FMEA Chapter 207

Chapter 207 This is really a tragedy 

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In the depths of Xia Country Palace, in a heavily guarded palace, the red curtains swayed in the wind, flying like butterflies, seeming to be warm as fire, but in reality they were desolate and chilly. 

Amidst the curtains surging like waves, a young girl was seated on the bed. Her eyes were lowered and staring at the front, as if she was looking at something, but she didn’t seem to see anything. 

The girl put her hand on her abdomen and stroked it softly, even the expression on her face became unprecedentedly soft. It was a pity that this softness did not last long.

The door of the palace that was originally closed was slowly pushed open from the outside, with a creak, disturbing the person in the palace. 

Xia Muyun slightly trembled when she heard the movement, even the movement of her subordinates were also at a pause. She raised her head and glanced at the person who stepped inside the door. The softness on her face was instantly replaced by a sharp coldness and alertness. 

Xia Haotian raised his hand to have all the palace guards who followed him to retreat, and the palace door closed again. 

Xia Haotian glanced at the not far away motionless, Xia Muyun, who was a little haggard. He twisted his eyebrows and walked toward her with an unhappy face. 

“Do you see what you have become now?” 

The accusational words came, and Xia Muyun sarcastically replied without raising her head: “What I have become is nothing for the emperor to worry about. The emperor has many things to do and must be busy with the affairs of the country as well, it’s better not to waste time on me. I don’t want you to see me and get upset, and I don’t feel happy when I see you either!” 

Xia Haotian’s face sank, and he shouted, “Presumptuous! Are you supposed to have an attitude like that towards your father? You left the palace for a little bit and now you have become lawless? It seems that I have been too indulgent to you usually!” 

If it was before, when Xia Haotian was angry, Xia Muyun might have been a little afraid of the consequences, but now… nothing was taboo.

“Father? Haha… the kind and rational Father who loves me is already dead. Now before me is the emperor of this big country, a cold-blooded, cruel and stubborn stranger…” 

“You…” Xia Haotian raised his hand, and wanted to slap Xia Muyun on the spot. 

A broad and heavy palm wrapped with anger quickly approached Xia Muyun’s face, but finally stopped a few centimeters from it. It was because Xia Muyun who had been hanging her head down since Xia Haotian entered the door finally raised her head at this moment. Staring straight at Xia Haotian in front of her, there was no fear, only overflowing stubbornness and persistence. 

“Hit me, go ahead and hit me! If you dare, then just beat me to death. Otherwise, even if I die, I will never obey your tyranny and marry a Tai shi’s son who I have never seen before!” 

“You…” Xia Haotian raised his hand and wanted to hit her, but facing Xia Muyun’s eyes that were surprisingly similar to his, he couldn’t do it. In the end he flung his hand down and said in annoyance, “Hmph, it’s not up to you to say if you will marry or not. Yun Er, don’t forget that the evil seed in your belly will be born in less than a month. If you don’t marry, when the evil seed in your belly is born, Zhen will send him to a place you will never find, so that you will never see him again in your life.”

Xia Muyun had just been leaning forward, so it was not obvious. Now that she raised her head and looked directly at Xia Haotian, hidden under the generous palace clothes, a belly that was at least eight or nine-months pregnant appeared. It really made people unable to pretend that it was not there. 

“Haha…” Xia Muyun was not frightened by Xia Haotian’s intimidation. She held her stomach with one hand and covered her mouth with the other and laughed, “Evil Seed? You said my child is an evil seed? Hahaha, if my child is an evil seed, then what are you, the grandfather of this evil seed? Are you the ancestor of this evil seed?” 

“Yun Er, you…Don’t think that Zhen is reluctant to touch the evil seed in your belly. If it’s not for your face, I would have already… Yun Er, if you are really this stubborn, then don’t blame Zhen…” 

“Then what?” Xia Muyun looked at the furious Xia Haotian without fear, “Kill my child? Hahaha, yes, this is indeed very much like what a person like you would do. Wasn’t that how my mother died back then? You’re so cold-blooded. Even a person who doesn’t have a heart wouldn’t do that. But let me tell you, I’m not afraid of you. If anything happens to my child, I will die on the spot. I will not continue living in this world. At that time, even with Your Majesty’s effort to make me marry someone else, with me dead, can this marriage even survive? Hahaha…”

“You dare?!” When Xia Haotian heard Xia Muyun mention her deceased mother, a little guilt appeared in his eyes, but this guilt turned into anger after hearing the second half of Xia Muyun’s words. His face was pulled down on the spot, and he snarled. 

