FMEA Chapter 208

Chapter 208 Brothers and Sisters Fall Head First Together 

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“Oh, my god.” Looking at the lovely picture of the two children, Xia Yuqing deeply hated the backwardness of the ancient civilization for the first time since transmigrating. 

It would be great if she had a camera! Such beautiful, moving pictures were meant to be captured swiftly and accurately. They were to be treasured for a lifetime.

Compared to Xia Yuqing’s deep lament , the other people didn’t have a heavy mood 

Xia Mingyuan was startled when he saw Xia Yuqing and the other people appear  in his house. He looked down at the little kid who was pressing his son and his aura became cold. This brat was from Feng Tingye’s family?

No! Even if his eldest son was forced to kiss a man, why should he be the bottom ? Especially being pressed under that b*stard’s son! 

Xia Mingyuan didn’t realize that his thoughts had changed. After seeing his son being kissed forcibly, he didn’t teach the culprit a lesson but became angry about who was being pressed down, 囧…     

“Hey, Feng Tingye, watch your son.  Hasn’t he  kissed him enough yet? Why don’t you quickly roll off this Royal Highness’s son!” Xia Mingyuan directed his rising anger at Feng Tingye who stood on the opposite side, looking  like a fox. 

Feng Tingye narrowed his eyes and replied with a chuckle: “His Royal Highness seems to have misunderstood. The current situation does not seem to be as a result of my son pressing yours down but rather, it’s because your son is reluctantly holding on to my son’s collar.”    

Xia Mingyuan was stunned when he heard those words. He stared stiffly; his face which had turned black earlier now had several cracks.   

Big Baby, who originally had wanted to help  Xia Yuze, had been pulled down by him. Although Big Baby was on top of  Xia Yuze, it was indeed Xia Yuze who was holding onto his collar, not letting go.     

When the two buns heard their father’s conversation, they quickly got up and pulled away from each other as if waking up from a dream. Xia Yuze quickly let go of Big Baby’s while Big Baby jumped away from Xia Yuze’s body. They looked at each other and wiped their lips as if to  completely erase the smell of each other.

“You…” They both called out after wiping their mouths; their little faces flushed. They pointed their fingers at each other in an unusually synchronous movement. The burning anger in their eyes suddenly intertwined in the air and collided to form brilliant sparks.     

They were both hostile for a while before realizing that their attitude wouldn’t explain the situation but would add to the misunderstanding instead. The two tsundere snorted in tacit understanding, turned their heads and crossed their chests, ignoring each other.     

“…” The spectators on the side watched the series of movements of the two buns, twitched their mouths and secretly said, Your Highness, can you two be more difficult?     

“Wow, how could they  be so cute? What a match! It’s a perfect match!” Xia Yuqing screamed and rushed forward to one handedly drag the two buns into her arms. She had taken  the lead in recovering from the two-dimensional communication between the two children. She squeezed them tightly and while rubbing them, she said in intoxication, “So soft…so soft… if only I could bring you  home to sleep with as a pillow.”     

Sleeping together? Feng Tingye’s eyes sparked and a suffocating pressure was released as he  slightly raised his eyebrows .     

The people on the side shivered abruptly on feeling a cold wind. They looked at Xia Yuqing –who was still immersed in the two buns in her arms– with tears streaming down their cheeks: Niang Niang,  we know that you like children but could you restrain yourself a bit? Don’t you see that the emperor’s face has turned dark?!     

Before Feng Tingye could erupt,  the very uncomfortable Big Baby that was held in Xia Yuqing’s arms and was being squeezed tightly revolted first. “Mother, if you don’t let us go, your son will be crushed to death by you.”     

Xia Yuqing was surprised for a moment. Looking down, she saw two children with cold eyes staring at her. They were obviously two very young children who still had the smell of their mother’s milk  so how could they have eyes that were very similar to Feng Tingye and Xia Mingyuan? Xia Yuqing suddenly felt a chill run down her spine. She secretly sighed in her heart, these children had such beautiful faces but their personalities were not cute! Helpless she let go of the children with reluctance.

