FMEA Chapter 211

Chapter 211 Stinged into a pig’s head! 

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“Help…help…help!” The heart-piercing scream rang through the entire mansion. 

Xia Yuqing and Second Baby who were fighting for food in the house heard this scream and raised their heads, “Ah, Dundun, did you hear anything just now?” 

Second Baby’s mouth was still stuffed. Holding a meatball and hearing Xia Yuqing’s question, she nodded in a daze, then shook her head again. 

“…Did you hear something or not?” Xia Yuqing frowned. She pondered for a moment, then let out a sigh of relief, “Well, it’s probably from the place where the pig is slaughtered. No matter what, let’s continue to eat.” 

“……” Niang Niang, are you sure that scream just now was the howling of a pig before it died? If the screamer knew you saw him in this way, he would definitely cry! 

On the other hand, the girls in the Prince’s Mansion who heard the movement led a group of maids and rushed towards the place where the screams came from. 

As a result, as soon as they broke into the courtyard, they saw Big Baby squatting and eagerly shouting, while…Xia Mingxi was stung by so many hornets, even his mother might not recognize him. 

“Uncle, Second Uncle, how are you? Oh, don’t be scared, Second Uncle, wake up! It’s Dudu’s fault, get up quickly!” Big Baby squatted down with tears in his eyes by Xia Mingxi’s side. He was crying loudly as if he was trying to resurrect his dead father. The sorrowful appearance really made people cry when they saw it. 

But if one looked closely, one could see that there was no sadness in the big clear eyes of Big Baby at all. Instead, it was full of him rejoicing Xia Mingxi’s misfortune.

It’s a pity that everyone’s attention was now focused on Xia Mingxi’s howling, and they didn’t notice this detail at all. The only person who discovered this was just slowly curling up the corners of his mouth. He waved the broom in his hand and cleaned the corner of the yard, silently acting as the background. 

The people who rushed into the courtyard froze in the doorway, watching a child crying, being very upset. After a long while, everyone came back to their senses one after another. They all remembered that the guest in the mansion today was the little nephew of their Royal Highness.  That being the case, could it be that the Uncle he was calling out to… 

Everyone reacted, their faces changed, and a bunch of maids covered their faces and screamed loudly: “Ah, your Highness…Doctor, call the doctor!” 

The chicken leg that had reached Xia Yuqing’s mouth with great difficulty fell on the table, this time she didn’t hear wrong, someone was indeed screaming. Moreover, a group of people were calling ‘Your Highness’? Your Highness? Second Royal Brother? Could it be that Second Royal Brother really couldn’t think it through and jumped into the river? 

Xia Yuqing swallowed the food in her mouth with difficulty, then picked up Second Baby who was still fighting with the meatballs and rushed out. 

“Ahem… Second Royal Highness doesn’t have any serious illness. It’s just that Second Royal Highness’s face was stung by a hornet and has been infected with bee venom. It is better to stay in the mansion during this period, and not be in public.” The old doctor’s mouth was drawn taut, and the mustache on his chin trembled, as if trying to endure something. His eyes gazed around, but landed on the patient who he did not want to look at. If one wanted to find out the reason, it was…

On the gorgeous chaise couch, a young man laid with only a breath of life left. His stretched two straight and slender legs were so breathtaking that one couldn’t wait to take it into their arms and shower it with love. Yet, if one only looked up a little, one would encounter someone’s face that had been stung by a bee and was swollen. It was a swollen pig head, so swollen, no one could see the original face. The endless reveries caused by the youth’s fragile figure disappeared completely, abruptly disrupting the beautiful illusion.

When Xia Yuqing saw this as soon as she entered the door, her small mouth suddenly turned into an O shape. Who could tell her who the man lying on the bed with a red-purple pig-headed face on his head was? ? Looking at that outfit… could it be…ahhhhhhhhh, God, how can the swelling be so cruel? The beautiful boy has become a pig head in one night, isn’t this torture? Such a heavy taste can easily leave a shadow on her pure and beautiful heart!

 “Oh my god! Second… Second Majesty, I was joking, just joking! Why did you really run to get disfigured? Shoot and to this extent! To your one in ten thousand delicate handsome face, how on earth did you do that? Are you really that repulsed to get married? So much that you want to self-harm?! ”     

Ohh, what can I do now!? Originally, Second Royal Brother was useless, and had nothing good beyond his gorgeous face. Now that the face that you had relied on is gone, in the future, there will be no Semes who would be willing to take you!

