FMEA Chapter 61

Chapter 61 My family has a small scholar

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“The previous emperor seemed to have mentioned something similar before. Unfortunately because of the insufficient funding it was left unsettled.” Shao Zitang thought deeply before recollecting.

Subsequently, the three people once again looked towards Feng Tingye and saw that he was in deep thought. Then he waved his hand as if it was not his responsibility, he spoke straightforwardly: “At that time, my father didn’t do it because the citizens weren’t prosperous and the treasury was empty. But now that our treasury is thriving, our officials are bravely advancing, this is the perfect opportunity to take the construction of the dam to another level. Then it’s decided.”

“….” In a moment, Xia Yuqing’s tangerine that was in her hands once again fell on to the ground, rolling a few times before it landed before Yan Ran’s feet.

She was saying whatever came to her mind, so how did it turn out like this? Waahhh, Your Majesty, is it okay for important national events to be decided so recklessly? Also, your “everything’s okay, I have money” that kind of expression on your face, what is with that? Oh, almighty Ultra Seme Lord, if you continue to break down like this then you’ll be abandoned!

“Then following that, we will have to rely on Xu Lao and …. Ai Fei.” With evil intentions, Feng Tingye leans close to Xia Yuqing’s ear and whispers it softly. This successfully shocks Xia Yuqing to shiver and raise goosebumps.

“Ahahhaha, of course. You dont have to be polite.” Xia Yuqing looked at Feng Tingye who had eyes full of interest. Her whole body shivered once again and her heart was at a complete loss. As expected if you don’t feign death, then you won’t die. I’ll let you run your lowly mouth, let your mouth run free. This would be good because you’ll get even more attention.

But real soon Xia Yuqing would realize her misgivings would be superfluous because in the next following bit, she will become just like a spinning top ordered to go around and around in circles. She would have absolutely no energy to think about anything not to mention Feng Tinye socializing with others.

Since accepting her as a personal disciple, Xu Lao was unwilling to leave the palace. Seeing that he was teaching Xia Yuqing so passionately and looking favorably on it, Feng Tingye especially had someone tidy up a quiet courtyard for Xu Lao to temporarily live in.

From then on, Xia Yuqing’s parasitic lifestyle was gone forever. The entire day she would be running back and forth from her own residence to Xu Lao’s courtyard and from time to time she would go pay her respects to the Empress Dowager and the main culprit of this incident. Now she had fallen and become the focal character everyone would notice!

“My young disciple, come over here quick. Help me take out the wooden pegs on this mechanism.”

“Coming, Shifu.” Hearing the shout from inside, Xia Yuqing rolled her eyes vulgarly towards the sky and resigned herself to this fate.

“What Shifu, just call me Xu Ge.” An unsatisfied voice came from inside.

Xia Yuqing stopped her footsteps her mouth drawing out into a line. “….. Ok, Xu Ge.”

“Who would havbe thought that the famous Consort Qing would actually be here doing labour?” An annoying amused laughter could be heard from the door. As Xia Yuqing squinted her eyes at the sudden appearance of Yan Ran she replied with great hatred: “Why, Gorgeous Grand Tutor, why are you so idle to have time to come to this secluded area?”

If you’re coming, why do you have to even bring a young scholar. Can’t you see that this sister is so tired she’s about to go to heaven? Whatever handsome thing, everyone just leave!

However that young scholar looked nice and fair and was actually quite handsome. He actually resembled a pretty, young, and submissive gigolo!

She has been together with the Gorgeous Grand Tutor for such a long time but how had she never noticed that he had another partner?

In fact, that face looks….extremely familiar. Wait a minute ….

Xia Yuqing’s eyes shrank, her mouth opening wide. She then unconsciously retreated back a few steps, staring intently at the young scholar. Nearly blasting out profanity: What, isn’t that person a female disguised as a man, the same one who pretended to be an eunuch to assassinate the Ultra Seme Lord?!

“It seems like Consort Qing is quite busy at the moment. Chen has seen everything so I’ll take my leave first.” Yan Ran seemed as if he felt that Xia Yuqing’s ill gaze. Just when he was about to slide away with his tag along, Xia Yuqing beat him by a step and blocked his path.

“You think you can just leave?” Xia Yuqing had a cheap smile on her face, her gaze sweeping over the two. “Ben Gong was saying how since that day His Majesty mentioned an assassin we haven’t seen her at all. So it turns out that you’re using your golden house to hide your mistress. Ohohoho, don’t think that just because you changed your sockpuppet* that I wouldn’t be able to recognize you. My eyes are as bright as snow.”
A sockpuppet is an online identity used for purposes of deception

“…..” Yan Ran eye’s bright and full of expression stared at Xia Yuqing’s face that had a strange facial expression that said ‘I’ve caught you having an illicit lover’. This is… going to be a pain in the ass.

“Assassin?” The young scholar looked confused as they stared at Xia Yuqing pointing at them.

In response, Yan Ran feeling something not good is happening directly hauled Xia Yuqing in one direction, increasing the distance between the two.

“What are you doing? I’m not finished speaking yet! That assassin….” Just when Xia Yuqing was about to protest, Yan Ran beat her to it and blocked her mouth and made a be silent gesture.

“Ughhh, my little devil. I put in so much effort to convince her, why would you at this time give me trouble!”

“Convince her? Convince her for what?” Using strength to push away Yan Ran’s hand, she accidentally used too much strength and….

“Aaghhh….” Yan Ran clasped his almost dislocated wrist, tearily looking at Xia Yuqing. Damn it. Why hasn’t Tingye told her yet? Also, this Ya Tou’s so strong!

Feeling embarrassed, she rubbed her hands and then placed it behind her back: “So you were saying about the assassin…”

“She lost her memory.” Yan Ran pitifully looked at her and replied comprehensively.

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