FMEA Chapter 88 Part 5

Chapter 88 The tragedy from eating the wrong medicine

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It can’t be that his rejection had caused him to lose face and now his love has become hatred. Can he be preparing to execute him on the spot to silence him? That ‘if I can’t get it then I’ll destroy it’?!

Xia Mingxi’s face went from red to green, then green to black and finally deathly white. He had a miserable expression as if he was facing imminent catastrophe. Xia Mingyuan’s face went dark: “You….”

Before he could finish, he was rebuked once more: “Eldest royal brother, even though you want to use force on me, I won’t yield. I can be killed, but not humiliated, I….”

“Shut up!” After being interrupted several times, Xia Mingyuan’s anger was ignited. Shouting out loud with his fierce expression, he looked like a devil who could come pounce on a certain someone at anytime and bite them to death.

Xia Mingxi withdrew into his chair, his heart already crying a river. It’s over, it’s over. Rejection was too much and has damaged a certain someone’s pride. That certain someone is going to go on a murder spree!!!

Xia Mingyuan sucked in a deep breath. After suppressing his anger he said: “Let this prince finish speaking!” 


“In the future don’t go without permission to that Ya Tou’s place. Also… don’t learn anything useless from that Ya Tou!” Xia Mingyuan gnashed his teeth as he spoke.

Unexpectedly there were some rumours being spread that certain people were homosexual. When he first heard this, he thought it was completely unexpected. Yet, he was more focused on taking joy in calamity and delight in Feng Tingye’s side’s disaster. He just never thought that he himself would be one those members Xia Yuqing had mentioned.

No wonder… no wonder since that boy came back from the palace, he had been acting somewhat odd. Every time he saw him, he would go as far as to making a detour. Xia Mingxi treated him as if he was something threatening and dangerous. So it turns out… he had taken him as a homosexual.

So this is the case… so it was your younger sister! I’ve genuinely been thrown in the gutter by this Ya tou. Xia Mingyuan has truly discovered the frightening aspect of this Ya Tou. How can Feng Tingye deal with her!!!

Xia Mingyuan’s heart was howling for a long while, then he let out a breath. Pressing down Xia Mingxi’s shoulder to prevent him from escaping, he narrowed his eyes: “Second royal brother, are you hiding some matter from this prince?”

Xia Mingxi’s face changed then he laughed stiffly: “Eldest royal brother, what are you talking about? How could I hide anything from you? Ahahaha.”

“Really? This prince has seen you and that Ya Tou being very close lately. You’re even closer to her than this prince who shares the same mother as you. Can this royal younger brother tell this prince, when you and this Ya Tou become that close? This prince didn’t know at all!”

Xia Mingxi looked at Xia Mingyuan’s approaching face and found it difficult to swallow his saliva. His eyes began to tear up.

Oh god! Xiao Qing Qing, please come save me. Otherwise I will be torn apart and exposed. Save me!!!

With Xia Yuqing and Xia Mingxi’s telepathy, naturally she didn’t hear his plea for help. At this moment she was pacifying this lady who was making threatening gestures from her deep resentment.

“Xiang Er, even though my eldest royal brother has a bad temper, his character isn’t bad. You can’t look at him biasly. You need to have a magnanimous and generous attitude to tolerate him. This way, you will be able to discover a lot more of his strong points.” Xia Yuqing choked after speaking. Why does she have a bad feeling? It must be a misperception!

“Tolerate him? I’m not even his mother, why do I have to tolerate him? That weak chicken, cheap mouth, I’m going to tie your Xiao Ren*……”

* cursing someone with those tiny dolls with their names written on it

The surrounding people and Xia Yuqing looked stunned as they watched Liu Yixiang. What kind of hatred could she have to cause her to poke that certain someone seventeen to eighteen times!?

“Cough cough, Xiang Er, this is the end of the matter. Even though you are not content with my eldest royal brother, in the future you still have to become his imperial concubine. When you guys live your life, you can’t just fight constantly everyday. Only with both of you guys tolerating each other will you live peacefully, right?” 

Once Xia Yuqing finished speaking, Liu Yixiang turned her head and looked pensively at her.

“Wh….what? Did I say something wrong?”

Liu Yixiang shook her head then asked curiously: “Qing Jiejie, at the beginning you came over like this too?”

Xia Yuqing froze. Suddenly she recalled that she was also one of the people who was sent for marriage and was even forced more than Liu Yixiang. At once she felt sorrow: “Yes, at the beginning, His Majesty and I also stepped on this bumpy road. But look at us now, we even have a small child now.” 

“Oh.” Liu Yixiang let out a sigh. Xia Yuqing eyes lit up thinking the matters were settled. She didn’t expect Liu Yixiang to mumble to herself: “But I don’t think that Qing Jiejie is that tolerating of my royal cousin!”

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