FMEA Chapter 129 Part 2

Chapter 129 Landing on a big event! 

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“What?” Xia Mingyuan was taken aback. Xia Yuqing and the others who had just arrived at the screen were also taken aback. 

Xia Yuqing exclaimed, but Feng Tingye presciently covered her mouth, so she only uttered a single syllable. 

“What was that sound?” Su Yan caught the sound and asked in a low voice. 

“Oh, nothing, maybe the rats in the mansion are running around again. Recently, the rat infestation in the mansion has been a bit… rampant. Yes, very rampant.” Xia Mingyuan didn’t expect Xia Yuqing and the others would come to eavesdrop and was shocked, his heart almost stopped. 

“This official heard that there were rats in the Royal Highness’s mansion a few days ago. I thought it was a false rumor by outsiders, but I didn’t expect it to be true.” 

“Yes, let’s not talk about this. Da Ren said just now that Fifth Royal Brother, he…”

“An Wang was murdered in his mansion between 9:10-9:30pm yesterday.” Xia Mingyuan looked incredulous and spoke with grief: “Royal Brother he… how can this be?! He just married his new wife yesterday, why…how…”

Xia Mingyuan squeezed out a few tears. It rolled in his eye sockets a few times, but didn’t fall. He completely depicted a face of  unbearable grief, but because of someone’s presence he couldn’t fully display his upset. The people couldn’t help but believe that he and Xia Mingqi were really brothers. 

Xia Mingyuan was silent for a moment, feeling that it was enough, then said with a strained voice: “Da Ren said that Fifth Brother was murdered?” 

“Yes, An Wang had been beaten before his death. He was injured and tired, but… the real cause of death is still being investigated.” 

“Beaten…” Xia Mingyuan glanced at the screen seamlessly. Behind the screen, Xia Yuqing couldn’t help but pale. Could it be that she hit him too hard yesterday and killed someone? She really landed on a big mess, a major event! 

Just when Xia Yuqing was flustered, there was a burst of warmth in her hands. She raised her head slightly, facing Feng Tingye’s worried brows. Her heart calmed down for some reason. 

“That’s right, An Wang was killed suddenly, so his Royal Majesty is furious. He ordered the officials to find out the truth about the murderer and give an explanation to An Wang.” 

Xia Mingyuan settled his mind: “So Master Su came today for… ” 

“Before ascertaining the truth, this official did not dare to make a rash decision, thus this official has been going to the homes of the Da Rens who had been to the An Wang Palace last night, hoping to find some clues. Moreover, this official heard from the servants of the An Wang Palace that when An Wang was harmed, a young man from your Royal Highness’s mansion was not at his table. Someone had seen him appear at the courtyard where An Wang had the accident, therefore this official wanted to come here to ask if the young man saw anyone at the time, or… ” 

Xia Mingyuan’s face changed slightly knowing that Su Yan was a little skeptical of Xia Yuqing. He maintained his composure: “So that’s it. This Gong Zi came back yesterday, but unfortunately he went out just after breakfast. He probably won’t be back anytime soon. How about Master Su, you take a look elsewhere first. When he returns, this prince will personally take him over and speak with Master Su. “

Su Yan was fixated on Xia Mingyuan for a while, then said: “Since that’s the case, this officer will retire first.” 

Xia Mingyuan did not expect Su Yan would be this easy to convince, so he paused, then lightly smiled. “Master Su, take care.” 

Xia Mingyuan watched Su Yan’s back as he left, slightly relieved. He turned to look at the screen. Everyone walked out slowly afterwards. Everyone’s expressions were extremely solemn, an exclamation came out of their hearts: It seems…that something really happened. 

In a hidden room in Xia Mingyuan’s mansion, doors and windows on all sides were closed. It was silent with only a ray of sunlight softly passing through the door and shining on the enchanting young man in front.

“The evil young ruffian in the capital has been tortured and killed. His big red, happy event had turned into a white funeral. The deserted and secluded courtyard, the perfect alibi, and the out-of-control time of death, the only one who can see the truth beyond this is a person who looks personable, has a wisdom beyond an ordinary person. …” 

“Are you trying to say, you are that person?” The girl’s timely voice interrupted the beautiful artistic conception that the youth had weaved in an instant. 

