FMEA Chapter 60

Chapter 60 Refuse to comply? Deduct their wages!

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Even though they have settled on the design matter, but the biggest problem was still not resolved yet and that was the…. funds.

Even though this thing could benefit the people, but it is also considered a project that’s a waste of manpower and human resources. Without funds to open the path, everything would just be done in vain. Feng Tingye wanted to dig some money out of the mouths of the civil and military officers but doing that is harder than hard.

As Xia Yuqing watched on as a bystander expecting a certain someone to erupt again and to irrationally rake up the nation’s hard earned wealth, it is no wonder that His Majesty is Xia Yuqing’s number one most immoral and despicable person. He once again made a glass shattering decision.

Three days later, a hundred officials in morning court, His Majesty had a worried expression and watery eyes, he spoke grievously towards his officials: “ For the past few years, the north, the south, and various lands have unceasingly had natural disasters. Zhen deeply feels that the heavens are appointing this mission to our Ye Country, bringing suffering to my people’s body and starving my people’s stomach.

Although Zhen knows that this a test from heavens, however, in the end, Zhen can’t bear it, the heavens trying to give birth to new life. Zhen and the officials as the citizen’s parents, how could we helplessly watch our children suffer while we enjoy the pleasures of life by ourselves? Hence, Zhen had decided that from today on, the harem and officials will have their salary reduced in half to share the sorrows of the victims of the natural disaster.

Once these words came out, without an exception every single official was alarmed. Lifting their heads to look at Feng Tingye who was bemoaning the state of the country, they looked at each other in dismay. Finally all agreeing by chance, they looked towards the three senior figures of the court. The previous Imperial Tutor Yuan Chenhuan quickly exclaimed: “Your Majesty, please reconsider. The salary of the officials is like…”

Before he could finish, Feng Tingye gave him a glance and righteously interrupted him: “Tai Shi, could it be that you are unwilling to share hardships with Zhen and the country’s citizens? Well, Tai Shi is already at that age and wouldn’t be able to handle this kind of suffering. With the court’s bustling affairs, Zhen thinks that your spirit is willing but your body is weak. There is no harm in retiring and returning home.”

Yuan Chenhuan’s eyes widened and his body began to tremble and falter. Finally, with great difficulty, he stabilized himself and forced a smile on his face: “Your Majesty, Lao Chen’s strength is still vigorous and is thinking about working for Ye Country for another few years. I want to thank the previous emperor and Your Majesty for their kindness. It is just that Chen thinks that the salary was set by our previous ancestors. If Your Majesty decides to change what the previous generation has set down, if this spreads, I’m afraid it will damage Your Majesty’s illustrious reputation and honour. Your Majesty sympathizing with the citizens is something I also take personally. That’s why Lao Chen has another idea. Thinking about all these victims of disaster, I would like to voluntarily offer up ten thousand silvers to aid disaster relief. Lao Chen believes that all the officials here and Your Majesty all have the same heart and idea. Gathering the strength from the officials, then Your Majesty wouldn’t be breaking rules set up by the ancestors and can also save hundreds of victims, two birds with one stone.

Feng Tingye stared at the impassioned Yuan Chenhuan: “Tai Shi, that is a magnificent idea.” Turning towards the group in court. “How does everyone else feel?”

Being stared at by Feng Tingye’s weak smile that had a hidden icy aura, all of the officials gave a little shudder. Each and every single one of them hurriedly bowed their heads and echoed each other: “We all agree with what Tai Shi had just said. We are all willing to spare no efforts in sharing Your Majesty’s troubles and worries. We would not hesitate to offer our lives.”

Feng Tingye was incredibly satisfied. His lips hooking up in the corners: “Then it will be as Tai Shi had said. Now, this matter has been decided.”

It was mid-afternoon when Xia Yuqing had heard of this heroic deed through the mouth of the person involved.

After hearing the entire thing, Xia Yuqing had thought that this man knew no shame.

Oh god, shameless, completely shameless! Ultra Seme Lord, could you get any more shameless? This kind of if you don’t do anything then I’ll deduct your wages and if they try to resist then they’ll get sacked. Could you be anymore treacherous?!

His appearance was that of the Holy Mother bemoaning the state of the world wanting to deliver all living things from suffering, but in fact was straight menace and threats! Allowing you to voluntarily fish out money for disaster relief but you won’t do it? Fine! Then there will be a salary reduction by half with no expiry date. If you don’t want the short pain, then you’ll get a long pain. Trying to rebel? Okay! If you’re not willing to obey, then you’re fired. Go retire and head home!

Experience tells us that a dark **oss who schemes, the first person to be played to death will definitely not be the boss himself!

“If only these misers could speak like this all the time, then there would be no problems and Xi Bei’s drought wouldn’t have killed so many.” Yan Ran who was sitting across from Xia Yuqing sighed with sorrow as he spoke these words.

“Xi Bei still has droughts?” Xia Yuqing asked as she gnawed on the fat slice of tangerine in her hand.

“Yes, Ye Country’s area is too fine and long. The north would often have droughts while the south often had floods, the people have no way of getting by. I feel as if my head is ready to explode!” Yan Ran stared anxiously at the tangerine within Xia Yuqing’s hand. That tangerine is one of the new sugar tangerine offerings, those tangerines aren’t too rare but one that is that fat and juicy can only be found at the Empress Dowagers. Knowing that Xia Yuqing enjoys eating those things, the Empress Dowager had actually given it all to her, everyone can clearlh see how treasured this daughter-in-law is.

“The north has droughts and the south has floods? Then it’s just Nan Shui Bei Diao, that would simplify matters!” Xia Yuqing was busy eating, so she didn’t even realize she had accidentally said some frightening words.

“Ai Fei, what kind of theory is that?”

“Nan Shui Bei Diao is just….” Xia Yuqing suddenly lifted her head up to see four people staring at her with glossy eyes causing the tangerine in her mouth fall to the ground with a plop.

“What?” Feng Tingye lifted his eyebrow as he gave her an eye and a face that said if you don’t speak, you will die making Xia Yuqing be under a great amount of pressure.

Silently, tears started to gather within her eyes. Ultra Seme Lord, couldn’t you redirect those flirtatious eyes to those Da Ren sitting over there? I really… can’t accept it.

“Cough Cough, Nan Shui Bei Diao basically means… flooding is rather common in the coastal area of Huai Nan so when establishing a dam all those superfluous water should be redirected to the drought areas in the north to help bring relief to the drought conditions. This way both the north and the south would receive disaster relief, two birds with one stone….”

“…..” They all faced each other an eye, then after a while did Yan Ran speak: “Why do those words sound so familiar?”

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