Xia Muyun did not show any weakness: “Do you think I do not dare? It may be difficult to save a dying person, but if a person wants to die, it is a breeze. Instead of living as a corpse for a lifetime, it’s better to go down with a knife. You have the ability to control my entire life, and you have the ability to control my birth, but you can’t control my death!” 

Xia Haotian’s face turned blue. His face was even more gloomy than a thunderstorm in June. Even at the critical juncture of King Xiang’s rebellion a few years ago, no one had ever seen him look this ugly. 

The father and daughter duo stared at each other for a long time. What was unexpected was that Xia Haotian was defeated first. He sighed, like an old father who had his heart broken by his children: “Yun Er, can’t you stop being so angry with your father? Your father has grown old and has loved you since childhood, Zhen didn’t want you to grow up to be angry with your father…” 

Unexpectedly, Xia Muyun didn’t waver at all with his small compromise. She interrupted his words mercilessly, and sneered: “Do you really love me? Do you really love me? Are you like a father who would treasure their daughter? You are only good to me because of your guilt, your guilt for others, your guilt for me.” 

Xia Haotian’s face changed. He looked at Xia Muyun with surprise and confusion. A bit of a guilty conscience and annoyance appeared on his face. Although it was only for a moment, there was also some intrigue.

“Yun Er, why do you think that? You are father’s most beloved child, Father has taken care of you for many years. Are you going to ignore all of them for the sake of a man who makes you conceive unmarried? Is there someone gossiping in front of you, Father…” 

“No one has been gossiping in front of me, I can see it. Father, you probably never notice your own gaze when you look me in the eyes. I will tell you now, the look in your eyes are not like the kindness and joy of a father who really loves his daughter. Instead, it is one of deep guilt for someone. It is heavy, breathless and desolate, it is very uncomfortable to be stared at with those kinds of eyes. Moreover, I have seen you look at my mother with this kind of eyes countless times, so I understand.” 

Xia Muyun turned her head and stared at Xia Haotian, her stubborn eyes clearly containing a bit of resentment: “In these years, in the eyes of outsiders, you have loved me dearly. Everything goes my way, as if you were the great father who treasured his daughter unconditionally. I also tried my best to make myself believe it was true, but some things are just fake. No matter how much time passes by, no matter how much one looks at it, it is all fake. I do not have the ability to deceive myself for a lifetime. You didn’t love my mother until she died and even now, you have let her down all your life, thus you tried everything you could to make it up to her. In the end, it made her sink deeper and deeper. Even when she died, you couldn’t get rid of it.” 

Xia Muyun looked at Xia Haotian’s increasingly ugly expression. Somehow she felt a burst of pleasure. She had buried these words in her heart for many years, and she had thought she would bury them for a lifetime. Yet, she didn’t expect that for that one person, for their child, she had revealed these words. How funny!

“After mother died, even if you wanted to compensate her, you couldn’t, so you transferred all the guilt you had for her to me.” Xia Muyun looked at Xia Haotian almost mockingly, “You took all the guilt of mother’s and turned it into love and affection to me as your daughter, as a repayment to mother, so as to get your peace of mind. But you never thought about my feelings, never thought about it at all. To be given charity like this is too heavy, have you even checked if I was willing or wanted it at all? Father, you are always too selfish, too heartless!” 

“Zhen…” Xia Haotian’s face paled, his thoughts were completely exposed and he was at a complete loss. 

