FMEA Chapter 85 Part 5

Chapter 85  Two Faced and Outwardly cold but passionate inside! Part 5

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Intimidated by Xia Yuqing, his entire body was trembling. Eyes open wide, he seemed like a harmless rabbit. It was so cute, Xia Yuqing narrowly threw herself on top of him.

After a brief shock, the blush spread from his cheek to his neck. But contrary to what one might expect he was able to speak properly this time: “I… I came to see Xiao Bai.”

“Xiao Bai?”

Seeing Xia Yuqing’s ignorant lost expression, Lu Rui quickly lightly reminded her: “Niang Niang, did you forget? When you had carried Xiao Bai back that time, General He was also there. You had also at that time promised that he could come to the palace whenever to visit Xiao Bai.”

“Really?” From Lu Rui’s reminder, Xia Yuqing slowly seemed to recall that there was something like that. 

Xiao Bai was originally from the youngest child of a big white dog from the cold palace. That big white dog was the treasure of an imperial concubine in the cold palace. When that concubine had passed away, the big white dog lived alone in the palace. After giving birth to Xiao Bai, it died not long after.

Without the big white dog feeding it, on top of the fact that Xiao Bai was a glutton, when it was starving it started to follow a food scent. Following the palace maid that was delivering food, it bursted into the kitchen where it by chance encountered Xia Yuqing. She had personally ran to the imperial kitchen waiting anxiously for the flavour to sink into the Dongpo pork shoulder. Once she lifted the lid….

A white shadow came flying over. With one bite, it had bit onto a pork shoulder and turned around to leave. Startled, Xia Yuqing was frozen for a period. Then, realizing her pork shoulders had just been stolen, she chased after him. Clash, bang bang. All the way to the entrance, when Xia Yuqing noticed a dark shadow cover over them. Then the little white dog crashed head first into a person who had a stomach rumbling with hunger who had ran to the imperial kitchen to freeload.




Two people, one dog, six eyes looking at each other; they formed a historical meeting of three great foodies.  

After the event and hearing about Xiao Bai’s miserable background, the big blockhead was bursting with compassion. He badly wished to bring Xiao Bai back home to raise. Unfortunately, you can’t always get what you wish. The big blockhead had a sorrowful face as he grumbled: “My…. my dad doesn’t allow me to raise pets.”

“……” Xia Yuqing almost choked and looked at the blockhead with a sympathizing look. Your dad not allowing you to raise a pet is right. A person who is killing enemies valiantly on the battlefield filled with murderous spirit, a general filled with a domineering aura and wearing a gold plated armour showing impressive power; who can imagine if they were holding a cute tiny white dog in their hand!

Considering the pros and cons, Xia Yuqing extended a helping hand. Without hesitation she took in the homeless little white dog. Also unable to see the tears on a certain someone’s face as if they were parting forever, Xia Yuqing kindly offered the bear the opportunity to visit Xiao Bai whenever he wanted. But she had not thought that in a month, that blockhead would actually appear. Xia Yuqing had already almost forgotten about the entire thing.

Now recalling the matter, Xia Yuqing clapped her hands together, suddenly realizing: “So it’s this, stupid…. Oh that’s not right. General He is here to see Xiao Bai.”

“En……” He Wenzhong seeing that Xia Yuqing had finally remembered, quickly nodded his head in confirmation, his face had a foolish grin hanging there.

With a roll of her eyes, her eyes suddenly had some mischievous scheming look to it. Giving a mischievous laugh she said: “What a coincidence. Not long ago, Lu Rui had taken Xiao Bai to the hospital. In a moment the sun will get deadly, General He please follow Ben Gong inside first. Then Ben Gong will get Lu Rui to pick Xiao Bai up.”

He Wenzhong nodded his head before he thought about what was just said: “The hospital? Is Xiao Bai sick?”

“Eh…. it’s nothing. Because of the changing of the seasons, Xiao Bai ate a bit too much and gave himself an upset stomach. He’s already been sent to the hospital and it’s nothing big. General doesn’t have to worry.”

“Oh, then that’s good.” He Wenzhong foolishly nodded his head, his face had a nice smiling expression. But real soon, he wouldn’t be able to smile any longer.

Being in Xie Fang palace for a short moment, before He Wenzhong could even warm up his seat, a burst of urgent footsteps could be heard.

