FMEA Chapter 212

Chapter 212 Really going to give birth 

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The dark night enveloped the sky full of stars, infiltrating every corner of the world bit by bit, making it so there was nowhere to hide. 

It was rare for there to be silence in the dark palace with little lights. This was because several important Darens’ in the palace all went to the Prince’s Mansion this evening to celebrate the full moon ceremony of the two most noble grandchildren of the royal family.

As expected by Feng Tingye and the others, as soon as Xia Haotian and the Royal Concubine Roujia left, the defence in this palace became much more relaxed than usual. 

The full moon was high, casting solemn shadows under the towering and magnificent buildings. Under the forested houses, a few small silhouettes sneaked up and avoided the coming and going patrol team, as they rushed towards the big beams of another building. 

Feng Tingye poked his head out from behind the pillar and squinted slightly to look at the patrol that had just passed by not far away. Xia Yuqing poked out her small head from behind him, and looked curiously at the palace that could barely be called her birthplace.     

Although she and Feng Tingye came to the celebration banquet last time, they came and went in a hurry. Someone also led them on a fixed path, so Xia Yuqing didn’t see it clearly, but this time…     

“What’s wrong? Do you think this is a bit familiar?” Feng Tingye asked in a low voice, looking at Xia Yuqing’s probing look.     

Among all the people here, only he knew that Xia Yuqing was a transmigrator, and that she only had a vague memory of the original owner in her mind. As for how much she vaguely remembered, he didn’t know.     

“Well, no, I just thought this palace is very beautiful, different from Ye Kingdom.” Xia Yuqing was right. The customs and characteristics of each place were different, so the palaces of the four countries were not the same. But if Xia Yuqing were to decide which country’s palace was the best, Xia Yuqing would definitely answer Shu Kingdom. She had a soft spot for the tall palaces in Shu!     

Feng Tingye was taken aback, then smiled, “If you like the layout of this palace so much, after we return to Ye Kingdom, I will ask someone to build another palace for you to imitate this.”

When Xia Yuqing heard these words, the corners of her mouth twitched uncontrollably. She looked at Feng Tingye’s serious expression and couldn’t help but want to cover her face. She was just casually speaking. Your Majesty, can you just listen normally? Don’t make it so that she will have to carry the sin of wasting manpower and resources. This will cause damage to the country and cause suffering to the people, she really can’t afford it at all! 

Xia Yuqing’s inner person held their head in a frantic manner. They were thrown into chaos, and there was misery on her face, but it was not the case in the eyes of others. 

Shao Zitang and the others watched as these two guys dared to show their affection like no one else was there and the veins bursted on his head. He couldn’t bear it and said, “If you two have any sweet words for each other, can you do it behind closed doors when we go back? We are still standing on other people’s ground, we may get discovered at any time. If you don’t want to live anymore, I don’t want to accompany you to die!” 

Xia Yuqing was startled by Shao Zitang. She opened her two big eyes innocently and looked at him incomprehensibly: “Xiao Shangshu, you have been so angry recently, is it because you can’t satisfy your desires?”     

Towards Shao Zitang sabotaging the atmosphere, Feng Tingye felt a little unpleasant. He raised his eyebrows and followed along Xia Yuqing’s words: “Zitang, hasn’t Miss Yan been feeding you enough recently? Why are you directing your anger on us? Miss Yan, this is certainly yours right?”     

Yan Tingfang, who had been following Shao Zitang all the time, blushed. She had been in Yingchun Yuan for so long, but, she was still no match for Feng Tingye’s explicit questioning…     

“Wha……What are you talking about, me and her, we haven’t even…” It’s not just Yan Tingfang, even Shao Zitang, who only laughed at others on a daily basis and had never suffered from being teased before, was flushed with embarrassment by Feng Tingye’s words. 

“Hmm, is it possible that you guys still…” Xia Yuqing looked suspiciously at Shao Zitang. What Xiao Shangshu said…could it be that they are still pure?