As soon as the two buns were free, they snorted at each other, turned their heads and ran away. 

“Brother…” When Second Baby saw the Big Baby leaving, she immediately chased after him. 

On the other hand, Xia Yuhan, who was alone, glanced around and cried out: “Gege…gege…” as he stumblingly followed his brother who had gone.

“Huh, why did they run away?” Xia Yuqing looked solemnly at the children who had all run away. However, she was not worried about their safety since playing in the  prince’s mansion  wouldn’t be dangerous. It’s just that her baby and the other one looked like a combination of Tsundere Uke and Tsundere Seme. How good would it be if they got together?

As Xia Yuqing was thinking about how to make those two steamed buns  lead a new and harmonious life, she heard a surprise cry from behind her. The next second, she felt something heavy on her body; a figure had pounced on her.

“Qing Jiejie, Qing Jiejie, it’s really you! I thought I was dazzled just now. I didn’t expect it to be you! Oh me, ​​I missed you to death!” Liu Yixiang rejoiced while hugging Xia Yuqing’s neck and shaking her violently. 

Initially, she and Xia Yuqing had agreed that once she gave birth to the children, she would take them back to Ye Kingdom to meet her. However,  she ended up giving birth to two children who were both demons. The second kid was okay. Even though he could be naughty sometimes, he was still obedient. But the eldest one was just like his weak chicken daddy. He looked small but still caused trouble for her all day long. He didn’t listen at all and was a lawless little wolf cub! From birth to now, she has never been worry free!

Because of the appearance of the two demons, the plan to return to Ye Kingdom had been postponed. Liu Yixiang had wanted to wait for the children to be a little older so she could leave them alone while she went. However, the Third princess’ incident happened after the two children had finally grown a bit more sensible so she couldn’t leave again. 

“Xiang Er…” Feng Tingye watched Liu Yixiang’s movements and frowned slightly. He took a step forward and threw Liu Yixiang’s hands off Xia Yuqing’s body, then he took Xia Yuqing into his arms. 

Liu Yixiang, who was pushed away, fell backward and almost fell to the ground. Fortunately, Xia Mingyuan caught her from behind with his hands so she could stabilize her body. 

“Feng Tingye, what are you doing?” Xia Mingyuan growled as his face became ugly. He saw his wife being pushed and the residual anger from seeing his son being pushed down accumulated and rose to the extreme. 

Feng Tingye glanced at him and retracted his gaze after appreciating Xia Mingyuan’s thunderous appearance. He stretched out his hand to pat Xia Yuqing’s back to soothe her. 

“Cough, cough, cough… Xiang’er, did you want to strangle me?!” Xia Yuqing looked at Liu Yixiang with resentment as she coughed a few times and held her squeezed neck. 

“Ahahaha, I’m sorry Qing Jiejie, I was too excited just now, are you okay?” Liu Yixiang laughed dryly. She had finally understood why Feng Tingye had been so angry. If she had held on for a while longer, the consequence…

Liu Yixiang shuddered. She secretly thought that her imperial cousin’s pressure had gotten really strong after a year of not seeing each other. 

“…” The audience, who had watched the farce going on from the side, took another look at Feng Tingye and Xia Mingyuan who weren’t seeing eye to eye and roasted them secretly.  The sons were done arguing but now the adults had picked it up, they were worthy of being a family!

Ten thousand grass mud horses (F word) galloped past in everyone’s hearts but their facial expressions didn’t change. They didn’t dare to offend both of them so they could only watch them fight openly . The atmosphere in the courtyard became turbulent until… 

“I say, is there no end for you two?We are not here to watch you love and kill each other.” Shao Zitang broke the silence between the two with a cold front. 

He had always been casual with them and it didn’t matter to him whether they would be angry after listening to him. After tossing around for several days, they had finally reached their destination. However, instead of finding a place to take a good rest, they began to butt heads as soon as they had arrived. They hadn’t driven the carriage! After spending days and nights on the road, Shang Shu Daren, who had also been tormented by Xia Yuqing’s eyes, was completely manic. 

