FMEA Chapter 85

Chapter 85  Two Faced and Outwardly cold but passionate inside!

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“After Xiang Er saw the eldest royal prince get injured, she decided to stay behind at the Yi Guan* to wait for him. From serving tea to getting water, she didn’t let other people to do it for him. Ai Fai knows about this matter. Royal mother if you don’t believe you can ask Ai Fei.”
* = horse station -> similar to a truck rest area but people can stay there
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Once these words came out, Zhang Sunshi turned her faze towards Xia Yuqing: “Qing Er, is this true?”

Xia Yuqing froze. Under the gaze of both Feng Tingye and Zhang Sunshi, she forcible spat out: “That is indeed true.”

Xiang Er did indeed wait upon the eldest royal prince. But it was clearly Your Majesty who personally ordered her to do it! Why does it sound like Xiang Er was taking this opportunity to capture a boyfriend. Seizing that opportunity to attend to his needs as if she wanted to be lovey dovey with him everyday. Furthermore, Your Majesty, what was with that corny beginning that made it seem like we were brought together by fate? The eldest royal prince and Xiang Er were clearly exchanging blows and do not want to be friends! Focusing on some parts and forgetting the rest to make it sound ambiguous, you could easily twist everything and make people misunderstand!
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Zhang Sunshi did not notice Xia Yuqing’s problem. Receiving the confirmation, Zhang Sunshi’s face became a lot more alleviated and muttered: “Ai Jia was wondering why Xiang Er wasn’t running to Ai Jia’s residence. So this was the case! When a girl is of age, she must be married off. Xiang Er, Ya Tou has been pampered and spoiled since she was a child, her temperament was always haughty and proud. Now unexpectedly, she is willing to lower her pride to help serve that eldest royal prince. It seems that she must have some feelings towards him.”

Feng Tingye smiled. Adding to the fire: “Royal mother, Er Chen won’t have misinterpreted this. You probably don’t know this but two days ago Xiang Er came to the palace and came to stay with Ai Fei for a bit. Originally planning on to visit you afterwards, who knew she would suddenly twist her ankle when she was leaving. Learning about this, the eldest prince without saying anything just carried Xiang Er back.”

“Carried…. Carried back?” Zhang Sunshi’s eyes were like two round circles, her face utterly surprised: “Carried Xiang Er out of the palace?”

“Yes, the entire journey from Xie Fang palace to outside the palace. That day, all the palace maids and people in the palace were witnesses. On the road, quite a few people stopped to watch. Yet the eldest royal prince continued to carry Xiang Er. Those two were talking and laughing, they didn’t mind the glances on them a tiny bit.”
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Imagining the scene at that time, Zhang Sunshi seemed to reminisce for a moment: “Sigh, the younger people these days. They really don’t know how to avoid exposing themselves. Just like that, they are so open without fear and they don’t feel embarrassed at all. Completely different from Ai Jia and Tingye’s dad, that devil. In public, we would always try to secretly hold hands until our cheeks blushed red the entire day….”

“…..” Seeing Zhang Sunshi act coy, obviously immersed in her happy recollection, she couldn’t help being somewhat frustrated. Empress Dowager, empress dowager, you are the final boss that’s even higher level than the Ultra Seme Lord. How could you just change sides before the battle? You need to hold it together!

It’s a pity that Xia Yuqing and Zhang Sunshi do not have telepathy with each other. After soaking in that pleasant memory she lightly coughed: “It seems like the eldest royal prince is just like what Qing Er said…. How do you say it again?”

“…….. outwardly cold but passionate inside.” Xia Yuqing answered dispiritedly.
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“Right, outwardly cold but passionate inside! He has a cold collected appearance, but who would have thought he would have so much love within. Since this is the case that they both have an affinity towards each other and not what Ai Jia originally thought, then Ai Jia will not question it anymore. As long as Xiang Er is happy then it’s fine.”

“……” Royal mother, are you just going to surrender like that, that’s irrational!

Feng Tingye respectfully gave her a smile: “Royal mother, relax. Er Chen and Xiang Er have grown up together. How could I push her into the fire pit? This matter, Er Chen will make sure to make everyone is delighted and satisfied so royal mother does not have to worry,”

“Good good…”

Right away seeing that compassionate atmosphere of a son being filial to their mother, Xia Yuqing silently beat her chest and stamped her feet.
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Xiang Er! Qing Jiejie is useless and can’t help you! Having this kind of wretched cousin, you and I can only admit defeat!

Feng Tingye had already taken a note of the changes in Xia Yuqing’s expression. Once they left Ci Ning palace, he grabbed Xia Yuqing’s hand and gave her a profound smile.

Xia Yuqing got goosebumps from his smile. Shivering, she asked: “Your…. Your majesty what are you doing?”

“Ai Fei, you always give Zhen a pleasant surprise. Were it not for today’s events, Zhen would not have known that Ai Fei’s duping skills were so fearsome. Does Ai Fei usually try to sway Zhen like this?”

Xia Yuqing froze, she couldn’t help curse inside: God, when we’re talking about skills who would be a match with the Ultra Seme lord? Who didn’t see the empress dowager coming in looking like gunpowder about to go off, but in a wink, she was easily swayed into becoming docile. Being able to persuade people, who else could compare with you! Saying I try to trick you, more like you tricking me!
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“Your Majesty, you’re too serious. Chen Qie was just judging matters as it stands. How could I compare to Your Majesty’s glib tongue.” Lies could be turned into truths, forcibly turning a pair of enemies into a match made in heaven.

“Ai Fei don’t be modest. Didn’t Ai Fei just say a couple of words to my royal mother causing her face to clear up allowing Zhen to persuade my royal mother. How could Zhen thank Ai Fei?”

As long as I don’t have to give my body is fine! Xia Yuqing was stiff as she replied: “Your Majesty is just being polite. This is just Chen Qie’s duty, how could I dare to claim credit for myself?”

“Nevertheless, Ai Fei is very interesting. Even the things that come out of Ai Fei’s mouth stand out from the massed. That ‘outwardly cold but passionate inside’, I don’t know where Ai Fei had heard that from. Actually Zhen really wants to know what that word really means?”
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“Ahahahah, outwardly cold but passionate inside? That is precisely describing someone as brilliant and wise as Your Majesty. A phrase for the overwhelming aura of a man.

“Resembling Zhen?” Feng Tingye froze.

“That’s right, a man just like Your Majesty who can support both heaven and earth.” Xia Yuqing spoke flatteringly but wanted to puke inside. That’s right, the Ultra Seme Lord was the peak of being outwardly cold but passionate inside— another way of saying sick bastard!
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“So in Ai Fei’s heart, Zhen is like this. Zhen is really happy. Since Ai Fei doesn’t want a reward, how about this? Zhen hasn’t been at Ai Fei’s for the last few days, what do you think about Zhen coming with Ai Fei back to Xie Fang palace?”

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