FMEA Chapter 198 Part 2

Chapter 198 Every Tree or Bush is an Enemy Soldier (panicking and treating everyone as an enemy) 

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Feng Tingye and Yun Yuliu stopped at the same time. They looked at the depths of the cell and the main entrance of the prison with a look of alertness. 

“What’s wrong?” Xia Yuqing asked with some suspicion when seeing the two stop.

The two did not answer, but stared in two directions with their eyes slightly squinted. After a while, they heard a burst of triumphant laughter coming in from the door of the prison accompanied by a flurry of footsteps. 

“After guarding for so long, I finally waited for you rebels to come out.” 

“This voice…” Xia Yuqing turned her head and looked over. At a glance, she saw the triumphant Xi Zeyan leading the guards and standing at the forefront. 

“Fifth Prince and the Fifth Consort… and Lord Lan.” Xizeyan’s triumphant gaze swept across several people one by one, with some obvious gloat, “These are the people who the princess has taken great efforts to arrest. Thank you for bringing them to us. This saves us a lot of time and effort.” 

“You used us?” Yun Yuliu’s eyes shrank, but there was a coldness in his eyes with an intent to kill. 

Xizeyan met his gaze head-on. For some reason he felt a chill down his back that made him want to retreat. However, his timidness was soon suppressed by him. What was in front of him was nothing but rebels that were about to be wiped out all at once. This so-called killing intent was nothing more than a bluff during their dying struggle, it was nothing to be afraid of. 

“The words of Fifth Prince is not wrong. These rebels risked their lives to go deep into the cage to rescue you. This shows that you are closely related. Now, the charges of the Fifth Prince and Lord Lan are also fulfilled. This official has really spared no effort to work hard for Her Royal Highness. We naturally can’t let the dangers that may shake the country’s foundation be entrenched in the capital. Now both of you have been convicted. This cell is full of good soldiers and good generals inside and out. It will be difficult for you to fly even if you inserted wings. This official advises you to keep your hands together for the arrest, so as not to suffer from any flesh wounds.” 

“Hehe, it’s hard to fly even with wings? I don’t think so.” Yun Yuliu smiled coldly. He completely abandoned the mask he usually had on revealing this unknown side.

Feng Tingye glanced at him, then replied with a faint smile: “Coincidentally, Zhen has the same ideas as the Fifth prince.” 


“This prince originally wanted to not get involved in this messy trivial court matter. The trees long for peace but the wind will never cease (world changes/ moves whether you want it or not). Since Fourth Sister wants to pull this prince in, don’t blame this prince for being impolite.” 

“My Lord…” Lan Yingyao looked at this person she had shared a bed with for years and found out for the first time that she really never knew him. 

Yun Yuliu didn’t answer, he knew it was not the time to reveal everything. 

Feng Tingye was not surprised. As soon as Yun Zhongyue had mentioned Yuliu was gathering troops, he had predicted that the person in front of him was not as simple as the rumors of the outside world. 

“Mrs. Lan, take good care of Lord Lan and the young lady.” 

Mrs. Lan was startled, and instantly understood what Feng Tingye meant. She nodded: “The emperor can feel rest assured.” 

Hearing this, Big Baby, who had been holding Xia Yuqing, looked at his younger sister who was frightened by the slightly stagnant atmosphere in front of her. He firmly said: “Baby don’t be afraid, brother will protect you.” 

Second Baby was in a daze. Then, she grinned, and raised a soft smile: “Brother…” 

Xia Yuqing looked at the weird atmosphere of the two children with red hearts floating in the sky, and she couldn’t help feeling cold all over. Dudu, Dundun is your sister, your real sister. What is with your tone as if you were coaxing your girlfriend? 

Her lips trembled. Xia Yuqing resolutely interjected: “Dudu, you only know how to protect your sister? What about your Mother?”

Big Baby was startled, then looked at Xia Yuqing with disgust: “Doesn’t Mother have Father’s protection?” 

“… But Father is going to beat those bad guys.” 

“Then doesn’t Mother have the protection of Aunt Cui Er? Even if there is no one to protect Mother, Mother is still an adult. Wanting to have a child protect you? Shameless.” 

“…” F*ck, where is the knife, where is the knife!? If she knew she would give birth to such an rotten child, she should have drowned him in the water when she gave birth to him! She didn’t do it at that time and it was really a big mistake. Now she needs to correct this mistake, no one stop her! 

“Niang Niang, your Royal Highness is right. You still have Nu Bi to protect you. Nu Bi will definitely protect you and won’t cause you any harm.” Cui Er smiled and interrupted in time to soothe Xia Yuqing’s injured soul. 

