FMEA Chapter 209

Chapter 209 Acting Cute to Compete for Favour 

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The two big buns were arguing when they suddenly realized that the atmosphere was not quite right. They paused and turned around to catch the scene where Xia Yuhan forcefully kissed Second Baby. 

Both of them became stiff but it was Big Baby who recovered and reacted first. His small face that had already begun to show a bit of angularity suddenly swelled into a round bun and a few creases appeared on his smooth forehead. 

Without waiting for Xia Yuze to react, he stepped over to the two little buns standing at the side, grabbed the little pervert who had kissed his sister and threw him to the ground.     

Second Baby came back to her senses from the shock of being kissed and  reached out to touch her slightly swollen lips. Her eyes turned red and she bursted into tears. “Woo…”     

“!” It’s over! The second prince made the little girl cry and it was because he kissed her! The Crown Prince’s consort was going to be angry again!     

The servants on the sidelines recovered from the shock of seeing their little master play rogue when they heard the cry of Second Baby. They secretly thought this was not good in their hearts, and they very consciously took the initiative to ask the crown prince and consort for help. 

Second Baby was unable to stop crying regardless of how Big Baby persuaded. His face turned black on seeing the pitiful appearance of his sister crying miserably and a dark billowing aura spread from him.     

He pushed her behind him and stared down at Xia Yuhan whom he had pushed to the ground “What did you just do to my sister?”     

Xia Yuhan was still immersed in the intoxication of kissing Second Baby so he was oblivious to Big Baby’s anger. He stuck out his tongue and licked his little mouth to remember the taste: “Soft, fragrant, sweet, milky… so fun and so delicious.” 

“… ” Second Royal Highness, did you treat the little girl’s mouth as candy? Don’t you see that her brother’s face has turned black? How could you say it is sweet and fragrant?

Second Baby stopped crying when she heard Xia Yuhan’s words. Her mouth tasted of milk? It must have been the smell of the goat’s milk that she had drunk that morning. This little brother didn’t only kiss me but he also snatched my goat milk? Thinking about it that way, her lips turned down and her crying became more fierce.

The people who didn’t know the inside story looked at Second Baby with sympathy and turned a blame stained gaze towards Xia Yuhan. Look, Your Second Royal Highness, you made the little girl cry again! 

Big Baby had heard Xia Yuhan’s murmur and his face had completely become black and blue. The anger in his heart was burning up bit by bit but before he could let his anger loose, Xia Yuhan spoke again. “Little Jiejie is so delicious. Hanhan will have to play with little Jiejie in the future. Hanhan wants little Jiejie to be Hanhan’s wife!”     

After Second Baby’s explanation about kissing, Xia Yuhan had made a decision. He thought that kissing the little Jiejie meant she would be his wife and her becoming his wife meant he could always kiss her in the future. SInce he liked kissing her, he wanted to marry her so he could always kiss her. 

Xia Yuhan was complacent as he thought he had discovered a method to get what he wanted once and for all and he didn’t notice that his childish speech had pushed the anger of the  sis-con elder brother over the edge.     

This kid hadn’t only snatched his sister’s first kiss but he also wanted to marry his little princess as a wife! This toad wants to eat swan meat (when someone with a lower status wants to be with someone with a high status)?! He doesn’t want to live anymore! Father and Mother might bear it but this Royal brother cannot!     

Big Baby, whose anger had finally exploded, stepped forward to punch Xia Yuhan’s innocent face without saying anything. 

“Aw…” Xia Yuhan was beaten up and he fell to the ground on his butt. A loud cry sounded not long after.   

“!” Second Royal Highness was beaten! Come and help! The maids on the side exclaimed in their hearts. They wanted to step forward to help but the cold glance that swept over them made them freeze.

What is that? Is that the look a child should have? His gaze was like that of a little cheetah that had suddenly awakened and was guarding its territory after crouching for a long time. If anyone dared to take a step closer at that moment he seemed likely to cruelly bite the other’s neck. 

“You b*stard, what did you do to my brother?” Xia Yuze heard Xia Yuhan’s cry and finally recovered from his initial shock. He ran over to his side to inspect his injury. 

When Xia Yuhan saw his brother coming, he grabbed his hand in grievance and shouted, “Brother, my face hurts…” My butt hurts too! 

Xia Yuze glanced at Xia Yuhan’s reddish profile and anger came up all of a sudden. He pointed to Big Baby growling: “You b*stard, you actually dare to hit this uncle’s brother, this uncle will teach you a lesson today!” 

Big Baby did not have the slightest fear towards Xia Yuze’s bravado. He glanced at him disdainfully, and sneered: “You think you can teach me a lesson? Hmph, perfect, this prince was already upset because of you. Today, this prince will beat you too, both you brothers escape!” 

“You…” Xia Yuze was flushed with anger by Big Baby. He struggled to rush towards Big Baby. 

Big Baby did not back down either, the two buns fought against each other at once. The battle was fierce. 

