FMEA Chapter 130

Chapter 130 You feet picking uncle! 

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Xia Yuqing looked at the sandalwood table that was shattered in half. She silently mourned for two seconds. After that, she quickly moved behind Feng Tingye. With her two watery eyes, she stared at the visitor with lingering fears. 

“Royal Sister, what are you doing?” Xia Mingyuan hid while protecting Liu Yixiang. But when he saw the visitor, he was taken aback and shouted in a low voice. 

Xia Muyun’s dress was a fire red while the whip in her hand danced vigorously. A pair of peach blossom eyes that were very similar to Xia Mingyuan, because of the raging anger bred a strange beauty, and fiercely gazed over everyone. Finally, it fixated on Xia Yuqing. 

“Heh…” Xia Muyun raised her lips and smiled. Without saying anything, the whip in her hand has been lashed directly towards Feng Tingye. 

The fiery red whip flew towards Feng Tingye like a water snake, but, it didn’t hurt Feng Tingye at all. It was intercepted halfway by someone just one step away from Feng Tingye. 

Xia Muyun’s face sank again when she saw the person who had grabbed her whip. That fellow was also an accomplice, they also deserve to be punished. 

Xia Muyun shook her hand and the long whip came out of Leng Ruofeng’s hand as if it were alive. At the same time, a long sword quickly came out of its sheath. When she wanted to lash out, he rushed towards her first. 

“Girls still have to be dealt with by girls, otherwise, even if we win, others will only say that the victory was not fair.” Feng Tingye smiled lightly and motioned for Leng Ruofeng to retreat, but someone was obviously not so gentlemanly. 

“Wife, I’ll help you too.” Seeing Cui Er make a move, Su Wuduan’s eyes shone slightly. His sleeves flicked and his jade flute came out.

With the addition of Su Wuduan, it made the battle situation even more chaotic. In a moment he was forced out by Cui Er’s long sword and Xia Muyun’s long whip. 

“Wife, you are trying to murder your husband?!” Su Wuduan’s wailing only received two people’s shout in unison: “Get lost, don’t be a hindrance.” 

“…” Su Wuduan was petrified in place. He suddenly felt a cold wind in front blowing him to tears. 

The women’s battle continued. Xia Mingyuan looked at the variety of wood and pottery shards that continued to fly, with none spared. His mouth and eyes twitched. Finally, at his last straw, he growled: “Enough, stop for this prince!” 

Originally wrapped in the fight, the two people who were fighting together were stunned. Everyone’s eyes were on Xia Mingyuan’s body. 

Xia Muyun looked at Xia Mingyuan’s eyes full of anger. Knowing that he was really angry, she coughed lightly, and silently retracted the whip in her hand. 

Cui Er raised her head and looked at Feng Tingye inquiringly. Seeing Feng Tingye smile and shake his head, she quickly retracted her sword and returned to Xia Yuqing. 

Before Xia Yuqing could let out a sigh of relief, she heard a bang. Xia Muyun slapped the long whip in her hand on a small table on the side. Giving her a dagger-like stare, she sneered: “Since we can’t fight, I can still ask a question at least right? Tell me, who are you? What’s your purpose of coming to Xia Country?” 

When these words came out, several people were startled again. Several people turned to ask Xia Yuqing and Feng Tingye: What? What’s going on? 

“Um…” Xia Yuqing didn’t know how to speak, but in the final analysis, it was all caused by her stupid mouth! ! ! This is a tragedy caused by her lacking mouth! 

Xia Muyun’s cold eyes quickly swept across the crowd, and sneered: “It looks like you all know something. Am I the only one who is being kept in the dark?” 

“…” Why do they have the kind of feeling of being attacked for just being present. 

“What the h*ll is going on? Royal Sister, don’t mess around.” Xia Mingyuan frowned slightly, and shouted to stop Xia Muyun.

Unexpectedly, this time Xia Muyun did not act as he wished as before, but retorted loudly: “I am fooling around? Royal Brother, is it me or is it you? If it wasn’t you, then how could I not know that I have an extra royal brother. In fact, this royal brother is still living in your mansion! Royal Brother, it must have been hard for you to lie like this!”

Xia Mingyuan was taken aback, he did not expect that Xia Muyun would lose control of her emotions because of this. Just when he wanted to explain it out loud, he heard a timid voice behind him: “Not royal brother, it’s royal sister.” 