With Shao Zitang’s utterance, the hostile men were able to retrain themselves a bit. They squinted their eyes, looked at each other, then turned their heads away.

“…” Why does this scene look so familiar?! 

Liu Yixiang bent her right elbow and landed a direct hit on Xia Mingyuan’s abdomen. 

“Ugh, shrew you…” Xia Mingyuan’s eyes widened as he looked at Liu Yixiang who had hit him with disbelief. 

Naturally, Liu Yixiang gave him a blank look: “My Royal cousin is a guest from afar, what’s with your attitude? Kneel on the washboard when you get back to the room tonight.” 

“…” Eldest Royal Brother, your position in the family has been exposed by that statement ! Aiya, I will light a row of candles for your future! Xia Yuqing glanced at Xia Mingyuan sympathetically. 

Xia Mingyuan burst into tears as he watched his wife move away but he comforted himself and  was rejuvenated.. The shrew had called Feng Tingye  a guest from afar, since Feng Tingye was a guest and his wife was the host then Feng Tingye was at best an outsider.An outsider! 

Such a thought made Xia Mingyuan  feel a little better.”What the shrew said is right, Feng Gongzi is both a guest from afar and the shrew’s cousin. This prince has indeed been rude.” 

The implication was that if Feng Tingye wasn’t a guest or Liu Yixiang’s cousin, Xia Mingyuan wouldn’t have treated him politely! 

Feng Tingye naturally understood the meaning behindXia Mingyuan’s words. He raised his eyes slightly and smiled: “His Royal Highness is too modest. If i don’t forgive you generously after Your Royal Highness has said so, I wouldn’t be able to justify my actions, what do you think?” 


Generous? Is this damn fox man mocking himself for his narrow-mindedness? Xia Mingyuan asked himself as he began to grind his teeth angrily.

The undercurrents of the two men did not affect the two ladies. Liu Yixiang heard the conversation between the two and accepted it as them having made peace. She stepped forward to embrace Xia Yuqing with a sigh of relief: “Roy… Qing Jiejie and cousin, it must have been tiring. Let’s go inside to rest. I haven’t seen you for so long, there’s a lot I have to tell you.” 

“En, I have a lot to say too… ” Actually, the most important thing on her mind was her Big Baby and the other child. She wondered if he was the eldest or the Second Baby… 

With a beautiful outlook, Xia Yuqing followed Liu Yixiang into the main courtyard. As soon as they entered Xia Mingyuan’s hall, their faces became stiff and the atmosphere in the hall turned serious. 

Xia Mingyuan was stunned, and said in a deep voice. “Butler, these guests may have to stay in the mansion for a few days. You should go  prepare a wing for them.” 

“Yes!” The butler replied. He was a bit startled but he knew what to ask and what not to ask. 

“His Royal Highness, we have come to Xia Country this time for the Third princess.” Feng Tingye went straight to the point once the onlooker in the room had walked away. 

“Third Royal sister’s affairs?” Xia Mingyuan’s face slightly turned dark and for an instant, a little defensiveness appeared in his eyes.

Everyone nodded and explained the ins and outs of the matter clearly. There was dead silence in the house for a few seconds then suddenly, there was an alarming cry. “What?! The child in the Third princess’ belly is Ruofeng’s?!” 

“Xiang Er, Xiang Er, hush…” Xia Yuqing was taken aback by the sudden roar of the lioness. She covered her ears and secretly thought that her roar had increased in power after not seeing her for a year. This showed how strong she usually was in the house.

Liu Yixiang heard Xia Yuqing’s voice and recovered. She quickly covered her mouth but her eyes were still filled with disbelief. She cautiously confirmed: “Really? The Third princess’ child belongs to Ruofeng? The Ruofeng I know?” 

Xia Yuqing was surprised. “Do you know another Prime Minister  in Ye Country who is also called Leng Ruofeng?” 


