FMEA Chapter 67

Chapter 67 The highest on the food chain

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Based on the virtue of sharing fortunes together, once Liu Yixiang stopped her nosebleed, she immediately went straight to Xie Fang Palace. Adding extra details while telling her story, she told Xia Yuqing everything she heard and saw, not missing anything.

Hearing Liu Yixiang relay her story, Xia Yuqing’s initial panic suddenly became an astonished curiosity. Finally her cheeks were flushed red and her eyes were shining.

At once, Xia Yuqing slapped the table and stood up. Tonight’s banquet she has to attend and not just attend but she will have to properly fix her relationship with her royal brothers.

That is yaoi, indeed yaoi, a brother’s incest. Being attracted by this, her face completely red, Xia Yuqing expressed: “Life is truly to be treasured; the cost of love is indeed high. But for bromance, both sides could throw away everything!”

Being able to personally see this kind of moe yaoi, even if she died she would be content.

When night had arrived, Ye Country’s imperial garden was brightly lit with a cauldron of voices. The palace maids and palace eunuchs going back and forth would each carry a variety of pastries or fruits one after another, bustling about.

When Feng Tingye arrived, besides Shao Zitang who came very early to watch the show, the most prominent figures were the two royal princes from Xia Country.

Xia Mingyuan who was still softly warning repeatedly Xia Mingxi to not say too much suddenly heard a sharp call: “His Majesty the emperor has arrived.”

Immediately distracted, he turned his head around to coincidentally stare straight at Feng Tingye who was just entering his eyes revealing a tint of surprise.

Although early on he knew that the emperor had ascended to the throne early, he had not imagined him to be this young. Furthermore getting this tip off, Xia Mingyuan had found out that this junior holding power had efficiently chopped off the power held by the senior court. Not long ago, he had also boldly stopped the rebellion so this made him really consider the consequences of offending this man. In fact… this man had already appeared, yet his cannon fodder sister hasn’t even appeared to wait upon him. Could it be… there’s a mistake in the report and that Ya Tou was not as received as in the rumours?

As Xia Mingyuan was sizing up Feng Tingye, Feng Tingye was also observing him. Sizing up the two nominal brother’s of Xia Yuqing, Feng Tingye had no choice but to admit that the royal family of Xia Country all indeed had a beautiful outer appearance. However the most adorable and lovely one was still the little kitten he was raising. At least…. that Ya Tou wouldn’t appear and right away have her claws out to injure people.

Totally oblivious of his initial rudeness and being blacklisted, Xia Mingyuan put on a fake smile and greeted Feng Tingye.

Feng Tingye returned a smile: “Our two royal majesties have travelled far and are travel worn. As visitors from a foreign land, if you have anything you need, please just mention it to the minister and do not be over-courteous.”

The two filled with a smiling expression across their face, exchanged some conventional greetings. Xia Mingyuan looked pensively around, then hesitated and asked: “Your Majesty, today my second royal brother and I have just arrived at Ye Country, but why do we not see Consort Qing attending. Could it be that, Niang Niang..,”

Seeing that Xia Mingyuan bring up Xia Yuqing, Feng Tingye lightly smiled and lifted up the wine cup and brought it to his lips and smiled: “This afternoon, Ai Fei accidentally caught a cold. When night fell, she felt her body wasn’t feeling well so Zhen allowed her to rest in the palace for a bit. Once she is feeling better then she will come.”

Right when he finished saying this, outside the courtyard living up to everyone’s expectation another sharp call announced: “Consort Qing has arrived, Liu Da Xiao Jie has arrived!”

In a flash, everyone’s eyes were concentrated at the courtyard entrance.

Not for long, everyone saw one green and one blue silhouette holding on to each other leisurely entering through the gate.

Wearing blue, Liu Yixiang had put on a bit of makeup, her face picturesque and lips red with a light smile and eyes bright. Looking at her you could see a hero’s disposition but still not losing her feminine softness; thus attracting quite a few glances.

Not to be outdone, Xia Yuqing hd especially selected a provocative green skirt and pearl hairpins and other not too eye catching accessories. But even though that was the case, it was hard to conceal her extraordinary appearance. On the contrary, it only increased her exquisiteness.

Xia Mingyuan gazed at the slowly walking Xia Yuqing, his eyes bewildered. Could this woman be the same woman that never dared to look him in the eyes. Born from a lowly background, foolish and often bullied sister? Is it possible… the establishing friendly relations was something she had meticulously planned, could it be…

Meeting Xia Mingyuan’s on guard gaze, Xia Yuqing stopped her footsteps, Her black pupils darting all over the place seeming as if she was looking for something.

Hearing from Liu Yixiang today bringing up the yaoi romance between her two brothers, Xia Yuqing’s brain was heated up from the promise of attending this banquet. But after the event, having cooled down Xia Yuqing’s mind had a change of direction.

Ughh, this yaoi is something I definitely have to see. But at the same time, I have to think of a plan to save my own life. From hearing Liu Yixiang’s words, her brother was evidently a loyal dog who was protective to his own. Since this is the case, it should be easy. As long as she can take this opportunity to rope in and repair the not so bad relationship of her second royal brother, then that would put an end to the dangers of her eldest royal brother.

As the proverb says, “A man can conquer the world, a woman can subdue men.” However to Xia Yuqing this meant that a Seme can conquer the world, and an Uke can subdue men! As long as you understand who is truly on the top of the food chain, then could you live properly in this world!

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