“…” Royal sister, are you sure you are not here to make trouble? This is not the point, the point is that you just admitted your identity so simply and crudely, is it really good? Are you f**king around here to be funny? 

Xia Mingyuan felt that everything was a mess, but Xia Muyun was stunned by Xia Yuqing’s words. After a long while, she shouted, “What?!” 

“…” Xia Yuqing silently stretched out her hand and covered her mouth, raising her head innocently. That… she seems to be in trouble again! 

Several people looked at the chaotic scene again, helplessly covering their faces. Following a master who could complicate simple things so casually, they didn’t know whether it was good thing or bad thing, look at the sky~~~ 

So with this tremendous battle, after the chaos, the room finally returned to normal. But… it looked more like the calm before the storm. 

“In other words, you are actually a girl disguised as a man?” The whip handle in Xia Muyun’s hand struck the table over and over. 

Xia Yuqing grinned with a stiff neck, giving her tacit agreement.

Xia Muyun breathed a sigh of relief. She turned out to be a girl, which means it was a misunderstanding since the beginning, Royal Sister-in-law was not at all interested in the person in front of her. She was never going to have an affair and everything was just her own misunderstanding, the two of them were just sisters! Moreover, because of this incident, she repeatedly pushed this girl into the fire pit. Ah, that’s not right, it was just an attempt, none of those things succeeded, so it was just an attempt, an attempt! 

Xia Muyun rejoiced and secretly made up her mind to allow those stupid things she did before rot in her stomach. No one could know, it is too shameful! 

“In other words, you are the little royal sister who married into Xia Country in place of me? But I heard that she has become the empress of Xia Country?” 

Xia Yuqing still had a reluctant smile on her face, but in fact she already had tears in her heart. Why is it that everyone transmigrates and she gets transmigrated to such a pain in the *ss place? It was enough to cross to such a sad and painful place, but people who recognize their long lost relatives should be moved and excited, why is it that she has knives pointed at her? Why is she worrying about her life being in danger? This is irrational! ! ! Please follow the normal routine, otherwise you will definitely be negatively reviewed! ! ! 

Xia Muyun got confirmation and moved her gaze away from Xia Yuqing’s body to Feng Tingye who was next to Xia Yuqing. 

“In other words, you are not this girl’s brother at all, but her husband, the current emperor of Xia Country?”

She should have thought of it a long time ago! The cousin of her imperial sister-in-law? There were not many in the world, but how can a distant cousin who came to visit her, receive such courtesy from her Royal Brother? She just subconsciously didn’t want to believe that the Emperor of Ye Kingdom would appear in Xia Country’s capital so blatantly. Thus, after a little convincing, she reluctantly believed Liu Yixiang’s words. This person was really… bold. Ye Kingdom, the Lord of the Kingdom… The Lord of Ye Kingdom, she almost got married with this person? 

Xia Muyun stared at Feng Tingye and looked him up and down, “He doesn’t look very special. This face is just a little bit worse than that of Fourth Royal Brother’s beautiful face. His body? It doesn’t seem to be much better than my Eldest Royal Brother. As for his temperament, compared to Second Royal Brother, it seems to be more conventional wisdom. The most important thing is a king’s domineering aura. Yet he can’t even compare with Royal Father!” 

“!!!” Xia Yuqing watched as Xia Muyun condescendingly looked down at Feng Tingye with a stunned mouth. Speaking so harshly about him, is the Ultra Seme Lord being looked down on?

A queen is indeed a queen, she dares to challenge the Ultra Seme Lord. However, is it really good for Her Majesty to be so partial? It’s fine with Fourth brother. Fourth Brother’s face is really overwhelmingly beautiful and had the ability to bring down nations. However, Eldest Brother’s figure and the temperament of Second Brother… if Eldest Brother’s body was really comparable to Schwarzenegger, he would not be scolded by Xiang Er all day long for being a weak chicken! As for the temperament of Second Brother, he’s like the clouds in the sky, gentle, too gentle! ! ! 

Xia Yuqing murmured silently in her heart, but she didn’t dare to say it. However, someone did not have her misgivings. 

“Likewise, I have long admired the reputation of the famous Third Princess and they are indeed well-deserved. Third Princess’s heroism does not lose out to men. Fortunately, the emperor of Xia was wise and asked Ai Fei to marry instead of the Third Princess, otherwise with a small place like Ye Country, how can Zhen accommodate the Third Princess who is as big as Buddha? Won’t it have made Third Princess suffer?” 