“Cui Er, I’m so sad! Uuuuu…This child is so disobedient!” Xia Yuqing threw herself into Cui Er’s arms, crying sadly. 

“Good… Niang Niang is an adult, don’t argue with the children.”


“Enough!” Xi Zeyan listened to Xia Yuqing and the others’ playing around and the veins on his head were throbbing. He couldn’t bear it and shouted aloud, “Come, take down and arrest all these rebels! If there is resistance, it doesn’t matter if you kill them.” 


The soldiers behind Xizeyan shouted loudly and quickly surrounded Xia Yuqing and the others. Seeing the momentum, Feng Tingye quickly drew the long sword from his waist, and raised his left hand back to throw the dagger that had broken the lock earlier into Xia Yuqing’s arms. 

Xia Yuqing caught it in a hurry, then was 囧 for a little bit. A few minutes ago, she was thinking about getting a knife. Does this count as getting whatever she thought of?

On the other side, Yun Yuliu stepped in front of Lan Yingyao, and slipped out a sharp dagger from the sleeve of his clothes. 

Lan Yingyao was stunned again when she saw this. She didn’t even know that Yun Yuliu knew martial arts after spending so many years together! 

Xizeyan looked at the dignified people and laughed loudly: “Are you scared now? No matter how high your martial arts are, with so many people, how can you flee?” 

Before the words fell, a restless sound interrupted Xizeyan’s prideful words. 

“What’s the matter?” 

“Your… Your lord… A group of people are attacking from the outside. They’re too powerful!” A soldier stumbled in from the door. As soon as he finished speaking, a sword pierced through his heart. 

“What?” Xizeyan’s face changed slightly as he looked at the man in black who rushed in from the outside. 

Before he could ask, he saw someone walk in from the outside and stand in front of the crowd. 

When Xizeyan saw the visitor, his face was dark. His black face gritted his teeth and shouted out the other’s name: “Jiang Zhaorou.” 

“Lord Xi, I trust you have been well since we last met!” Jiang Zhaorou raised her chin, with a smile but not a smile. 

“The elite soldiers of the Princess Mansion did not kill you two days ago, yet you dare to come back!”

“Why won’t I dare to come back? Did I commit any crime? Was I a gigolo who asked for credit, was I an official who deliberately rebelled?” Jiang Zhaorou sneered and watched Xizeyan’s face turn pale, and a burst of happiness rose in her heart. 

“You…you colluded with the rebels and deliberately endangered the foundation of the Kingdom of Shu.” Xizeyan held back for a long time, then swept his gaze at the people in the prison, and shouted in a low voice. 

“What a big hat you are wearing hahaha. Since Master Xi has said so, how could I fail to meet Master Xi’s high expectations? You guys go first, I will hold the fort down here.” Jiang Zhaorou pointed behind her with a slight smile. 

“Jiang Zhaorou, you…” Xizeyan’s expression was ugly, and he snorted, “No one is allowed to leave today. I will arrest all these rebels and thieves, none of them are allowed to go.” 


With this confrontation, the two sides still failed to escape the result of a sword fight. The difference this time was that there was no longer a side with more people bullying the less. Instead, it will be an even battle. 

Jiang Zhaorou raised her hand to let the people behind her join the battle. She drew out the saber beside her and rushed towards Xia Yuqing and the others. 

“You guys go. The troops outside the city have already begun to attack. Hurry up and meet up with Da Ren.” 

Jiang Zhaorou cleanly slashed several soldiers who were in the way, and quickly rushed to Xia Yuqing and the others. 

“Jiang Feizao, where did you find so many people?” Xia Yuqing glanced at the people in black who were fighting with the soldiers not far away, and asked in surprise. 

Jiang Zhaorou glared at her: “At this time, I won’t deal with you calling me that unpleasant nickname.” 

“…” You saying that was obviously you dealing with it!

Jiang Zhaorou looked at Xia Yuqing’s 囧 expression, and finally couldn’t help but laugh: “Did you forget, the last time I kidnapped you, it was also with a group of people in black.” 

Xia Yuqing was stunned. Jiang Zhaorou’s smile on her face deepened: “I have been around Da Ren for many years, if I didn’t train some cronies for Da Ren, how could I run errands for him?” 

Xia Yuqing suddenly realized something. Before she could say something, she saw Jiang Zhaorou’s smile narrow. She took a deep look at her: “You guys, hurry up, I’ll hold them off here.” 

“But, isn’t your injury still not healed ?” 

Jiang Zhaorou was startled slightly, then she curled her lips: “If I die here, please help me tell Da Ren that…I, Jiang Zhaorou, will always be loyal to Da Ren, even to the death.” 