Hearing this, the young man raised his head and puffed out his chest. His folding fan opened, he looked confident and complacent: “I’m sorry, it is insignificant me.”

 “I think you are looking for a fight again.” Xia Yuqing’s veins popped up. She clenched her fist and wanted to use it to greet Xia Mingxi. 

Xia Mingxi trembled all over. He took a dozen steps back quickly, and stretched out his hands to cover his face: “Don’t don’t, don’t, don’t. Royal Sister, please let me go, my face is still hurt. I haven’t gone out in more than a month, I wasn’t even allowed to go to Fifth Brother’s wedding. I just heard the news so I came to you this time with a veil, or else I would dare not go out.” 

“Okay, aren’t you a man? Afraid of coming out to see people because you are just a little bit hurt? Are you blaming His Majesty for beating you?” Xia Yuqing impatiently interrupted Xia Mingxi’s grievances, and tried to lead him into a more bitter tragedy.

“Oh, it turns out that the Second Prince is blaming me.” 

Xia Mingxi turned his head stiffly, and saw Feng Tingye staring at him with a gentle and brilliant smile. He only felt a cold wind blowing in front of him and forcefully smiled: “How can that be? The emperor only hit me because he valued me. Isn’t there a saying? Spare the rod and spoil the child. Since the emperor values me so much, how can I not be touched? How could I blame you?” 

“… ” Brother, when did you become so cheap? How can such a lie be easily made? ! 

“…” Sister, there is a saying. A cheap person is invincible. Transmigrating to a person who is not the protagonist and may just be cannon fodder, if he wanted to survive, he must defend his innocent boy chastity and be as cheap as can be. Life is precious. In the face of life, his face is just a magical thing, can it be eaten? 

“…” Brother, what about your integrity? 

“…” I fried it and ate it. Sister, do you understand the pain of adolescence? 

“…Oh!” Xia Yuqing couldn’t help but vomit, this person is still in puberty? Your sister is almost entering the leftover female stage, okay? 

“…” Sister, why are you throwing up? Could you be pregnant again? 

“…” Damn! For the first time in her life, Xia Yuqing found that she was full of integrity. Alas,  there is no cheapest person as there is always someone even cheaper. Her lower limit has been refreshed by the person in front of her once again. 

Feng Tingye squinted slightly to watch the two people exchange expressions and eye signals. The storm in his eyes was gradually rising. His original idea of ​​letting someone go was slowly going to be thrown out: “Since the Second Prince likes to be beaten so much, Zhen will reluctantly punch you again. When the meeting is over, make sure to come to Zhen to accept it, otherwise… Zhen doesn’t mind letting you not be able to leave your house for another half month.”

“…” Xia Mingxi who was satisfied because he made Xia Yuqing choke on his words, suddenly heard these words and felt a thunderbolt fall from the blue sky. He was pitifully… murdered. 

“…” The crowd on the sidelines consciously stepped back two steps to prevent themselves being swept by this typhoon. A jealous man is really f**king cruel. 

Xia Yuqing was gloating. Making me feel sick, hmph, isn’t this retribution? 

It didn’t take long before Xia Yuqing felt herself being lifted up into someone’s arms. As soon as she looked up in surprise, she saw Feng Tingye’s brilliant face. The alarm bell in her heart rang loudly. It’s over, why is the Ultra Seme Lord angry again? 

“We will settle our account when we get back.” Daring to exchange glances in front of himself,  this is not… proper conduct.

Therefore, Xia Yuqing also stopped. As for the people on the side, they moved their eyes away tacitly. They acted as if they did not see these two unconsciously show off their public displays of affection. The picture was too much, they dare not look. 

“Cough cough, okay, don’t put on a show anymore.” Xia Mingyuan coughed lightly and returned the topic at hand. 

Unexpectedly, these words immediately irritated Xia Mingxi, causing him to come back to life in an instant: “Eldest Brother, what you said is wrong, how can this be called putting on a show? Anyways, I have seen more than 700 episodes of detective conan, I know thousands of secret killing methods, such a small murder case will be a piece of cake.”

