FMEA Chapter 130 Part 2

Chapter 130 You feet picking uncle! 

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In the elegant study room surrounded by incense, there were a few pots of irises that just opened. The light incense mixed with floral fragrance made people unexpectedly comfortable. Accompanied with various scrolls hanging on the four walls of the study room, it gave the room an antique charm. Just looking at such a room will surely make people sigh and guess what kind of elegant person the owner of this room was, but the fact is… 

On a spacious and comfortable rocking chair, a man only wearing his innerwear* swayed leisurely on the rocking chair, very comfortable. Most importantly, the man held a book with one hand reading with gusto, while the other hand reached towards his feet and began to…pick his foot.

* white outfit that people wear under their clothes 

“!!!” Feng Tingye’s group of four froze at the door, unable to move. Xia Muyun alone seemed to have anticipated this scene. She rolled her eyes helplessly towards the sky. 

After a long while, Xia Yuqing couldn’t help poking Xia Mingyuan with her hand. “Eldest Royal Brother, is that person over there really the same person as the handsome, unsmiling, upright and honest Su Da Ren that we saw not long ago?” 

“…” If you ask me, who do I ask?! Xia Mingyuan twitched and looked at the not so far away body twisted into a very strange angle. Dressed as a wretched uncle, he felt that his three views had been challenged by this person. 

He was clearly handsome and charming not long ago, but after a short while, how did he become such a sloppy feet-picking uncle? Challenging a person’s lower limit is too much! ! ! 

“Cough cough, Little Uncle, Yun’er is here to see you.” Xia Muyun coughed lightly and knocked on the door of the room that was already open to remind the person in the room that they were coming in. 

Su Yan paused and followed the sound. After seeing the incoming person clearly, his eyes were bright. He ran towards the few people barefoot: “Yun Er Meimei, you finally remembered to visit little uncle. Hurry up and let uncle kiss you~~~” 

“…” Everyone was stunned as Su Yan rushed towards Xia Muyun at a speed of 100 meters/ second, sprinting barefoot. 

With a bang, a loud whip suddenly entered everyone’s ears. 

Xia Muyun brandished her whip, her head was filled with rage with blue veins popping out: “Little Uncle, I have said it many times, do not use your hands that have picked your feet to touch me or else……” 

A resounding whip sounded: “I will cut your hand off.” 


Su Yan paused, and said with pity: “Yun Er Meimei, are you feeling disgusted with Little Unclie right now*?”

“…No, I’m always disgusted by you.” 

“!!!” Third Royal Sister, why are you so straightforward? If you irritate your little uncle, what should we do if he doesn’t help?

Su Yan fixedly looked at Xia Muyun for a long time, then stretched out his hand to scratch his messed up long hair: “Tch, my Little Niece is still so boring, can’t even take a joke.” 

“… ” 

Xia Muyun gave him a roll of her eye and said coldly: “Uncle, there are still people here, so you should be a little restrained.” 

“Huh, there are people?” Su Yan was stunned. He turned to look at Xia Mingyuan and the rest with a surprised expression: “Eldest Royal Prince? When did you come?” 

“…” We followed your Little Niece in and have been here the whole time, but you didn’t even notice.

“The Eldest Royal Prince has arrived, excuse me for not going out to greet you.” Su Yan smiled and arched his hand towards Xia Mingyuan, but Xia Mingyuan avoided it. 

Xia Mingyuan pointed at Su Yan’s hand with lingering fear. Su Yan glanced at his hand and his current outfit in a dazed manner, then nodded at the crowd very calmly: “I have been rude, please wait a moment. This minister will be back shortly.” 

“Su…” Xia Mingyuan didn’t have time to say anything when Su Yan had already whizzed away, disappearing like a gust of wind behind a jade screen in the study. 

Everyone could only hear a loud crash of pots, bowls and ceramics. After a quarter of an hour, Su Yan had recovered the graceful elegance of this morning: “Everyone has been waiting for a long time. Now, we can talk business.” 

” …… ” God, do you sing opera? This face-changing technology is too awesome! 

“Ahem, Master Su, we are here this time because of the assassination of An Wang that you mentioned in this prince’s mansion this morning. This is the person that Master Su wanted to find in this prince’s mansiong.” Xia Mingyuan wasn’t planning to beat around the bush and spoke straightforwardly.

Xia Yuqing smiled, and kissed up to him: “Excuse me Da Ren, if this little person knows anything, I will say everything without leaving a single detail behind.” 

“It’s you? You look rather delicate. After leaving the banquet last night, where did you go? What happened, state each detail one by one.” Su Yan touched the flowing moustache on his face and looked at Xia Yuqing for a while. 

“That day… I took Cui Er out of the banquet because of a toilet emergency. As a result, I got lost. Then… I was schemed into walking into that remote courtyard.” 

