FMEA Chapter 88 Part 1

Chapter 88 The tragedy from eating the wrong medicine

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Yan Ran’s head immediately had several bright red cross above his head. Why is it that this couple loved to always stab at his heart. Furthermore, he clearly couldn’t offend either of them. The only thing he could do was gnash his teeth together and swallow down his blood.  F*ck, I’m getting murdered!

“It was the Grand Tutor’s mistake trusting Ya Tou’s words, so it isn’t related to Ai Fei at all. In fact with the Grand Tutor’s vast heart, how could he ever bear a grudge against Ai Fei? Ai Qing, don’t you agree?” 

“Of course, of course.” Yan Ran was completely unwilling, but his face was smiling so hard it was so rigid. Being oppressed this way, with a wife, kids, and a good life, obviously he would just throw away his brothers. With him being this biased, how can they still be brothers?!!

Yan Ran’s heart was crying enough tears to form a river. Yet, Xia Yuqing was distracted by what Feng Tingye said: “Ai Qing?”

Seeing Xia Yuqing’s shining with that familiar light, Feng Tingye at once understood what she was thinking about and rushed to speak: “Ai Fei, that’s just a way of calling. However, if Ai Fei minds, Zhen can call just call my ministers Da Ren.”

Nevertheless, Xia Yuqing didn’t have those plans. Tsk tsk, revealing what he was trying to hide. Doesn’t the Ultra Seme Lord know that trying to hide it just makes it more conspicuous?

“Your Majesty, did you just call him Ai Qing, Ai….. Ai….. Ai….. Qing.” Xia Yuqing had an expression that said don’t lie to me, then pointed out “According to what Chen Qie knows, this kind of term of endearment is what people in the past called their wives….Qing.”

Looking at Xia Yuqing’s ‘caught you red-handed’ expression, Feng Tingye’s smile was frozen. If it wasn’t for the fact that he was being mindful of the child in Xia Yuqing’s belly, he would have immediately hung up this Ya Tou to beat. Just a few days of him neglecting her and she has scaled to the rooftop. If this continues, how would he last!!!

“So Ai Fei wants Zhen to call you in this way, it is Zhen’s negligence. In the future, Zhen will make sure he works hard to allow Ai Fei feel a sense of security to avoid any nonsense imagination. Qing Qing, what do you think?”

Feng Tingye leaned close to Xi Yuqing’s sensitive spot on her neck while bringing an intoxicating ** as he whispered, in an instant a certain someone felt her head give off heat. 

Wahhhh, Ultra Seme Lord, seduction is against the rules. If you continue not to change, you’re going to get a yellow card as a warning. If you continue to be like this, then I’ll have to kick you off the field. Aaghhh, don’t come closer!!!!

But it wasn’t just Xia Yuqing who was scared by Feng Tingye. Even Yan Ran, who was watching this public display of affection, was suffering. Can’t you see this single fellow here? Oh god, I’m going to become blind soon.

“Ai Fei didn’t come over at this time, just to discuss this adressment issue, hmm?” Feng Tingye turned his eyes towards the small box within Xia Yuqing’s hands. Within his eyes was a thread of a … calculating smile.

After the reminder, Xia Yuqing then remembered the purpose of her visit. She did not expect that before she could use her move, she was seduced, her heart feeling endless remorse. Luckily she came back to reality and it wasn’t too late.

“Of course not. Chen Qie heard that His Majesty hasn’t been able to eat much these days due to the heart being concerned about matters. Thus, I specially instructed the imperial kitchen to help stew a bowl of wolfberry pigeon soup and personally deliver it for Your Majesty to taste.”

Xia Yuqing spoke while she opened the case. Lifting up the lid, a hot soup was revealed. At once, the entire Qian Qing palace was filled with a strong fragrant smell.

“Ai Fei being so concerned for Zhen’s body really makes Zhen feel gratified.” Under Xia Yuqing’s expectant gaze, Feng Tingye reached out his hand to grasp the ladle above the porcelain bowl. Smiling, in the corner of his eye he paid close attention to Xia Yuqing’s expression.

Xia Yuqing impatiently looked at the ladle within Feng Tingye’s hand approach the surface of the soup. Then when it was just a bit away it stopped. Just a little bit more!!!

Xia Yuqing then watched as Feng Tingye’s hand slowly retracted and the white jade ladle was brought towards Feng Tingye’s smiling handsome face: “Zhen actually just ate some pastries a moment ago and still feeling somewhat full….”

“But….. but the soup should be drank while it’s hot. If it cools down it won’t taste good.” Seeing Feng Tingye’s look of regret, Xia Yuqing hurried and interrupted his speech. Her face displaying a lovely pitiful expression: “Your Majesty, do you really want to waste Chen Qie’s hard work?”

It was seldom for Xia Yuqing to act coquettishly with Feng Tingye which caused him to become distracted for a moment. But it was just a moment and he was clear-headed once again. He narrowed his eyes. This Ya Tou for the purpose of her goal, she even went as far as to use beauty strategy.

“Since it’s Ai Fei’s hard efforts, Zhen naturally has to treasure it. It’s just Zhen can see that the soup is scalding hot. How about Ai Fei places it down first, then once it cools a bit, Zhen will slowly enjoy it.”

Xia Yuqing still wanted to say something, her brain suddenly flashing up. This should be fine. She should take this opportunity to quickly withdraw. Otherwise if the Ultra Seme Lord were to take the medicine she wouldn’t be able to run away quick enough.

“Cough cough, what Your Majesty said is right. This is Chen Qie’s negligence. Then, let’s place it down first. It seems that Your Majesty and the Gorgeous Grand Tutor are still discussing court affairs. Since this is the case, Chen Qie will retreat first.” Xia Yuqing smiled lightly, then placed down the case. Giving them a quick look, she turned around to leave.

Once she closed the wooden doors of the palace, she immediately lied against the door to listen for any movements or sound. Yet the wooden door was too sturdy, nothing could be heard, not even a shadow could be seen. 

Tossing from side to side for a moment, Xia Yuqing decided to give up. Standing up and fixing her clothes, she ordered Li Yuan who had a dumbstruck impression from observing what she had done: “Xiao Yuan, your martial arts skills are good. You wait here and keep watch. Once there’s any sort of movement, inform me immediately. Do you understand?”

Li Yuan’s mouth twitched. Her heart was completely unwilling, but remembering her situation currently and weighing everything, she could only nod her head.

After repeating her instructions to Li Yuan, she recalled the ingredients she added into the soup and her mood got a lot better. 

It actually wasn’t a coincidence at all. She had actually asked around to figure out when the Grand Tutor was going to visit to purposely delivered the items. The purpose was…. ahahahaha…..

Who told you to always bully me? Who told you to seize my little yellow book? Who force me to be like this…. Today I’ll let you properly enjoy the flavour of being counter attacked. Now let’s see if you’ll try to seize my shortcomings. ╭(╯^╰)╮

Feeling content, Xia Yuqing happily sang a song as she left, while the two men she was thinking about were in the empty palace together staring at each other.

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