“Niang Niang, Xiao Bai is here.” Lu Rui’s voice could be heard from behind him. So, He Wenzhong placed down his hot cup of tea and turned his head around expectantly. But when he saw what was behind him…. He was completely frozen.

A wrinkled red creature that looks like a baby rat was curled up listlessly within Lu Rui’s chest. From time to time, seeming uncomfortable, it would yawn. It had an appearance as if it was half dead.

Being petrified for a moment, he extended his finger to point at that creature: “This… this is Xiao Bai? Why is it… bald?”

Xia Yuqing awkwardly lifted her head to look at the sky and replied in a depressed manner: “It’s nothing. Lately, it’s been rather cold. So just like a snake that sheds it’s skin or like a frog hibernating in the winter, a dog also needs to shed it’s fur. That’s common knowledge.”

“……” Niang Niang, are you sure this shocking view is actually….. common?!

“But it gets colder in the winter. If it sheds it’s fur, won’t it become even colder?”

Xia Yuqing’s smiling expression stiffened, then she turned her head around to look at He Wenzhong. So this guy isn’t stupid beyond redemption!

“Once it sheds its fur, it will grow brand new fur. Then it would be even more warm.” Xia Yuqing replied.

“…….” Niang Niang, do you this Xiao Bai is like a gecko? If it’s tail falls off it could grow another one? It’s so obvious that this clumsy lie was used to deceive that fool.

“So it’s like this. Then when Xiao Bai grows its fur out again, could Niang Niang let me know? I would like to see.” He Wenzhong firmly believed in what Xia Yuqing said without any doubt. Happily looking at Xiao Bai, a trace of tenderness could be seen within his eyes.

“……..” Everyone there had their chins dropped to the ground. After some great difficulty in putting it back together, they all silently looked up into the sky. Okay, this is a swindled fool.

“Ahahhahaha, no problem.” Being stared at sincerely by those big eyes. Xia Yuqing gelt a bit…guilty. But real quick, she threw it to the back of her mind.

“It’s already close to the afternoon. Since general has been waiting outside for so long. You probably haven’t had your afternoon meal yet. Why not stay behind and have a meal with Ben Gong?”

Once he hear that there was food, He Wenzhong’s eyes lit up. In a flash, his face became red again: “That wouldn’t be proper.”

“It’s no inconvenience. Isn’t it just a meal? Lu Rui, quickly go prepare the meal. I want the Dongpo pork shoulders, beef boiled in spicy soup, sliced beef and offal,  pork strips with veggies, kung pao chicken, braised fish, longjing shrimp, pork terrine, and braised crab meat balls. In addition, please add Buddha jumping wall, stir fried veggies, eight treasure duck and meat wrapped omelette. For the soup, I want rib and corn soup, spicy sour soup and seven star fish ball soup. Don’t forget to bring fruit and after dinner dessert. The most important is Ben Gong’s favourite almond pastry.”

Xia Yuqing fully displayed the ability of a foodie, remembering the name of every dish. With just one breath she listed out the pile of dishes that would have caused everyone to drool with desire. 

Just as expected once she finished speaking, there was an evident drool sucking sound. Xiia Yuqing covered her smile, her eyes filled with scheming.

Lu Rui knowing her Niang Niang well, knew that the amount of food she can intake was way beyond a normal girl. But now that she was pregnant, the amount of food she ate for two was terrifying. Not to mention adding on General He who looks like he can really eat. Therefore, Lu Rui didn’t feel like it was astonishing for Xia Yuqing to order so much. Giving a light smile, she led some people to the imperial kitchen to prepare.

After one hour, once a table filled with dishes appeared in front of the two, both their stomachs rumbled with hunger.

“The life of a hermit really is the best!” Taking the Rib soup from Lu Rui, she used it to warm her stomach. Then, she called the person next to her to dine but the person behind her had long disappeared.

“Yi, where is he?”

Poking her, Lu Rui pointed at the person not so far away already sweeping through all the gourmet food. Currently he was extremely happy holding a pork shoulder eating it. 

Seeing the imposing manner He Wenzhong had when he gnawed on the pork shoulder, she drew in a cold breath and she sighed inside. As expected for a foodie, when there is good food in front of one, no matter what reputation or surface temperament would fade away. But this made things easier to do.

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