FMEA Chapter 206

Chapter 206 A Chaotic Wedding 

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“Xiao Yuan, why are you here?” Xia Yuqing was slightly startled when she saw the girl who had gradually revealed her appearance from under the shadow of the tree. The meat bun in her hand also fell to the ground when she shouted in surprise. 

“En, I came back to Xue Country to do something and it just so happens I was able to take part in Brother Xiang’s big wedding.” Li Yuan smiled, yet Xia Yuqing saw something was off.

A relaxed smile Xia Yuqing had never seen before, it was as if a certain major event that had been pressing on her for a long time was finally let go. Even the slight worry that had been carrying between her eyebrows had completely dissipated. 

Xia Yuqing was stunned. Even the smile on her face became brighter. She stepped forward and grabbed Li Yuan’s arm: “When did Xiao Yuan come? Why didn’t you come find us?”     

Li Yuan looked towards Cui Er not far away and nodded: “I just arrived this afternoon. Ye Country and Xue Country were a little far away. I heard that Qing Jiejie and the emperor arrived a few days ago?” 

“En, a few days ago. The little imperial doctor took us around to eat a lot of delicious food these days.” Xia Yuqing pointed to Second Baby who was obviously rounder in Cui Er’s arms, “Look, Dundun is fatter than when we first came here.”     

Second Baby was holding a chicken leg when she heard the call of her Mother, so she looked up at them suspiciously.     

Big Baby who was guarding on the other side twitched when he heard those words, and secretly complained, it wasn’t only younger sister, but Mother too has gained a lot, okay? But about this, Royal Father should be the happiest. Two days ago, he heard from his father that Mother should eat more and have more meat, so that she would be more comfortable to hold.     

Thinking of this, Big Baby furrowed his eyebrows, feeling like he was in a difficult state. Although younger sister was really comfortable to hug now, she was too heavy. Soon, he will be unable to hug her small arms and legs. No, he has to make plans early to exercise his body to be able to carry baby, otherwise he will be ashamed that he can’t even hold his sister up in the future!     

Xia Yuqing didn’t know the twists and turns that were happening in her eldest son’s mind. At this moment, all her attention was focused on Li Yuan’s body.

When Li Yuan saw that the two little buns had grown up a lot, she couldn’t help but be stunned. She smiled with satisfaction: “Her Royal Highness and His Royal Highness have grown up a lot compared to before. If Lu Rui Jiejie saw this, she would be very happy. She has been talking about Niang Niang and the two little masters all day long, saying how since you have not been there, she has had no interest in cooking.” 

“It’s okay if you don’t mention it, but now that you do, I also miss her. Alas, it’s been a long time since we have eaten the delicious food made by Lu Rui.” Xia Yuqing’s energy that soared when she saw Li Yuan suddenly collapsed, but she quickly regained her vitality, “It doesn’t matter. Once the wedding of the little imperial doctor and Yin Gongzi is done, we can go back right away.” 


“Xiao Yuan, you arrived in the afternoon, why did you show up at this time?” 

Xia Yuqing’s question surprised Li Yuan, then she smiled: “It’s nothing. I heard that Qing Jiejie was already here and that I will see you at night anyway, so I went to the place where I used to live and visited my mother first.” 

“Visited your mother?” Xia Yuqing was stunned. She suddenly remembered that she had promised when she brought Li Yuan out of prison, one day, if she set foot in Xue country, she would surely move the grave of Li Yuan’s mother. 

Separated for many years, although Ye Kingdom’s army had never stepped into the Xue Kingdom’s land, Xue Kingdom had changed its dynasty and had formed a somewhat subtle relationship with Ye Kingdom. In another sense, it had achieved the long-cherished wish of Li Yuan’s.     

“Your mother, she…”     

Li Yuan smiled, her eyes full of relief: “Thanks to Xiang Gege, my mother was moved to a grave and buried.”     

“Oh, that’s good.” Xia Yuqing finally realized why Li Yuan’s complexion was so good today. It was because she had finally put down one of her worries, “By the way, Xiao Yuan, did you come by yourself?”     

The distance between Ye Kingdom and Xue Kingdom was not far, but it also wasn’t short. At any rate, it would take seven to eight days. Could it be that Xiao Yuan came here alone?

“Of course…not.” Just as Li Yuan was about to speak, Xia Yuqing already saw a young man walk over from a distance with a dark face. She couldn’t help but exclaim again, “Gorgeous Tutor!”     

