FMEA Chapter 59

Chapter 59 Getting a Cheap Master

Shoutout to our editor pulling through! So here are the three chapters for the rest of August!

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Sure enough, Xu Lao’s face eased, but he still seemed to be not quite satisfied: “Hearing you call me Shifu still seems quite old, no… Gui Nu, how about this. I’ll take you as a disciple, but you won’t refer to me as Shifu, you’ll call me… Xu Ge.”
Gui nu = maiden; unmarried woman
Ge = brother

“…” The group of people who were trying to confirm the identity of that person was stupefied. Capable of making such a speech, if it’s not him who else could it be!

“…” The corner of her mouth twitched; Xia Yuqing silently looked at the sky. As expected that refined god like expert was all a lie. This god wants to be a youth again? Not using any common sense to make this move, do you want me to make you an object to be admired?

“Ai Fei, it’s just a title. Xu Lao doesn’t mind, so you should just…” Just as Xia Yuqing finished ridiculing him in her head, she suddenly felt a cold shiver. Turning around to look, she could see Feng Tingye giving her a gentle smile.

“…” Ultra Seme Lord, Are you trying to play mental games? That’s a smile with evil intentions!

People under other’s roof must bow their heads! Xia Yuqing, who silently wiped the cold sweat off her forehead, turned and smiled: “Xu Ge”

Xu Lao’s eyes were bright and smiled as if he was Maitreya Buddha: “Good, good, good, you’re an obedient child. From now on you are Lao Fu’s disciple. This Lao Fu will definitely teach you everything I’ve learned in my lifetime and will never wrong you.”
Lao fu = old man

“…” Everyone was dumbstruck, staring at Xu Lao tightly clutching the stiff Xia Yuqing. All of them sympathetically sighing within their heart: Cheap people are invincible!

Therefore that certain someone had carelessly used coercion to become the close disciple of a certain national treasure. At the moment, she had completely no idea how much her identity has risen among the five countries and the waves she had created. Furthermore, she did not know how much more trouble she will get into because of this identity in the future. Of course, these words will be for later.

After that, Xia Yuqing and old manXu spluttered and swept away to make the perfect design which fell into Feng Tingye’s hands. In addition, he had scheduled in advance for Xia Yuqing to accompany Xu Lao to complete the construction of the dam as supervisors. Remarkably, he had taken Xia Yuqing as the reserve army of Xu Lao, the kind of wood that has money!

In this regard, Xia Yuqing said that money is an extraneous thing, having things to eat and to drink is the way of a king. She had only one small requirement, that is, they must not disclose to anyone that she has participated in this matter. If they really had to push someone out, then let one of the three Da Rens go.

When Feng Tingye and the others heard Xia Yuqing’s request, they were indeed bewildered for a while. Asking Xia Yuqing for her reasons, what they got was Xia Yuqing’s roll of her eyes displaying her impatience.
This is all just an early preparation for the future of you guys engaging in homosexual relations!

If there is one day in the future where the Ultra Seme Lord needed to get back on the right path to finally embark on the road to the foundation of Datong of engaging in homosexual relations, then the three Da Re’s will be bearing the brunt of it. They would exactly be like those few grassy stems at the side of a rabbit’s nest!

By then, when the whole nation is shocked from the news, those who spent time with their emperor engaging in special relations would not only be dedicating their bodies to the heaven and earth but also be saving the people in the midst of troubled times. They would be a living Buddha. As the saying goes, if people had helped them out before they would think twice before doing anything. At that time, she does not believe that those who were rescued would dare to do anything to split the couple up. At that time, she can… righteously be an onlooker… huhuhu …

Her own painstaking efforts could not be conveyed to the hearts of the several people. Xia Yuqing could not help but observe the suspicion of Feng Tingye and the others, so she made a profound reply: “Chen Qie just wants to peacefully be a married palace woman.” Peacefully turning the Ultra Seme Lord to become gay, peacefully developing his harem, and to peacefully watch everything!

“…..” Knowing Xia Yuqing’s temperament and seeing Xia Yuqing behave this way, they can’t help but tremble. Silently retreating a few steps back, this Ya Tou must be calculating something. The only thing they knew was that whatever she was thinking about was definitely something they didn’t want to know about or be a part of!

Xu Lao who did not truly understand Xia Yuqing’s nature upon seeing his personal disciple wanting to withdraw from worldly affairs could not help but be in awe.

Talented but did not want the fame, only content to help share the burdens of the harem with His Majesty, what a noble woman! What a virtuous woman! No wonder they say that for each successful man, there must be a woman who silently supports and invests her energy to help him. For His Majesty, this woman would undoubtedly be Qing Fei Niang Niang! To have such a lovely wife, the emperor is really blessed! Why can’t us ordinary people also meet such a fair beautiful woman?
Qing Fei Niang Niang = Imperial Concubine Qing

Xia Yuqing didn’t even have the slightest awareness that her own words of sorrow had caused her to inadvertently reap many praises. Even more was that she did not even know that following the dinner of Prince Rui, she has once again became the talk of the country, sung praises of, and with stories and deeds that captures the imagination that spread far and wide.

It is precisely the phrase “To have the intention, the flower will not grow; no intention, and the garden will be filled with flowers”. These all made an influence, but by the time Xia Yuqing found out, it would be too late. That’s what for many thing…. It is just fate! Amen!

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  1. Though humorous, the extreme maniacal obsession to want EVERY man that looks better than a toad to be gay and even want to force such a scenario is offputting even if this is meant to be a parody of gen-ben situations.
    It is equivalent to some guy drooling over wanting to see lesbian twincest to point of trying to slip narcotics in drinks and watch. not cute… just creepy, disrespectful and inconsiderate to a point far past a dirty girl and just psychotic.
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