FMEA Chapter 84 Part 4

Chapter 84 My Cherished Life, stay away from the person with the poor sense of direction Part 4

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From Xia Yuqing’s gaze, Shao Zitang felt his entire body shudder and got goosebumps. He wanted to get angry but how can one get mad at the one who keeps them fed. He could only grit his teeth and swallow his blood then change the topic: “This topic could be put on hold for the time being. It should be the two Xia Country princes we are focusing on. They have arrived at the capital for half a month already. Just giving them the cold shoulder isn’t a plan. Have you decided a countermeasure yet?”
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Not caring, Feng Tingye reached over to touch Xia Yuqing’s belly that has already somewhat rounded out. Surprising Xia Yuqing, she shrank back and gave him a grieved look before she gave a forced smile: “Don’t they just want someone to bring home to get married? The beautiful women in Ye Country are like clouds in the sky, why can’t we just choose one?”

“But he wants a princess. If we just find a random women halfheartedly, then it would be hard not to have the disastrous events of Shu Country repeating.”

Shao Zitang seemed to have sensed something and lifted his head to stare at Feng Tingye: “Don’t you have the perfect candidate in mind already?”

Once has asked that question, everyone’s gaze fell on Feng Tingye to find him lazily yawning. One hand propping up his cheek, his seductive foxy eyes seemed to show that he was calculating something: “Isn’t it just a respected princess he wants? Zhen’s sisters are all princesses. My cousin is also my sister. If we send her, Xia Country definitely won’t be able to find any faults.”
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“What? Allow Xiang Er to go get married?” A cry in alarm broke the tranquility in Ci Ning palace.

Zhang Sunshi had a face of shock. The beautifying secret of sticking cucumbers on her face also fell on to the ground when she suddenly walked over.

After a brief moment of shock, Zhang Sunshi’s face became heavy and she coldly said: “No, anybody is fine, but Xiang Er is not. Ben Gong has heard that the Xia Emperor is even older than Ai Jia. If we allow Xiang Er to serve some old fart, a flower poked into a pile of cow manure, no matter what you say, it can’t happen.”

“……” Xia Yuqing silently made a 囧 expression. Even though she was an imitation, but that pile of manure was her father in name! Royal mother, you openly cursing my father being an old undying bastard, don’t you think this will evoke and international problem?

“Cough cough….. That royal mother. Er Chen will negotiate with them to replace who is getting married so that Xiang Er will get married to the eldest prince of Xia Country and not the Xia Emperor. “

“No that doesn’t work either.” Zhang Sunshi swing her body to coldly stare at Feng Tingye. Her entire face had ‘You are heartless, immoral and like to make trouble’ written all over her.

“My older brother only has Xiang Er, the sole child. If you really send Xiang Er off to get married, my brother will fight you with all his might. Also isn’t the eldest prince of Xia Country the bastard who almost caused Qing Er to miscarry? Is the emperor really blind? Are you a cold blooded youngster who doesn’t even have affection for their own blood? To go as far as to send Xiang Er to him, wouldn’t that be the same as pushing Xiang Er into the fire pit?”
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When the couple of maids that had always been following Xia Yuqings side heard this, they all immediately felt sympathy for the poor eldest prince. That poor person, you really need to be careful with what you do otherwise that one slip will cause you everlasting sorrow!

Because of the incident of injuring Consort Qing, he has drawn in a few dislikes. First, there was His Majesty, then there was Xu Lao and now there was even her royal empress dowager.

Because one small grass he has offended the entire forest. The eldest royal prince was probably the first one since the ancient times. Let’s silently light up a candle for him.

Being directly cursed and berated by Zhang Sunshi, Feng Tingye awkwardly rubbed his nose and looked at Xia Yuqing for help. These kinds of mother in law or sister in law issues are better left having them to deal with. He just…. can’t take on this blame!

Receiving Feng Tingye’s look, she hesitated for a moment. You have to remember that, in her heart, her eldest royal brother and second royal brother were the perfect match. Telling a fujoshi to break apart a yaoi couple was like cutting off milk from a newborn baby. That is just nonsense!

Spinning around at her current spot, she looked at the room, the ground, the Feng Shui, everything but Feng Tingye. Acting as if she was distracted, she vowed she will not cooperate to the end.

Seeing this, Feng Tingye squinted his eyes and slowly shifted his body until it was in a position where Xia Yuqing could see. From his sleeve he fished out a few books that Xia Yuqing was very familiar with….her tiny yellow books.

“!” Xia Yuqing eyes abruptly widened to the maximum. Pointing at the things within his hand her face was full of disbelief.

Evidently, Feng Tingye had already foreseen she would have this reaction. Flashing the books in his hand around, with a twist of his wrist he places them back and made a tearing motion.
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“!” Upon seeing this, Xia Yuqing’s face changed again. Both her eyes began to tear up as she pitifully looked at Feng Tingye attempting to gain some sympathy points.