“!” Eldest Highness is fighting with the little noble Gongzi!

“People, where are the people? Did you all die? Why don’t you hurry up and invite His Royal Highness and the consort to come over?” The maids on the side saw the two children in a ball. They didn’t know whether to go over or not.

Not mentioning the Eldest Highness, but even the heart and soul of the crown prince and consort (the second brother), the one in which if someone accidentally knocked or touched them would die, was also affected. While the other little Gongzi, although they had never seen him before, seeing his aura and style, it was natural aristocracy. The most important thing was that this boy dared to beat their Highness! The maids in the crown prince’s mansion were all smart people, so they dared not do anything to Big Baby just from these few points.     

These two children, they didn’t know who to help. Whoever touched one of their hairs at this time might just lose their life! Thinking like this, the group of maids turned pale and turned around in a hurry on the spot. 

“Didn’t we just ask someone to go over? Why haven’t they come back?” 

“Oh, the eldest prince has fallen down…” 

The courtyard had become a big mess and the only savior had just received news. 

Xia Yuqing and the others were in full swing discussing how to use the two-bun’s birthday banquet to attract the attention of the emperor and the important officials in the palace to create an opportunity to enter the palace to bring Xia Muyun out, when suddenly they heard a rush of footsteps outside.

Xia Mingyuan frowned, a bit of displeasure appearing in the bottom of his eyes. He had clearly hinted that the butler should not let people come near here at this time. So who was not sensible enough to come bother them?

“Your Royal Highness, Prince consort, it’s not good, it’s not good…” Accompanied by a loud shout, the door of the closed room was knocked open by a figure from the outside. The figure took in a breath and shouted, “Your Royal Highness, Prince consort, go and look, something is wrong with Your Eldest Highness.” 

“What?” Liu Yixiang and Xia Mingyuan were startled. They stood up quickly and followed the informant to rush to the direction where the two children were. 

“Let’s go and take a look.” Xia Yuqing was taken aback for a moment, then she grabbed Feng Tingye’s arm, and suggested eagerly.     

That’s my future daughter-in-law. If something happens, where will I go to find a daughter-in-law that suits my liking!     

Feng Tingye nodded. He embraced Xia Yuqing, and rushed over with the group of people.     

Several people hurriedly rushed to the outside of the courtyard where the children were. Suddenly they heard an earth-shattering roar.     

The steps of a few people couldn’t help but pause. Xia Yuqing and Feng Tingye looked at each other in amazement. This voice, wasn’t it… 

F*ck, Big Baby wouldn’t have been so ashamed, it turned into anger, and shot his future wife, right? !     

Liu Yixiang and Xia Mingyuan paled when they heard such a big movement. Ignoring the others, they rushed in quickly.

Smoke and dust billowed in the spacious courtyard. The maid onlookers were choking on the flying dust. They coughed vigorously and covered their mouths. Their eyes widened and looked at the original solid object in disbelief. It looked like the wall was made of fluttering paper that had crashed down. 

God, this wall looked solid on the surface, but the inside was definitely paper, right? A child knocking down the wall, that doesn’t make sense! 

A group of girls were completely messed up by this extremely cruel scene, while the culprit responsible for all this, at this moment, had a cold face. 

He silently pointed the guns at the two brothers opposite of him. This was what Xia Yuqing and the others saw when they arrived. 

Second Baby hid pitifully behind Big Baby, clutching her brother’s clothes tightly. She sobbed from time to time, so that the people around couldn’t help feeling their maternal love overflowing. They just wanted to go up and hug her for comfort. The watery pair of eyes were full of clarity of her distress. 

Big Baby stood in front of his sister without moving like a mountain. His small face was solemn. The long and narrow phoenix eyes that resembled Feng Tingye were flashing cold and dangerous. 

On the opposite side of the two, Xia Yuze, who was obviously frightened by the big movement just now, bit his lips and stared at the opposite person a little bit unwillingly. Although his eyes were full of obvious fear, he was still stubborn. He stood in front of his brother, blocking him from view. 

Xia Yuhan was shocked by the first punch of Big Baby. Hiding behind his elder brother, he was flushed, miserable, and there was still a small suspicious red mark on his white profile.

“What’s going on?” Liu Yixiang and Xia Mingyuan looked at the scene in front of them. They froze in place, and asked a little bit unsure. 

“Dudu, you used the gun indiscriminately again!? Hurry up and put the gun away for me. If you dare to take it out so casually, it will be completely confiscated and never returned to you.” Xia Yuqing was also shocked for a few seconds and then she let out a loud roar next to Big Baby, causing the people nearby to shudder. 

Hearing Xia Yuqing’s roar, Big Baby snorted disdainfully, then took a look at the two brothers opposite. He silently took the gun back. He never thought of hurting anyone. Although he was really angry in his heart, he also knew that he couldn’t make a move casually against the two opposite of him. Otherwise, he would definitely be the one who would become unlucky. But… Although he can’t make a move, scaring them should be fine. Hmph, if he didn’t scare them to have nightmares in the middle of the night and pee their pants, this uncle will not have the surname Feng! 