Before Xia Mingyuan had time to ask who the famous detective conan was, he was robbed of the chance to speak by Liu Yixiang again: “That’s awesome, let’s listen to your analysis. So, who is the murderer? 

“… ” Shrew, you sure you want to listen to him?” 

“How difficult could it be? There are only a few types of murder cases: love murders, vendetta murders, and financial murders. Love murders are murders because of love. Fifth Brother has a lot of romantic debts. He easily starts illicit relations then throws them away easily causing love murders. Fifth Brother also does not have a good temperament. Many people are offended by him and countless men and women are ruined by him, this can easily lead to vendettas. Of course, royal people are very rich, so they can’t murder him easily. But the murderer chose to kill him on the day of his wedding, so it is most likely due to love or vendetta. Of course, this does not rule out the possibility of an accidental financial murder. ” 

Everyone was stunned when they heard these words, they did not expect Xia Mingxi to say such a clear rational explanation. 

Xia Mingyuan touched his chin, and said in deep thought: “Yes, the analysis is very good, very reasonable. So, who is the murderer?”     

“Uh … ” 

“And, what about the evidence?” 

“Uh… ” Xia Mingxi froze, he cleared his throat, “Well, that… I just said something through hearsay. I was not there that day, naturally I don’t know what the situation was like. So, I don’t know who the murderer is and the evidence… ” 

“… ” Seeing him perform so skillfully, they had thought he had already figured it out, but after half a day, it was still all just empty words. This really… 

“You’re looking for a fight again?” Xia Yuqing made a decisive conclusion. Xia Mingxi looked at the eyes of several people with raging irritation. He froze, silently lowered his head and fell silent, not daring to talk nonsense. 

“You guys don’t think that I accidentally killed him?” Xia Yuqing asked in a panic. She was really out of her mind last night from anger, she didn’t hold back at all. Maybe…maybe she really…

“Qing Jiejie, don’t worry, you are just a girl, how powerful could you be to kill a man? It’s okay.” Liu Yixiang hurriedly said in comfort. 

“…” The strength to knock down a gate is stronger than the strength of most men everyone said silently in their hearts. 

However, seeing Xia Yuqing’s nervous expression, everyone unanimously swallowed these words silently. 

Xia Yuqing didn’t feel much better because of Liu Yixiang’s words. Her hands had been contaminated with several lives. The little assassins from last time could still be said to be self defense. This time, it can be said to be self defense as well, but she obviously didn’t need to kill him. 

Furthermore, that person was not an assassin or something, but her… blood brother. Since she has received this body, she has to accept everything of hers and her relatives are certainly a part of it. Regardless of the era, the killing of siblings is a big taboo, a taboo that should be condemned by everyone, she… 

“It wasn’t Niang Niang who killed her.” Just when Xia Yuqing was so conscientiously condemned that she couldn’t help herself, she suddenly heard a clear voice like water coming in brightly. 

“Huh?” Xia Yuqing was stunned. Everyone on the side was also stunned for a moment. Once again, everyone’s eyes gathered on the sound source – Leng Ruofeng’s body. 

“When we left, An Wang was not dead.” 

Xia Yuqing was taken aback, crying with a sad face: “At that time, he was not dead because he was hanging on with his dying breath. Maybe when we walked out the front, he died later on.”

“No. he only suffered superficial injuries, the most serious one was… but at most he would become an eunuch. He won’t die.” Leng Ruofeng replied blankly. 

Everyone was stunned. Xia Mingxi weakly broke the silence: “Well, what’s the content of the ellipsis in the sentence just now?” 

“… ” Second prince, is that what you should be focusing on? Should we sigh that they are definitely brothers and sisters? Why is there always a sense that they couldn’t understand the two siblings’ world? Is it really good to have fun like this? ! 

Xia Yuqing slapped Xia Mingxi: “Nonsense, the ellipsis is obviously censored. If you still have to ask, do you want your whole person to be censored by the transmigration god?” 