“Then it’s him.” 

“… ” 

Xia Yuqing looked at Liu Yixiang whose dull expression seemed like she had been told the sun had risen from the west: “Xiang Er, don’t you know? Didn’t Third Royal sister tell you? “

“How could I know? After the princess came back, she kept saying that she couldn’t leave her place because of a sickness. She had kept herself hidden in the princess mansion for a long time which appeared suspicious. This weak chicken wasn’t reassured and went to take a look but he didn’t discover her pregnancy! We later found out and asked her who the Father was but she refused to say anything. She only told us that we would find out when the father of the child came to pick them up. You also know the temper of the Third princess, if she doesn’t want to say it, no one can force the words out  of her mouth.” 

Liu Yixiang remembered that she and Xia Mingyuan had tried in every possible way to find out the child’s father when they had discovered that Xia Muyun was pregnant but Xia Muyun had refused to say who he was. This had made Xia Mingyuan so  angry that he had nearlysmashed her princess mansion. She sighed, “Later, I couldn’t ask her again so I planned on writing a letter to ask you After all, the Thirdprincess was with you at the beginning. I sent a lot of letters but didn’t receive a  reply. I then learned that Qing Jiejie was not in the Ye Kingdom at that time.” 

Xia Yuqing was taken aback then she remembered that they had set off for the Shu Kingdom not too long after the Third princess had left. It would also take some time to return from Ye Kingdom to Xia Kingdom. Adding, the period that the Third princess had kept herself behind closed doors, Liu Yixiang’s letter must have arrived when they were all in the Shu Kingdom. Thus, it was only natural that they hadn’t received it. 

“En, we were not in Ye Kingdom at that time so we didn’t receive the letter at all.” They wouldn’t have waited till now to take action otherwise. 

Xia Yuqing thought for a while and finally couldn’t help asking: “Xiang Er, the child in Third princess’  belly  is now…” 

“She will give birth in less than a month.” 

“Less than a month?” Xia Yuqing touched her chin and thought for a while. She bent her fingers to count the days then internally let out a string of foul language. D*mn it, the prime minister and Third Royal sister hit the target on the first try?! Iceberg Prime Minister is too awesome! They have both experienced it only once but look at the iceberg Prime Minister now. Um… if the Gorgeous Tutor knew the truth, he would cry and faint in the toilet! 


“What? The child in Royal sister’s belly belongs to the Prime Minister of the Ye Kingdom? The one whose face is usually expressionless and cold enough to freeze people to  death in the summer?” Xia Mingyuan was stunned for a while as he processed the huge information Xia Yuqing had dropped. After regaining his senses, he shouted in surprise then directly pointed his finger at Feng Tingye who was Leng Ruofeng’s immediate boss. “How do you manage your people? This prince’s sister’s belly has grown this big but he still hasn’t shown his face. Was he planning to just have some fun, then abandon her? You guys…” 

With a bang, Xia Mingyuan, who had been overwhelmed with anger and had wanted to make a move on Feng Tingye, had been hit on his head. He fell to the ground and groaned in agony, “Shrew, why are you hitting this prince again?” 

Liu Yixiang gave him a sideways glance. “Injustice should be paid to the debtor. If you want to vent your anger for the third princess, then fight Ruofeng, why are you getting angry with Royal cousin? Moreover, the matter hasn’t been figured out yet so what are you doing? Just lie down on your stomach for me!” 

Xia Mingyuan’s heart that had taken so long to be glued back together, shattered  to the ground again. He really fell to the ground and couldn’t get back up.

Liu Yixiang sighed before continuing, “What the h*ll is going on? Ruofeng isn’t the type to start something then abandon it, he…” 

Xia Yuqing nodded. The iceberg Prime Minister was not the gorgeous Tutor, although he appeared cold, he was  very responsible. 

“There should be some misunderstanding, the Prime Minister…” 

“Ruofeng never knew that the eldest princess was pregnant with his child.” Feng Tingye intervened as he slightly squinted . 