It doesn’t make sense. Miss Yan ran out so boldly saying that she was going to give birth for him, how could he be so indifferent? ! Even if Xiao Shangshu was really Liu Xiahui, he surely can’t be that ignorant. Could it be that because Xiao Shangshu had practiced his family’s unique martial arts and his body stayed at the age of ten, that even the development of that aspect stayed at the age of ten???? The most important thing is maybe even though his figure has risen from the age of ten to a normal level, that aspect has not returned to normal? To put it simply, Xiao Shangshu…can’t lift it? !     

Shao Zitang watched Xia Yuqing staring at him. From the beginning of confusion to the sudden realization, then to the end, sympathy. He felt a chill behind him for no reason. This girl must be thinking about disorderly things about himself again.

The attention of several people were concentrated on Shao Zitang’s body. They did not notice at all that when Shao Zitang eagerly explained the relationship between the two, Yan Tingfang’s eyes showed a trace of lost. She bit her lips and hung her head slightly. Her right hand reached over to her left hand and slowly tightened.     

“Okay, you guys… We are here to save people, not to travel around enjoying the scenery, if you want to show your love or something, go back to your own home, then do whatever you like, don’t blind everyone here.” Yun Zhongyue stroked his forehead unbearably, then looked at a few people with contempt. It hurts seeing people show off their love in pairs in front of a lonely person! Going out this time, when will he be able to return to Ye Country and find his own Miss Lu Rui to lodge together and become a pair of birds flying close to each other?!     

“Um… I’m sorry, I forgot.” Xia Yuqing stuck out her tongue embarrassedly, then whispered as if she had discovered something, “Hey, what about the Prime Minister? Why did he disappear after a while?”     

Cui Er glanced at a few people, and said helplessly: “The Prime Minister couldn’t wait to leave first, so he left while Niang Niang was chatting.”     


The cool breeze in the night was seeping in from the window bit by bit as it mixed with the cold moonlight projected from the night sky.     

She knew that she couldn’t stand the slightest wind at this time, but somehow Xia Muyun wanted to stand at the window like this for a while.

With her right hand, she gently stroked her belly that was the size of a ball. Xia Muyun’s eyes were filled with worries and sorrows that shouldn’t appear in her eyes. 

She knew that this evening was the birthday ceremony for her two Royal nephews. Those two children were the eldest grandsons of the imperial family, and the emperor regarded them very seriously. He would definitely go there in person. The mansion of Eldest Royal Brother must be very lively, while the two child protagonists must also be enjoying the attention of everyone. 

Then what about the child in her stomach? In more than ten days, she will give birth. After she gave birth to him, how will he be treated? Would he be sent to a place she would never find? Would they never see each other again in her life, or should she directly… 

Xia Muyun’s hand that was stroking the belly suddenly tightened, her eyes showing a little unwillingness. This was her child, why should he be given to others? Why should others control his life and death? She was not reconciled, not reconciled! She only wanted this child to stay by her side safely, but why did this idea become a luxurious thought in the end? 

But what if she was unwilling? She was basically like a canary now. She could only stay helpless in this flashy cage built for her. She can’t go anywhere, unable to do anything! 

Xia Muyun leaned against the window, looking at the moonlight outside. Somehow tears in her eyes began to flow down.

This palace was originally where her Royal Mother lived. The most luxurious east palace in the entire palace. It may have been built because of guilt or other reasons, but after the death of her Royal Mother, no other woman had ever lived in this east palace. Even Imperial Concubine  Roujia, who was extremely favoured now, had never been allowed to move into this palace. So everything in this palace was exactly the same as before her mother left. People outside may praise Xia Haotian for this, but in her opinion, everything here was extremely ironic. The person was dead, so what’s the use of keeping these? 

Mother, did you stand in this spot countless times in the past, waiting for that man to think of you once? For him to come to see you? But you were still disappointed in the end. That man never showed any affection to you. Now your daughter seems to be on the same path as you, but your daughter is still convinced that this child’s father is not the same as him. 

Therefore, Leng Ruofeng, please don’t fail to live up to my expectations of you! Don’t violate our promise, come pick me up… pick me up! 

Drops of tears slid down Xia Muyun’s cheeks, dripping onto the window hinges. Others say that when a woman is about to give birth, they will be upset, weaker than usual, and lose their strength. The only strength she had left was now used to protect the child in her stomach. Therefore, in this dark night when no one could see her clearly, please allow her to indulge herself and let out all her anxiety and fear. 

