FMEA Chapter 68

Chapter 68 Monkeys invited for teasing

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Xia Yuqing’s small abacus was making clattering sounds as she prepared for everything before meeting. Therefore seeing the brightly lit area and the sounds of happy cheer, Xia Yuqing happily pulled Liu Yixiang towards the garden.

Right when they entered the imperial garden, Xia Yuqing’s eyes were like a radar scanning everything in sight. Seeing the two unfamiliar youngsters sitting to Feng Tingye’s right, her two eyes emitted a sharp light, nearly blinding a group of people on the side.

Those two youngsters…..the one dressed in purple, is handsome and dignified. He appears be quite formidable and intelligent. A pair of beautiful peach blossom eyes slightly stirred giving rise to a charming allure, yet an overbearing aura was also leaking out. If this was compared with the modern times, he would be considered the cool, ruthless doubt! It is just that, if this Great Seme Lord discharges electricity everywhere and seduces others like this, how can these little ukes stand it?

When Xia Yuqing’s line of sight swept past the young man who was sitting next to him, she almost accidentally bursted out with some curse words. Tsk tsk tsk, today I have finally seen a living delicate pretty boy Uke. Look at that tender body that’s so soft and easily pushed down and that slender waistline. This is definitely “a pair of arms that have been slept on by thousands and lips that have been tasted by many” an exceptional Uke. After meeting the Ultra Seme-lord and now meeting this dear Ultra Uke, I cannot be more blessed! In order to give the God of Time Traveling a like, Ultra Seme Lord please look over here, your destined one is right here!

Since Xia Yuqing had entered the courtyard, a few people had paid close attention to her the entire time as she lost herself within the scene, Seeing Xia Yuqing expose her gaze that commonly fell on the, the few people immediately looked at each other and the corner of their mouths curled up. They all knew that these people were out of luck!

As a matter of fact, Xia Yuqing did not disappoint them. After setting her target, Xia Yuqing decisively released her hand that was dragging Liu Yixiang’s hand. Under everyone’s astonished attentive gaze, without consulting anyone she advanced forward bearing in mind to put on an act, she swooped over to a certain someone who was enjoying wine by himself.

“I can finally see you, my beloved Second imperial bro…th…er!”

Deliberately lengthening the end syllables, the sound echoed to every corner of the Imperial Garden. This forcibly caused everyone present to break out in goosebumps…
In a blink, everything in Imperial Garden seemed to be in slow motion. All the officials at the banquet stopped talking, their mouths wide open, they all turned their heads to look. The palace maids and eunuchs who were originally very busy, all seemed to have their pressure points hit and was frozen in place. They all turned around with a surprised expression on their faces. Only a few people sitting at the seat of honour barely managed to keep themselves calm. But looking closely, one would be able to tell that the smiles on their faces have became stiff.
As for the person who unfortunately met with disaster for no reason was Xia Kingdom’s Second Prince….
The crowd silently withdrew their eyes and turned their heads as they couldn’t bear looking anymore. Seeing that little pale face, it was most likely that they have been frightened by their Niang Niang’s passion!

Just when everyone all coincidentally lit a candle within their hearts for Xia Mingxi, an unforeseen event occurred.
Originally content with just seeking pleasure with his wine and bearing in mind his elder brother’s warning, he was pushing himself to put on an act till the end. However, Xia Mingxi suddenly heard an earth shaking shout. Flustered, he turned towards the direction of the sound to see a warm sweet smelling sister passionately flying towards him. But no matter how he looked, why did it seem like she was in a rush to pounce on him like a….fox spirit! (vixen)
Xia Mingxi drew in a quick breath and in a moment of desperation completely unmasked his natural character. Boldly lifting up the lower hem of his gown, he stepped on top of table in front of him and shout out loud: “Hey, where is this evildoer from? Quickly reveal yourself!”
“……” Those who were just sympathizing Xia Mingxi now were once again the frightened bystanders.

“Pff…..” The gulp of Nu Er Hong that was preserved for ten years that just went into Yan Ran’s mouth all came flying out onto the table in front of him. This inevitably caused Shao Zitang to once again roll his eyes at him.
“Pff hahaha…..cough cough” But, Yan Ran wasn’t bothered at all by Shao Zitang’s displeausure. Unable to stop his coughing caused by his wine entering his throat, his entire body couldn’t refrain from shaking, evidently resisting from laughing was quite difficult. “I finally…finally believe that this girl is indeed a member of the Xia Kingdom’s royal family. This similarity of constantly surprising others, if someone said that they weren’t siblings, then I wouldn’t believe it!”

Shao Zitang slightly lifted his eyebrows, staring at the youngster not far away from them. The corner of his mouth twitched, then without any restraint he spat: “Like father, like son. Like brother, like sister.”
Hearing that shout, Xia Yuqing’s two legs that were galloping at top speed immediately braked. Then looking at the feet stepping on the table, arms crossed with his face on full alert; the corner of Xia Yuqing’s mouth twitched. Bros, are you guys monkeys that were invited for teasing?

When Xia Mingxi saw the woman who was about to throw herself at him stop, he let out a breath of relief. Then he squinted his eyes to see the other person’s face clearly. It would have been better if he hadn’t looked, but once he looked he was given a fright. Isn’t this Ya Tou the girl he saw in the portrait a little while ago?
Recalling the way Xia Yuqing addressed him just now, Xia Mingxi’s face slightly changed color. With his hands trembling and his face rapidly paling, he asked: “You…could you be my imp…imp…imperial younger sister?”

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