Su Yan thought for a moment: “Did you meet An Wang in the courtyard?” 

Xia Yuqing didn’t dare to respond casually this time. She turned her head and glanced at Feng Tingye and Xia Muyun, Feng Tingye frowned and nodded. 

“En, I saw him, but I didn’t kill him.” Wuu, a good young person like her who aimed for the four educations: morality, intelligence, physical fitness, and beauty, why would she be involved in a murder case for no reason? Such a solemn atmosphere is really not good for her heart! ! ! 

Su Yan thought for a while and asked, “You caused the wound on An Wang’s face?” 

“Uh…” How should she answer this? How could she know whether this person was talking about the superficial injuries or the fatal injuries? If she said a word wrong, will she lose her life? Yamete! ! ! 

“That…” Xia Muyun cried out to Xia Yuqing, her younger sister who appeared out of nowhere, feeling a bit awkward, “Little Uncle is not an outsider, although he is lazy, a little bit sloppy, he gets things done. He’s pretty reliable. If you have anything to say, just say it. He won’t accuse you wrongly.” 

Xia Yuqing’s eyes lit up: “Oh…except for the fatal injury, those superficial injuries were all me. That’s it.” 

Xia Muyun nodded and testified: “I can testify for this. At that time, when I was with her and took her away, An Wang was still alive and well. It could not be due to her hands.” As soon as this word came out, everyone’s eyes were focused on Su Yan to see his reaction.

Su Yan picked his ears up and raised his eyes to look at Xia Muyun: “Little Niece was with him at the time? What is your relationship? Is it possible… so it’s like this, no wonder. I was wondering why you would come to me when you were fine. It’s rare for you to be so warm to me, it turned out to be like this… hehe…” 

“…” Xia Yuqing and Xia Muyun, who were scanned by Su Yan’s ambiguous eyes, froze for a moment, then… 

Kaca… The chair underneath Xia Muyun began to wail: “Little Uncle, if you talk nonsense anymore, I will broadcast to everyone that you are looking at erotic pictures behind Senior Aunt Wan Er’s back. Then…hehe, lets see how Senior Aunt Wan Er will treat you?” 

“…Don’t, I won’t say anything okay? Hmph, now that you have a husband to be, you have forgotten this Little Uncle who has been with you for so many years. It really hurts the heart of this Little Uncle.” 

“Little Uncle!” 

“Okay, I’ll shut up. Now that I know this matter has nothing to do with this little Gong Zi, you can go.” 

“!!!” Xia Yuqing had not yet recovered from the surprising interaction with this Little Uncle and Little Niece, when she was shocked again by Su Yan’s words. She couldn’t react for a while. 

Feng Tingye’s eyes shimmered slightly, his gaze at Su Yan became one of interest: “How can Da Ren, after just a few words…determine my little brother to have nothing to do with this matter? At that time when An Wang was assassinated, even if my brother and the Third Princess were together during this period, you can’t get rid of the suspicion so quickly, right?”

There must be something up with this abnormal situation. Is the person in front of him really insightful or did he want to loosen the reins only to grasp them better? This matter is about Xia Yuqing, so Feng Tingye did not dare to take it lightly.

Su Yan glanced at Feng Tingye, a faint light flashed in his eyes. He replied with a faint smile: “This minister didn’t doubt this little Gong Zi, after all, no assassin would be so stupid that he wouldn’t run away after killing someone, especially after leaving so many traces. Of course, the possibility of the murderer forming a diversion is not ruled out, but what this Gong Zi had just said made this official rule out this possibility.”

“My words?” Xia Yuqing didn’t remember when she said anything that was enough to prove her innocence. 

“You said that except for the fatal injury, the other superficial injuries were caused by you.” How do you know that An Wang has a fatal wound on his body? Apart from the skin wounds you made, An Wang has no other wounds at all.” 

“Oh, huh?” Xia Yuqing nodded, then looked at Su Yan in amazement. The others were also puzzled. 

Su Yan smiled indifferently: “An Wang did not die of sharp blades such as swords, spears and halberds, but Gu*. ” 

* venomous insect (basically poison)

“Gu? ! ” 

That’s right, it’s a Gu from the Miao border. This Gu needs to be fed with hibiscus flowers for several months before it becomes mature. Therefore, the scent of hibiscus flowers will surely be on the body of the caretaker of this Gu and this Gong Zi does not have that smell at all.” Su Yan moved towards Xia Yuqing’s side, as if sniffing whether Xia Yuqing really smelled of hibiscus flowers. 

Feng Tingye’s eyes shrank slightly. His eyes were filled with a murderous aura while gazing at Su Yan now. 

Su Yan keenly felt Feng Tingye’s gaze, then sat back in his original position with a faint smile: “There is one more thing, who told you that An Wang was assassinated between 9:10 and 9:30pm?” 