Perhaps God heard Xia Muyun’s heartfelt voice. Xia Muyun, who was immersed in her own world, suddenly seemed to hear the calling of her name. This voice was so familiar that she was scared, afraid that it was just a dream. 

“Yun Er… Yun Er…”

That’s right, that’s the voice! Xia Muyun raised her head suddenly, and looked at the man who was not far away who cleanly and neatly with a hand knife, knocked down several guards guarding the area. Now he was walking towards her step by step. 

“Yun Er…” Leng Ruofeng’s face was still as expressionless as when she first saw it, but Xia Muyun felt like she was a crazy person. She could hear the endless passion from the other’s whispers. 

Leng Ruofeng quickly killed several of the guards who were closely monitoring the place without disturbing the other guards nearby. He put his hand on the window, and lightly crossed it and stood in front of Xia Muyun. He eagerly took Xia Muyun into his arms. 

Is this a dream? But how can dreams be so real? How can this person’s hug be so real? ! 

“Yun Er, are you crying?” Leng Ruofeng asked with some worry, seeing the tears on Xia Muyun’s face with sharp eyes. 

Xia Muyun hurriedly buried her face in Leng Ruofeng’s arms, and retorted reflexively: “What are you talking about? You saw the wrong thing, sand must have gotten into my eyes.” 

“Oh.” Leng Ruofeng did not point out Xia Muyun’s lie. He just tightened the hand holding Xia Muyun even more, and whispered a little guiltily: “I’m sorry, I’m late.” 

He was a person who didn’t understand these love stuff, but with a simple sentence, Xia Muyun only felt her strength had been completely exhausted. Her heart was beating faster than ever. It turned out… All her persistence was not just for such a sentence, it turned out that all she had always wanted was just this sentence! 

“It doesn’t matter, thank you.” Xia Muyun hugged Leng Ruofeng’s waist tightly. She finally couldn’t help but choke out in a low voice. Thank you for coming to me. Thank you for proving that my wait was worthwhile. Thank you for telling me that you are not like that man, that I would not be like my mother who had waited for a lifetime. 

Leng Ruofeng stroked the woman who was crying while clutching his clothes tightly in his arms. He didn’t say anything at this moment, but looked at everything about this person in his arms with guilt and doting eyes. 

He hadn’t seen her for a few months and she hadn’t changed much. Besides that, she actually seemed to be thinner and maybe it was because she was thinner, but the slightly bulging belly became more prudent. 

Inside there was their child! His and her child! Leng Ruofeng’s eyes, which had always been covered with a layer of ice, seemed to be the first melting of ice and snow. It shone with unusually bright stars. 

At first when he received the news, his whole body and mind were focused on Xia Muyun’s safety. Now that he has seen Xia Muyun pregnant, it was the first time since the news that he had the feeling that Xia Muyun was giving birth to a child for himself. Child, child, it’s their child.

Xia Muyun cried for a long time, as if she wanted to cry out all the grievances that she had suffered during this period. Leng Ruofeng let her vent to her heart’s content. After a while, Xia Muyun finally controlled her emotions. She wiped the tears from her face, and leaned into Leng Ruofeng’s arms a little embarrassedly. She turned her face away but asked awkwardly: “Why are you here? ” 

“I’m here to bring you and our child back.” Leng Ruofeng spoke as a matter of course. Xia Muyun blushed a little bit shyly. Although she had been hoping for Leng Ruofeng to come, now that Leng Ruofeng had really come, Xia Muyun felt that it was too beautiful to be true. 

Just as the two were lovingly preparing to confess their hearts, a somewhat unpleasant voice suddenly came in from the window: “Well, Third Royal Sister and Prime Minister Da Ren, although it seems a bit immoral to disturb you at this time, but we are now in a critical situation, should we first consider how to leave here first?” 

Xia Muyun was startled, and hurriedly got out from Leng Ruofeng’s arms. She walked around, and saw a familiar face lying at the window. Xia Yuqing was looking at them with a smile on her face. 