“Mother has loved you all her life and waited for you all her life. Although in the end, she didn’t get what she wanted, that was a choice she made by herself, no one else. I have no right to talk about your past. I don’t want to get justice for my mother. But you shouldn’t force me to do things I don’t like in the name of love at this time. Don’t take my life happiness as a joke. You have already ruined Mother’s life, do you also want to ruin mine? You are the person who is least qualified to point fingers at my future and feelings, because you have no heart at all. You don’t even know what love is, so how can you be like this? How can you understand my persistence?” 

“Yun Er…” Xia Haotian said with a cold face. After seeing Xia Muyun, he quickly turned his head away. He didn’t want to look at her, then he glanced at Xia Muyun’s belly. He frowned, “Don’t be self-willed, no matter what, Yun Er, you are now having a child out of wedlock. You are a princess. If this spreads, your reputation is bound to be damaged. What’s wrong with the son of a Taishi? He looks decent and is gentle, you will certainly not be wronged when you marry him. Besides, your belly is so big, but the father of the child has not appeared. When you give birth to the child, the days after…”

“He will show up, I believe it, he will show up soon!” Xia Muyun said with her face down. Her hands clenched tightly, and her lips were chewed on stubbornly. 

Xia Haotian’s face was dark: “Then what if the child is born and he still hasn’t appeared?” 

“Then I will raise the child by myself. This is my own choice. I will not regret it, I never will! Father, your selfishness has caused Mother to blame you for a lifetime. Do you want me to hate you too? Hate you for a lifetime?” 

“Yun Er, you…you will regret it, you will regret it.” Xia Haotian really had no choice. He finally took a final look at Xia Muyun. He took a deep breath, and sighed helplessly. “Yun Er, your mood is not stable today, so it is not suitable for us to continue talking. When you are more stable in a few days, I will come to see you again.” 

Xia Muyun did not respond. Xia Haotian lowered his eyes. He turned around and walked out of the doors slowly, and whispered to the guards on all sides: “Watch the princess carefully, don’t let any mice that shouldn’t be here get in.” 


Xia Haotian glanced behind him one last time, then the doors of the rooms closed. He turned to look at the blue sky above his head, and smiled self-deprecatingly: “Hate Zhen for your entire life?” 

If your mother really hated Zhen for a lifetime, Zhen’s heart may feel better. It’s a pity that it was her uncomplaining, regretless heart that made him feel that he had truly failed her for the rest of her life. 

That kid was right. He did let her down. It wasn’t because he didn’t have a heart and didn’t understand, but on the contrary, he understood too much. He had only one heart, and he couldn’t give it to others to share. 

Xia Muyun sat on the couch and listened quietly to the opening and closing of the door of this cage. The disguised strength on her face faded away, and her trembling hands slowly stroked her stomach. She whispered in a low voice: “Child, he will definitely come, right? He promised me that he will come to pick us up, so he will definitely show up, right?” 

The child in her stomach seemed to feel it’s mother’s anxiety. It moved slightly, as if trying to comfort this woman who had been protecting itself in her own way. 

Xia Muyun felt the child’s movements, and the exhaustion on her face immediately disappeared. She smiled, “En, I know, let’s wait for him together.” 

A breeze blew into the hall along the window, and the swaying curtains were like a blooming flower, which flew in a staggered manner, slowly covering the owner behind them. 

At the same time, in the dense woods on the border of Xia State, a figure kept waving the whip in his hand and running wildly. 

An expressionless handsome face was still cold as usual, but if one looked closely, one could see from his eyebrows a bit of anxiety and worry that he didn’t usually have. Eyes covered with a layer of ice, it was staring at the front, full of determination and anxiety. The whip in his hand was raised again and again, whipping the steed under him, rushing straight to where he wanted to go. 

“You mean, as soon as the Prime Minister received the news, he immediately left his job at hand and rushed to Xia Country? Does that mean no one is watching over Ye Country now? Won’t something happen?” Xia Yuqing was sitting in the carriage listening to Feng Tingye’s conversation and couldn’t help asking with some worry.

“Right now Royal mother and Xu Lao are helping to watch over everything. Ruo Feng has also arranged for his confidant to take care of things before leaving. I have also asked Yan Ran and the others to rush back to help first. There should be no problem. However, Ai Fei, you really want to follow along? If you go back now, it won’t be too late. I will ask Zitang or Wen Zhong to take you back. There is no need to worry about the third princess. Zhen is just worried about Ruo Feng’s impulsiveness.” 