“En.” Yan Ran walked to Li Yuan’s side with a face dyed black. He simply greeted Xia Yuqing and stopped talking. He completely lost his usual chattering appearance. His entire body exuded an aura that warned strangers not to enter.     

Ahhhhhhhh why is the Gorgeous Tutor like this? Xia Yuqing glanced at Yan Ran, then looked back at Shao Zitang behind him. Somehow, she felt that the faces of the two brothers looked the exact same.     

Suddenly, Yan Ran seemed to see something. His face changed, and the chill overflowed for a moment. Then as if he was a hedgehog, all the spikes erected all over his body. He stared ahead with a guarded face.     

Xia Yuqing was taken aback by Yan Ran’s change. She turned her head and looked in the direction Yan Ran was staring, it was Yin Xiang’s handsome face filled with smiles.     

Pu, Gorgeous Tutor, this is… uh, when former love rivals meet and one is filled with extremely jealousy?     

“Xiao Yuan is here.” Yin Xiang smiled and glanced at Li Yuan and Yan Ran next to Li Yuan. He completely pretended not to see the hostility emanating from Yan Ran. Taking Xie Enqing a step forward, he greeted them.     

“Xiang Gege is getting married, how can I not come? So this is my sister-in-law, my sister-in-law is really beautiful today.” Li Yuan glanced at Xie Enqing, who was in Yin Xiang’s arms, with a smile on her face.     

Xie Enqing nodded with embarrassment, and rushed to Li Yuan to say hello: “Hello Xiao Yuan, Xiao Yuan is also very good-looking.” 

Xie Enqing also heard about Yin Xiang and Li Yuan’s affairs, but Yin Xiang had long explained the situation and how he only had a brother-sister affection for the girl in front of him. Thus, with her simple temperament and since Yin Xiang had said so, she naturally believed it.     

Li Yuan was slightly surprised when she looked at the new Xue Empress.

Xie Enqing had stayed in Xiefang palace for a while, but at that time Li Yuan was entangled with Yin Xiang, so she didn’t have any energy to care about the woman temporarily staying there. She would have never thought that this woman who she had met once or twice would turn out to be Yin Xiang’s wife, the empress of Xue Country. This was really unexpected. 

Li Yuan’s look towards Xie Enqing completely made Yan Ran misunderstand. Is it possible… Is it possible that Yuan Er is still interested in that smiling tiger? At the thought of this, Yan Ran’s face became even more ugly.     

He reflexively stepped forward and inserted himself between Yin Xiang and Li Yuan, and sneered, “Is there only Yuan Er in the eyes of Xue King? I’m such a big person, yet Xue King doesn’t even greet me. Is this Xue Country’s hospitality?”     

Yin Xiang listened to Yan Ran’s mockery, and the corners of his lips twitched, making an expression that he had just noticed Yan Ran: “Oh, it turns out to be the Grand Tutor Da Ren. Just now the courtyard was too dark and the Grand Tutor’s face was also so dark, so Zhen didn’t pay attention, I’m really sorry.”     

“Pu…” Xia Yuqing couldn’t help laughing, then hurriedly covered her mouth. She stepped back a few steps, suffocating her laugh. Yin Gongzi, what you said is really cruel, but combining the Gorgeous Tutor’s face with the dark night? Gorgeous Tutor will go crazy!     

Sure enough, as soon as he heard Yin Xiang’s words, Yan Ran immediately became furious: “How dare you call my face black? It’s clear that you have eyes like beads, you have wasted your two big eyes!”     

“Grand Tutor Da Ren, don’t go too far.” Before Yin Xiang said a word, Li Yuan snorted and interrupted Yan Ran’s curse.     

“Yuan Er, it’s obviously him…” Yan Ran looked at Li Yuan in disbelief. His eyes were full of heartbreaking annoyance, but if one looked closely, one would find that there was a little bit of loss and misunderstanding in it. 

Li Yuan was startled, and her heart softened slightly, but they were still at Yin Xiang’s wedding banquet. How many people would look this way if Yan Ran really started a quarrel with Yin Xiang?     

“Grand Tutor Da Ren, today is the day of Xiang Gege’s wedding. If you have anything to say, you can say it later, do you have to pick a fight today?”

Li Yuan’s words made Yan Ran’s face more ugly, but he also understood the meaning of Li Yuan’s words. Today is Yin Xiang’s happy day. He is the top dog here and since this place is his territory, if they fought he would have the advantage. But he was unwilling! Ohhh, Xiao Yuan never called him by his name so intimately before, why does she have to kindly call him… Xiang Gege! Just thinking about it made him mad! 