Xia Yuqing was taken aback and exclaimed as if she had suddenly remembered something. “En! Yes! The Prime Minister didn’t leave the Third Princess here on purpose. He probably didn’t know that Third Royal sister was pregnant with his child. The Prime Minister proposed to Third Royal sister before she left but she said that she would not get married then. She wanted to return to Xia Country to do some things and told him to come pick her up as his bride from Xia Country once she was done.” 

“Return to Xia Country to do some things, could it be?” Liu Yixiang glanced at Xia Mingyuan, who had just gotten up. 

“Speaking of which, it was indeed…” Xia Mingyuan’s face also looked a little ugly. 

“What?” Xia Yuqing asked in a low voice as she watched the two dumbfounded faces. 

“Ahem… when the Third princess came back, this weak chicken had just become the crown prince so his foundation was unstable. There were many people in the court who wanted to make him stumble. We also couldn’t count on the Second prince, Qing Jiejie. It was all thanks to the timely return of the Third Princess that he was able to stand firm in court. She helped out a lot but we didn’t expect her to be pregnant!”

Suddenly, Xia Yuqing realized what had happened, “It turns out that this was what she meant by ‘needing to do something’.” 

Xia Mingyuan heard the conversation between the two and jumped up from the ground to join them. “Even if this matter was urgent and Royal sister hadn’t told him that she was pregnant, the fact still stands…the man did not come as promised even after things had settled down. It is clear that he was…ugh…” 

Before Xia Mingyuan could finish his speech, he had been kicked back to the ground by Liu Yixiang. “Shut up! This is not the time or place for you to intervene.” 

“…” Shrew, the outsiders are still here, can’t you save some face for this prince?! Xia Mingyuan groaned weakly and his tears rolled down his face. 

“…” Eldest Royal Brother really didn’t have any status in this family. He didn’t dare to lift a hand even after being severely bullied. So pitiful… Xia Yuqing looked at Xia Mingyuan again with sympathy. 

“I think the Prime Minister did not leave Royal sister here intentionally but rather, he could not come over. During this period, we were all in the Kingdom of Shu and the Prime minister, along with the gorgeous tutor, had to take care of the Kingdom of Ye. The Prime Minister couldn’t slip away at all. He had wanted to wait until we got back but no one thought… However, after he got the news, he rushed over to Xia Country. Didn’t he look for you? It doesn’t make sense. He should have arrived in Xia Country a long time ago!” Xia Yuqing asked in confusion as she thought of something. 

The distance between Ye Kingdom and Xia Kingdom was similar to the distance between Xue Kingdom and Xia Kingdom but since the Prime Minister came by himself, he should have arrived earlier than them!

“Is Ruofeng already here?” Liu Yixiang asked somewhat surprised, “He didn’t come to us!” 

Xia Yuqing looked at Feng Tingye for help. Feng Tingye and Shao Zitang looked at each other. After thinking for a moment, he asked in a low voice, “Where is the Third Princess now?” 

Liu Yixiang heard Feng Tingye’s question about Xia Muyun’s current situation and replied solemnly. “In the palace. The emperor ordered her to be sent to the palace when he found out she was pregnant.” 

“Sent to the palace? “

“En… reportedly, he intends to have the Third Princess give birth then get married to Taishi’s eldest son.” 

“Arranged marriage? How can that be?” Wasn’t this blatantly placing a green hat on the Prime Minister? If the Prime Minister knew… Xia Yuqing shivered. She would be frozen to death, right? He would definitely freeze everyone to death! 

“So the Third princess is under house arrest now?” Feng Tingye scrunched his eyebrows in thought for a moment then said in a deep voice: “Forget about Ruofeng, he should have a sense of measure. If he has really arrived in Xia country, he must be checking the location of the Third princess and waiting for an opportunity. Our top priority is to rescue the Third princess.” 

