FMEA Chapter 63

Chapter 63 The Scoundrel way of hitting on someone

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Yan Ran was originally still in deep thought when the small scholar who came with him appeared out of nowhere behind his body. This is when he recalled his original intentions in coming here. Turning around to face Xia Yuqing, he said: “Consort Qing, Chen came to visit you today because I wanted to tell you something. Your two royal elder brothers hearing news about Ye Country not being peaceful and furthermore that you faced an assassin to save your husband heroically are extremely concerned. This is why they are both rushing over to the capital. Within a few days, they should arrive to reunite with Niang Niang. Since I have passed the news, Chen will excuse himself.”

After speaking, Yan Ran didn’t even give Xia Yuqing an opportunity to speak. Dragging the small scholar, he sprinted off chasing after the direction that Cui Er headed towards.

Xia Yuqing watched the table full of dishes and started to salivate. Her claws couldn’t help but gravitate towards the Yan Sui Ji that was closest to her. After breaking off the leg with great difficulty, she suddenly heard Yan Ran’s words. With that sudden sound, the chicken leg in her hand dropped into fthe scalding lotus seed soup making a big splash. Xia Yuqing was currently too busy to pay any attention to this though, in her mind was only one thought.

Her two older brothers wanted to come see her! Her family in name only were coming! Her forged identity is going to be exposed! If the Ultra Seme Lord is angry, the results would be detrimental! She’ll become a roasted pig!

In other words…. she’s dead!

Running hurriedly, Yan Ran chased after the direction Cui Er headed towards. Finally when he was by the side of a pond, he saw Cui Er who just returned back to Xie Fang palace hall.

Squinting his eyes, after a few take offs and landings, he jumped in front of Cui Er blocking her path.

Seeing Yan Ran, Cui Er was startled. Subsequently she gave a bow: “Respects to the Grand Tutor. Does the Grand Tutor have something to request of Nu Bi?”

Yan Ran made a constipated smile: “So if I have nothing important, I can’t come find Miss Cui Er?”

“Of course you can. It is just that Nu Bi still has some stuff to do at Xie Fan palace hall. If the Grand Tutor doesn’t have any important matters then Cui Er will take one’s leave.” Without changing her smiling expression, she gave a nod towards Yan Ran. Then when she was about to make a detour around him, she was blocked off by Yan Ran’s stretched out arm.

Looking at the arm in front of her, she said indifferently: “Grand Tutor you are blocking Nu Bi’s path.”

Smiling, Yan Ran turned his head to face her: “Miss Cui Er, what you just said is wrong. This road is open for everyone. Miss Cui Er can walk this path and so can this Grand Tutor. You and I walking on this same path is just coincidence. How about we walk together?”

The tightly following young scholar once hearing their family master say these words couldn’t help but stiffen. It’s just that seeing this kind of scoundrel and lecherous method of hitting on someone…. seems so familiar.

Being blocked and being taken liberties with, the good temperament Cui Er was getting angry. But remembering the other person’s identity, she took a deep breath and compromised: “Grand Tutor, what would you like to speak to Nu Bi about? Nu Bi can accompany you but after that Nu Bi will have to go off and do work.”

Seeing Cui Er like this, Yan Ran let out a breath of relief. His smiling deepened then being given a foot but wanting a mile he reached out and grabbed Cui Er’s hand and teased: “If Miss Cui Er is willing we can find a secluded place with no one around then recite poetry about life’s philosophy and admire beautiful flowers. Together we… ”

“We are within the palace. Grand Tutor, please conduct yourself properly.” Cui Er’s smiling expression was completely wiped away, now she was staring expressionlessly at Yan Ran who was latched onto her arm. Within her eyes, they were twinkling with a murderous aura.

“Does Miss Cui Er mean… as long as we are not within the palace then Gu Niang would accept this Grand Tutor’s suggestion?”
Gu Niang = young lady; young woman

“…..” In Cui Er’s entire life, this is the first time she had ever met someone so shameless. After being shocked for a moment, her heart was fuming.

“Thank you, Grand Tutor, for thinking so highly of me, but Nu Bi comes from a lowly background. To avoid ruining Da Ren’s illustrious name, Da Ren please reconsider.”

“Cui Er Gu Niang please do not be so modest. Cui Er Gu Niang is genuine and beautiful, since the first day I laid eyes on you, I couldn’t forget you. If you accept, I’ll immediately go to Consort Qing to get her to bestow you to me and from this day onward, I will treat you like treasure.” Seeing that Cui Er can’t seem to endure any longer, Yan Ran’s eyes turned mischievous and he threw out his final move, giving her a finger curling cheesy confession. He truly does not believe that after all this antic that this girl could still hold her composure!

The young scholar approaching closer and closer to Yan Ran started to get goosebumps, not to mention Cui Er who was directly in front of him. It was like a cold draft causing them to shudder.

A flint of danger could be seen within her eyes. From the corner of her eyes, she was eyeing the approaching young scholar: “Grand Tutor, if you have words to say please let go of Nu Bi’s arm first. You are hurting Nu Bi’s arms.”

Yan Ran hesitated but in the end he let go of her hands and this was the exact moment Cui Er was waiting for. Both her hands pushed out in front and while she was sparing no effort to push him, she also looked for an opportunity to kick out her right leg. Kicking him aside, his body went flying directly into the young scholar’s …. waist.

“Aaaghh….” After stabilizing with great difficulty using the figure beside him, he gave a little jump when a sharp scream surprised him. Jumping back reflexively, he saw two hands making threatening gestures towards him.

“Plop….” With a loud splash, the water splashed up high in the air. Yan Ran bobbing up and down after choking on a few mouthfuls of water finally understood the meaning of ‘don’t be afraid of a god like opponent but a pig like teammate’.

Oh god, you’re grabbing on to me too. The labour can’t swim!

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