Tsk tsk tsk… the Grand Tutor really couldn’t fight with Young Master Yin. It took a matter of minutes to knock him to the ground. There was no suspense at all. No wonder his sweet wife was pregnant for a few months already, yet, he chased after Xiao Yuan’s *ss all day long like a deep grieving woman. This is the difference between a black belly Uke tsundere! 

Xia Yuqing was sighing, then suddenly someone stretched out their hands from behind her and buckled her into their arms. 

“Why do you look so fascinated?” Feng Tingye’s magnetic voice came from the top of her head, causing Xia Yuqing to relax her whole person into his arms. 

“I didn’t see anything, I just suddenly felt that the Gorgeous Tutor is very pitiful. Your Majesty, why don’t you go and help him?” He has insufficient combat power, too low level, and no equipment. Fighting the final boss, he really had to rely on the talent behind him! 

Feng Tingye laughed. Even Xia Yuqing, who was lying on his chest, felt the ups and downs of his chest. She felt something suspicious and wanted to turn around, but heard him reply: “What can Zhen do for him? This is something you have to do for yourself. He needs to suffer the consequences. Zhen doesn’t have the leisure to clean up the mess for others, not to mention… being so stupid for so many years, Zhen doesn’t want people to pull Zhen down with them.” 

“…” Ultra Seme Lord, are you blatantly abandoning the Gorgeous Tutor? In fact, you must actually be the big boss that needs to be overthrown the most, right? 

Seeing Yan Ran coldly snort, turn his head, wave his sleeves and walk a short distance, Li Yuan sighed. She was slightly embarrassed: “Xiang Gege, the Grand Tutor doesn’t actually have any malicious intent, don’t take it seriously. “

Yin Xiang smiled softly: “It’s my fault, but the Grand Tutor sure has a bit of a temperament…” 

Yin Xiang actually got closer to Li Yuan as he spoke, and said with a low smile: “Xi Er, have you really thought about it? Xiang Gege can see that this Grand Tutor doesn’t seem like a person who knows how to pity and cherish the opposite sex. Do you want to reconsider? On your terms, you deserve better!” 

Yin Xiang deliberately lowered his voice, so Yan Ran could only see that Yin Xiang was speaking to Li Yuan from a close distance. Li Yuan’s face was so red, his face couldn’t help but sink. He wanted to act up, but remembered that Li Yuan had just halted himself, so he had to hold back. His angry eyes flashed, then he saw Shao Zitang, who also had an ugly expression not far away. He was slightly taken aback, then walked over.     

Li Yuan was also taken aback when she heard Yin Xiang’s words. Her face blushed slightly: “Xiang Gege, I know what to do for these things, but you…” 

As Yin Xiang embraced Xie Enqing and moved closer, she could see Xie Enqing’s slightly raised belly and exclaimed: “Sister-in-law, is this belly…” 

Yin Xiang embraced the slightly shy Xie Enqing, and smiled lightly: “Well, Qing Er is already more than three months pregnant.” 

“!” What? That smiling tiger did not only have a beauty in his arms, business and family, but even a child!?

Yan Ran only felt thunder smash down on his head. He was directly electrified into a crisp. He couldn’t desire more to melt down completely and be reborn 18 years later into a new man.

Heaven was not fair! Why does this sinister smiling tiger have everything go so smoothly, while for him, since his first time, he hadn’t even been able to touch his Xiao Yuan’s waist. It’s unfair, unfair, so not fair! 

No! Yan Ran beat his chest and stomped his feet and hissed to the sky for a long time. Suddenly, he thought of something and his eyes swished like a searchlight falling onto Yin Xiang, who was not far away. Ugh, this hypocrite now has a wife and child, yet he is still exchanging glances with his family’s Xiao Yuan all day long? What a…a beast in disguise! 

Xia Yuqing’s eyes were shining as she looked at Shao Zitang and Yan Ran, who were standing side by side not far away. Their whole body was filled with the billowing black air that warned strangers not to enter.

Tsk tsk, the atmosphere between Xiao Shangshu and the Gorgeous Tutor seemed to have assimilated. See how they look like they really want to eat people alive, what a scary look! 