Feng Tingye originally didn’t want to take Xia Yuqing with him. After all, Xia Country was not a good place at all. Coupled with the fact that not long ago he found out that someone in Xia Country was against Xia Yuqing, Feng Tingye didn’t want to take her even more. However, he also knew Xia Yuqing’s temperament. If she really wanted to go, it would be more dangerous to just leave her behind. Who knows if she and her two children would sneak over like the time they went to Shu? Instead of that, it’s better to be tied to oneself like this. 

“People like the Prime Minister can also be impulsive?” Although she had seen the scene of the Frozen Iceberg becoming an active volcano, it was hard for her to imagine the scene of Leng Ruofeng losing himself at this time. 

“Zhen doesn’t dare to say it to outsiders, but the third princess is pregnant with Ruofeng’s child. On the surface, Ruofeng may look uncaring and there are heartless people everywhere, but in the end he is a person. As long as he is a person, he has a weakness. Just seeing how Ruofeng acted as soon as he received the news this time, and ignored everything else to head straight towards Xia Country, you can see how much he cares about your third Royal sister. Moreover, what he is going to face this time is not a simple character.”

“You know a lot. As expected, a beast is a beast. If you see everyone so clearly, you must use this to exploit people often. Humph, this wicked capitalist!” 

Listening to Feng Tingye’s analysis, Xia Yuqing murmured a few things secretly, but didn’t realize that all her whispers had already fallen into Feng Tingye’s ears. 

Feng Tingye raised his eyebrows. Evil capitalist? What is that? It is probably a noun of this girl’s time, but even if he didn’t know the meaning of this word, he could guess that this was definitely not a good thing! 

Feng Tingye’s eyes flashed slightly, and he chuckled: “Ai Fei, what are you muttering by yourself? You might as well tell me and let me listen to it.” 

Xia Yuqing froze. She turned her head and smiled at Feng Tingye: “Nothing, it’s nothing, I mean you have misunderstood Your Majesty. The reason why Chen Qie wants to go to Xia Country is not for third Royal Sister and the prime minister. Mm, okay, although this is also one of the reasons, it is not the crucial point!” 

“Oh.” The corners of Feng Tingye’s lips lifted slightly, there was a sense of joy on his face: “Then what is the point Ai Fei? Ai Fei did not go for the third princess, then is it possible that Ai Fei misses Xiang Er and your two other Royal Brothers, so you are going to take this opportunity to visit these relatives?” 

“No, no, no.” Xia Yuqing’s face changed. She shook her index finger, “Your Majesty, you are wrong. Although I really miss my two Royal brothers and Xiang Er, the real purpose of my visit to Xia Country this time is not to meet them.” 


“Hahahaha…” Xia Yuqing laughed wildly with her arms out. “Of course to meet my future son-in-law.” 

“!” Now not only the few people in the car were stunned, but also those outside who had been watching Xia Yuqing’s carriage. They were also stunned. 

Feng Tingye looked at Xia Yuqing’s joyous appearance, the smile on his face became stiff. He was not sure: “Your future… son-in-law?” 

“Yes, did you forget, Your Majesty? Didn’t I tell you before? When Xiang Er had not yet given birth to a child, she and I had made an agreement. If she gave birth to a boy, we would marry and become in-laws. We will set up her baby and our Eldest Baby together!” Xia Yuqing said with a look of course. After she finished speaking, she looked at Feng Tingye with a bit of resentment, “Your Majesty, you obviously agreed at that time! You can’t be taking back your words at this time, right?” 

“…” When did Zhen agree? Why doesn’t Zhen know at all? ! 

“…” Niang Niang (Qing Jiejie), what do you mean by giving birth to a boy and having His Royal Highness marry him. In this case, if you want to be in-laws, shouldn’t it be for the little princess to marry the son of Ms. Liu? What are two boys going to do? Do you really want to reach out and nip the future seedlings of this motherland? ! The most important thing is that the emperor actually agreed!? Has this world really started to become a fantasy?

