FMEA Chapter 65

Chapter 65 Da Jiu Zi has arrived!

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Chapter 65 Da Jiu Zi has arrived!
Jiu Zi = your mother’s brother; uncle
Da Jiu Zi = your mothers brother; your oldest uncle

After hearing what was said, Xia Yuqing made a lovely face as if she was in the midst of suffering: “Actually Beng Gong has a thing she has always kept hidden from you guys. The only reason I didn’t mention it was because I was scared you guys will blame yourself. So when you guys find out please don’t be too moved.”

The two Ya Tou looked at each other in the eye then looked at Xia Yuqing’s face that had no worries at all, then stiffly nodded their heads.

Clearing her throat, she said with a stern face: “Do you remember that time Ben Gong was pushed into the pond by Liu Gu Niang, actually after choking on some water that day, Ben Gong has, unfortunately….. forgotten some things?”

“…..” Niang Niang, are you sure that you just choked on some water and not actually get your brain filled with water? Choking on some water can cause memory loss, are you treating the water as if it were made of memories and you can just eat it up?

“You guys don’t believe me?” Xia Yuqing looked at the two, her eyes full of hurt from being doubted.

Being glanced at with accusatory eyes, they immediately got goosebumps then silently tried to avoid eye contact: “Of course we believe you, Niang Niang is so kind and considerate, Nu Bi is so grateful. How could we not believe?”

“Then good. Cui Er, you can speak now.”

Once Lu Rui said that Xia Yuqing’s expression became incredibly cheerful. From her desk, she took out all the stationary there as if she was preparing to record everything down, the other two’s expression became funny: “…..”

Cui Er felt very uncomfortable by Xia Yuqings bright stare: “Actually…. Niang Niang, did you forget? Your relationship with your royal siblings was….”

Xia Yuqing looked up extremely hopeful, then Cui Er let out a deep breath: “…. no relationship.”

“….” WTH, are you making fun of me?!

Seeing Xia Yuqing grab her head from being frustrated, she couldn’t help but laugh: “Before when Niang Niang was at Xie Country, you resided by yourself. You barely had any contact with your royal siblings. Although when you were younger you bullied a lot but as time went by, it reduced. Since you moved to the small residence, the royal siblings never crossed paths with Niang Niang.”

Having heard that she was startled, but her heart started to relax and let out a sigh and asked: “Ben Gong lived in Xie Country for so long, were there no relationships with my brother that was particularly messy or any that I was close with?”

Cui Er replied resolutely: “If we really need to say someone, Niang Niang was especially afraid of Da Huang Zi when you were young because Da Huang Zi loved to bully Niang Niang. The only one whose relationship was decent should be Er Huang Zi. Although they both had the same birth mother, they were complete opposites. Having a gentle temperament, he would often help out when he was young and take Niang Niang to play.” It was just after being found out by Da Huang Zi, a certain someone would get beaten black and blue. But of course some things do not need to be said.

Xia Yuqing nodded her head, her face looking pensive.

Afraid she might say some shocking words, she hurriedly said: “Niang Niang, why do you even have to be nervous about this matter? Something that happened in the past doesn’t mean it will happen in the future. Niang Niang’s brothers might have bullied Niang Niang before but that doesn’t mean that they’ll bully you now. Nu Bi also heard that Miss Liu will also be at the welcoming banquet. If Niang Niang is still worried, you could get her to scout out first and see if your two royal brothers came for ill reasons or did they just simply came to improve the two countries’ relation.”

“Xiang Er is going to be at the welcoming banquet?”

“Yes, I heard that it was originally supposed to be the minister and the Grand Tutor, but two days ago the Grand Tutor accidentally fell into the water and got a cold. Now since his body is unwell, at the last minute they found Liu Xiao Jie to replace him!”

“Gorgeous Grand Tutor fell into the water and got a cold?”

“Niang Niang, you don’t know? It was just two days ago. Apparently when he was leaving the palace he was passing by a pond and his scholar by his side accidentally slipped and dragged him into the pond as well. When he returned, he got a high fever that wouldn’t subside, it’s already been a few days.”

“…..” Got dragged into the water by his young scholar. Tsk tsk. Not listening to a woman’s words and now suffering. I told him something bad would happen having that Ya Tou by his side. Don’t listen now look what happened. Now you’ve fallen into a ditch?

The two who were discussing happily did not realize that Cui Er had a smiling expression flash by. After Xia Yuqing sighed with sorrow, she said: “Since this is the case, then lets send Xiang Er a message. Lets have her speak to Ben Gong after she has welcomed the guest so Ben Gong can better prepare.”


In a flash, three days went by. This day the scorching sun was high, the blazing light shone down on the land. The originally bustling city entrance because of a certain few individuals who were arriving was cleared up and relatively quiet.

When the afternoon has arrived, a group of trained guards escorted a luxurious carrraige that unhurriedly entered the capital gates.

“Ye Country’s high minister Leng Ruofeng welcomes Ye Country’s Da Huang Zi Dian Xia, Er Huang Zi Dian Xia.” Leng Ruofeng’s cold voice was like a cold breeze that broke apart the afternoon heat.

However, no sounds of activity was emitted from the carriage causing the entire atmosphere to become stifled.

As the time continued to tick on, the stifling air caused the officers to slowly reveal signs of discontent. Even the civilian court officials who had left the troops over could feel the heavy atmosphere all around. Looking at each other, a bit flustered they turned around to call out: “Your Majesty….”

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