Xia Muyun’s face changed slightly, the hand holding the whip tightened: “King Ye is mocking this princess to be a tigress and being unreasonable?” 

Feng Tingye pretended to be frightened: “Why did the Third Princess say this? The Third Princess just acted a bit more domineering while handling business, but inside, one can still see her delicate posture.” 

“……” Isn’t that a tigress? 

“That’s all. Zhen is just a little worried about the future of Third Princess’s fiance. What kind of tough and stocky build must he have to have the luck to support the Third Princess.”

“You……” Xia Muyun’s face sank, she was about to get angry but seemed to think of something. Putting on a fake smile, she replied, “I won’t bother King Ye about this.” 

Feng Tingye smiled: “Yes, this person can’t be me anyway, I really shouldn’t be nosy and worry about this.” 

“…” Your Majesty, you still said it after all. In fact, you are obviously disgusted by the Third Princess, right… 

Two people who were almost married were now tired of seeing each other. After a fight between lips and tongue, there was now a fight between the eyes. The sizzling current between the two created a burst of electricity. There was thunder and an invisible smoke arose. There was even a slight smell of burning, which scared everyone on the side to back up several steps. If you cherish your life, stay away from the electric source! ! ! 

“This prince, suddenly… suddenly feels a little bit fortunate.” Xia Mingyuan looked at the two people who were fighting with each other not far away, and swallowed his saliva calmly. 

Liu Yixiang raised her head and glanced at him doubtfully, then frowned, “What are you fortunate for?” 

“Fortunately… the person who was sent to Ye Country at that time was Little Royal Sister and not Third Royal Sister, otherwise, with the temperament of Third Royal Sister, Xia Country and Ye Country would be now…” 

Liu Yixiang paused, then looked at Xia Muyun who was sneering not far away. She had to admit that Xia Mingyuan’s concerns were right. 

If the person who was married to Ye Kingdom was Xia Muyun, Feng Tingye would probably suffer and want to push her into the pond to feed the fish on the first day. Then, the next day she would go to the palace to make trouble, which was not much better.

Only when there is a comparison could one know how good or bad something is. So only now did she know how good Qing Jiejie was! Feng Tingye must have thought the same thing just now. Marrying Xia Yuqing would at most eat up the rations of Ye Kingdom’s palace, but if he married Xia Muyun, the Ye Kingdom’s palace would just not be ruined. If he really has to choose, she believes Feng Tingye would happily choose the former. Therefore, the goddess of luck actually was taking care of her cousin, Amen~~~~ 

“Okay, okay, you guys don’t be so stiff anymore. We didn’t tell Royal Sister about this, firstly, because Little Royal Sister and king Ye have special identities. It will inevitably lead to an uproar if someone knows. Secondly, Little Royal Sister and King Ye only came to visit shr… to visit Xiang Er. They weren’t going to stay for too long. How could we know that they would be repeatedly involved in incidents and get dragged out to stay here to this day? Both of them are visiting for us. If the information is leaked, not only will their lives be in danger, but this prince and Xiang Er will also be in danger of collaborating with the enemy.” 

Xia Mingyuan’s explanation forced Xia Muyun to calm down and look towards Xia Yuqing and Feng Ting Ye snorting coldly. She turned to find a place to sit down by Xia Mingyuan’s side. 

“…” Third Royal Sister is so arrogant? The queen is so proud…really too unbearable! 

“Royal Sister…” Xia Mingxi was squeezed aside by Xia Muyun and called out aggrieved.

“Sit on the edge, our account will be dealt with later.” Even Second Royal Brother, who had always been protected by herself, knew about this. She was the only one who was kept in the dark. Everyone was hiding it from her. Hmph, she will remember this account, and will slowly pay it back. 

“…” Xia Mingxi was stunned by Xia Muyun’s cold eyes. He immediately froze. Biting his sleeve, he sat aside miserably. 

“Speaking of this, how did you discover that Qing Jiejie is your…” Seeing people calming down, Liu Yixiang couldn’t help asking with curiosity. 

“If it wasn’t for this girl beating up Xia Mingqi that b**tard and cursing him so happily last night and accidentally revealing it, I would still be kept in the dark by all of you!” Speaking of this, Xia Muyun’s stomach was filled with fire. She looked at everyone again and became a bit angry. 

