FMEA Chapter 88 Part 3

Chapter 88 The tragedy from eating the wrong medicine

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“That’s right, him.” Xia Yuqing waved her handkerchief and covered up the guilt conscience on her face. In a dismal manner she said: “Your Majesty, it’s not like you don’t know. When Chen Qie was in Xia Kingdom, Chen Qie often was bullied and humiliated by the eldest royal prince. After marrying to Ye Kingdom did it finally get better. So the way Your Majesty treats Chen Qie is basically like giving Chen Qie a new life. How could Chen Qie ever blame Your Majesty?”

“Is this true?” Feng Tingye looked at Xia Yuqing suspiciously and asked.

“Of course it is. What else could it be?” Xia Yuqing puffed out her chest as she spoke sincerely. In her heart she lit up a candle for her innocent eldest royal brother who was just attacked. Eldest royal brother, currently you will have to help your little sister be a shield. Your sister will definitely repay this debt. In fact, saving a life is more meritorious than building a seven-floor pagoda. You can just treat this as doing a good deed. Ah Li Tuo Fut, Ah Li Tuo Fut*!

* Saying for blessings from Buddha

At that moment, totally oblivious that they were being thought about, Xia Mingyuan was currently thinking how he should pack a certain someone back to his home country. Suddenly feeling a sudden evil cold, he shivered.

“What’s the matter? Why do I have a bad premonition? Could it be that someone is scheming against this prince? It wouldn’t be…. That Ya Tou?”

Feng Tingye stared at Xia Yuqing for a long time, so long that Xia Yuqing felt her heart was about to stop beating. Then a certain someone full of intrigue smiled: “Then Ai Fei should give her body as tribute.”

“Huh?” Xia Yuqing froze. How did it go from figuring out if she said bad words about a certain someone to giving her body as tribute.

Feng Tingye smiled and approached Xia Yuqing to quietly say: “Didn’t Ai Fei say it earlier? Zhen had basically given Ai Fei a new life. Therefore to pay for the gratitude, shouldn’t Ai Fei offer her body as tribute?”

Xia Yuqing was petrified. Subsequently, she paled and recoiled back a few steps. In a short while she scuttled back to **, her face looking like she was taking precautions: “Ahahahah, Your Majesty, that….. Shi En Bu Tu Bao*. You asking for a reward will be harmful to your brilliant demeanour. So, for your reputation, Chen Qie should…. Stay there. Don’t come closer!

* helping someone but not asking for anything in return

“Didn’t Ai Fei just say that Zhen has bestowed a great favour to Ai Fei, yet Ai Fei’s attitude doesn’t seem like how one should act to their benefactor.” Feng Tingye’s face was covered by a big smile as he advanced towards Xia Yuqing. Pressing in close, in Xia Yuqing’s eyes, he looked remarkably like a wolf.

With a plop, Feng Tingye avoided a certain someone’s belly which had already started to form and pressed her onto the bed and smiled: “If Zhen didn’t remember it incorrectly, Ai Fei, that soup you made was to help replenish kidney and Qi. Taking pity on Ai Fei, Zhen didn’t want Ai Fei to be too exhausted. However who knew Ai Fei was feeling lonely. This is definitely Zhen’s negligence. Luckily, Zhen will mend his ways and make sure to satisfy Ai Fei to make up for Zhen’s negligence.”

Hearing what was said, Xia Yuqing immediately began to tear up. This b*st*rd! The soup I delivered was clearly so you can transform to become a Uke and get pressed down by the Gorgeous Grand Tutor. Or if that’s no good you could use your Ultra Seme Lord nature to press down the Gorgeous Grand Tutor. In no circumstance are you supposed to press me down. Elegant butterfly!!!

In her frantic moment, Xia Yuqing touched her small tummy and faintly blanked. At once she calmed down and lifted her head to look at Feng Tingye: “Your Majesty, Chen Qie is currently with child. Please take pity on Chen Qie and the unborn child and not do ** with Chen Qie at this moment.”

Xia Yuqing pushed out her chest, an indignant face that appeared as if she was doing this all for their child. She scarcely realized that a certain someone had foreseen she would use the child as a shield and had long thought of a response.