“Little Royal Sister, why are you here too?” Xia Muyun yelled in surprise after seeing the person’s face. 

“Hush, Third Royal Sister, of course we followed Prime Minister to pick you up and leave here. Tsk tsk tsk, this palace looks really beautiful!” Xia Yuqing laid down at the window, carefully looking at the luxurious building. She sighed involuntarily. 

Xia Muyun smiled: “This palace was where my mother used to live.”

“Your mother? Isn’t that… the former empress?” Xia Yuqing froze, touching her chin thoughtfully: “No wonder it looks so beautiful.” 

Seeing Xia Yuqing like this, Feng Tingye couldn’t help but tease: “Ai Fei, if you like it, after we go back, you can also make Xiefang Palace like this. Isn’t that okay? I don’t mind.” 

“…” Ultra Seme Lord, enough! Even if you don’t mind, I do! You can be the tyrannical prince that puts your people into labor and waste their wealth, but I don’t want to be the demon seductress who fascinates her master and ruins the people! If there is so much money with nowhere to be spent on, it is better to use it for milk powder money for the children or for future education funds. You must know that raising a child is very expensive, especially if there is more than one in the family! 

Xia Yuqing was speechless and gave Feng Tingye a glance. Feng Tingye received Xia Yuqing’s gaze and laughed instead of getting angry. In an instant, the pink bubbles between the two began to dance regardless of occasion. 

“…” Here it comes again! When a group of onlookers saw the two of them staring at each other, they knew that these two people were going to blind them again, so they turned their faces away together. 

Shao Zitang’s mouth twitched. Feeling that the two of them cannot be saved, he turned his gaze to Xia Muyun inside the house and asked, “How do you feel Third Princess? Can you move?” 

Xia Muyun touched her belly, biting her lip. She looked up firmly: “En, let’s go now.” She really didn’t want to stay in this place for a moment longer.

“Then we should get started, we don’t have much time. Let’s leave the capital before the banquet in His Royal Highness’s mansion is over.” 

“En.” Xia Muyun nodded. Stepping up, she was just about to step through the window, but because of her stomach, she couldn’t even climb up the window. 

Xia Muyun looked at the waist-height window. If she were placed in such a small window as before, she would be able to pass through it with just one jump. Why would it be necessary for her to stand so stupidly and stare at it, helpless? 

Just when Xia Muyun didn’t know what to do with this window, a hand suddenly supported her waist. Xia Muyun looked back quickly and saw Leng Ruofeng standing behind her. Although he was still expressionless, his eyes were clearly smiling. 

“Laughing, why are you laughing? Don’t laugh!” Xia Muyun’s face blushed. After seeing Leng Ruofeng, Xia Muyun’s depression was gone and her temper finally broke out again. 

Leng Ruofeng took her waist, “There was no laughing.” 

“…” Prime Minister, you really didn’t laugh on your face, but you laughed in your heart because your eyes had already betrayed you! 

Xia Muyun wanted to speak, but she heard Leng Ruofeng add another sentence: “Don’t force yourself, there is me here.” 

Xia Muyun was startled. Before she had time to delve into the meaning of Leng Ruofeng’s words, she saw Leng Ruofeng lower himself. Holding her waist with one hand, and the other going around her knees, with a slight effort, he actually carried her into his arms. Suddenly they were flying into the sky. Xia Muyun was startled. She reflexively stretched out her hand to embrace Leng Ruofeng’s neck. After reflecting on what she had done, her cheeks turned red.

Xia Yuqing gasped. Wow, it turned out that when the Prime Minister is considerate, it looks like this! It’s really bright and blinding. He just simply and roughly carried Third Royal Sister out abruptly like a little bird, it’s simply too awesome! Sure enough, there has never been a lack of beauty in this world, but the eyes that discover beauty are lacking! Why had she never noticed that under Iceberg Prime Minister’s cold facial paralysis, there was such a passionate heart burning inside? ! 

Xia Yuqing’s gaze was too explicit. It was hard for Xia Muyun not to notice. In an instant, her face became even more red. She hugged Leng Ruofeng’s neck tightly with her hands and buried her face in his arms. In her heart: forget it, just look at what you want. It’s fine as long as this person is still by her side.

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