless and bad, why would you mention this?! Ahhhhh… 

Liu Yixiang naturally didn’t believe what they said. It was a pity that both of them kept silent, and it wouldn’t be right for her to nag. 

Thus, this topic was put aside for the time being and Xia Yuqing received a bowl of rice porridge. As soon as she raised her head, she saw Cui Er standing respectfully on the side of the dining table, with her hands crossed. Her right hand was holding an unsheathed long sword. No matter how the person opposite her rushed towards her, the end of the long sword was firmly against that person’s chest, making it impossible for him to reach her at all. 

“Pu… when did you come back, Senior Brother?” Xia Yuqing exclaimed when she saw the man who looked like an octopus stretching his fingers forward, but unable to reach Cui Er. 

“… Junior  Sister, Senior Brother has been here since you came back last night. You have only discovered it now? That hurts my heart too much.” Su Wuduan’s expression changed and he looked at Xia Yuqing accusingly.

Xia Yuqing was not deceived by his superb acting skills in the slightest. She replied cruelly: “It’s not my fault, who made it so your presence is so weak. It’s the same with or without you.” 

It’s the same with or without you… It’s the same with or without you..It’s the same with or without you….

Xia Yuqing’s words were like a curse, it started to loop infinitely in Su Wuduan’s mind, directly pounding Su Wuduan into the ground to never be reincarnated. 

“Woo, Wife, Junior Sister dislikes me. Please comfort me, please give me a comforting touch!” After a short petrification, Su Wuduan turned around and rushed towards Cui Er. 

Su Wuduan was greeted by the same longsword jab and Cui Er’s cold words: “F*ck off.” 

“Don’t worry about them, eat. Make sure you eat more, otherwise when you are on the road, you’ll complain about being hungry.” Feng Tingye took his eyes back from the two of them, and handed the freshly peeled egg to Xia Yuqing’s hand to remind her. 

Xia Yuqing took the egg, and was just about to put it in her mouth, when she suddenly thought of something. She paused, stared at the egg and started wondering again. After a long while, as if she had made a particularly firm determination, she handed the egg back to Feng Tingye. 

Everyone’s actions couldn’t help but stop. Feng Tingye was also a little surprised. But after the initial surprise, there was delight. Does Ai Fei want to share food with him? 

“You eat.” Xia Yuqing said, staring at Feng Tingye reluctantly. 

Feng Tingye smiled and cast a provocative look at Xia Mingyuan. He happily took the egg Xia Yuqing handed over and swallowed it contentedly. While eating, he thought happily, this Ya Tou is actually willing to give him food? Can he now think that this girl loves himself more than her food? 

Early in the morning, Feng Tingye was in a good mood and quickly peeled another egg for Xia Yuqing. Yet, once again, Xia Yuqing pushed it back. This time, Feng Tingye finally found something strange.

“No appetite?” 

Xia Yuqing shook her head aggrievedly. She actually wanted to eat it and wanted to eat it very much… 

Feng Tingye’s eyebrows were slightly twisted: “Is your body not feeling well?” Could it be that he went too far last night? 

Xia Yuqing shook her head again. She lowered her head pitifully, feeling bleak. 

Feng Tingye’s face was stunned: “If it’s not because you are feeling sick or that you are not hungry, are you in a bad mood?” 

Xia Yuqing thought for a moment, shook her head, and then nodded quickly. 

Feng Tingye’s eyes narrowed dangerously: “Why is Ai Fei in a bad mood?”

 “…” The crowd of onlookers suddenly felt a cold wind blow quickly. Your Majesty (Royal Cousin) and Niang Niang (Qing Jiejie), it’s just being in a bad mood, can you not make an expression that looks like you’re going to destroy the world? 

“Um…” Xia Yuqing began to struggle, not knowing how to speak. 

“Is it… because you are afraid of becoming round?” Xia Yuqing was hesitating, when she heard a calm question. Her eyes widened and she looked at Leng Ruofeng on the other side in surprise. 

Seeing her look over, Leng Ruofeng’s face was rigid. He stiffly moved away from her gaze: “…” 

“Afraid of being round?” Feng Tingye raised his eyebrows and looked at Xia Yuqing inquiringly. 

Xia Yuqing puffed up her face, and simply said: “When I ran away yesterday, Royal Sister said I looked so round that she can tell I don’t move usually, that I can’t even handle running for a little bit. Am I really so chubby that I can roll around? Have I gotten fat after having two children? Or do I usually eat too much? No, I will go on a diet from now on!” 

“…” Everyone looked at Xia Yuqing’s small body and thought, if she was fat, then what were they? Pigs? Cough cough…

Feng Tingye was a little bit dumbfounded: “Ai Fei misunderstood. The Third Princess was saying that to motivate Ai Fei. Ai Fei should not take it to heart, Ai Fei is not round at all. So Ai Fei does not have to reduce her food intake, she can enjoy as much as she wants.”