“Hmm…” Lying on the bed unable to move, Xia Mingxi, who was wrapped into a mummy, wanted to defend himself. Yet, because his cheeks on both sides were so swollen, he couldn’t say a word at all, so he stared at her with tears in his eyes. Looking at Xia Yuqing, his eyes were full of sadness and despair.     

Xia Yuqing couldn’t help but feel distressed when she saw this. She took a step forward and patted Xia Mingxi on the shoulder: “It’s all my fault, blame me. If it weren’t for me speaking nonsense, you wouldn’t be ill and do such a stupid thing. Your Majesty, don’t worry, my…His Royal Highness and the Third Princess will not despise you. Even if you are really disfigured and you really become bent in the future, you have to believe in this world, that there is someone who can see your beautiful inside and doesn’t care about your outside. You might shock the world now, but don’t get depressed and actually end yourself!”

“…… ” Little Royal Sister, please let me go ah! Don’t smack me anymore, otherwise your brother will really die and stop breathing! F*ck, it hurts!     

Except for the most serious damage to his face, the bee stings all over Xia Mingxi was bandaged up. Xia Yuqing slapping his body caused him to almost scream out. His face was swollen and he couldn’t speak, and his limbs were twitching because of the pain. Tears filled his eyes.     

Seeing this, Xia Yuqing thought Xia Mingxi was touched by her own speech, and immediately became excited. She stepped forward with tears and grasped Xia Mingxi’s hand: “Second Royal Majesty, I understand everything you want to say. I understand.”     

“…” You understand nothing, little Royal sister, do you know that your hand strength is too great, let go of my hands quickly…

With a click, everyone heard a loud crisp sound from Xia Mingxi’s arm. Xia Mingxi’s eyes widened, then his body became loosened that he even spat out his spirit from his mouth.  


“Oh…Second…Second Highness, what’s wrong with you? Why did you faint? Doctor…Doctor…” 

“Ahem, Gongzi, don’t shout, this old man has been here this entire time.” The old doctor who bandaged Xia Mingxi on the edge of the bed slightly reminded her. 

“Doctor, look at my Second… Second Highness, what’s wrong with him?” 

The old doctor looked at Xia Yuqing’s anxious expression and his moustache on his mouth shook: “His Highness’s hand seems to be……dislocated.” 

“…” There was a suspicious silence in the house. After a while, everyone heard Xia Yuqing breathe a sigh of relief: “It turns out it’s just a dislocation. That’s okay.” 

“…” That’s okay? Young Master (Niang Niang), the hand of Second Highness seems to have been dislocated by you, don’t speak as if it isn’t related to you! 

“He really, why would he get depressed and do this? In the end, it is not me who is suffering, but him. If he’s disfigured, who would want him?” Xia Yuqing muttered with a worried expression. It’s easy to be cannon fodder with a pig’s face! Second Royal Brother, how can you look for death like this!

“Eh…this Gongzi…the Second Highness, he actually…” Just as the old doctor was about to interrupt, he heard Big Baby yell, causing him to swallow the words that were about to come out.     

“Actually, Second Uncle can’t be blamed for this matter. It was because of me… I…” Big Baby spoke, then as if thinking of something, he lowered his head with guilt. His shoulders shook and he let out two whimpers. When he raised his head again, his eyes were already full of tears.     

“!” This kid’s face changed too fast! Such superb acting skills…

Sure enough… an old ginger is hotter than a young ginger (experience matters). He still needs to work hard, isn’t he just ten months older than himself? He must not lose out compared to that kid. Just wait and see, when he grows up, he will definitely put that kid to the ground and beat him! Xia Yuze squeezed his small face, while looking at Big Baby who was acting out a miserable drama not far away. He was thinking seriously and his eyes flashed with reluctance. 

Xia Yuqing was stunned when she heard what Big Baby said. Her face changed completely: “Dudu, what’s the matter?” 

Big Baby sobbed appropriately. He pinched the corner of her clothes and pretended to be pitiful. He looked at her: “It’s like this. Dudu and the two younger brothers were just playing kites in the courtyard. I accidentally got the kite stuck in the tree and couldn’t get it out. We were all children and had no choice but to go ask Uncle for help. I wanted Uncle to help us get the kite down. As a result…” 

Big Baby choked again. With that tragic appearance, all the maids on the side were full of maternal love. They wanted to hold the Big Baby in their arms for comfort. 