As soon as Second Baby heard Xia Yuqing’s voice, the tears that could not be stopped started pouring out again. She let go of the hem of Big Baby’s clothes, and then staggered towards Xia Yuqing, with an aggrieved face: “Mother, Father, oooooo…” 

Xia Yuqing hurriedly reached out and took Second Baby into her arms when she saw this. Seeing the tears on her face, she felt more distressed: “Hey, baby, don’t cry, Mother is here. Who bullied our baby? Tell Mother, Mother will help baby send him flying. Stop crying, stop crying…” 

Second Baby held Xia Yuqing’s neck and cried for a long time. Between her hiccups, she intermittently said: “Mother, that little brother, he…he forced baby to play kiss with him, oooooo…to play kiss with him.”

“!” Once Second Baby said this, everyone who rushed over all had a big exclamation marks on their heads. They looked at Xia Yuqing’s crying Second Baby in shock. They couldn’t help but turn their gaze towards Xia Yuhan who had shrank his neck back. 

Xia Mingyuan was the first to come back to his senses. Afterwards, he couldn’t help but laugh up to the sky: “Hahahaha, you deserve to be the son of this prince, good job!” 

Now Xia Mingyuan’s depressed heart because of his eldest son being pressed down by the enemy’s son disappeared. Wakakaka, Feng Tingye, it doesn’t matter if your eldest son overwhelmed the eldest son of this prince, what’s important is that the second son of this prince definitely overwhelmed your youngest daughter. This is a thing that can’t be turned around in this lifetime! Wa ha ha ha… 

Finally feeling he had regained his victory, Xia Mingyuan was full of pride. 

“Huh?” Xia Yuhan thought that it was inevitable that he would be scolded even if he was not beat. He didn’t expect that instead of receiving a scolding, his father would actually praise him. 

After being stunned, Xia Yuhan grinned with his little white teeth that hadn’t fully grown, and clapped his hands: “Good job, good job, Hanhan likes little Jiejie. Han Han wants to marry little Jiejie as a wife, and we will be together in the future to play kiss.”

“!” A blood-red exclamation mark appeared on everyone’s head again. They were shocked and wanted to explode out with foul language. F*ck, are children this mature these days? 

Xia Yuqing’s small face was pale. She looked at Second Baby who was trying to shrink into her arms and had a lingering fear on her face. If she remembered correctly, her Second Baby was actually ten months older than Xiang Er’s second kid. Hmm, there seems to be a potential future with love between an older woman and a younger man! 

When Feng Tingye nearby heard the words of his baby girl and Xia Mingyuan’s little brat, his eyes narrowed dangerously. A light sneer hung on his lips. Anyone who knew Feng Tingye’s temperament knew that when someone gets angry, they get very angry! 

Liu Yixiang was meagerly the calmest of these people. She was shocked at first when she heard what Second Baby said, then when she heard Xia Mingyuan’s reckless laugh, the shock suddenly became raging anger. Ignoring the surprised gaze of the people on the side, Liu Yixiang slapped Xia Mingyuan’s head cleanly and cursed: “Did you teach your children to be like this? That it’s reasonable to molest other girls, huh? Sure enough, like father, like son. The Father and son have the same virtue. Xia Yuhan, come here!” 

Xia Yuhan was called by Liu Yixiang, and the shining light in his eyes went out. Clutching Xia Yuze’s clothes, after hesitating for a while, he reluctantly moved towards Liu Yixiang. 

Liu Yixiang put her hands on her hips and looked at her second son who was usually well-behaved. She frowned and said coldly, “You speak, what is going on?” 

This is the first time Xia Yuhan saw his mother being so angry. Although his mother usually liked to be angry, his mother today seemed to be particularly grouchy, oooooo, so scary. 

Xia Yuhan had just been able to speak, but in a short while, he was nervous again. He stumbled and stumbled for a long time to explain the whole story. 

After learning that Xia Yuhan was misled because of the accident between Xia Yuze and Big Baby, Liu Yixiang’s face turned black again. She shouted loudly, “Xia Yuze, look at what a good head you have given your younger brother.” 

Xia Yuze silently raised his head to look up at the sky and rolled his eyes when he heard the roar of the Lion. Today was really unlucky! It was fine that his first kiss was stolen, but now he was getting kicked when he was lying down. 

“Hanhan…” Liu Yixiang took a deep breath, and explained to her little son who still didn’t understand human affairs. “Mother is going to tell you this, but girls can’t just play kiss with boys casually.” 

Xia Yuhan tilted his head and asked innocently: “Girls can’t play kiss with boys casually, then are boys fine?” 

Why can my brother and that older brother be able to have kisses, but I can’t do it with my little Jiejie, it’s so unfair!

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