But speaking of which, the relationship between these people is not the average complicated mess. Xiao Shangshu feels resentment against Young Master Yin because Young Master Yin abducted his cousin, while the Gorgeous Tutor feels resentment because Young Master Yin was treated differently by Xiao Yuan. Thinking about it this way, no matter how you look at it, Young Master Yin looked like a winner in life, while these two brothers looked like they’ve really suffered. Shocking…..

Xia Yuqing thought like this and she took the action to fish for something. She stretched her hand out to a teacup on the side, drank the contents of the cup, and then her eyes lit up. 

Hey, this doesn’t seem to be tea. It’s sweet and a bit like juice. Xia Yuqing smacked her mouth to get the aftertaste. Then, taking advantage of everyone on the side focusing on Yin Xiang, she took the jug on the table and drank happily. 

Yan Ran stared at the two with eyes that were trying to kill Yin Xiang. Suddenly, he heard a burst of cracking sounds. Following the sound, he saw Shao Zi Tang’s black handsome face. 

“…” Yan Ran was stunned. His eyes twitching, he added fuel to the fire, “Little Tangtang, that hypocrite has made your cousin’s belly big, shouldn’t you seek justice for your cousin?” 

Shao Zitang’s face turned around suddenly, almost scaring Yan Ran to the ground. F*ck, the angry little Tangtang is so terrible! 

“How can I seek justice?” 

Yan Ran swallowed hard, and said with a dry smile: “Uh, of course you beat him up. Your martial arts are so high, you can definitely beat him. Plus I…” 

“Plus you?” Shao Zitang raised his eyebrows and looked at Yan Ran thoughtfully. 

“That’s right, plus me. This Grand Tutor hates this kind of hypocrite most in his life. They are superficial, and think one way but act another. They especially try to deceive ignorant girls. Don’t worry, Tangtang, your cousin is my cousin. Good brothers are righteous. At this time, I will definitely not leave you alone, and I will definitely seek justice for you. Think about it, your martial arts plus my mind, I don’t believe that the hypocrite can beat us one against two. Hmph, don’t worry, if we kill him, it’ll be on me and if we handicap him, it’ll be on you. I’ve always been very generous.”

Yan Ran happily encouraged Shao Zitang to teach Yin Xiang a lesson, but didn’t notice Shao Zitang’s face become even more ugly because of his words. 

“Little Tangtang, say something…” Yan Ran turned his head and immediately met Shao Zitang’s dark face like a ghost. The cold air rose because of him pressing forward, step by step. . 

“Ahahahaha, what are you doing, Xiao Tangtang? I want you to beat that hypocrite, not for you to beat me. Don’t come… don’t come…” Yan Ran moved his hands forward and kept backing away. Unexpectedly, Shao Zitang didn’t pay attention to his exclamation at all. He rushed forward and gave him a fat beating. 

“Who do you think is ignorant, huh? What a good brother talk about loyalty, do you think I don’t know your silly plans? You just want to use me as the gunman, yet you didn’t look at who I am. Do you think because of your coaxing I would create a big mess? Also, my martial arts and your brain? Is there even a brain in your big head? If I kill him, it’s on me, but if he’s handicapped, it’s on you? Haha, if I kill that fellow, do you want Enqing to be a widow forever, or do you want Enqing to serve him with tea and water forever? You are generous my *ss, I will show you what is truly generous today. The one I will beat up is you, and no matter whether you are killed or disabled, it will be on me!” 

“Ao…Help!” Yan Ran screamed, without any strength to fight back. He was just chased and beaten by Shao Zitang. 

“…” The people of Ye Kingdom not far away turned their backs upon seeing this. They all acted as if they didn’t see it. They thought silently in their hearts, I don’t know them, I don’t know them, I have nothing to do with them.

Feng Tingye looked at the two who had already caused a commotion, and the corners of his lips curled up slightly. There was a little ridicule and… gloating. 

That stupid Yan Ran is always looking for trouble. Knowing that Zitang is in a bad mood at this time, yet he still moves forward without thinking? Isn’t he looking for death? Zitang thinking of Xie Enqing and the child in her stomach, didn’t dare to make a move on Yin Xiang, but he could definitely make a move on Yan Ran, the fool. So, someone who rushed to block the gun by throwing himself into the net really can’t blame others. 

Feng Tingye had seen enough of the excitement, so he turned his gaze back and lowered his head to look at Xia Yuqing, but the smile on his face froze. 

“Ai Fei…Ai Fei…” 

Xia Yuqing nestled in Feng Tingye’s arms had her face flushed. Her clear and shiny eyes were covered with a mist at this moment, her eyes a blur. From time to time, she would let out a silly giggle.