“The result?” Xia Yuqing twisted her eyebrows. Her eyes sparkled with a little suspicion. She knew her Big Baby better than anyone else, he was a little devil in angel skin! 

Now suddenly acting so innocent, there must be a trick at hand! Playing with kites? If it was Second Baby, she would believe it, but her older one… she didn’t believe that her own little brat would play this kind of innocent game! 

Big Baby saw Xia Yuqing’s suspicion, but it didn’t matter if Xia Yuqing didn’t believe him. It’s enough as long as the people in this house believed him, so he wiped the tears that fell on his face and continued: “As a result, neither Uncle nor us discovered that there was a hornet nest on the tree. When we poked the kite on the tree with a stick, we accidentally poked the big hornet nest…”

  “…” What a tragedy! 

When Xia Yuqing heard these words, the suspicion in her eyes grew deeper. She touched her chin and glanced at the intact baby and the Xia family brothers. She pursed her lips: “If this is the case, then why did Second Highness get stung but nothing happened to you guys? ” 

“Um…this…” Xia Yuze and Xia Yuhan took a step back timidly. Seeing that the two of them were acting a little guilty, Big Baby hurriedly stepped forward: “It’s like this. When Uncle poked the hornet’s nest down, he swiftly pushed the few of us aside, so he was smashed by the falling hornet’s nest causing his whole body to be glued with honey, thus those bees only stung Uncle and not us. Uncle is so kind to us, but we…oooooo, it’s all our fault! If it weren’t for us, if we didn’t accidentally get our kite stuck and didn’t ask Uncle for help and if Uncle didn’t come to help, he wouldn’t be what he is now. It’s all my fault, my fault!” 

“…” The two brothers watched Big Baby invert right from wrong and their eyes could not help being stained with admiration for their adversary. Sure enough, there are people that exceeds one’s sky. Xia YuE couldn’t believe there were people in this world who were more shameless than himself. He was still not experienced enough, no, he had to work harder, he can’t just lose to that guy. 

In fact, the truth of the matter was like this. Since Xia Yuze and Xia Yuhan could walk, they reported to Xia Mingxi’s house every day. They were very informed of everything in this prince’s mansion. Thus, they knew from the beginning that there was a hornet’s nest on the tree in Xia Mingxi’s house. Unfortunately, they had never had the opportunity to use it on Xia Mingxi. Yet, the appearance of these two babies made them see the light, especially after Xia Yuze saw that his Second Uncle liked Second Baby and Big Baby’s face flashed with discomfort. Thus he wisely decided to join hands with Big Baby to deal with this Second Uncle who dared to covet his future sister-in-law. 

After Xia Yuze reached an agreement with Big Baby, he informed Big Baby of the hornet’s nest and asked Big Baby to make up a lie to lead Xia Mingxi out. The two brothers were already prepared, holding a long and slender pole together to poke the beehive when Xia Mingxi walked under the tree. Afterwards, they escaped.

The two brothers didn’t care if the truth of the matter was exposed. Anyways, they were lawless. Even if they were discovered, they would be beaten up by Liu Yixiang at most, it was no big deal. It’s just that they never thought that Big Baby would help them think about an escape route. Tsk tsk, after seeing the inversion of truth by Big Baby, Xia Yuze couldn’t help but think deeply. It turns out that the highest state of mischief is not to make everyone get annoyed until they gritted their teeth, but after the mischief, making it so that the people were grinding their teeth but can’t point out their faults! 

Xia Yuze thought deeply, not realizing that he was evolving rapidly from a char siu bun to a bean paste bun. 

“Dudu, you…” After Xia Yuqing watched Big Baby’s eloquent acting, her mouth twitched. She just wanted to say something, but she heard a burst of voices from her side. 

“Don’t say that, little Gongzi, it’s not the little Gongzi’s fault. Second Highness himself was too careless, that’s why he had poked the hornet’s nest. You don’t have to speak that nicely of him.” 

“That’s right, that’s right. It’s not your fault. Second Highness was just too negligent.” 

“Yes, right, right, but His Majesty did a good deed in the end, knowing to push you children out of the way.” 