“…” It’s not even your food you are eating! The food in this prince’s mansion will be emptied by this girl! Hearing Feng Tingye’s words, Xia Mingyuan couldn’t help but want to explode a few vulgar words, the scene of the old housekeeper coming to him and crying suddenly appeared in his mind. 

“Your Royal Highness, the food in our mansion is getting less and less, can we let the accountant allocate more money to purchase more?!” 

“Didn’t you just buy some a while ago? Why is it gone already?” 

“It was eaten up by the Prince Consort and the little Gong Zi.” 

“…” Feng Tingye didn’t realize the madness in Xia Mingyuan’s heart. Seeing Xia Yuqing with her somewhat hesitant expression, he continued to add another sentence: “And I also think that Ai Fei is actually too thin. It is better to be fatter, so you are more comfortable to hold.” 

The last sentence Feng Tingye said landed in Xia Yuqing’s ear and Xia Yuqing immediately understood his meaning. Her little face flushed red, then she gave Feng Tingye a look of anger. 

Feng Tingye smiled back. Pink bubbles between the two people began to fly around regardless of time and place. The golden light flashed blinding the group of people nearby. 

“…” That’s enough. Is it really okay to let us see this picture early in the morning? There are still many singles here, okay? 

“Does Qing Jiejie and Royal Cousin really have to leave? Can’t you stay longer? I don’t know when we will meet again after this separation.”

Xia Yuqing and the others came back from An Wang’s mansion yesterday and decided to return to Xia country earlier in order to avoid any extra problems. They were not worried that An Wang would embarrass Xia Mingyuan with this matter. After all, this matter was An Wang’s fault first. Everyone saw how An Wang conducted himself. If he dared to make a big deal, it would only discredit the royal family and Xiang Ye mansion. What’s more, with Xia Yuqing’s small body, who would believe that she beat Xia Mingqi into that kind of pig-headed state? 

“I don’t want to leave either. I want to wait here for Xiang Er’s baby to be born, (That’s my future male daughter-in-law) but there is no other way. Once Xiang Er gives birth, you must remember to take the baby with you to Ye Kingdom.” 

“En, that is the only choice.” Liu Yixiang nodded in loss. 

The two were busy bidding farewell to each other, but they did not expect that while they had just finished their breakfast, before they even had time to pack up and leave, unexpected guests arrived. 

“Your Royal Highness, Master Su Yan, the Shangshu from the Justice Department begs to see you. ” 

“Why are the people from the Justice Department coming here at this time?” Xia Mingyuan’s face was slightly dark. 

“Could it be because I hit someone last night?” Xia Yuqing was startled, and exclaimed with some embarrassment. 

“It shouldn’t be. The Ministry of Justice does not accept all cases. Beating the prince is not a trivial matter, but it is not a major matter. Even if the matter was reported, it will be reported to the judicial officers at most.” Xia Mingyuan paused and whispered, “Don’t be nervous, let this prince go over and take a look.” 

Several people watched Xia Mingyuan walk away, still a little worried. 

“It would be great if I could know what they said. It’s too nerve wracking to wait like this.” Xia Yuqing couldn’t help complaining. Liu Yixiang thought for a while, then suddenly her eyes lit up: “I think there’s something fishy about the Justice department coming. How about we go over and see, of course, under the premise of not being discovered.” 

“You have a way?” Feng Tingye was obviously also a little curious about the purpose of this visit and asked with a smile. 

Liu Yixiang thought for a moment, and waved at the several people: “Follow me.” 

Xia Mingyuan had already seen Master Su Yan from the Ministry of Justice and the guards that he brought behind him. 

“This minister greets His Royal Highness.” Su Yan was a man in his early thirties, with a handsome face and unsmiling expression. But being at this age and being able to sit in the position of Shangshu in the Ministry of Justice showed he was young and promising. Moreover, since he succeeded as Shangshu in the Justice Department, he has settled many cases. There has never been any misjudged cases, so he was known as “Su Qingtian*” among the people.

* Qingtian means upright and honorable

With such a person coming to visit, Xia Mingyuan would naturally not think he was just coming to chat and have fun: “Master Su, please stand up. Master Su coming to visit this prince this early in the morning, what is the important matter?” 

Su Yan skipped the basic greetings, and went straight to the point: “Yesterday, during the wedding banquet between An Wang and the miss from Xiangfu, I heard that His Royal Highness and several of the guests in His Highness’s mansion had gone to An Wang’s wedding banquet, is that correct?” 

Xia Mingyuan couldn’t help but frown slightly. Sure enough, he came for this matter: “Yes, yesterday at An Wang’s wedding banquet, they especially invited this prince, prince consort and several visiting relatives to go. Since Da Ren had asked about this, did something happen?” 

“Your Royal Highness, An Wang died in his mansion last night.” 

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