“Didn’t Master Su say so himself? The time of An Wang’s death was between 9:10-9:30pm.” 

As soon as Xia Mingyuan finished speaking, Su Yan smiled slightly: “I’m talking about the time of death, not the time An Wang was assassinated. Based on the length of time that the Gu has lived within An Wang, An Wang should have been poisoned early on without knowing it. ” 

Everyone was stunned. Silence fell because of Su Yan’s words.

In a flash, they heard Xia Muyun break the silence: “Since Little Uncle knew that she was innocent from the beginning, why did you go to Eldest Royal Brother’s mansion to take people? Isn’t that too misleading?” 

Su Yan pursed his lips, pretending to be profound: “Actually, extracting information through deceit can be considered an effective method for investigating a case.” 

Xia Muyun’s mouth twitched slightly, then said her true thoughts relentlessly: “Actually, you just want to mess with people.” 

Su Yan smiled brighter and brighter: “Sure enough, Little Junior Niece understands me. Finally I can see panic in calm people like them, don’t you find it entertaining?” 

“…” We don’t find it entertaining at all! 

Xia Yuqing seemed to be feeling something and glanced back at Feng Tingye behind her. As expected, she saw a burst of black smoke billowing behind her. 

“…” Master Su, you played too big this time, you have annoyed the Ultra Seme Lord. Your future will not be very bright and splendid! Amen~~~~ 

“Since everything has been explained clearly, we will leave first and visit on another day.” Xia Mingyuan’s mouth twitched slightly. Just when he was about to leave, Su Yan stopped them with a shout.

“Eldest Royal Prince, please wait.” 

Xia Mingyuan paused and turned to look at Su Yan: “Is there anything else?” 

Su Yan’s face changed: “This official has other important matters to discuss with the prince alone. Please stay for a while.” 

“Alone?” Xia Muyun chewed on Su Yan’s words and looked up at him inquiringly. 

“Yes, alone, just me and His Majesty.” 

Feng Tingye took a deep look at Su Yan, then pulled Xia Yuqing over and said, “If this is the case, we will go back to the mansion first. Farewell.” 

“Then I will also leave, wait for me.” Xia Muyun glanced at the two of them, then turned and chased after Xia Yuqing.

Seeing that everyone was gone, Su Yan stared at Xia Mingyuan’s face: “Eldest Royal Prince, this official suspects the death of An Wang to be related to…” 

Feng Tingye took Xia Yuqing and walked to the Shang Shu’s gate. Xia Muyun was rushing to catch up. Xia Yuqing saw Xia Muyun and her eyes lit up, she enthusiastically thanked her: “Thank you Third Royal Sister for your help today.” 

Xia Muyun was still unaccustomed to the sudden addition of a younger sister, she snorted coldly: “I haven’t acknowledged your identity yet. I am still the only Royal Sister of Eldest Royal Brother and Second Royal Brother! Today I am only helping you…because you said good things for me when you beat that sl*t up last night and I do not like to owe others. Since you said good things for me yesterday and I testified for you today, we are even.” 

With that, she gave Xia Yuqing and Feng Tingye a glance and hurried away. 

Xia Yuqing looked at her fiery red back which was leaving. No matter what, she felt like she was running away, her eyebrows couldn’t help but arch. 

Feng Tingye looked at her appearance and his eyes sank: “Happy?” 

“Well, Third Royal Sister is actually quite nice.” The awkward and arrogant Queen was really cute. She obviously liked her, yet she had to find excuses. She acts as if she was worried about getting involved with her, but in fact, she was just hiding her intent. 

Feng Tingye declined to comment, so Xia Yuqing continued: “By the way, let’s go back and tell them the good news, so they won’t worry anymore.” 

Xia Yuqing finally realized what it means to be free and clear of suspicion. The death lawsuit was no longer pressed against her body, which really gave her a sense of thrill of escape. 

After slackening, Xia Yuqing couldn’t wait to sing a song to express her joy at the moment. However, since she was now at the entrance of another, this proposal was postponed, but this did not affect Xia Yuqing’s good mood at the moment. 

As we all know, Xia Yuqing is easy to forget things when excited. It’s even easier to cause trouble when she forgets about it. Thus, it didn’t take long for Xia Yuqing to get into trouble again. 

“Niang Niang, be careful ahead.” Cui Er’s anxious call did not save Xia Yuqing’s poor nose. When Xia Yuqing heard Cui Er’s call and reflexively wanted to stop, because she rushed forward too quickly, she couldn’t. Taking a few steps forward, she ran into someone’s arms. 

When the pain in the nose came, Xia Yuqing thought, which b**tard put up a telephone pole in the middle of the road? What a hindrance to traffic! Ugh, my nose! ! !

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