“But the palace is so heavily guarded…” 

Feng Tingye glanced at Xia Yuqing but  did not answer. He looked at  Liu Yixiang instead. “The first birthday of your  children is coming soon, right?” 

Liu Yixiang was taken aback. She nodded: “En, there are still three days left.” 

A small arc was drawn up at the corner of Feng Tingye’s lips upon hearing her words and his eyes flashed in a somewhat obvious calculation. “Perhaps, This is a rare opportunity for us.” “Perhaps, This is a rare opportunity for us.” 


While Xia Yuqing and the others were discussing how to save  Xia Muyun, on the other side, Big Baby and Liu Yixiang’s big bun who had just left, experienced an inevitable clash between enemies.

The two boys had gone in opposite directions but unfortunately had tragically met again. This happened because  Xia Mingyuan’s  family mansion was as round as the earth. Regardless of where two people went, it was inevitable for them to circle around and meet again. Cough, cough …

‘D*mn, isn’t this the guy  who snatched the first kiss from this uncle!’ Was the first thought that exploded in Big Baby and Xia Yuze’s heart the moment they encountered each other. Their hostile eyes clashed.

“Oh, isn’t this the dear man who just threw himself into the arms of this uncle?” Xia Yuze said, taking the lead in speaking. He spoke with a casual tone but the content of his speech was enough to annoy people! 

Big Baby twisted his eyebrows and  counterattacked relentlessly: “Oh, isn’t this the virtuous brother who fell down just now and clung to this uncle’s collar? What a chance encounter!” 


‘Are children this mature nowadays? Why are they talking in such an old-fashioned manner!’ The people coming and going on the side saw this scene and they all collectively had dull expressions.

When Xia Yuze heard what Big Baby said, he exploded on the spot: “Who did you say held your collar? If you weren’t blocking the side of the road, why would this uncle catch you?” 

“Who was standing in the way ? This uncle stood well on the side. You fell down suddenly and this uncle kindly helped you, yet you’re accusing me.”

“Who wanted your fake kindness? Did I ask you to help me? Did I ?” 

“You… if I knew that the person who fell was a dog who only knew how to bite people then this  uncle would not have helped.This uncle did not get any benefits but fell into bad luck instead.”

“Dog? Who did you call a dog?” 

“Whoever barks the loudest is a dog. Don’t you even know this? Hmph, you’re really just a kid.” 


The two children quarreled hard. Second Baby and Liu Yixiang’s second Bun stood together, staring blankly at the two whose faces were red from anger. “Ah, I see, your brother is my brother’s wife…” Second Baby suddenly exclaimed

“Wife?” Xia Yuhan asked with a puzzled face, “What is a wife?” 

“Um…” Second Baby wrinkled her small face and tried carefully to recall Xia Yuqing’s explanation to her but she couldn’t remember anything so she had to answer vaguely. “A wife is someone who you can kiss. Just now, your brother and my brother shared  a kiss so your brother is my brother’s wife.” 

“Who is this guy’s wife?!” Xia Yuze asked in annoyance. He had become even angrier on hearing the conversation between Second Baby and his brother so he shouted at Second Baby. 

The Second Baby was startled and her tears began to roll down her face. “Brother, he is mean to me.” 

As soon as the Big Baby heard this, his face sank and he snorted coldly at Xia Yuhan. “Even if you want to be this uncle’s wife, this uncle does not want you.” 


“Kiss?” Xia Yuhan, who was stunned by the words of Second Baby, recalled the scene he had seen  not long ago: that mouth to mouth thing was a kiss? 

Xia Yuhan, who was very curious, touched his lips; it was soft. He squeezed it and felt it was really fun. 

Thinking about that, Xia Yuhan moved his gaze to the side to stare at  Second baby’s plump face and red lips. 

Hmm, her lips also looked soft. What would it be like to have a kiss? 

A child’s world was always silly and naive. Xia Yuhan thought about it and decided to do it. Thus… 

“Um…” Second Baby stared at the small face that suddenly appeared in front of her. The next moment, her small mouth was forcefully kissed. 


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