Yet who would have expected that Feng Tingye would be so determined. With a collected face, he shook his fingers towards Xia Yuqing.

Biting on her handkerchief for a long time, the angel and devil within her began to wage an epic war. To be or not to be, that is the question.

Appearing to have seen Xia Yuqing’s hesitation, Feng Tingye’s mouth lifted into a smirk and opened his mouth to move it.

Seeing the shapes Feng Tingye was forming with his mouth, she only felt like she was struck by lightning. Her white angel was suddenly toppled over by her black devil and was left weeping on the ground.

The Ultra Seme Lord truly deserves to be called the Ultra Seme Lord. Not mentioning breaking apart accidental snacks, but even breaking apart main meal, that is brutal! Also carrying the tiny yellow book to use as blackmail? Ultra Seme Lord, can you be any more sinister?!
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“………” Your Majesty, Niang Niang we know you guys are an affectionate couple, but can you curb it a bit, those exchanges of romantic feelings in your own world? The people seeing this on the side are about to become blind!

Xia Yuqing bitterly looked at Feng Tingye, then unwillingly faced the brooding Zhang Sunshi who had not paid any attention to the interaction between the two.

“Royal Mother, actually my eldest royal brother isn’t as bad as you have imagined. That incident last time was just an accident.” In fact, it was a mishap because at that time it was me who fell on him!

“On the surface he looks fierce, but he really knows how to love someone.” At the very least he knows how to love the pretty boy seme at his home!

“Even though his mouth isn’t forgiving, but he still has a good character.” At least he didn’t bring light to my difference so he shouldn’t be a terrible person! Even though was hard to talk to him, but since her injury, that guy seems to have become…. the target of public criticism.
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“Really?” Zhang Sunshi looked suspiciously at Xia Yuqing, her face unconvinced.

“Really really! My eldest royal brother looks arrogant but to speak frankly he’s outwardly cold but deep and passionate inside.”

“Cold but passionate inside?”

Xia Yuqing looked at Zhang Sunshi’s curious expression, then she leaned close and whispered a few things into her ears.

Everyone then saw Zhang Sunshi’s originally gloomy face relax and her eyes slowly cool down.

Xia Yuqing continued to persist and muttered another few words in her ears. Zhang Sunshi’s face changed again to surprise: “Is that really the case?”
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“Really really! Chen Qie grew up with the eldest royal prince, how wouldn’t I know his character? In fact even His Majesty knows. Am I right Your Majesty?”

Even though he didn’t know Xia Yuqing had whispered to Zhang Sunshi. But seeing Zhang Sunshi’s expression had eased up a lot, he went along with it: “Yes, Zhen can bear witness. Ai Fei’s words are true. In fact, Zhen has seen the way Xiang Er treats the eldest royal prince and it’s not without feelings.”

“Oh, is this true? Could it be that Xiang Er towards the eldest royal prince….” Having heard what was said, Zhang Sunshi wasn’t angered like before and just had a face of curiosity.

Feng Tingye smiled indifferently. Then he told her of the day Liu Yixiang had received Xia Mingyuan and suddenly started bleeding from the nose.

“What? Xiang Er had a nose bleed when she first met the eldest royal prince and lost her bearing in front of everyone?” Zhang Sushi was astonished her face in doubt. “Is this matter true? That eldest royal prince is that good looking?”
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“He has a magnificent appearance. Not even mentioning his elegance and charm, that appearance is indeed the best of the best. This face is self explanatory from the fact that Xiang Er got a nosebleed when she saw him. This is absolutely true. At that time Xiang Er went to accompany Ruofeng to receive him, so all those people with them could be witnesses. Royal mother if you don’t believe me you could get Ruofeng here to ask. In fact, Ai Fei had already said that he knows how to treasure people. Knowing Xiang Er will be treasured is the most important.”

“With this, it seems that Xiang Er might have some feelings for him.” Zhang Sunshi thought about it for a while then nodded.

“…….” Xia Yuqing who knew the truth remained silent. Xiang Er had only gotten a nosebleed because of she was standing and watching the brothers having an affair– which caused her unable to stop the nosebleed from flowing. Who would expect that they would say she became bashful from seeing the eldest royal prince, what a misunderstanding!

“That’s just the way it is.” Seeing that Zhang Sunshi was slowly softening he hurriedly added, “Royal mother doesn’t know, but not long ago at the market, the eldest royal prince’s carriage crashed into Xiang Er’s.”

“What? Crashed? Then Xiang Er…..”

“Xiang is fine, it was the eldest royal prince who injured his leg.” Feng Tingye had deliberately headed towards that topic and spoke indistinctly. The people who knew about this event will know the injury was caused by Xiang Er’s kick. However, people who didn’t know would think that the eldest royal prince was protecting the beauty with his body.
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Hearing Xiang Er was fine, Zhang Sunshi let out a sigh of relief and also became more and more interested: “What happened after?”

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