FMEA Chapter 70

Chapter 70 This annoying demon

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Xia Yuqing clearly felt the chill within Feng Tingye’s words. At once her body trembled and she quickly released Xia Mingxi’s hands. Forcing out a dry laugh, she quickly retreated back to sit next to Feng Tingye. Acting like a docile and well-behaved wife: “Your Majesty is right. Chen Qie was just too excited being able to see her two imperial brothers and forgot to conduct myself appropriately.”

What a joke. The Ultra Seme Lord was furious. Even though she didn’t know why the Ultra Seme Lord was angry, but no matter what she depended on him for her livelihood. The consequences of facing his wrath would definitely be a brutal and bloody scene that would need to be mosaiced. Therefore, at this time she should be a little bit more obedient. A wise man should look after their own hide, staying alive is the most important thing.

Therefore, after being reminded by Feng Tingye, Xia Yuqing finally realized she had talked with her hometown fellow about traversing worlds. If someone really listened intentionally to their conversation….tears silently starting flowing out of Xia Yuqing’s heart. I don’t want to become a roasted suckling pig!

It was rare for Feng Tingye to see Xia Yuqing so well-behaved and obedient like this, so the storm within Feng Tingye’s eyes slightly faded. He then nodded his head in praise.

It seemed that raising her all this time was still somewhat useful. Looking at his family’s kitten, he thought how clever, how obedient! On the other hand, if Xia Yuqing was half a beat slower than others then this youngster was evidently missing a part of his brain. Did he not realize that his owner who was sitting next to him was eagerly stabbing a few holes in him with his eyes?

Xia Mingxi, completely unaware of the awkward atmosphere around him, felt some grief as he saw that something difficult has once again been dumped on him. Ready to mercilessly defend himself, a devilish sound came from behind him like storm clouds brewing: “Lao Er*, you cannot be rude.”
*Lao Er means the second child in family

“Pfft….Cough cough….” Xia Yuqing almost choked to death by the tea she had just swallowed. Lao Er ah Lao Er, This way of addressing you makes people lost in their wild thoughts too easily! I have to give this loyal dog Highness 32 likes!
* talking about likes as in like on social media
Lao Er….Lao Er! You are Lao Er, your whole family is Lao Er! Xia Mingxi was like a firecracker that was lit on fire, completely blowing his top. It’s a pity that the spark didn’t even get a chance to start when it was put out by Xia Mingyuan’s faint smile.

Xia Mingxi felt like a pot of cold water was poured over his head. There was white smoke coming out of his head as well as cold sweat pouring down his forehead. All of a sudden, he sobered up. Sob sob sob, what am I doing?

Wasn’t he supposed to be sitting at the side quietly, not joining any conversations, and not paying attention to anyone. He should have been drinking all by himself, pretending to be aloof and looking down on these people. His role was “In this impure world, only I am pure. Everyone is drunk, only I am sober.” He was like a snow lotus flower on top of an iceberg mountain, pretending to be cold and isolated, overlooking all these foolish mortals as if they were ants on the ground. He was like a refined man free from vulgarity, uncontaminated by any dust. Walking in the cloud almost like celestial being, completely unfathomable.

Yet, why is everyone’s gazes somewhat…..weird, complicated, and sympathetic? Covering his face with his hands and getting emotional, he thought: My luck goddess has already abandoned him! His good reputation has been ruined just like that. Most importantly, he will be killed. He definitely will be killed! Sob.

Under Xia Mingyuan’s deadly gaze, Xia Mingxi silently returned to his seat next to Xia Mingyuan’s side and no longer dared to make any sound.

Xia Mingyuan then moved his line of sight towards Xia Yuqing, his eyes full of suspicion. This Ya Tou is giving a completely different impression than from before. Was it as the intelligence had said? That time she had fallen into the water, she had a big personality change? But how could the same person change this much? Or could everything from before just be a cover up? Then this woman’s acting would be really too frightening. Or perhaps…. It was as what his brother had said. This person isn’t actually the same original Xia Yuqing, but a secret spy sent by the other country to disguise as Xia Yuqing. Then her purpose is….

Having no option, a certain someone had a sense of the truth….

Not having the slightest awareness that she was being suspected, Xia Yuqing looked at Xia Mingxi who was sitting far away sending a helpless gaze and silent pleas for help from time to time. Silently she lit some candles for him in her mind. Brother, please do not blame me for not helping you. It’s just my ability is limited. I can barely protect myself! Also, stop winking at me. People who are beautiful and who don’t do work are probably being controlled, right? If you openly seduce me like this, soon people will mistake this image for something else! That annoying demon, the Ultra Seme Lord takes passion in finding these things!

Xia Yuqing’s insensitive brain did not detect anything, but that didn’t mean Feng Tingye didn’t catch it. Sensing Xia Mingyuan’s hostile gaze, Feng Tingye wrinkled his eyebrows. Although he wanted to see the reaction of these so-called old friends when meeting with his kitten, but that sinister gaze made Feng Tingye feel pretty displeased.

Xia Yuqing has long been his possession. Only he can bully his things. Anyone who wants to touch better ask him first whether he agrees or not.

Overwhelming with possessiveness, a certain someone seamlessly stood in front of Xia Yuqing successfully blocking Xia Mingyuan’s gaze. He smirked: “Both princes and my Ai Fei have not seen each other for a long time. I presume there must be a lot of things to be talked about. Taking advantage of this occasion, it is reasonable for the two princes and Ai Fei to catch up on the old days. However, the two princes has just arrived at Ye Kingdom today and must surely be weary from the long journey. Let’s save these words for another day.”

Hearing this, Xia Mingyuan put on a fake smile and pretended to agree : “Your Majesty’s words are extremely reasonable.”

The dialogue between the two leaders succeeded in bringing the atmosphere of the banquet back to the initial harmonious and lively atmosphere. Unfortunately, the lingering feeling of the opening was too intense causing the atmosphere of the banquet to be somewhat strange.

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  1. I hate that her thinks of her as a possession! When will you realize that you love her? Also, how does her eldest brother not suspect the 2nd brother?

    • Emperors were never taught how to treat loved ones right, otherwise there wouldn’t be so many concubine disputes and evil queen-in-laws. Honestly, he and any other possessive cr*p disgusts me but what can we do *shrugs* it would be a miracle if anyone wouldn’t brave the wall and run away. As for the eldest, he should have been aware of how dumb his brother became, he was probably as stupefied as the rest to see such a drama unfolding for the first time.


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