FMEA Chapter 64

Chapter 64 Life Saving Rice Straw

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After eyeing the two flopping around in the water with cold eyes for a long time, Cui Er finally let out a chilling smile. Crying out in fear as she ran out: “Oh no, the Grand Tutor has fallen in the water. In the water.”

“…..” Yan Ran spat out bubbles. Unable to speak and concentrating on not choking, this labour really can’t swim!

Hearing the news, a group of imperial bodyguards came to fish the two out. Yet, Yan Ran has already accumulated a belly full of water. It took an incredible effort to finally spit out all the water in his belly like a whale spouting water from his back.

Giving a sweep everywhere, he discovered that a certain person had already disappeared without a trace. Yan Ran coughed again spitting out some water and cursed: “I’ve let her get away but….” but it wasn’t all done for nothing. At least it has confirmed that this Ya Tou was indeed as Feng Tingye mentioned… not a simple character. Merely… the cost to verify this was too much.

Just when Yan Ran was still at a loss at how his legendary reputation has been destroyed in one day, how his gains has not made up for his loss, everyone including him did not realize that the other person fished up had a pair of gloomy eyes. After being scoured down by the pond water, washing away her initial foolish expression, when she was looking at Yan Ran, a trace of chill flashed by. This is how tragedy can get buried!

Meanwhile, on the other side knowing that their own royal elder brother was on the road to come visit her, the next few days were filled with depression. She would from time to time stare out into space and sigh deeply.

Knowing that her royal brother was on the way to the capital, Xu Lao thought that she was feeling homesick. Because she was living in a foreign land,in the eve before seeing her relatives, he decided not to make it difficult for her and allowed her a few days off. However the fact was…..

The crossing through time god must be thinking she is having too good of a time and must not feel delighted. Otherwise why would those reportedly royal brothers who took delight in bullying her would come over now? What if when they come over and discover that their easily bullied unfortunate little sister isn’t the same and then decide that she is an enemy spy? Or what if the Ultra Seme Lord and her royal brothers speak of her and discover that she is a fake? Lying to the monarch is a massive crime, she could be sentenced to Wu Ma Fen Shi, Ling Chi Chu Si or Kao Ru Zhu!
Wu Ma Fen Shi= Separated into five pieces by attaching a rope to one’s head, arms and legs to a horse and have them run away from the body
Ling Chi Chu Si =Execution by a thousand mini cuts
Kao Ru Zhu = Burned to death like a roasted pig

Xia Yuqing silently covered her face. She was too tired!

“Niang Niang, what’s wrong? Are you worried that your royal brothers will make it difficult for you, Niang Niang? Niang Niang…. Niang Niang, you have already married into Ye Country and is a person from Ye Country now. Even if Niang Niang’s brothers don’t like you, they would still have to give some respect to Ye Country. Furthermore, His Majesty dotes on Niang Niang so much and would never let anyone hurt Niang Niang. Niang Niang, you don’t have to be concerned at all.”

Seeing that Xia Yuqing kept on sighing for the past several days as if this setback would cause her to collapse, she felt anxious for her and finally couldn’t hold back her comforting words.

In her heart, she also started to form a grudge towards those royal brothers she has never met before. Their Niang Niang although was a bit foolish, a bit dumb, but her personality was adorable and energetic, considerate and kind hearted. Those heartless fellows, how dare they bully Niang Niang? Just because Niang Niang came from a humble background, this just makes people furious!

The completely oblivious Lu Rui already using her strong imagination have already thought up a melodramatic family soap opera, while Xia Yuqing powerlessly lying there was just about to retort a few words when she suddenly discovered something then lifted her head up to stare at Lu Rui.

“Lu Rui… what did you just say? Did you just say that my two older brothers always made things difficult for me?”

Lu Rui was surprised then innocently replied: “I heard this from Cui Er Jiejie. Didn’t Cui Er Jiejie follow you since childhood? When Nu Bi just started serving Niang Niang, I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to service you properly so I had spoken to Cui Er Jie Jie before to ask about Niang Niang’s customs….”

Recalling that talking about your Master’s personal matters was equivalent to a crime, Lu Rui immediately kneeled down: “Niang Niang, Nu Bi did not do this intentionally. Nu Bi just wanted to understand Niang Niang a bit better.

Niang Niang, please don’t blame Cui Er Jiejie. It was Nu Bi who asked her. She isn’t the least bit responsible for this. Nu Bi is willing to take on all responsibility. Please pardon Cui Er Jiejie, Niang Niang.”

“You were standing properly, why did you suddenly kneel down?” Xia Yuqing was shocked by Lu Rui’s sudden movements. Then understanding what was happening, her eyes lit up.

Right, Cui Er was a maid that had grown up with the original owner. For matters concerning the original host, she would know even more than her. If the words just came out of her mouth, then…

The vile character within Xia Yuqing’s heart started to laugh: “Lu Rui, you stand up first. Where is Cui Er right now?”

Lu Rui’s whole body shook. Thinking that Xia Yuqing was looking for someone to blame, she hesitated a bit before answering: “Ou… Outside.”

At once she loudly yelled with a passionate voice: “Cui Er!”

“Niang Niang?” In a second, Cui Er looking alarmed quickly ran in from outside anxiously asking: “Niang Niang, why did you call Nu Bi so anxiously? Is something wrong?”

“Of course there is something, something extremely important.” Xia Yuqing’s eyes were sparkling as she stared at Cui Er with anticipation.

Being stared at like that, Cui Er uncomfortably stepped back: “Important matter?”

“Since you have been by my side since I was a child, you surely know my relationships with my royal siblings, right?”

Cui Er’s eyebrows lifted up, her eyes full of suspicion she asked: “Niang Niang, Nu Bi naturally knows your relationships with your royal siblings. It’s only Niang Niang… these kind of things, shouldn’t you know even better than Nu Bi?”

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