“If it’s like this….” Under Xia Yuqing’s expectant gaze, Feng Tingye lips curved: “If Ai Fei is only worried about these, then it is unnecessary. Zhen had asked the imperial physician a while ago. Ai Fei had already carried the child for over three months. The child should be stable. Doing any of those kind of things wouldn’t be damaging. On the contrary, it is beneficial for the royal child. Zhen just heard that Ai Fei is so concerned about our royal child. So these kind of beneficial matters, Ai Fei definitely won’t reject. Am I correct?”

Feng Tingye spoke with conviction, each statement was clear and logical. In a short while, Xia Yuqing was left speechless. This time from personal experience she now knows what crushing one’s own foot while trying to maneuver a rock means. This man had long prepared for himself to say these words, he…. It’s on purpose!!!

Without her excuse from death medal, Xia Yuqing was drained of energy. Teary eyes looking at Feng Tingye, she attempted to use a pitiful expression to arouse a certain someone’s protective feelings. Too bad….

“The way Ai Fei is looking at Zhen, Zhen is worried that Zhen can’t help but release the beast, not knowing priorities. But…..” Feng Tingye felt the person underneath him tremble. At once he smiled with even more enthusiasm: “But, Zhen is very curious what kind of moving scenery is the Qian Shu Wan Li Hua Kai* Ai Fei mentioned. How about Ai Fei personally perform it for Zhen?”

*Qian Shu Wan Li Hua Kai = beautiful romantic setting; something mentioned in a chinese poem

“Ah, no….” Xia Yuqing shouted out in fear. Just when she was about to reject, a certain someone quick as lightning covered her mouth.

Gradually in her moment of daze, Xia Yuqing silently allowed her tears to flow. This time, when she tried to steal a chicken, she only ended up losing the rice used to lure it. F*ck! Xiao Yuan, where are you? Quick, come save me!!!!

Xia Yuqing didn’t know that at this time the person she was placing high hopes on and was calling the name for was also currently powerless to defend herself.

The night scene gradually deepened. The dense shadows of the trees outside the window danced and swayed in the breeze. The full moon high in the sky with the moonlight slipped stealthily through the cracks of the window. 

Early the next morning, Qian Qing palace bursted out with a sharp scream accompanied with the fall of a heavy object.

Yan Ran’s ashen-face looked at the disordered couch bed. His face became green, white then green again. His brain delt like paste. He just dimly remembered he had entered the palace to complain to Feng Tingye, then Xia Yuqing arrived and delivered a wolfberry pigeon soup. After Xia Yuqing left, he drank the soup and then….

Wait, that soup! He had thought it was weird how Feng Tingye had suddenly became so generous, so it turns out that there was something wrong with that soup, so…..

So its true that words can be made irresponsibly but food cannot be eaten indiscriminately. Yan Ran ghastly seemed to feel that he was stabbed in the back by his brother again.

Bit by bit, recalling the events of last night, Yan Ran cursed inside his mind. Lifting his head guiltily to look at the ** woman lying down, he could see that she was breathing steadily and let out a sigh. It was evident that she was sleeping soundly.

In a flurry, he rushed to clothe himself properly. Then giving that ** person a complex look, he tip-toed quietly,  leaving the room and escaping without a trace!!!

Hearing the door being open and closed, ** the original sleeping person slowly opened their eyes. Eyes crystal clear, they did not resemble a person who had woken up from deep sleep.

The truth was because her body was unwell, Li Yuan was not asleep in the early morning. When Yan Ran had woken up, she had sensed it. It was just that she was a bit embarrassed, while on the other hand she wanted to see that man’s reaction. Thus she deliberately pretended to be unconscious.

Yet, she didn’t think that this would man would unexpectedly did not say anything and just run off. Li Yuan suddenly felt like she was a joke. A fire began to slowly rise inside her mind.

Supporting her body up, she stared at a certain someone who escaped in a panic. Her lips little by little lifted up, eyes full of determination: “Running after eating your fill. It’s not that easy.”

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