FMEA Chapter 87 Part 5

Chapter 87 Time for the counterattack! 

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“Pu……” Feng Tingye nearly let out a laugh and quickly used his hand to cover it up. Speaking softly to console him: “Well the words from those two Da Ren aren’t really baseless. After all Ai Qing, you really did lose your voice.”

“……” Yan Ran had a face filled with sorrow, then he fiercely lifted his head up to directly face Feng Tingye who had a smile hidden in his eyes. At once he became furious, “Now I understand. So you guys are a group. So, I helped you in vain taking care of that Ya Tou’s older royal brother. I couldn’t even compare two those treacherous guys. Encountering this kind of thankless ingrate who would abandon their benefactor after achieving their goal, my life is really difficult. I was really inattentive when making friends!”

Avoiding looking at that evil creature who was making a scene, Feng Tingye coldly sneered: “So you’re aware of those who still bear grudges at you from before? Zhen also feels that they just couldn’t look over your idiotness and for the sake of the people, decided to get rid of this rotten apple.”

Yan Ran was getting more angry: “You are slandering me, you are hurting my young spirit. If I sustain any mental damages, you have to take responsibility and also….”

Before Yan Ran could finish, the tears in his eyes seemed to form into a vast body of water. Unfortunately, before he could fully brw up that state of mind he was relentlessly broken off by a certain someone: “So how much chili oil did you rub on your sleeve?”

Yan Ran froze and guiltily hid his sleeve behind his body.

Feng Tingye’s eyes were filled with ridicule: “When we say you’re an idiot, you are unwilling to accept it. Knowing that chili oil is so pungent, you still dare to throw yourself on to Zhen’s body. It serves you right to have no one care that you’re crying to death here.”

Yan Ran’s face looked like he was about to collapse. In any case he had already lost all image, he might as well break off all means of retreat. So once again he came flying towards Feng Tingye.

Yet before he could hug onto Feng Tingye’s thigh, he was kicked away by the other leg and went flying onto his back. It was as if he was trying to avoid an epidemic and made a strategic withdrawal: “Don’t come close to Zhen. If Ai Fei were to see this, there might be another misunderstanding. Tsk tsk, people outside might blame your ** things on Zhen. If that happens, Zhen really won’t be able to clear it up.”

In a sorry state, Yan Ran laid on the ground gasping for breath for a moment before he became frantic: “You still dare to bring up that Ya Tou. It’s all because of that Ya Tou, she is basically the source of evil! Aaghhh, I really just want to pry open her brains and take a look at what she’s hiding in there. Why is it that everyone in her eyes becomes a homosexual?!” 

Feng Tingye’s eyebrows lifted up, his face harbouring evil schemes as he gave a fake smile: “If Zhen doesn’t remember it wrong, it was a certain someone who was a grandeur male was tormented until they were rolling on the ground by a young lady about to enter the inner chambers and shouted until they damaged their throat causing the misunderstanding.”

Yan Ran’s face froze as he quickly retorted: “That was her plot….”

Feng Tingye didn’t give him time to explain: “Who was it who kept on saying they would get the whole story from that Ya Tou but in the end didn’t even realize a certain someone doesn’t even have memory loss.”

Yan Ran became petrified.

“Who else was it that made a solemn vow saying they would never fall for the same trick twice? In the end….. Not only were they rolling on the ground but they nearly caused my Ai Fei and unborn prince to narrowly run into misfortune. After the event, not only did you not express gratitude to Ai Fei for helping you see through that assassin’s true colours and saved you from the fire so you didn’t fall into a calamity, but instead you are saying that Ai Fei was the one who harmed you. Ai Qing, aren’t you the scum whose biting the hand that feeds you?”

Bang….. A sudden clap of thunder fell down, it forcibly caused a certain someone’s body to be struck into a million pieces.

I was wrong. I have made a big mistake. From the start, I shouldn’t have entered the palace. If I didn’t enter the palace, I wouldn’t have met these bad friends. If I hadn’t met these bad friends, then I wouldn’t have been so deeply hurt and gotten stabbed in the back by my brothers! Wahhh~

“Your Majesty, you have been led astray by Ya Tou” Yan Ran weakly groaned.

“You’re flattering me. Zhen and Ai Fei are of one whole, so naturally we would advance and retreat together.”

“….. it seems that her leading you astray has caused your skin to become one layer thicker.”

“Thank you Ai Qing for your compliment. Zhen will continue to work hard.”


“Consort Qing has arrived.” The court eunuch announced outside interrupting the conversation between the two. Yan Ran quickly stood up and fixed his clothing then resumed an evil expression: “So just when we mention her, she arrives!”

Feng Tingye’s smiling expression was wiped out from his eyes and he didn’t reply. 

“Your Majesty.” Xia Yuqing pushed open the door and entered to come face to face with Yan Ran’s mild smile. Shocked she shouted: “The Gorgeous Grand tutor is here!”

Feeling as if Xia Yuqing’s gaze was a bit crafty and having an ominous premonition he quickly spoke up: “Since Consort Qing has arrived, Chen will leave first.”

“Wait!” Once Yan Ran finished speaking and before he could leave, Xia Yuqing cried out causing Yan Ran to jump in shock.

Seeing Yan Ran burning with anxiety to run off, her mouth sank and couldn’t help feel aggrieved: “Why is it that Ben Gong has just arrived and now the Gorgeous Grand Tutor wants to leave? Could it be that you are still angry at Ben Gong leading Yuan Er into the palace?”

Yan Ran froze suddenly feeling a chill on his back. He felt that as long as he replied with a simple yes, that certain someone’s eye blade would cut him into so many pieces, there won’t be any remains.

Silently wiping away his cold sweat, Yan Ran smiled: “How could that be? Speaking about that previous time, Chen can’t even thank Niang Niang enough, why would I even hold a grudge against Niang Niang? If it was not for Niang Niang’s exceptional intelligence and being able to see through the assassin’s disguise, Chen might have still been in the dark.”

“Yet…that day, you fell into the trap. In fact, I heard that you lost your voice afterwards. Are you okay now?” Xia Yuqing asked innocently.

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