“Yes, His Majesty pushing you little boys away means he wanted to protect this little Gongzi and the two Majesties. Since this is the case, His Highness will definitely not hope that the young Gongzi and the two Majesties will feel guilty about this.”

“Is that true?” The corner of Big Baby’s eyes lit up and accurately spotted Xia Mingxi who was slowly waking up. 

“Of course this is the case!” 

As soon as Xia Mingxi woke up, he heard those maids who were usually obedient, turning their elbows outwards. Looking at Big Baby angrily, he did not expect to be provoked by him. The look in his eyes, angrily attacked his heart, and he fainted again with a pu. 

“…” Xia Yuqing looked at the group of maids who tightly surrounded Big Baby, exuding maternal light. Just about to speak, she heard a voice: “This Gongzi…” 

“Huh?” Xia Yuqing turned her head and saw the old doctor who had wrapped Xia Mingxi into a mummy. She pointed to herself and asked in confusion, “Are you calling me?” 

“En.” The old doctor finally got a chance to speak and coughed slightly. He spoke with a solemn expression, “Gongzi, your Highness’s face is actually not a major problem. With this old man’s medical skills, it will only take half a month to ensure that the second prince restores his original appearance without any damage.” 

“…” Why do I have a sense that this old doctor is bragging? But… since Second Royal Brother won’t be disfigured, let’s forget what my Big Baby and the two boys did, we don’t have to hold them accountable. 

Xia Yuqing breathed a sigh of relief. Ignoring her moral principle, she turned against her original intention, and turned her heart to her son’s side. Thus, this farce under Big Baby’s inversion of truth ended without suspense. 

After some tossing around, it was not early anymore. Knowing that Xia Mingxi would be okay after a period of recuperation, Xia Yuqing left Xia Mingxi’s mansion with the few children with a peace of mind.

Watching Xia Yuqing leave, the boy who had been cleaning in the yard slowly raised his head and threw the broom wrapped with a silk handkerchief on the ground. Somewhat disgusted, he pulled out another clean, soft handkerchief. After wiping his hands a few times, he reluctantly raised his hand that had just been in close contact with the broom. 

“It’s really hard to be an unobtrusive undercover spy these days! Especially for someone like me who is naturally beautiful and perfect. I easily become the focus of everyone’s attention no matter where I go which makes it even more difficult, but…” The young man’s slightly pursed lips curled up into a pleasant arc. He stretched out his hand to block the slightly dazzling sunlight and murmured, “Sure enough, following Junior Sister is so much fun. Don’t let your Senior Brother down, Little Junior Sister.” 

An inevitable clash between enemies is very applicable no matter when and where it occurs. Not long after Xia Yuqing brought the few children out of Xia Mingxi’s mansion, she ran into Xia Mingxuan again. The difference was that this time it was not Xia Mingxuan who saw them first, but Xia Yuqing and the others who saw Xia Mingxuan first. 

“…” D*mn, isn’t that the Fourth Prince? How can they meet him wherever they go? No, he will recognize her. If he discovers herself at this time, it would affect the plan for the birthday party. 

Just when Xia Yuqing was stunned, not knowing what to do, she suddenly felt her wrist tighten. A man with a hat walked past her quickly, grabbed her hand, and led her to the side in a small alley.

Cui Er was already on alert when the man approached but unexpectedly did not make a move, allowing the man to drag Xia Yuqing and the others over. She followed with the guards who came to protect Xia Yuqing. 

Xia Mingxuan seemed to feel a gaze coming from behind him. He turned his head and looked around, but didn’t see anything when he turned his head. He frowned, then retracted his gaze, and turned away. 

The person who pulled Xia Yuqing leaned out from the alley. When he saw that Xia Mingxuan had indeed left, he let out a sigh of relief. He turned his head and raised the hat that was lowered so that Xia Yuqing could see him clearly. 

“You… Prime Minister, why are you here?” Xia Yuqing looked at the man in surprise, and couldn’t help shouting in a low voice. 

That’s right, this person who suddenly ran out to grab Xia Yuqing was exactly Leng Ruofeng, who had already arrived in the capital long before Xia Yuqing and the others arrived in the capital of Xia Country, but had never shown up. 