“…oh.” Xia Mingxi was embarrassed and silently sat down, not daring to interrupt again. 

Xia Yuqing turned her head to look at Leng Ruofeng: “Hey, something’s not right. When did you look so carefully, Prime Minister?” You can even see the minor and serious injuries? She remembered him and Xia Muyun supporting her at that time, he should have no time to check Xia Mingqi’s injuries. 

Leng Ruofeng glanced at Xia Yuqing in an unusually calm manner: “When you were arguing with the Third Princess.”

“!!!” Arguing? When they were arguing how to deal with Xia Mingqi? No wonder Iceberg Prime Minister calmly told them to leave him. It turned out that he was not in danger, just… 

“Okay, now I can be sure that the death of Fifth Brother has nothing to do with Royal Sister. Just now Su Yan said that the time of death of Fifth Brother was between 9:10-9:30pm. Where were you during this period? By the way, the time when the screams occurred should be at 9pm, because at that time, the shrew said that she heard the voice of someone outside reporting.”

“Well, since that’s the case.” Xia Yuqing pondered for a moment: “At that time, I should have spent a quarter of an hour in that yard, and ran out after hitting him. ” 

Feng Tingye’s eyes narrowed slightly: “In other words, the murderer took advantage of the half-quarter of an hour after Ai Fei’s departure to enter the courtyard and made his move on Xia Mingqi, who was no longer able to fight back.” 

“Well, it’s still an excuse. If you can’t find any real evidence, those outside would not believe the murderer is someone else. The murderer is obviously looking for this opportunity to target Royal Sister. ” 

“What can we do? Qing Jiejie is innocent.” Liu Yixiang asked anxiously. 

“This prince knows that she is innocent, everyone here knows that she is innocent, but the people outside won’t think like we do.” Xia Mingyuan said solemnly. 

“Or…” Liu Yixiang was anxious for a moment, as if thinking of something. She looked at Xia Yuqing and said, “How about Qing Jiejie and Royal Cousin leave quickly. Leave and return to Ye Country. Just… ” 

“No…” Liu Yixiang was interrupted by Feng Tingye before she finished speaking. “As soon as Zhen and Ai Fei leaves, they would settle down the charges on us. Moreover, if people accidentally find out our true identities, you will all be implicated. What’s more, you will be charged with a crime of collaborating with the enemy. A traitor to your country, murdering your own brother, then things will really have no room for change. 

“…How could this happen? “Liu Yixiang was startled, her face was a little ugly. She sat back down to her original position. 

“Hah, we seem to have accidentally stepped onto someone’s trap and can’t get out.” Feng Tingye sneered, there was a clear killing intent in his eyes. 

Xia Mingyuan was startled. Seeing that this was a sign of Feng Tingye’s anger, he said, “Then what shall we do now?” 

“A dead end, even if it’s a dead end we will find the way out of this impasse. What is Su Yan’s character? Whose person is he? ” 

Xia Mingyuan thought for a while, and said in a deep voice: “Su Yan is a person with a good reputation, he isn’t anyones. In general, he should be regarded as Royal Father’s person. He has high morals and integrity. Fourth Brother once wanted to win him over, but he was almost put on the spot by him. So although this person is not a friend, he can’t be called an enemy.” 

“That’s it.” Feng Tingye stated, “Everyone has weaknesses. As long as he is not the Fourth Prince’s people, it will be relatively easy to handle because they are neutral. We…” 

Feng Tingye spoke halfway through when he paused, “Wait, someone is coming.” 

Everyone was taken aback. Before they awoke from the sudden change from Feng Tingye. They heard a rush of footsteps outside the room, then… 

Bang—a loud noise, the door of the originally closed room was kicked open, tragically knocked aside. 

At the same time, a familiar big red whip slapped onto the long table surrounded by the crowd. It forcibly separated the long table in half from the center, and it sunk inward. 

“Hmph, this princess was wondering where you have gone, so you guys have ran here to hide. Haha, playing with this princess yesterday was fun right? Now come out for this princess!” 

“…” Ruined! Now they seem to have more than just one major issue!

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