FMEA Chapter 85 Part 2

Chapter 85  Two Faced and Outwardly cold but passionate inside! Part 2

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Xia Yuqing stiffened, looking at him in disbelief: “Your Majesty, Chen Qie is pregnant.”

“Don’t worry, Zhen won’t go overboard. The imperial doctor had said that Ai Fei’s fetus is steady. Suitable exercise would be beneficial to both Ai Fei and the unborn child. What? Is Ai Fei not happy?”
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“Ha….. happy, happy.” Xia Yuqing forced an unsightly smile on her face, the person inside her wiping the tears falling down. Xiang Er, it’s not that Qing Jiejie doesn’t want to notify you, but Qing Jiejie can’t even protect herself! Waahhhhh~

Because Feng Tingye had foreseen this, he had tossed and turned Xia Yuqing until her legs and arms were soft, unable to leave the palace.

Once Xia Yuqing had recovered, the matters had already been finalized. What is done cannot be undone. What was left was….

“What? Who allowed this miss to marry that weak chicken?” Within the prime ministers palace, inside a refined lady’s chamber, a resounding voice bursted out screaming. This caused even the servants within the palace to lift their eyebrows. But in a second, everyone recovered and went back to their business.
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“Xiang Er, don’t get emotional. This marriage was bestowed to you by His Majesty. If you don’t honour it, then it would be taken as you resisting the imperial decree. Dad can see that the eldest royal prince isn’t that bad looking and heard that his character is pretty good. Didn’t he personally bring you back last time? Didn’t you like him at that time? Just do it, let’s not make things difficult for yourself or for dad okay?” Presently, her dad was the right prime minister. The Empress Dowager’s older brother, Liu Chengsi, wiped the cold sweat off his head and earnestly spoke.

“Who likes him? That frail body would be blown away with just a gust of wind. Which of your eyes saw me fall in love with him? Not that bad looking? Dad are you blind? That fox who laughs the entire day in a peculiar manner, how is he good looking? Me marry him, impossible!”

“You shrew, who are you saying laughs in a strange way? Who are you saying is a weak chicken? Who are you cursing?” Before Liu Chengsi could even open his mouth a mocking male voice came from outside.

“Snort, who else could it be? When they don’t laugh they resemble a monkey when they do laugh they resemble a monkey, besides you who else could it be? How dare you even come over you bastard…..” Liu Yixiang’s face was getting more and more unsightly, seizing the cup by her bedside, she threw it over at Xia Mingyuan.

With a crash, Xia Minyuan just narrowly dodged the cup that came flying towards his face. The smile on his face barely hanging on. “Shrew, gentleman are about actions not talk.”
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“Ah, well you’ve already called me shrew so what’s the point of saying that. In fact, how many times have you said it? Also, I am just a poor female, not some smooth gentleman, take this…..” Liu Yixiang gave a cold humph and then seized a tea cup to throw over.

“You’re still throwing things! Liu Yixiang don’t go overboard here. If it wasn’t for the sake of the two countries alliance, do you think this prince would want to marry such an ugly person, a tiger mom?” Xia Mingyuan quickly avoided the throw and looked at the shattered teacup. His expression immediately turned black. Can’t hold back anymore, pointing at Liu Yixiang he once again began yelling at her.

“Ugly? Tiger mom? Good, so it’s like this. Since you’re finding things so difficult, why don’t you go to my emperor cousin and decline the marriage proposal? This lady here is a natural beauty. The number of people who want propose could line up from the entrance to the city’s gate and it still wouldn’t be enough space. I don’t mind having one less! Let me tell you, you look down on me? Well I’m looking down on you! If you have the guts, go decline the marriage, otherwise….”

Xia Mingyuan sneered, interrupting her speech: “Otherwise what? Who do you think I am? You want this prince to go? Allow this prince to tell you something. This prince is going to fight until the end. The people who pursue you can form a line from your street to the gate entrance? Then why don’t I see you getting engaged? Instead, you’re here in your lady chambers, you’re just an old lady no one wants.”
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“Who are you saying is an old lady who no one wants? You bastard! I just have high standards and am just not interested!” Liu Yixiang face sank. Picking up another cup she continued to throw it at him.

“What, the prince pointed out your worry and now you’re flying into a rage? F*ck, throwing again! Don’t think that you’re the only one who could do that. This prince is also capable.” Xia Mingyuan avoided the cup coming towards him then surveyed his surroundings. His eyes immediately lit up on the small cup on a nearby table.

“Bastard, you dare try to throw something at me.” Liu Yixiang once again raised her voice.

“With a crack, chinaware continued to ceaselessly shatter. With the support of her Ya Tou’s, Liu Yixiang was able to escape the flying fragments that filled the air and leave the lady’s chamber.

But just as she left the battlefield, she heard something from inside and quickly turned around to due to the arrival of a stranger’s voice.

“Tsk tsk, this was so intense the entire mansion was trembling!” Hearing the intense racket and the breaking of items, Xia Yuqing clicked her tongue.

“Royal sister, there’s no problem with the eldest royal prince. But lady Liu…..” is intrepid! Xia Mingxi recalling his eldest royal brother suffering a fracture and shuddered.
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Trying to resist that women really should be left to those domineering experts. Us common people can’t bear it. For nerds, soft tender girls are the way!

“It’s nothing, Xiang Er’s leg injury isn’t better yet. The battle is going to just decline. At most she’ll end with a draw with the eldest royal prince.” Xia Yuqing saw Xia Mingxi’s struggling face and thought that he was upset over the marriage of Xiang Er and the eldest royal prince. Her heart trembled as she felt guilty emotions rushing at her. Lightly coughing twice, she seized his shoulders and boldly said: “Don’t be broken hearted. Eldest royal prince, the type that is outwardly fake with rash heart doesn’t suit you. Listen to your older sister. In the future older sister will give you something that you can present to people. A rich man who is gentle and will allow you to live comfortably.”

Xia Mingxi’s mouth drew into a straight line then he jabbed at Xia Yuqing: “Your current body is only eighteen years old. You’re my royal ‘little’ sister.”

Xia Yuqing froze then lowered her head to give him a look and gave him a hard pat on the shoulder: “My mental age is already close to my thirties, so having you call me older sister isn’t wrong!”

Being slapped by Xia Yuqing, Xia Mingxi stumbled back and almost fell over. Once he stabilized himself, Xia Yuqing came flying over.
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Xia Mingxi paused, suddenly feeling something wrong. Earlier didn’t Xia Yuqing say something about finding himself a gentle rich man? Rich man! This man clearly likes gentle girls!

Xia Mingxi’s inner heart was filled with F*ck your mother phrases. Just when he wanted to explain, he felt a shiver down his back. An ominous premonition suddenly arose.

In the next second, the hand that Xia Yuqing had on top of his was suddenly wrapped around by a slender fair hand, slowly being dragged away.
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“Huh?” Xia Yuqing suspiciously turned around to see her looking straight into Feng Tingye’s smiling face: “Ai Fei, if you push down the second royal prince, he will feel uncomfortable.”

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