“Cough cough…” Feng Tingye felt the death glare of big baby projecting from the corner, and coughed slightly, “Ai Fei, this matter still needs to be discussed in the long term.”

“What do you mean it needs to be discussed in the long term? Didn’t we agree on it before? I’ve calculated and the two children are almost one year old. Me going there is just in time as a future mother-in-law giving them each a red envelope. I’m so smart, hehe….” Xia Yuqing was complacent about her seamless plan and smiled up to the sky. 


Feng Tingye was about to speak, but Second Baby who was playing with the Big baby in the corner crawled over. She climbed onto Xia Yuqing’s lap, raised her head and asked curiously: “Mother, what is a son-in-law??” 

“Um…” Xia Yuqing paused. Holding Second Baby, she pursed her lips for a while before she replied, “Um, son-in-law is the person that your brother will live with for all his life in the future, just like father and mother. That person is the son-in-law of your Father and Mother.” 

“…” Niang Niang (Qing Jiejie) are you sure if you say that the little princess would really understand? 

Second Baby meditated on it for a while, then her big eyes opened: “Ah, baby knows, son-in-law means brother’s wife. My brother told me, he must find one as cute as baby in the future, as reliable as Aunt Cui Er, as good at cooking as Aunt Lu Rui, as considerate as Aunt Xiao Yuan, and as shy as Aunt Xiao Xi to warm his bed.” 

“… ” Your brother has too many requests! Everyone including Xia Yuqing was surprised. 

After a while, Xia Yuqing clapped her hands together like she had just awakened from a dream: “Right, why didn’t I think about it before? Why is it a son-in-law, obviously it’s her daughter-in-law!” 

What a joke! Our family houses the Ultra Seme Lord. Inheriting the excellent genes of the Ultra Seme Lord, in the future, he wouldn’t be the loved flowery Uke but a Seme that will not be touched by the leaves! How could he be a product that was pushed down by others? No, this kind of thing has to be taught while he was young. She must not let her own baby suffer at this point.

Big Baby had a cold face. He was feeling frustrated about what Xia Yuqing and Feng Tingye said just now. If he heard it right, his unreliable foolish Mother wanted to find him a male wife? And… No, what his mother meant just now was to throw him to a boy as a wife! 

“…” Big Baby’s little head crashed for a few seconds, then he finally couldn’t help but curse “F*ck” in his heart. Your sister’s a daughter-in-law, you are the daughter-in-law, your whole family is a daughter-in-law, this uncle is a man. It is impossible to be a wife to a boy who has never seen him! Want to take advantage of this uncle, wait for the next life! 

Xia Yuqing didn’t know that her abrupt behaviour had caused a psychological shadow on Big Baby, so that he already hated the boy before meeting Liu Yixiang and his family. This would indirectly cause the two people to face each other for a whole life in the future with hate, and no love… 

Big Baby was still getting heated by the sentiment, when he felt a cold aura behind his back. He turned his head reflexively, and saw Xia Yuqing walking towards him with bright eyes, like a big bad wolf abducting a little white rabbit. A bad premonition arose. As expected… 

“Dudu, Mother needs to tell you that although a man who loves his wife is the most attractive, there are certain things that you cannot retreat from. Such as…” Xia Yuqing was spirited, and came over to begin brainwashing Big Baby. 

Big Baby was weak, and there was no way for him to escape Xia Yuqing’s claws. In desperation, he had to urge his father for help. How could he know that at this critical moment, his father would have no moral integrity and set an example in what it means to love his wife. The man pretended to be blind, and cast a helpless but natural look at his son. 

The meaning was: son, be good, your father and your uncle were tormented in the beginning by your mother in the same way, just get used to it.

Big Baby replied with a disdainful look: Mother’s interest is really disdainful. Father, how could you turn a blind eye to this in the beginning?

Feng Tingye has always been very thick-skinned. When he received Big Baby’s eyes, he didn’t get annoyed and smiled instead: There was nothing Zhen could do. The lights in the bath were too bright at the beginning. Didn’t pay attention, and it was misinterpreted, shocking your Mother. It was also a tragedy. 