“When she was beating up Fifth Royal Brother? Oh right, we haven’t finished our business!” Xia Mingyuan exclaimed, the few people woke up from their dazed state. Thinking of the unfinished topic just now, the atmosphere suddenly became serious again. 

“What business?” Xia Muyun couldn’t help feeling a little strange when she felt the sudden depressing atmosphere. 

“Third Royal Sister, haven’t you heard? Fifth Brother… died in his mansion last night.” 

“What? That perverted sissy is dead?” Xia Muyun stood up suddenly, almost hitting the bridge of the nose of the person behind her. Her face was full of surprise. 

“Royal Sister, did you not hear the news?” Second Royal Brother had heard the news and you didn’t?? This is irrational! ! ! 

Xia Muyun glanced at Xia Yuqing, then calmly said: “I was busy being angry.  Right when I saw that it was getting late, I ran here to find someone. When would I have the leisure to listen to some gossip?” 

“…” No wonder when she walked in, that big table collapsed. Her feelings have been suppressed for the whole night! 

“This matter has been publicized early this morning, saying that he died last night. This morning, Royal Father made a decree to have people thoroughly investigate the matter to find the murderer.” Xia Mingxi hurriedly filled her in with the gossip.

“Heh, that sl*t died, what’s there to investigate? That kind of beast dying, everyone should be happy and celebrating!” Xia Muyun sneered, making it no secret of her disgust and delight of his demise.

“…If it’s just the fact that he died, maybe we can celebrate as you said, but this is not the point now.” 

Xia Muyun frowned, “What is the point?” 

“The point is that Royal Sister is being regarded as the biggest suspect of the murder.” 


Xia Muyun was silent for a moment, then turned to look at Xia Yuqing: “That’s not right. That kid Xia Mingqi was still alive when we arrived last night. Is it possible that after you got rid of me, you ran back to give him another stab?” 

“…” Meow, I am not a perverted murderer, do you think I have nothing better to do than run back to stab him? ! This kind of thing where a white knife goes in and a red knife goes out, I would be worried about being splashed with blood! 

Feng Tingye heard Xia Muyun’s questioning and his face sunk slightly: “No matter what, I still have to figure out what happened at that time. Is that Shangshu from the Justice department reliable? Will there be problems allowing him to investigate this case?”

“Wait, who did you just say? Su Yan, the Shangshu from the Justice Department?” Before Feng Tingye’s words fell, Xia Muyun screamed in surprise, drawing everyone’s attention to her again. 

Xia Mingyuan and Feng Tingye looked at each other: “Royal Sister, do you know this Master Su?” 

Xia Muyun rolled her eyes: “It’s really him? What’s the matter with Royal Father? How could he let him come and investigate the case this time?” 

“Listening to the tone of Royal Sister, it seems that you are very familiar with this Master Su.” Xia Yuqing leaned out of Feng Tingye’s arms and cautiously stated. 

Xia Muyun seemed to have thought of something, and the corners of her mouth twitched: “It’s more than familiar, he is my little uncle, he can barely be regarded as an senior.” 

“…” There was a suspicious silence in the room for a few seconds, then a burst of earth-shattering roars, “What?!”

It turned out that Xia Muyun used to practice martial arts with a famous master of Jiang Hu because of her frailty when she was a child. The whip technique she used was inherited from this old master and Su Yan unfortunately was a disciple of that sect, that is, her titular little uncle. 

“Why haven’t I heard you talking about this?” Xia Mingyuan stared at Xia Muyun in shock after learning the truth. 

Xia Muyun stretched out her hands helplessly: “Royal Brother, you didn’t ask me and I thought you knew of this a long time ago.” 

“…” No one told me, so how would I know!? And your teacher is some white-haired, immortal figure who looks like he can pass away at any time, who would know that he had a junior brother who had less than ten years of a difference from you and I! ! ! 

In any case, Xia Yuqing’s affairs became simple and rough because of Xia Muyun’s relationship with Su Yan. Especially after learning that Xia Muyun had a position in her teacher’s sect, where even Su Yan had to give her some courtesy, Feng Tingye made a decisive decision. Discussing with Xia Mingyuan, they decided to go to Su Yan’s residence immediately and speak to him. 

In this regard, Xia Muyun seemed a little reluctant. After repeated confirmation with several people, she sighed and took Xia Yuqing to the Shangshu’s Mansion. 

In the beginning, Xia Mingyuan and the others only thought that she thought it was troublesome, but soon they knew why Xia Muyun was so hesitant and entangled.

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