“…” Feng Tingye stiffened. He felt that this scene seemed familiar. He swept his gaze to the side, and saw the overturned flask on the tabletop at a glance. 

Feng Tingye frowned. He reached out his hand, and swept the empty jug into his hand. He leaned in and smelt it. He recognized that it was filled with special fruit wine from Xue Country. Although it was thinner than ordinary wine, one can still get drunk if one drank too much. Xia Yuqing looked like that. How much did she drink? ! 

Xia Yuqing heard Feng Tingye’s shout, and she paused for a few seconds before reacting. She raised her red face: “Your Majesty…”

Seeing that the situation was not good, Feng Tingye hurriedly said: “Ai Fei, you are drunk. Be good, Zhen will help you go back to rest first.” 

“Drunk? Hey, that’s strange, I haven’t drunk alcohol, how could I be drunk?” 

“…” As expected, no drunk in this world would admit that they were drunk. 

“Take a rest? Isn’t today the day when the little doctor and Master Yin are getting married? I’m still waiting for the bridal chamber, how can I rest?” Once Xia Yuqing waved Feng Tingye off her, she started to get crazy on the spot. After walking a few steps staggeringly, Xia Yuqing fell into a trance. Her face sank, as if thinking about something. 

Feng Tingye twitched with a bad premonition. As expected… 

“The day when the little doctor and Yin Gongzi get marries, everyone is happy, I am so happy. When I am happy, I want to sing to express my joy. How about me singing for today?” 

“!” It’s appeared! The tragic scene of the empress getting drunk and wanting to utterly eclipse the world has finally appeared! Run! This is the people of Ye Kingdom who knew the truth of the matter and were caught in extreme panic at this moment. 

“That Ai Fei…” Feng Tingye stiffened. He just wanted to stop it, but saw Xia Yuqing’s face straighten. Her right hand clenched into a fist, and her left into a flat palm, she exclaimed: “Yes.”


“Yo… descendants of the mountain… love the sun, love the sun, people in the mountains… the mountain road has eighteen bends, the waterway here has nine chains, the folk songs here are in rows, the folk songs are…” 


The high-pitched singing pierced the night sky without warning, it shocked all the people present. Whether they were civil servants or military generals, their eyes widened and looked in disbelief at the girl who sang. 

With a bang, someone who was holding their wine glass dropped it. There was a burst of crackling sounds and the clear sound of water dripping down the corner of the table. 

After a few seconds of dead silence, everyone seemed to power up their clock again, then everyone got up collectively and rushed towards the door. 

“Ahhhhhh, why are you running away? Do you think this one is not good? Then I’ll change to another one.” Xia Yuqing, supported by Feng Tingye, looked at the people running around in confusion. She blinked her eyes and asked innocently, then took a deep breath under the horrified eyes of everyone, and continued to howl, “The vast horizon is my love, and the flowers are blooming at the foot of the green hills. What kind of rhythm is the most swaying? What kind of singing is the most happy… You are the most beautiful cloud in my sky. Let me keep you in my heart, singing the most dazzling national song, let love sweep away all the dust. You are the most beautiful cloud in my heart. Filled with fine wine to allow you to stay, always singing the most dazzling national song, it is the most beautiful gesture in the entire sky.”

“…” Everyone felt a group of crows above their heads collapse like grass mud horses (F word). They opened their mouths but couldn’t say a word. The only two relatively calm ones were the two big bosses at the center of the storm. 

Yin Xiang twitched, and tightly covered Xie Enqing’s ears with both hands to prevent her from being damaged by someone’s magical sound. He looked up at Feng Tingye not far away and said: “I heard that Empress Ye is a zither master, just casually touching a zither can make an extraordinary song. Who knew her singing voice would also be the best in the world.” 

Feng Tingye held Xia Yuqing’s waist with one hand, and the other held her waving hand to prevent her from moving. The corners of his mouth twitched: “Xue King overexaggerates. I believe that if Ai Fei knew that Xue King is so appreciative of her music, she would be very happy to perform. Maybe she would even sing a few more songs for Xue King. Ai Fei, what do you think?” 

Yin Xiang trembled. There was a bit of a bad premonition, and the facts proved… 

“Huh?” Xia Yuqing paused when she heard Feng Tingye’s whisper, then she looked up at him in confusion. 