“Prime Minister Daren, why are you here?” Xia Yuqing received Leng Ruofeng’s silent gesture and hurriedly lowered her voice. She glanced at the few children who had been isolated by Cui Er’s foresight not far away, with a look of excitement. “Prime Minister Daren, I heard the emperor say that you rushed over as soon as you received the news, did you arrive here a few days earlier?” 

“En.” Leng Ruofeng nodded. 

“Then why didn’t you go find my Eldest Royal brother and Xiang Er?” 

Leng Ruofeng twisted his eyebrows, and said concisely: “I have encountered some trouble, so I was delayed.” 

Xia Yuqing saw that Leng Ruofeng didn’t want to continue speaking of this issue, so she changed the subject: “What is the Prime Minister doing these days?” 

Leng Ruofeng glanced at Xia Yuqing. He stretched out his hand and took out something from his shirt and handed it to Xia Yuqing. 

“What is that?” Xia Yuqing took it with a puzzled look and asked in a low voice. 

“The map of Xia Country Palace.” 

“Pu…” Xia Yuqing’s eyes widened and she looked at Leng Ruofeng in disbelief, “Where did it come from?”

“I painted it myself, these few nights…” 

“…” Prime Minister Daren, what do you mean by this? Did you go to the palace to draw a map without sleeping every night these past few days?

“But, I can’t find where she is in the palace.” Leng Ruofeng twisted his eyebrows as he said this with some distress.

She? Does he mean Third Royal Sister? Xia Yuqing looked at the rare distressed expression on Leng Ruofeng’s face and couldn’t help but smile: “This is not a good place to talk. Let’s go back to Eldest Royal Brother’s mansion first, maybe Eldest Royal brother knows.” 

Leng Ruofeng weighed his options for a moment, then finally nodded: “En!” 

In fact, even Xia Mingyuan didn’t know where Xia Muyun was locked up by Xia Haotian. He only had a faint guess. Yet, regardless of whether the guess was correct or not, Feng Tingye and the others had to take this risk. 

The plan for the first-year birthday banquet turned into full swing because of Leng Ruofeng joining. Two days later, the day when the two buns turned one year old had arrived. 

In the evening of the same day, Xia Mingyuan’s mansion was brightly lit and people came and went. Countless high-ranking officials and members of the royal family attended this event. 

“Sure enough, the face of the Crown Prince is great. I heard that even Royal Father will come. A small first-year banquet being held in such a grand manner, I am afraid that only the Crown Prince would have this ability.”

Xia Mingyuan was greeting others when he heard this gentle voice coming from behind him. When he turned his head, he saw Xia Mingxuan walking towards him with a faint smile. His eyes went cold, but the smile on his face remained unchanged: “Fourth Royal Brother’s words are exaggerated. It’s only thanks to Royal Father viewing highly upon the two children. Your Brother cannot take any credit.” 

Xia Mingxuan smiled, then he took out a brocade box from his sleeve and handed it to Xia Mingyuan: “Your little brother didn’t have anything very nice to give the two little nephews, just a little present, I hope Royal Brother won’t dislike it.”

Xia Mingyuan opened the brocade box and looked at it. It turned out to be a pair of pendants made of blood jade. The texture and style was exceptional: “Fourth Royal brother is too polite, this gift is expensive, and this prince will keep it for the two children.” 

“Royal Brother is too serious, don’t mind it too much.” Xia Mingxuan glanced at Xia Mingyuan and said with a chuckle, “Third Royal Sister loves red the most. This thing was originally to be given to her, but unfortunately, she might not be able to use it. Thus, it is only right to give it to the two children.” 

Xia Mingyuan’s hand trembled. The expression on his face changed a little uncontrollably. 

Xia Mingxuan smiled and changed the subject: “This Brother has something to do, so I will leave first. Royal Brother should also greet the guests quickly. If this Brother causes you to neglect other people, this Brother will have greatly sinned.” 

Xia Mingyuan watched Xia Mingxuan turn around and talk to another Minister of the court and his eyes were a little complicated. What Xia Mingxuan said just now…he was afraid they may have discovered something. In this case, the situation of Third Royal Sister may really become more and more dangerous. He hoped that Feng Tingye and the others could bring Third Royal Sister out in one fell swoop. 

Xia Mingyuan raised his head and glanced at the cool moonlight above his head. He really didn’t know where Xia Muyun could be locked up, but if he hadn’t guessed wrong, it should be at that place… that carried all their beautiful memories. Yet, it was also their most painful place.

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