FMEA Chapter 88 Part 4

Chapter 88 The tragedy from eating the wrong medicine

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First thing in the morning, Xia Yuqing felt her back sore. Feeling as if she was on her last breath, she supported her belly and condemned the child’s father. Then while Lu Rui was heavy with regret and freshening her up, she asked: “Xiao Yuan? Why don’t I see her?”

Last night she had ordered that Ya Tou stand in front of Qian Qing palace to guard. In the end, the Ultra Seme Lord had run over, but there was no trace of that Ya Tou. Could she have run away? Or…. did something happen?

“Xiao Yuan? Ah, that Ya Tou. Didn’t she come back with Niang Niang last night? Niang Niang, did you not bring her back? Nu Bi didn’t see her the entire evening.” Lu Rui asked in a surprised manner hearing Xia Yuqing’s question.

“Didn’t return last night.” Xia Yuqing gasped and began to believe that Li Yuan must have gotten into an accident.

Just when she was about to go search for that person, she saw someone float over from the palace entrance. Isn’t that person the one they were just discussing, Li Yuan?

“Ah, Xiao Yuan, why are you only returning now?” Xia Yuqing rushed over to help support Li Yuan’s body that was on the verge of collapse. Seeing her pale complexion, she couldn’t help but worry: “Xiao Yuan, what’s wrong? Why is your complexion so unsightly?”

Having heard what she said, Li Yuan couldn’t help touch her face then force out a smile: “When Nu Bi was guarding outside Qian Qing palace last night, Nu Bi did not discover anything out of the ordinary. Just now, Nu Bi just got lost. Only after going around an entire round of the palace was I able to come back. I probably got a bit of a cold from last evening’s conditions. It’s not a big matter.”

Hearing this, Xia Yuqing blamed herself: “I didn’t think things over properly. How could I allow Xiao Yuan to wait the entire night? Xiao Yuan must not have slept at all. Quickly go and take a rest. Lu Rui go get an imperial physician to take a look at Xiao Yuan. Yesterday night was so cold, we don’t want her to get sick.”

Seeing the young girl, Xia Yuqing easily sympathized with her. She scarcely realized that her concern caused Li Yuan to become emotionally moved.

“Okay. Nu Bi seeing that lady Li Yuan’s complexion isn’t so great will go help Gu Niang to simmer a ginger soup to prevent cold.” After speaking, Lu Rui rushed over to support Li Yuan towards the side chamber.

Seeing the shadow of the two slowly become distant, Xia Yuqing felt something strange. But she was unable to point it out.

Not waiting for her to finish pondering, Cui Er came rushing in and bowed: “Niang Niang, Lady Liu has requested to visit.”

“Xiang Er has come?” Xia Yuqing had a flash of surprise and quickly said: “Quick, let her in.”

Right when those words came out, a shadow was already rapidly throwing themself towards Xia Yuqing. Speaking in a wronged manned: “Qing Jiejie….”

Seeing Liu Yixiang being so delicate, Xia Yuqing felt her body tremble from shock. Before she could question what was wrong, Liu Yixiang cried out: “I don’t want to marry.”

Xia Yuqing and Cui Er: “……”

“Cough, cough. Xiang Er, stand up first. If you have something to say, say it clearly.” Xia Yuqing extended her hand to help Liu Yixiang up. But with her body currently inconvenient, she asked Cui Er for assistance. 

Cui Er smiled and stepped forward to remind her: “Lady Liu, Niang Niang is currently with child. Could you stand up first to speak?”

Stunned, Liu Yixiang turned around to look at the belly that had already started to protrude out. Waking up at once, she quickly took Cui Er’s hand and stood up.

“Look at my memory, to go as far as to forget this. I nearly harmed my nephew. It’s all that scoundrel’s fault. If it weren’t for him…..” Just mentioning that certain someone caused Liu Yixiang to immediately feel her teeth itch.

Her entire body filled with pent up anger and scared Xia Yuqing into retreating a few steps. She couldn’t once again sympathize with her eldest royal brother.

“Ah-Choo!” The eldest royal brother was in the midst of painting in the study room when his nose suddenly felt ticklish. After sneezing, his Bai Niao Chao Feng painting was ruined completely.

“Eldest royal brother, what’s wrong? Did you sleep too late last night and caught a cold?” Hearing the noise, Xia Mingxi set down the hot tea in his hand and asked.

Xia Mingyuan rubbed his nose and thought deeply. Seeming like he understood something, his face became heavy: “It’s probably a certain someone is talking about this prince. The Feng Shui in Ye Kingdom does indeed conflict with this prince. This prince must quickly take care of matters here and return to Xia Kingdom. How is fourth royal brother’s situation? Any news?”

“Currently, there isn’t any news. However, with fourth royal brother’s appearance, Shu Kingdom’s princess probably won’t be able to escape his….” Xia Mingxi’s face was earnest but his heart was complaining without stopping.

Why is it that him, this ordinary modern-day citizen, an otaku who would give all his beloved stuff to his adorable sister, would experience this battle for the throne scene when he crossed into this world? This ordinary person has never seen these aspects of society. These kinds of ruthless and tyrannic scenes should be left for heroic and ambitious characters. This newb is begging for you to let me go!

“Humph, that would be the best. He just might be able to get the princess to be head over heels in love. That princess is known to be headstrong. She definitely will refuse to marry our royal father. At that time… that boy might have to suffer.” When Xia Mingyuan finished speaking, he didn’t hear Xia Mingxi’s response.

Turning around he saw the confusion on Xia Mingxi’s face. Xia Mingyuan narrowed his eyes and walked towards Xia Mingxi.

Confused to the extreme, he only felt a shadow covering him. Puzzled he lifted his head up to see that Xia Mingyuan was approaching closer and closer to his face. In his mind, he couldn’t help but remember what Xia Yuqing had told him that day.

“Actually…. our eldest royal brother likes you.”

“Actually, you are this world’s exceptional…… Uke.”

“Aaaaaaggh~~”  Xia Mingxi could clearly hear his brain crying out.

Leaning close to Xia Mingxi’s face and using one hand to prop himself on the table he let out one word: “You…..”

“Royal….. Royal elder brother…..” Xia Mingxi was abruptly roused. Crossing his arms across his chest, he felt something wasn’t quite right and dropped his hands to obstruct his bottom. Seeing Xia Mingyuan, he trembled like a damsel in distress just about to be taken advantage of by a tyrant.

Xia Mingyuan’s lips were constrained and drawn out in a straight line. Lifting one eyebrow: “Second royal brother, you….”

“Eldest royal brother, you have to marry royal sister in law. How could you… could you… be like this. If royal sister in law were to know, she would be really hurt. Eldest royal brother and I…. we… won’t have a happy ending.” Xia Mingxi gritted his teeth and spoke with determination.

Not hearing Xia Mingyuan’s response for a long time, Xia Mingxi slowly opened up one eye. What he saw was Xia Mingyuan’s ashen face. At once he was scared: “Eldest royal brother…”

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