FMEA Chapter 69

Chapter 69 Meeting fellow villagers from the same hometown

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Chapter 69 Meeting fellow villagers from the same hometown

When Xia Yuqing heard his question, her eyes brightened and she nodded excitedly. Then resuming her posture she advanced forwards.

However, Xia Mingxi hugged his chest as if he was a weak women being bullied by an evil tyrant: “How is this possible? Isn’t this prince’s younger imperial sister stupid and dimwitted, not knowing much about worldly affairs; but is still gentle and lovely, a considerate cute little sister? How come she would be a passionate seductive woman like you? Speak….where did you come from, you evil person? What’s your purpose in taking control of my younger sister’s delicate body? Do you plan to follow Shu Da Ji’s example and use your demoness beauty to bring down the dynasty”
*Shu Da Ji- mystical fox spirit and concubine of the last Shang Dynasty Emperor Zhou Xin.

Xia Mingxi’s long list of accusations successfully stopped Xia Yuqing from moving forwards. It also successfully completely shocked the audience who was originally preparing to watch a good show.

Feng Tingye along with Shao Zitang and the rest all began looking at Xia Mingyuan with sympathy and understanding. No wonder, for this visit they have only seen Xia Mingyuan busily speaking. It turned out the Second Prince who was accompanying him was a fool.

Leng Ruofeng also casted an understanding glance at Xia Mingyuan. So it turned out today when they first met, Xia Mingyuan did not refuse to get out from the carriage to humiliate him. Instead, it was because he was worried about his younger brother. He did not want to expose his younger brother’s foolishness in front of people, but even more he was not at ease to leave his brother alone. Such a deep brotherhood, he unexpectedly judged this noble man with his petty mind, he really felt ashamed!
Perhaps it was because of the gazes of sympathy or understanding or taking joy in people’s desires, Xia Mingyuan’s face immediately blackened. With a slight squeeze, the wine cup that was in his right hand was ruthlessly shattered into pieces. His gaze was like an extremely cold blade as he stared at Xia Mingxi, itching to poke a few holes into his body.

Completely unaware that his few blunt words had completely ruined the entire act that his elder imperial brother had set up with great difficulty, at this moment, Xia Mingxi was at full confrontation with Xia Yuqing. He didn’t even notice the surging wave rushing behind him.

After hearing Xia Mingxi’s words, Xia Yuqing slightly pouted her mouth. Not throwing herself to him anymore, she crossed her arms over her chest and carefully sized Xia Mingxi up and down. After a while she calmly ridiculed him: “Brother, have you been reading too many Liao Zhai stories? And that seductress, Shu Da Ji, do you think this is The Investiture of the Gods? If this place is The Investiture of the Gods, then who are you? The great Jiang Ziya who wiped out the demons and defended the world?”

“You…..” Xia Mingxi almost passed out from anger by Xia Yuqing’s personal attack. However, he quickly recovered his senses: “The Investiture of the Gods? Liao Zhai Stories? You actually know….then are you also…..?”

After hearing Xia Mingxi speak, Xia Yuqing also reacted: “You know about Shu Da Ji and also know Chen Tang. Could it be that you are also….”

Both their eyes flashed with bright lights that could not be understood by others. Everyone who heard what was being said was confused, pricking up their ears, they nervously waited for the following response. But it was then that they saw the two with teary eyes staring at each for a long time…

“My dear brother ah!”

“My virtuous sister ah!” The two acted as if no one else was around. Crying out at the top of their lungs, they hugged each other.

Once again, the audiences were completely burned by the thunder like plot: “…..”

Xia Yuqing didn’t expect that under such circumstances, she would surprisingly meet another fellow time traveler who was in the same boat as her. It’s great, meeting fellow villagers from the same hometown. Her eyes brimming with tears, she couldn’t wait to sit down and have a whole night of talking with him under the candle light. Calling each other and confiding in each other but wait, but there seems to be something bad mixed in!

“Tell me, how did you cross over?” Xia Yuqing pretended to wipe the tears that did not exist on her face and asked in a sorrowful manner.

“Me? Talking about it makes me want to cry. That day I was just sleeping at home, when I suddenly heard someone yelling that it was thundering and raining. This is when I woke up and remembered I hadn’t taken in some of the clothes that I was sun drying at the balcony. So I used a cloth pole to collect them, but before I even touched the clothes, I was struck by lightning….when I woke up again I was already in this era.”

“….” That’s why it’s not rational to collect clothes when it’s thundering and raining! Just one mistake, it wouldn’t just be a clothes problem, but a life crisis!

While Xia Yuqing was about to express her sympathy to Xia Mingxi, she heard him softly say: “How about you, how did you cross over?”

“Huh, me?” A face of embarrassment flitted across Xia Yuqing’s face. She inwardly thought: I definitely cannot let him know that I just crossed over accidentally when I was reading the yellow book (yaoi book). This kind of incident would be too embarrassing!

“Cough cough, well, for me, it was also because of thunder. I didn’t turn off the computer and accidentally knocked down the water cup when I was going to plug the power cord. Afterwards, thunder came flashing from the sky…. Then when I woke up again, I found myself already in this place!”

When the words came out, the two were even more distressed. The f*ck, this is clearly a tragedy caused by a thunderstorm that forgot to bring a lightning conductor!

“My dear brother ah!”

“My virtuous sister ah!”

While the two people’s eyes began to brim with tears again as they looked at each other affectionately without caring who was around, a certain someone had already drank a full jar of vinegar (jealousy). He coldly looked at the perverted claws clinging onto Xia Yuqing’s fine hands.

What if they are siblings, so what? This Ya Tou is his imperial concubine, every single part of her body belongs to him. How could his belongings be touched by others, this is intolerable!

“Cough cough cough, Ai Fei and the second prince’s affection is really deep and has made Zhen feel very moved. But, Ai Fei, this is the Imperial Garden.” The implication is his words were….out in public, even if you are both siblings, it is still improper for men and women to touch each other! They should not behave like this in public!

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