FMEA Chapter 85 Part 4

Chapter 85  Two Faced and Outwardly cold but passionate inside! Part 4

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“The second person to propose was the imperial tutor’s youngest son. In the beginning, the youngest prince was in high spirits taking Xiang Er everywhere to go sightseeing. Agreeing to climb a mountain together, unfortunately they met a ferocious beast there. Depending on her strength to repel the beast, she was not injured, but that prince was scared and accidentally slipped off a hillside nearly losing his life.”
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“…..encountering dangers when they’re out, that’s just an accident, it’s unavoidable….”

Before Xia Yuqing could finish, had already turned around and had given her a look: “The third one was the nephew of an important general. Learning from the past lessons, they agreed on meeting at home to fly a kite.”

“Xiang Er has a big house, so flying a kite there was no big deal.”

“After flying the kite for a while, an assassin suddenly intruded.”

Xia Yuqing’s mouth twitched: “Xiang Er exerted her might again?”

“No. This time the general’s nephew wanted to make a performance in front of a beauty. Pulling out a sword and advancing forward, he didn’t expect the assassin to be so skilled causing the nephew to… break his arm. It was finally when Xiang Er made a move was when he was saved and the assassin was finished off.”
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“The fourth person was the nephew of the Jiu Men’s provincial governor. The fifth was a distant relative of the imperial tutor’s. The sixth….and so on. It continued to happen for more than a dozen others. Soon afterwards, no one else dared to propose.”

“……”God, that’s basically like misfortune summoning machine!

“Uncle thought that there must be something treacherous going on and brought Xiang Er to the temple. The Buddhist master there told uncle that Xiang Er’s life carries an evil aura. Regular would be polluted by it and can’t withstand it. Only if she meets someone who is more honorable than her, someone with a similar odor, with a tough life would be able to restrain her baleful aura.”

“….. Your majesty believes that this person is Chen Qie’s royal older brother?”

Feng Tingye looked at her and said: “At least your royal elder brother is the only one in these past few years that could stay by Xiang Er’s side for so long without a missing arm or broken leg. Oh, the first one was an accident.”

“………” Which one of those men weren’t accidents?!
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“Wait, Your Majesty knew this all along?”

Feng Tingye lifted his brow at her as if he was saying ‘You think?’

Xia Yuqing silently cried. So the Ultra Seme Lord had already prepared everything, he was plotting since the beginning. A loss is a loss. Xiang Er, just resign yourself! Jiejie will make sure to light you a candle!

Xia Yuqing followed Feng Tingye back to the palace. Not long after, Feng Tingye was called away by his personal eunuch saying that the Da Rens have something to discuss. Although Xia Yuqing was curious, she was a bit tired from the little trip earlier on top of the fact that she could tell
Feng Tingye didn’t want her to meddle, so she didn’t follow after. Instead, she returned back to Xie Fang palace. She didn’t think that once she arrived at the doorsteps she would see a portable hill-like thing sneaking in front of the door shifting here and there.
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Turning back to give Lu Rui a suspicious look, Lu Rui quickly whispered: “Niang Niang, it’s General He. I heard he just came back to court and for some reason came running to ours immediately after. It appears that he has been wandering about in front of our door for a good while already.”

General He? Xia Yuqing thought back to meeting that big oaf at the welcome ceremony, then her eyes shone. That day at the Grand Tutor’s residence, she had met this oaf and thought that this blockhead was like her and enjoyed staying at their own home, disliking going out. Never did she expect him to be out handling affairs.

Pondering for a while, she smiled and began walking towards where that fool was scouting. Yet she didn’t want anyone to report her arrival, so she hurriedly ran over to the big man.

“Hi!” Xia Yuqing jumped behind He Wenzhong and gave him a hard smack on the shoulder. This kind of strength lain on a typical person’s body would’ve caused someone to fall forwards, but this time….

“Oooff….” The role of force is mutual, as expected of words of wisdom. Xia Yuqing cupped her hands together, feeling the sting on her right hand. She looked at him in her peripheral, is this man’s body made of rock?
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Hearing sounds, He Wenzhong looked distracted. Then, he suspiciously turned around to find no one….

“Hey, we’re down here.” Xia Yuqing angrily reminded her. Do you think being tall is so amazing? Having the same eye level as a giraffe makes it way easier to be struck by lightning!

He Wenzhong paused, then lowered his line of sight to find himself staring at Xia Yuqing’s face. All at once, his face became red: “I…I’m not….”

“……” He turned pink just like that? I didn’t even say anything yet!

He’s so thin-skinned. Completely different from his tall and strong image. What a pity there is such a discrepancy. Unexpectedly she thought it was kind of…. cute.

“Cough cough…..”trying hard to hold back from squeezing that big bear, she kept her face straight and dignified: “General He has been hanging around Ben Gong’s place for so long, is there something the matter?”

At once, his face became several shades redder. Luckily, his skin colour was darker so it wasn’t too evident. He bashfully played with his fingers and mumbled something that couldn’t be heard completely: “I….. I……..”
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As Xia Yuqing observed his coy movements, her entire body shuddered, getting goosebumps everywhere. Not wanting to deal with the pain from hitting a certain someone again, but at the end of her patience, she gave his body another slap: “I..I…. what? If you have something to say, say it. If you can’t even do this, can you even be considered a man?”

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