Xia Yuqing was stunned. Opening her mouth to ask a question, she was pulled over by Feng Tingye, and pulled away from Jiang Zhaorou. 


Jiang Zhaorou turned around and just wanted to re-enter the battle. Suddenly, Xia Yuqing yelled to her. She couldn’t help but turn her head in surprise, “What?” 

“You are obviously not a bad guy, so why did you do so many bad things in the first place?” Xia Yuqing yelled at Jiang Zhaorou, craning her neck. 

She obviously liked children very much, and would fight against a small shopkeeper for the sake of her child, so why did she cruelly kidnap her pregnant self in the first place? Obviously she liked Young Master Ji very much and could even risk her life for the sake of Young Master Ji, so why did she want to be aggrieved and stay with someone who she dislikes and hates in order to provoke the relationship between the two countries? 

“You really are…” Jiang Zhaorou froze in place, but then she laughed. She covered her mouth until Xia Yuqing was brought to the door by Feng Tingye, then spat out a sentence, “Perhaps it’s because I wanted to climb up too much, to climb closer to that person. It’s a pity… that the wrong method was used.”

“What?” The fighting may have been too loud on the side or maybe it was Jiang Zhaorou’s voice, but before Xia Yuqing could hear her clearly, Feng Tingye dragged her out of the prison. 

Jiang Zhaorou looked at the back of Xia Yuqing and the others, and let out a sigh of relief. Turning to look at Xizeyan who was hiding behind the crowd not far away, her eyes shrank slightly. She waved her long sword to the side and rushed towards him. 

“Your Majesty, Xiao Shangshu and Miss Yan are still inside!” Xia Yuqing just walked outside with the two children, suddenly thinking of something, and exclaimed. 

“It’s okay, Zitang and the others are on the other side. Xizeyan’s attention were focused on us and shouldn’t run into them. Moreover, both of them can do martial arts. Even if there is an accident, protecting their own lives isn’t a problem.” Feng Tingye seemed to have thought of this a long time ago, and said with consolation, “Let’s find a place to settle them down first, then we can go to the palace to find Yun Xi and the others.” 

Xia Yuqing was relieved and nodded. A group of people were ready to leave, when they heard a cry of pain. 

“Yingyao, what’s the matter?” Yun Yuliu called out worriedly when he saw Lan Yingyao fall backwards and immediately caught her. 

When the crowd heard the movement, they gathered around and surrounded Lan Yingyao. 

“Yingyao, what’s wrong?” The Lan family became worried when they saw Lan Yingyao’s ugly expression.

“My stomach…it just hurts a bit.” Lan Yingyao’s face was pale, and sweat was constantly oozing out of her forehead. It didn’t look like it was just a little painful. 

“Little Junior Sister, you have come out. Yo, Fifth Brother and Fifth Sister-in-law were also rescued by you.” 

The atmosphere was tense when a voice suddenly came out of thin air. Everyone looked up reflexively, and saw Yun Zhongyue and a black faced Su Qingyan rushing over. 

As soon as they approached, Yun Zhong Yue became aware of the abnormal atmosphere between the several people. He asked doubtfully: “What’s the matter with you?” 

“Second Brother, your Fifth Sister-in-law suddenly has a stomachache.” 

“Her stomach hurts? Su Gongzi, aren’t you a doctor? Please check my Fifth Sister-in-law.” 

“Are you a doctor?” When Yun Yuliu heard Yun Zhongyue’s words, he whizzed by and rushed to Su Qingyan with Lan Yingyao in his arms. “Look, look. What’s wrong with Yingyao? She has been feeling in pain for a long time.” 

“Royal Brother…” Yun Zhong Yue was startled when he saw Yun Yuliu rush in front of him. His Brother Yun Yuliu, for so many years, he didn’t even know… Yun Yuliu was a martial arts master who was not inferior to him? 

“…” D*mn it, Feng Tingye was fine, but where did this man who he didn’t know even come from? Also, why is he trying to point fingers at himself? He was a famous ghost doctor in Jiang Hu, do they know how many respectable people in the area want to request him to help treat a disease and it all depends on whether he is happy or not? What an attitude!! After being dragged into free labor several times, Su Qingyan was completely mad inside.

However, seeing Lan Yingyao’s face was really not so good, Su Qingyan still resisted his discomfort and reached out to check her pulse. After a while, the expression on his face became a little subtle. 

“How is it?” Yun Yuliu had been paying attention to Su Qingyan’s expression, and his heart trembled as he asked anxiously. 

“You said she has been in pain not long ago?” 

“Yes, is it…” 

“You don’t even know that your own woman has a child, are you still a man? Moreover, you caused her to move her fetal.” Su Qingyan didn’t care about the identity of the person in front of him, and cursed at him bitterly. 

