FMEA Chapter 62

Chapter 62 Revenge for the damaged throat

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“What?” Xia Yuqing looked startled then her eyes brightened. As if she was a soul from the eight divinatory trigrams of the Book of Changes that had just ignited, her eyes were shining as she stared at Yan Ran.

Being stared at by her as if he was prey, he took a deep breath before speaking: “That day when we captured the Ya Tou, Consort Qing you were also there. So I am presuming you also saw how His Majesty subdued that assassin?”

Rubbing her chin, Xia Yuqing tried to recall: “Could it be that… hand knife that directly caused her to lose her memories?”

Living up to expectations, Yan Ran nodded his head. In an instant, Xia Yuqing’s mouth formed into an o shape. As expected, the Ultra Seme Lord really set a new record. That small, miniscule hand blade could actually cause a flowery maiden to lose her memories? In comparison, in those period dramas of people jumping off cliffs, aren’t people who lose their memories from bumping their heads when they fall down stairs a bit too weak?

After a short minute of being surprised, her hand that was rubbing her chin came up to cover her mouth. Prodding the person beside her, she lowered her voice: “Even if she did lose her memories, why would she be in your hands?

Speak, Gorgeous Grand Tutor. Have you taken a fancy to her?”

You have the Ultra Seme Lord and you still dare to womanize?! It was fine that you got spotted with the minister the other time; although it was quite unfortunate that he was also a pampered and lovable Uke! However this time you dare extend your reach to a frail girl’s body!? That person is a woman even if she dresses up as a man and hides her gender, she still has her inherent female features! Being a qualified fujoshi, she hated double plugs who would eat from the bowl but look at the pot the most!

Seeing that Xia Yuqing gaze was becoming increasingly stranger, Yan Ran’s mouth drew into a line then cleared his throat to explain: “Niang Niang, you have misunderstood. She is only with Chen because of some unfinished grievances with her.”

“Personal grievances?”

Yan Ran’s eyes glanced around then unwillingly lowered his voice to answer her: “Consort Qin, do you still remember that Chen’s residence also encountered a robber causing Chen to suffer an injury?”

Xia Yuqing thought about it for a while then finally understood what Yan Ran was referring to: “Is this the rapist who stole Gorgeous Grand Tutor’s chrysanthemum, the one who caused you to shout until you damaged your throat?”

Veins popping out from his forehead, he gritted his teeth and replied: “Chen was ambushed, laughed the entire night, laughed until I hurt my throat!”

Shocked by his sudden sinister facial expressions, Xia Yuqing did a little jump then laughed: “Ahaha, yes, it was Ben Gong’s error. It was because Grand Tutor got hit by …. San Xiao Xiao Yao pill that’s why you lost your voice!”
San Xiao Xiao Yao = Unfettered Three Laughs

Hearing the words ‘lost voice’, the colour on Yan Ran’s face became gloomy, but feeling that it wasn’t right to get angry at the innocent Xia Yuqing, he could only swallow this down: “That pill was bestowed by her.”

“Bestowed by her? So this must mean that she was ringleader who caused you to lose your voice?”

His whole body stiffened: “You’re right. Even though she has lost her memory, she is still an assassin. Since she is still alive, we shouldn’t let this opportunity slip by. Furthermore just because she lost her memory doesn’t mean this grudge will disappear. The enmity of my damaged throat is absolutely irreconcilable. At least allow Chen to enslave her for a little while before we speak.”

“…..” As expected, birds of a feather flock together. Each and every one of them putting on airs and their conscience each smaller than the next. In addition, that love together kill together drama, isn’t Gorgeous Grand Tutor and Ultra Seme Lord just putting on a show. Rather, playing around with that assassin, won’t that just become ***!

“You’re not scared that she might have a sudden spasm and gain all her memories back and once again bestow you another San Xiao Xiao Yao pill?”

Yan Ran’s smiling expression becomes rigid but quickly recovers, then spoke as if he was proud of himself: “The same mistake, how could Chen fall for the same trick twice?”

Feeling as if it was beneath her, Xia Yuqing stared at his stupid grin. In her heart, she was silently ridiculing him for being so blindly arrogant. He does not realize how easy it is for the boat to flip over.

At the moment, Xia Yuqing and Yan Ran had no idea that in the future there would be a day where her exact words would become a prophecy. Yan Ran had no idea he was about to suffer a defeat, a defeat where he can’t even recover from! Let’s just silently light a candle for our Gorgeous Grand Tutor’s future sufferings.

“Niang Niang, Nu Bi is here to give you and Xu Lao Qian Bei some food.” A gentle voice broke apart the whispering between the two.
Qian Bei = senior; older generation

Hearing the news, Xia Yuqing at once abandoned Yan Ran, making a beeline towards the young maiden carrying the embroidered box: “Cui Er, you’ve finally came. Shifu and I are about to starve to death. Quickly, let me see what you brought today.”

“……” Suddenly, Yan Ran realized that he was not as charming as a meal.

In response, Cui Er gently smiled and opened the embroidered box: “The kitchen has prepared Niang Niang’s favourite Dongpo pork shoulders and Xiu Lao Qianbei’s Yan Su Ji.”
Yan Su Ji = Deep fried salted chicken

“Cui Er, as expected you are truly the best.”

Seeing Xia Yuqing start to drool just from looking at the items before her, Cui Er laughed. After cleaning up a bit of the mess on the table she gently said: “Then, Niang Niang, Nu Bi will leave first.”

Knowing that Xu Lao didn’t like outsiders staying for long, Xia Yuqing didn’t try to keep her any longer, but sadly sent Cui Er off.

While walking past Yan Ran, Cui Er gave a respectful bow, “Grand Tutor”, and quickly left the courtyard.

But Yan Ran was a bit stunned. He suddenly recalled Feng Tingye mentioning a strange Ya Tou by Xia Yuqing’s side. Could it be the one before his eyes?

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