Big Baby rolled his eyes on the spot: Father, are you sure that you are not using your ministers as a shield? 

Feng Tingye lazily rewarded his son with a look: Son, it’s okay to know something in your heart, but it will change the taste when you say it out loud. You are still too tender, so it’s just right for you to use your Mother to practice. 

Big Baby grinded his teeth, and finally couldn’t help it. He fiercely sticked up his middle finger in his heart. You d*mn wife slave, you’re too cruel! 

The days of going to Xia country quickly slipped by under Xia Yuqing’s tireless brainwashing of Big Baby. A few days later, Xia Yuqing and the others successfully arrived in Xia Country. As soon as they entered the gate of Xia Country’s capital, they went straight to Xia Mingyuan’s residence. 

When the housekeeper of Xia Mingyuan’s mansion heard someone ask for a meeting outside, and said that it was someone he knew, he couldn’t help being a little surprised, so he went out to take a look. As a result, when he saw Xia Yuqing and several people, he was stunned in place. They happily called out: “Uncle, we are here again.” 

“It turns out that it is you. Come in, come in quickly. It just so happens that His Royal Highness and Her Royal Highness did not go out today. Once Nu Cai takes you over for them to see, they will definitely be very happy. “

“En, we also want to see the two babies, are they here? ” 

Speaking of the two children in the mansion, the old housekeeper smiled with layers of folds on his face: “They’re here.” 

The old housekeeper was pleased and had a face full of excitement as he led Xia Yuqing and the others toward Xia Mingyuan and Liu Yixiang. When he walked to the courtyard, he hadn’t even approached, when he heard a loud shout from inside: “Xia Yuze, you little brat, you added chili water into my tea again and you even brought your little brother along? Come here! ” 

“Xiang Er, don’t be angry, don’t be angry, the children don’t know better, there is no need to be angry with them. What would happen if you upset your body from becoming angry, come on, take a sip of water…” 

Xia Mingyuan just finished speaking, when he heard a loud scream, “Ahhhhh, this is the little brat’s tea with chili water! Little brat, see if I don’t break off your little dog legs this time.” 

“Xiang Er, calm down!” 

“Calm down your butt, everyone says that a kind mother will suffer (when mother is kind and allows the child to do whatever, the child will not be successful). With you being so compassionate, the kind father will suffer! If they fail to learn in the future, see how I will deal with you!” 


“…” Uh, what’s the situation? Did they enter the wrong door? Why does this seem like a scene of a crime? 

Xia Yuqing was stunned, then she saw two identically dressed little people stagger out holding hands. 

Xia Yuqing’s first feeling when she saw the two children was…Oh, kawaii, I want to take them home to raise! The second feeling was, hey, these two are the steamed stuffed buns of Eldest Royal Brother’s family, how could they already know how to walk? Could they be smarter than her baby? That’s not rational at all to have such a smart baby born from such a stupid brother! 

Xia Yuqing was sighing when the two babies had already trotted towards Xia Yuqing and the others. With so many strangers coming to the house, they tilted their heads in suspicion, but they still walked over quickly. This was because their mother was still chasing after them cursingly.

The two babies had run off not too far, but when one is worried, it is more prone for trouble. 

“Ah, be careful!” Xia Yuqing, who had been paying attention to the two children, let out a sudden exclamation. 

Big Baby only felt a black shadow coming, and he reflexively made the action that he wanted to  stretch out his hand to help, and the result was… was too tragic. 

“Bang…” Originally wanting to help Xia Yuze, Big Baby tripped over a stone. Dragged by the force of a certain baby falling, the two dolls in public, in full view… kissed. 

The entire courtyard was silent for a few seconds, then everyone came back to their senses, all with frightened expressions. 

“…” F*ck, my first kiss! This was the two little buns who in their hearts were becoming crazy! 

“…” Oh, kissed, they kissed, they kissed! These two are really in love! This is Xia Yuqing with dazzling eyes and Liu Yixiang who followed closely. 

“…” These are the people who have become speechless. 

A few seconds later, the crowd in the audience silently raised their heads to look at the sky, and sighed: This is really a tragedy!

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