FMEA Chapter 76

Chapter 76 : Shielded the wrong party till the end

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After hearing the Imperial Physician’s reassuring words, everyone’s hearts was finally able to relax. Feng Tingye reached out his hand to touch Xia Yuqing’s little face which looked slightly pale from losing blood and somewhat dispirited and listless after learning that she was conceiving a baby. He squinted his eyes and said: “Ai Fei after all the events today, you must be tired. Let’s just rest here tonight. Zhen will go outside to deal with some matters first, then I’ll come back to accompany you later.”

While saying this, Feng Tingye took a deep profound look at Xia Yuqing. Then raising his hand, he led the several important ministers in the room with him to clean up the mess.

After seeing Feng Tingye had left, Xia Yuqing clutched the old Imperial Physician’s hand. Unwilling to give up, she asked: “Imperial Physician, are you sure Ben Gong is really….pregnant?”

Thinking Xia Yuqing was overwhelmed with happiness and excitement and did not dare to believe it was true, the old Imperial Physician touched his little beard and answered arrogantly: “Niang Niang, no need to worry. This old subject has been practicing medicine for decades. I am fully confident of my skills. Did Niang Niang have a poor appetite recently, body was in discomfort and missing your period for the past little while?”

Upon hearing that, Xia Yuqing was stunned, tears silently flowed down.

It was exactly as the old imperial physician said, she did have all of those symptoms. But she had always thought it was because she was grieving over spring and wounded for autumn (intense expressing of feelings in Song poem, shredding tears over the changes of seasons), so she had lost some weight! Unexpectedly, as a result her slender and supple waist has turned into a bucket waist, why does it have to be so cruel?!

While Xia Yuqing was going crazy with this dilemna, Feng Tingye was busy….with his overwhelming dominance.

“Someone go to Ci Ning Palace to inform the Empress Dowager that Consort Qing is expecting, but Consort Qing is now resting. Empress Dowager will have to wait until tomorrow to come visit.” As soon as Feng Tingye’s feet stepped out of Heavenly Purity Palace’s front entrance, he immediately shouted out this order to the little eunuch on the side to instruct him.

The short sentence immediately shocked everyone outside the hall. Consort Qing ….is pregnant!

People outside the hall were an array of thoughts; some were joyous, some were sad, while some were startled. The ones who were filled with joy was naturally the group of eunuchs and palace maids that were concerned about Xia Yuqing’s welfare. Those who were sad were the high ranking officials who attended the banquet. Without a child, Consort Qing was already deeply in favour. Now, with child, she would definitely be even more spoiled by the emperor. Each of their own daughter would most likely not stand a chance. The only person who was startled was no other than Xia Mingyuan.

Out of all the times that woman could be pregnant, why does it have to be this time? Based on the current situation whether this woman is the real Xia Yuqing or not, now that she is pregnant, he couldn’t touch a single hair on her head. In any case because of today’s incident….he was already receiving a lot of criticism.

As expected, after Feng Tingye finished instructing the small eunuch, he shifted his gaze over to Xia Mingyuan. His sharp eyes were like a blade incisively swept over Xia Mingyuan’s body making Xia Mingyuan feel there was a sense of chill, a merciless gaze slicing his body. This caused him to have a cold sweat on his back. This man’s dominant aura compared to his cruel and bloodthirsty Imperial father was unexpectedly… not outdone.

After spending quite sometime playing mental oppression and seeing Xia Mingyuan’s face change slightly, Feng Tingye withdraw his line of sight. Smiling, he said indifferently: “As a matter of fact, we’ll have to thank the Eldest Prince. A moment ago, if it wasn’t Your Highness accidental slip up, Zhen wouldn’t have known Ai Fei was carrying a child.”

Xia Mingyuan’s mouth twitched. What bullshit about slipping up. A moment ago, it was obviously that girl who tripped and fell on her own. Not only that, but she had also used this prince as her scapegoat. Even if you were blind, you shouldn’t make such an over the top exaggeration!

“Since Ai Fei has entered the palace, she has always been very gentle, thoughtful, and considerate of others making Zhen very fond of her. More importantly, the past time, she had just sacrificed her life to block an assassin for Zhen. Zhen felt deeply moved by her action. Originally Zhen was planning to confer her as Gui Fei (Imperial Noble Consort), but I had no idea that Ai Fei would give Zhen another big surprise, conceiving a dragon seed. She has performed a meritorious service for the royal family and the country. Tomorrow Zhen will consult with the Imperial Mother to pick a good day and confer my Ai Fei to be the Empress of my Ye Kingdom.”

“Your Majesty…..” As soon as Feng Tingye’s remarked came out, those court ministers who attended the banquet had an immediate face change. Just as they were about to express their objections, they were held back by Feng Tingye’s murderous gaze sweeping over them. Every one of them were startled and immediately kept their mouths closed.

Feng Ting Ye glanced satisfactorily at the bunch of silent ministers. He then turned to look at Xia Mingyuan: “Your Elder Highness and Ai Fei are siblings. Now that my Ai Fei is about to be crowned as Empress, Your Eldest Highness must be very happy for her.”

Xia Mingyuan’s face stiffened. With a reluctant smile, he replied: “Of course, Imperial Younger Sister gaining the Emperor’s love is her great fortune. This prince naturally is very happy for her.”

Feng Tingye’s words were undoubtedly directed for him to hear. He didn’t even need to look deeper, even someone like him knew something was off with this girl, not to mention this man in front of him who has slept in the same bed with her for almost half a year. Even though this man may have found something off, this man is still insistent on having this girl as his Empress. In fact he is willing to declare it to the world. Is this his way of telling everyone who dares suspect this girl, that she is his person. This Ya Tou is someone Feng Tingye wants to protect, whoever that dares touch her will have to pass through him first!

“It is good that Your Highness is to be able to think like that. It is getting late already,.Your Majesty has come a long way and must be very exhausted. Ruofeng, sent the two of His Royal Highnesses back to the lodgings to have a rest.”

The moment he heard the order, Leng Ruofeng stepped forwards and made a hand gesture at the two princes. Seeing this Xia Mingyuan’s face turned ugly. Left with no choice, he bowed towards Feng Tingye and turned to follow after Leng Ruofeng.

When she saw everyone gradually dispersed, Liu Yixiang pushed opened the door and walked out from inside the hall. She looked at Xia Mingyuan’s back figure from the distance and coldly scoffed: “How can you let him off so easily? A moment ago, Qing Jiejie was covered with blood.”

Feng Tingye turned around and glanced at her. He coldly smile: “Lets note this debt down first. When the opportunity come in the future, we will have him pay…..a debt of blood must be paid in blood.”

Seeing the corner of Feng Tingye’s mouth hook up into a sneering expression, Liu Yixiang felt a chill come up from the bottom of her feet, making her shiver. Silently her heart sighed. Since he has met with Xia Yuqing, her Emperor older cousin’s has become increasingly more black bellied. She silently lit a candle for the Eldest Prince of Xia Kingdom. However, who told him to harm Qing Jiejie and cause her to bleed and almost harm the baby. This is just retribution for his own actions! Humph!

But when all is said and done, Feng Tingye’s whole family….are all unjustifiably protecting her!

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