The expressions on everyone’s faces froze for a moment, then suddenly there was a scream: “What?” 

“Yingyao is pregnant? With my child?” Yun Yuliu’s face went blank for a second. He was startled. He looked at the person in his arms until the person in his arms let out an uncomfortable groan. Then he suddenly woke up, “You just said that Yingyao had accidentally moved her fetus, what should we do now?” 

When Yun Yuliu was caught and placed in prison, he wasn’t even affected. However, now, there was a clear panic. He shook Su Qingyan’s shoulders. 

“Royal Brother, don’t get excited. Doctor Su will faint because of you, calm down. If you are not calm at this time, what will Sister-in-law do?” Seeing Su Qingyan falling into the brutal hands of Yun Yuliu, he hurriedly stepped forward to help . 

Yun Zhongyue’s advice undoubtedly hit the point. Yun Yuliu’s body became stiff, and his actions stopped.

Su Qingyan just getting his life back, clutched his almost crushed shoulder. He had a black face: “Have her take some medicine first, then find a safe place for me to treat her, then she might be saved.”

“A safe place?” Yun Yuliu hurriedly took the life-saving pill and allowed Lan Yingyao to take it. He then looked at Yun Zhongyue for help. 

Yun Zhongyue paused, then turned to look at Feng Tingye. Feng Tingye was silent for a moment, then his final word was: “Back to the inn.” 

Several people hurriedly took Lan Yingyao back to the inn. After some tossing around, Su Qingyan wiped the cold sweat off his head under the eager gaze of everyone. He replied: “The fetus has stabilized, but these days it is still necessary to pay attention. Pay attention to rest, and prevent the fetus from moving again. Also, you are too careless, you didn’t even know that your fetus was moved. If we were late, this child would have been a goner.” 

Lan Yingyao, who had recovered, heard Su Qingyan’s scolding and her face turned red. She felt a little apologetic: “I haven’t had a baby before, so……” 

Lan Yingyao was also taken aback when she knew that she had a child. She and Yun Yuliu had been together for many years. They had always wanted a child but could do nothing. She had lost hope, but didn’t expect this to happen. At this time… she didn’t know whether to be happy or worried. 

“I was too careless. I didn’t realize your discomfort earlier. Fortunately, you and the child are fine.” Yun Yuliu stepped forward, holding Lan Yingyao’s hand, demonstrating his understanding of the situation. (T/N: Would be down for a side story of these two hehe)

Feng Tingye and the others sighed with relief when they saw that Lan Yingyao and the child were fine. They turned to look at Yun Zhongyue: “Weren’t you going to save that person? Where is Ji Miaoyan and Jin Lao?” 

“They have gone to raise troops to meet with Yun Xi and the others.” 

Feng Tingye nodded: “Then let’s go, too.” 

“I want to go too!” Xia Yuqing said confidently before Feng Tingye refused, “Xiao Xi is my sister. I can’t just stay here and do nothing. I’m not going to wait for your news, I’m going too. Besides, at this time… I don’t want to leave your side.” 

Feng Tingye looked at Xia Yuqing deeply, and finally nodded in compromise. 

Feng Tingye turned around and was about to leave, when he suddenly heard a whisper from behind: “Wait a minute.” 

“Fifth Prince has something of matter?” 

Yun Yuliu straightened up from the bed and looked at Feng Tingye and the others: “You saved Yingyao and the child. If this prince doesn’t repay you, it seems a bit unreasonable.” 

“Pu…” Su Qingyan, who was drinking water next to him, choked and coughed violently several times. What?! I am the one who saved your wife’s child! Why are you offering them the reward? Aren’t you repaying the wrong person, brother! 


“…” F*ck, Feng Tingye, what are you trying to do? Are you taking my reward!? 

“This prince will personally take you into the palace, from the secret path.” 


At the same time, in the solemn palace, compared with the chaos of war at the gates, it was silent and dreadful. 

Two figures sneaked past the palace path, and reached the entrance of Chengqian hall with ease. They slowly pushed the door open, and walked in tiptoe. 

There was no lamp in the hall, nothing could be seen in the pitch black area. However, a dark shadow seemed to be familiar with the decorations on all sides, and quickly rushed in. 

“Why does it feel like no one is here? Where is Father and Mother? Father, Mother……” Yun Xi lowered her voice and called out. 

Before the voice fell, a familiar low laughter suddenly came from behind: “What are you looking for, Xi Er?” 

Yun Xi’s body became stiff when she heard this voice. She turned around with wide eyes. 

The candles on both sides of the hall suddenly lit up, and the originally dark sleeping hall was alight. A familiar figure sat lazily on the main seat, watching her with a smile.

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