FMEA Chapter 88 Part 2

Chapter 88 The tragedy from eating the wrong medicine

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After a long time, Yan Ran smelling the remaining fragrant smell couldn’t help but swallow his saliva. Stepping forward, he lifted up the lid to reveal the piping hot soup.

“This soup smells delicious. It shouldn’t be made by that Ya Tou, right?”

Feng Tingye’s eyebrows lifted up: “Do you think she would be able to make a dish that smells, looks and tastes great? No, Ai Fei has a Ya Tou who has culinary talents that wouldn’t be outdone by the imperial kitchen. This soup is most likely made by that Ya Tou.”

Yan Ran nodded his head. Thinking back to the highly toxic meal Xia Yuqing had delivered to his residence before, then looking at the delicacy in front of him, in regards to Feng Tingye’s excuse, he already believed more than half of it. Silently swallowing his saliva, laughed:  “Since Your Majesty ate quite a few things earlier, how about having this Chen take your place in drinking the soup.”

Feng Tingye smiled the put on an act and said: “Is that proper? This soup was something Ai Fei had spent so much effort and personally delivered to Zhen. If the Grand Tutor was to force himself and Ai Fei found out, Zhen is afraid she would be broken-hearted.”

“Not forced, not forced at all. Being able to eat the food delivered by Consort Qing herself it this Chen’s honour and privilege. Seeing this Chen’s pitiful mental and physical state, should bestow a bowl to Chen as a reward.” Yan Ran hurriedly spoke in a flattering manner.

Feng Tingye gave him a profound glance. Just as Yan Ran thought that a certain someone was being stingy, Feng Tingye mercifully said: “Eat go ahead and eat it. Isn’t it just one bowl. If it was spread out, then people would say Zhen is mistreating you.”

“Your Majesty, as expected is magnanimous for all eternity. Then this Chen… will go ahead.” Yan Ran was starving. For the past few days, every time it was time for him to dine, those two fellows would arrive as scheduled, so he hasn’t had a peaceful meal in a long time. On top of that, trying to avoid those two people, he had skipped his lunch to escape to the palace. His stomach was rumbling with hunger.

Before anything could be changed, he lifted up the bowl and began to drink.  He scarcely realized that a certain petty monarch who had bothered him for half a day over some food in the past is now allowing him to drink Xia Yuqing’s personally delivered soup, this matter … definitely is wrong!  

Feng Tingye looked at Yan Ran immersed in eating, his lips slowly curved up.

It’s correct that this soup wasn’t made by Xia Yuqing. However the ingredients inside were a hundred percent added by Xia Yuqing personally. It was just a certain someone didn’t ask properly, he didn’t lie on purpose!

Standing in front of Qian Qing palace, Li Yuan had walked back and forth for ages, yet she still couldn’t hear any sounds of activity. Her eyebrows pinching together, she couldn’t help step forward a few steps. Then following what Xia Yuqing had done earlier, she pressed her ear against the door to listen for any sounds of activity. Just when she was about to press up against it, the door was suddenly opened from inside.

“You…..” Li Yuan looked up stunned to see the man coming out. After being stunned for a moment, she then recovered and quickly lowered her head and bit her lip trembling slightly.

Li Yuan could sense that at that moment she shifted her glance, the man’s faze had landed on her body. That piercing line of sight that was on her for just a short few seconds made her feel a sense of danger she had never felt before. It was a similar feeling she had with that old man but it was not as intense as it was now.

Or perhaps this man wasn’t as simple as he appeared ordinarily. Or perhaps this is his real side and his other side would only arise for a certain someone. For example… her current master – Xia Yuqing.

Not knowing how much time passed, Li Yuan finally came back and there was no trace of Feng Tingye. As for herself, she felt that she’d had a cold sweat covering her entire body and being blown by the cold evening breeze, she shivered.

Sucking in a deep breath, it wasn’t until after that Li Yuan realized Xia Yuqing had prepared the soup for Feng Tingye. Yet, Feng Tingye was perfectly all right and had just walked out. Then, that soup…..

Li Yuan’s face changed and she quickly turned around wanting to push open the door of Qian Qing palace. Yet, before she could touch the door, the door once again opened from the inside. The difference was that the thing that came out wasn’t a human, it was a slender hand.

Before she could react, she was forcibly dragged inside. Li Yuan gave out a cry of fear. When she was about to struggle, her lips were blocked and she couldn’t release any more sounds.

Her body pressed against something hard, Li Yuan knew it was the protruding handle of the door. Both her hands constrained and mouth robbed, in her panic she only just looked upon the familiar stranger’s appearance. From head to toe, she froze. In a flash she began to slowly relax, then…. Everything seemed to become fuzzy.

Xia Yuqing waited impatiently in Fang Dian palace. Still haven’t seen Li Yuan in so long, she couldn’t help but feel a bit bored.

Recalling how her tiny yellow book was taken away by Feng Tingye, she started to feel furious.

“Bad guy, vicious capitalist, stingy mister, you treacherous exploiter. Dare to bully me and take away my little yellow book. Humph, now you know how awesome I am. I’ll definitely make today unforgettable, Qian Shu Wan Li Hua Kai*.”

*Qian Shu Wan Li Hua Kai = beautiful romantic setting; something mentioned in a chinese poem

She jabbed the pillow in front of her indifferently. It was obvious she was treating it as a certain scoundrel who always bullied her. Sounding like a broken record repeating the same things, she didn’t have the slightest idea that a shadow was approaching close, then by that time….

“Ai Fei, who do you want to be unable to forget today?”

Hearing that sound, Xia Yuqing’s movements froze. Widening her eyes, she turned her head around, her face looked like she had seen a ghost.

“You you you……”

“What about Zhen?” Feng Tingye smiled at Xia Yuqing and asked innocently.

“Why are you here?” Xia Yuqing narrowly couldn’t take a breath and cried out in surprise.

“Why can’t Zhen be here? If Zhen wasn’t here then how would Zhen have heard Ai Fei’s complaints from her heart? So Zhen was this kind of figure in Ai Fei’s heart. A Bad guy? Vicious capitalist? Stingy miser? A treacherous exploiter? Tsk tsk, those all seem to be terrible crimes.”

Xia Yuqing silently began to cry. There was nothing more oppressive than being caught talking bad about someone. How dare Lu Rui that Ya Tou not warning her and had just allowed this beast to come in. Now great, my life is over!!!

The innocent Lu Rui at this moment was hurrying towards the imperial kitchen crying on the way. Niang Niang, it’s not that Nu Bi didn’t want to save you. It’s this Nu Bi can’t even save herself. If you have to blame something, blame the enemy for being too strong. We aren’t his match at all! Waaahhh….. 

Xia Yuqing’s heart was aggrieved and harbouring complaints about Lu Rui running before the battle. Then looking towards Feng Tingye she forced a smile: “Of course not. His Majesty is brilliant, wise, and skilled in martial arts, not to mention have a broad mind. How could Chen Qie think of you in that manner. Chen Qie was just cursing…. Chen Qie’s eldest royal brother! Right, him.”

A bright idea suddenly appearing, Xia Yuqing recalled that when she was cursing earlier she had not mentioned any names and quickly twisted the conversation around.

Feng Tingye’s eyebrows lifted up: “Ai Fei’s eldest royal brother?”

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