FMEA Chapter 66

Chapter 66: Another nose bleed!

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Just when the officials began whispering to each other and beginning to get restless, a languid sound suddenly came from the horse carriage.

“We have troubled your country’s minister to come receive us himself. I am extremely happy, it’s just that I’m a bit travel worn and energyless. To prevent accidentally offending the minister, please forgive me for not being able to meet minister with my worn out face. I hope minister can be accepting.” The youngster’s deep yet majestic voice had a few hints of tiredness from just waking from a nap. Unfortunately the people who had the fortune of hearing of this voice all had a grudge, absolutely unable to enjoy this voice.

After the youngster finished speaking, all the officials including Leng Ruofeng had a change of expression.

The Minister had personally come to receive them, yet they refuse to see them. This is basically giving the minister a slap on the face, a public slap on the face to Ye Country!

Long phoenix eyes dangerously narrow, then Leng Ruofeng coldly states: “Your Majesty, going an entire journey of sleeping outdoors and eating meals outside would naturally cause you to be worn out and exhausted. I have already prepared a residence for Your Majesty to rest. Please follow me to proceed to your residence to rest your mind. Tonight His Majesty has specially organized a banquet at the imperial gardens. I hope your majesty will be able to arrive on time, you must not… have insufficient energy.”

Standing at the side silently, Liu Yixiang was trembling from the cold aura being emitted by Leng Ruofeng. Unable to bear it, she shifted away a few steps and automatically resented Xia Yuqing’s so called royal brothers a bit. Just arriving to Ye Country and they are trying to display their strength to the minister, they are seriously trying to shamelessly show off their arrogance. Do they really think Ye Country is easy to bully? They’ll see in the future!

Before Leng Ruofeng’s voice echoed out, a low laughter came from the carriage: “Minister, please do not be concerned. Your distinguished emperor has personally set up a banquet, even if I am unwell I would still go. I would definitely not put your emperor’s kind intentions to waste. Furthermore, I really do want to see my worthless sister who I’ve heard has been doing well these past few months.”

Those words were spoken casually as if attending the banquet was giving Feng Tingye the greatest honour. At this time, Leng Ruofeng’s face became more and more unsightly, but still not where he was tearing at the other. He just blankly returned: “Then I hope that is the case.”

Between the two men was just the carriage’s curtain, but the people on the side could feel the evident gunpowder. This made everyone believe that this banquet will definitely part on bad terms, an unforeseen event will for sure occur.

The originally steady car suddenly shook. From within, the bustling noise of banging and sounds could be heard and two ambiguous… groans.

“Lao Er*, stop causing a ruckus.” The youngster’s voice once again echoed out, but this time it did not have hints of being languid, instead it was filled with hints of tolerance and… pampering.
* Lao Er = Second child (brother or sister)

Liu Yixiang’s eyes abruptly lit up fixing her attention on the horse carriage. Her hearing ability is especially good but why didn’t she hear the voices of those people previously?

Hearing the youngster’s helpless pampering call and observing the shaking of the carriage, two youngsters, two royal princes, could it be that this is the legendary…. Car sex!

Could this be the legendary…. Taboo incest! Is this why they couldn’t get out of the car. They were just completely making up an excuse and were doing something shameful and secretive inside? Ohehehehe….

Thinking like this, being caught in the act at the last moment when they were being welcomed, being exposed in the strong sunlight, Liu Yixiang had been exploited thoroughly by Xia Yuqing’s numerous collections. This was yaoi*, this indeed has to be yaoi right?!
* yaoi = boy love/ romance

“My younger brother is naughty, I hope the minister can forgive him.” The youngster’s deep voice once again started speaking. The horse carriage has already resumed its tranquil state, but it was already unable to stop someone’s brain from imagining up a variety of things.

Leng Ruofeng’s eyes narrowed and he coldly retorted: “His younger majesty is lively, very similar to Niang Niang.” But before waiting for anyone to reply, he continued: “It is getting late now. Let me bring your two majesty’s to the lodging ahead.”

The horse carriage once again began to move, little by little it passed by everyone standing. But, just when it was passing by Liu Yixiang s light breeze lifted up the curtain of the car window revealing a small view.

Liu Yixiang’s eyes tightened up, completely dumbstruck as she looked at the handsome bright youngster as well as the other fair dashing youngster who was being single-handedly held down.

Handsome dashing older brother Seme x Adorable bunny like little brother Uke!

“Ah, Xiao Jie, what’s wrong? Oh no, Xiao Jie has a nosebleed again!” Once Liu Yixiang’s personal maid voice called out, it immediately alerted a few people nearby causing the entrance to the capital to once again turn into a flurry.

Xia Mingyuan frowned his eyes looking at the not so distant chaotic crowd of people surrounding Liu Yixiang, within his eyes streaking a threat of disdain.

As a result, this is how Liu Yixiang and Xia Mingyuan’s initial meeting occurred.

Liu Yixiang: Proud, arrogant but still looking tolerable. But the most important point is that he still understands to be protective of the fairer sex. Barely passed.

Xia Mingyuan: Another better kept hidden love obsessed woman.

Like this both sides’ loathing conclusion had dropped but this matter would not end this simply.

At this moment these two had no idea that ahead in a not so distant future that the boss had a hole ready for them and if they fall…. They are consigned to eternal damnation!

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