FMEA Chapter 85 Part 3

Chapter 85  Two Faced and Outwardly cold but passionate inside! Part 3

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Realizing after the fact, Xia Yuqing looked back to see Xia Mingzi’s pale expression and hurriedly let go, apologizing: “Second royal prince, are you okay?”
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Xia Mingxi forced a laugh: “I’m fine, it’s nothing.”

Xia Yuqing nodded her head. She turned around to give Feng Tingye an eye, then she gave Xia Mingxi a look. Her eyes suddenly lit up with light. Is the Ultra Seme Lord currently feeling distressed for this Seme? Is he planning on taking advantage of this seme being dispirited by the marriage and planning on exploiting this? Using kind words to console him, he’ll capture the seme’s heart in one move. Can this melodramatic story line get any better?!

No wonder the Ultra Seme Lord had facilitated Xiang Er and the eldest royal prince’s marriage. So this was what he was planning! The more she thought about it, the more excited her eyes became when she looked at Xia Mingxi.

Xia Mingxi didn’t know that his every movement had already developed into a thousand different possibilities. He only knew that when Feng Tingye had seized Xia Yuqing’s shoulders, at that moment he felt thousands of eye daggers being stabbed at him….Mommy, this place is scary. Son just wants to go home!

“Your Majesty, why have you come?” Seeing the people, Liu Chengsi was distracted and came hurrying over to welcome them.

“Uncle, no need to be formal. This is Zhen’s Ai Fei, Consort Qing.”

Liu Chengsi froze and lifted his head to give Xia Yuqing a look and smiled: “This humble servant welcomes Consort Qing.”

“No need to be formal.” Xia Yuqing returned his smile and also secretly sized him up.

So this is Xiang Er’s dad. With his sleep appearance and dignified poise, he didn’t seem similar to Xiang Er at all.

“Your Majesty came to personally to visit….”
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Feng Tingye faintly smiled and looked towards Liu Yixiang’s lady chambers: “Originally Zhen was planning on bringing Ai Fei to take a look at Xiang Er, but on the way we encountered the two prince so we all came together. Who knew, once the eldest royal prince stepped into the residence, he heard Xiang Er’s voice drifting out….”

“….. what a coincidence!” Liu Chengsi’s smiling face stiffened. Hearing the deafening sounds from inside, he felt his heart ache. His coveted blue and white porcelain tea cup set is no more!

“Cough cough…. Please forgive my royal brother’s insolence.” Xia Yuqing lightly coughed, silently looking towards Xia Mingyuan.

Running into someone else’s place and starting to break their things, royal brother are you sure you’re not drunk? Aren’t you trying to keep a grand and magnificent appearance image? You can’t become negligent just because you’re about to be their son in law. Be careful or you might piss off your father-in-law. They might return the merchandise because of poor evaluation!

“Cough cough, it was Xiang Er’s fault at first. Don’t blame the eldest royal prince.” Liu Chengsi knew his daughter’s personality well. His lips twitched and he also didn’t dare accept Xia Yuqing’s apology.

“Uncle, Xiang Er’s marriage…”

“Your Majesty, don’t worry. Chen definitely will use all my efforts to persuade Xiang Er. Xiang Er that child although a bit tough but her character isn’t bad and she is filial. She definitely would understand Your Majesty’s effort and agree to the marriage.”

“Hearing uncle’s words, Zhen feels reassured. Xiang Er and the eldest royal prince is a talented man and beautiful woman, an ideal couple. Zhen believes with time, those two will be able to be a couple that everyone would envy.” Feng Tingye smiled, but didn’t say any more conventional greetings.
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“I thank Your Majesty for his blessing.”

As the two were talking, they suddenly heard a heaven shattering sound, causing everyone to feel trembling underneath their feet. Afterwards, they heard a roar: “Xia Mingyuan, this old lady cannot exist together. Today is going to be your death day!”

“If you have the ability, come. This prince doesn’t believe that I won’t be able to tame this witch!”

“……..” Could these two enemies actually become a happy married couple everyone would envy?

Worried, Xia Yuqing looked at Liu Chengsi’s ashened face, heart saying: Its finished. The right prime minister wants to refund the merchandise!

After long time everyone heard Liu Chensi’s sorrowful moan: “This old man’s favourite blue and white porcelain vase!”

“……” So the right prime minister was having a heartache over the flower vase? Shouldn’t he be worrying about his daughter’s future? So, in your heart, Xiang Er isn’t even comparable to a flower vase?

Xia Yuqing let out a breath, then looked up at the not so distant bustling-with-noise ladies chamber. She just had… no energy to roast it.
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After watching a great battle go down and following Feng Tingye from the prime minister’s residence with great difficulty, Xia Yuqing couldn’t help but ask: “Your Majesty, Xiang Er and the eldest royal prince have already been fighting for so long and can’t seem to get along. Yet the right prime minister seems to be so calm and collected. Is he not worried that Xiang Er will get bullied when she gets married?”

When she had heard the Empress Dowager mention Liu Yixaing’s dad, she had thought that he would be a hard to deal with character. Yet unexpectedly…. It was such an unusual match.

When Feng Tingye heard what she said, he paused and turned around to give her a profound look and lightly laughed: “Does Ai Fei really want to know?”

She hurriedly nodded her head with an expectant face, hoping that he would be able to clear up the confusion.

The corner of his lips raised up and he lightly smiled: “Then what is Ai Fei planning to exchange it for?”

“Huh?” she froze. She stared at his smiling expression startled.

“If Ai Fei wants to know some things that other people don’t know then you have to pay the price. If you want to know why the prime minister is so committed to this marriage then what is Ai Fei planning to exchange for it?”

“……” This shark! Xia Yuqing gave him a fierce stare and contained her anger and turned her head.
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Seeing this, Feng Tingye smiled, but he didn’t continue teasing her further. Clearing his throat, he said: “Actually it’s nothing much. What your eldest royal brother said just now wasn’t wrong. Xiang Er is already eighteen years old, but she still stays inside all the time. If it was a typical girl she would have married long ago or had a few children already.”

Turning his head to look at the door steps of the prime minister‘s house, he continued to laugh: “Two years ago, it wasn’t as if there was no one who would propose to her as Liu Yixiang said. With her status and her appearance the men who would propose was endless, it nearly broke the prime minister door steps. Unfortunately they all ended poorly.”

What? Xia Yuqing’s eyebrows lifted as she asked in curiosity.
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“The first person to propose was the university’s highly educated prince. At that time he was famous for being a scholar that loved to write poems. When he came to propose, uncle wanted to allow them to go on outings together so the prince invited her to go on a boating trip. Who knew that they would encounter an evil tyrant who wanted to seize a woman in broad daylight. Upon seeing this, Xiang Er immediately wanted to stand up for what was right and flew out of the boat to tackle him. The women was saved, but the scholar unfortunately fell into the water.”


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