Feng Tingye smiled very innocently: “Ai Fei, just now Xue King said that he likes the song you sang very much. He wants you to sing a few more songs for his wedding.” 

“Really? No problem! Sing something else? Hey, I know….” Xia Yuqing glanced at the red happy characters on all sides. She brightened in front of their eyes, and shouted, “Hey-happy gongs and drums strike out the joy of each year. The beautiful dance brings joy every day, the sun’s oil paints red today, and the flowers of life are our smiles. Hey-today is a good day, and everything you want can be done. Tomorrow is a good day. When you open the door, let’s welcome the spring breeze, hey—”

“Pu……” Hey, hey, sister, sister, are you trying to kill us? You’re really killing us! Aaaaaagghh!

“Help! God, please show us your mercy and throw a thunder down to kill me. Ah ah ah… I can’t stand it anymore!” 

Suddenly, public grievances abounded, and corpses were all over the country. It was a magnificent sight. 

“Xiang Xiang, what’s the matter? Why do you want to cover my ears? I can’t hear anything, let go.” Xie Enqing, whose ears were covered by Yin Xiang’s foresight, blinked with some confusion.

“…” How could he possibly let go? The power of Xia Yuqing’s magic sound could be seen just by looking at the countless dead and wounded corpses everywhere. If this causes his baby to get affected, where can he go to avenge his wife and child? 

Yin Xiang’s face was blue. He let out a light cough, and he wanted to speak, but he remembered that Xie Enqing couldn’t hear him at all. So regardless of what was going on, he took Xie Enqing’ by the waist and led the person into the room. Anyways, everyone ran. It’s almost time, they might as well take advantage of the time to slip away and save the trouble of making a mess in their bridal chamber. 

As the saying goes, heroes don’t suffer from immediate losses. Even if they are as powerful as Yin Xiang, in front of Xia Yuqing’s magical voice, they will still have to suffer. Thus, he decisively took his wife and ran. Thus in this secret battle, Feng Tingye won in the end… 

The protagonist of the wedding banquet left very unscrupulously, leaving behind a bunch of hapless people who couldn’t go. Complaining, and mourning, the original festive wedding banquet suddenly became like a nosedive to h*ll.

Li Yuan watched the lively scene not far away, somehow she was so happy that she wanted to laugh, but tears rolled down her eyes little by little. 

“Yuan Er, why are you crying? Who bullied you? Tell me, I’ll beat him up for you!” Yan Ran, who was beaten up like a pig by Shao Zitang, shouted when he saw Li Yuan. He was shocked, and didn’t care about the pain from his beating and immediately rushed to Li Yuan’s face. He was so anxious that he went round and round. 

Li Yuan didn’t answer, but she took a step forward and rushed into Yan Ran’s arms. She hugged his waist tightly, and buried her face in it. 

Yan Ran stiffened all over, ignoring Li Yuan bruising his hurt body. There was only one thought in his mind. Yuan Er hugged me, hugged me, hugged me… Ow… 

“Yuan Er… ” 

After returning to Ye Country…” 


“…you marry me.” 

“Ahhhhhhhhhhh?” Yan Ran was shocked, his eyes widened and suddenly he was overwhelmed with happiness, “Yuan Er, you mean…you will marry me?” 

Li Yuan was silent for a moment. Yan Ran’s heartbeat was thunderous when he heard Li Yuan’s soft reply: “En.” 

“Oh my God, you are finally willing to marry me, Ooo…” 


Li Yuan silently glanced at Yan Ran who was ecstatic, hugging herself violently, she couldn’t help but raise her head and glance at the starry night sky. She smiled. Mother, your daughter is doing well now, can you see it from the skies? 

In the days that followed, no matter who he saw, Yan Ran was always smiling, unbelievably arrogant and proud. He couldn’t help wanting everyone all over the world to know that he was going to marry his wife. Seeing that, Xia Yuqing and the others all had itchy hands. They resisted trying to put him in a sack and beating his face until it was unrecognizable even for his old housekeeper. 

Xia Yuqing and the others originally planned to return to Ye Country as soon as Xie Enqing and Yin Xiang’s wedding were completed. Yan Ran also wished to go back to Ye Country directly, but something happened that poured cold water on everyone. 

Two days after the wedding banquet, Xia Yuqing and the others had already packed their bags and were ready to go back. Suddenly, Cui Er had a dark face when she came in with a letter. She looked at Xia Yuqing: “Niang Niang, something happened to Xia Country, to be accurate something happened to the Third Princess.” 


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