FMEA Chapter 89

Chapter 89 There really is a master’s wife! 

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“……” Wasn’t expecting to be countered, Xia Yuqing suddenly felt as if she just got hit by an arrow.

Cough cough. Xia Yuqing lightly coughed to conceal her embarrassment.

Liu Yixiang didn’t seem to realize anything abnormal and pouted as she murmured: “I really don’t know what Gu Mu and royal cousin are thinking. They clearly know how disagreeable we both find each other. Why would they still play matchmaker for us and force us together? Even my dad won’t help me!”

It’s not that your dad won’t help you, he’s just comforted by the fact that you’re finally marrying and isn’t willing to help you. But, Xia Yuqing won’t say these words out loud. Otherwise, she might cause some world-shaking events.

“Xiang Er, don’t be in a rush. There must be a solution.” Xia Yuqing’s face was lacking in confidence as she said that. Liu Yixiang suddenly turned around and stared at her with a pair of bright shining eyes causing her to step back a few steps.

“I just recalled, that bastard is Qing Jiejie’s older royal brother.”

“……” Did you not hear me say older royal brother all those times?

Liu Yixiang paused for a second, then grabbed Xia Yuqing by the shoulder. Speaking in a lovely and pitiful manner: “Qing Jiejie, since you guys are siblings, your words must mean something in his eyes. How about you go and say some bad words about me in front of him…. Right, how about you criticize me being worthless. It’ll be best if you can add some unmentionable illness. This will help him dispel all thoughts of marrying me. All right?”

Liu Yixiang started acting all lovable. Xia Yuqing froze and felt goosebumps all over her body. In her heart, she was silently cursing.

Xiang Er, are you this desperate? Did you forget about the welcoming dinner last time and my elder royal brother’s attitude towards me? Furthermore, seeing his attitude towards you, if I were to really disparage you, my elder royal brother might think he got the information he can use against you. He would be so happy that he would want to just marry you and bring you back as his wife! In fact, if I were to really go to my elder royal brother to disparage you if your dad who is desperate for you to marry finds out the truth, who knows what animosity I would have created for myself! The most important point…. if that beast knew that I ruined his plan, he definitely would execute me on the spot!

Thinking of that last point, Xia Yuqing could feel her lower back feeling extra sore from yesterday’s events. She felt her complexion showing defeat: “Xiang Er, it’s not that Qing Jiejie doesn’t want to help you. It’s that Qing Jiejie is not as capable as you thought. Xiang Er, could it be that you have forgotten? I am just the petty untreasured princess of Xia Country. I never really crossed paths with my elder royal brothers. If not for that, I wouldn’t have fallen to this and be sent off to marry another country. My royal brothers have always looked down on me. Why would they ever listen to my words?”

To express the authenticity of her words, Xia Yuqing looked up at the sky at a 45-degree angle looking ladened with grief. Accompanying it was her pitiful expression. 

At once Liu Yixiang was shaken. Grabbing hold of Xia Yuqing’s hand: “Qing Jiejie, don’t be heartbroken. It was Xiang Er’s mistake, I shouldn’t have brought this up. Your royal father and royal brothers not liking you and looking down on you is their loss. Royal cousin and the empress dowager treasure you so much. In the future, you will also have your darling baby accompanying you. You will definitely live a hundred times better than before.”

Seeing her hands being gripped firmly by Liu Yixiang and her hopeful expression, she sighed with sorrow. This pure Ya Tou is really easy to fool!

“Xiang Er, I’m okay. Your marriage is a major event for our two countries. If you really aren’t willing to marry, there’s no harm in trying to beg your royal cousin or the empress dowager. Since they love you so much, they definitely will help you think through this properly. If that doesn’t work, you could try getting those three Da Ren to beg for help. His Majesty should be willing to listen to their words. As for me, sigh. Just as Xiang Er had just said, I am a princess sent off by Xia Country for marriage. Even if I wanted to help, it’d be hard.”

Xia Yuqing tactfully declined to help while she apologized within her heart to those three Da Ren she just dragged down. For her own survival and that dainty life inside her, she can’t be careless! Amen!

“Them? Hmph, usually they love running back and forth to my house and rake in spoils of war from my father. But now that something has happened, you can’t even find one of them. As a matter of fact, when I was entering the palace, I had just caught Yan Ran that bastard. But when he saw me, he acted as if he was a mouse that just saw a cat. Before I could say anything, he already ran off without a trace. That guy….”

Liu Yixiang felt indignant. Suddenly Xia Yuqing pulled on her. Speaking in her ear in a flabbergasted manner: “You just said that you saw the Gorgeous Tutor rushing out of the palace? First thing in the morning today?”

Liu Yixiang didn’t know why Xia Yuqing was so surprised. “Yeah. I thought it was also strange. Why would Yan Ran that bastard be at the palace so early in the morning? In fact, he was running towards the outer palace, could it be that he had stayed overnight in the palace?”

“Stayed overnight?” Xia Yuqing’s eyes flashed. She should have anticipated it. The person who drank the soup last night wasn’t the Ultra Seme Lord, it must have been the Gorgeous Grand Tutor.

After the Gorgeous Grand Tutor drank the soup, the medicine must have flared up. With a blink of an eye, the arrogant pampered beauty had become the seducer. This must have caused the Ultra Seme Lord to become heated. Relying on his strong self-control of not wanting to injure his beloved, he must have run all the way back to his own palace. Then not caring that I am with child, caused me to….. No wonder…. She was wondering why that beast was extra beast like last night. So it’s because of this….

Xia Yuqing felt butthurt. But quickly she came back enthusiastic, seeing the fact that the Ultra Seme Lord wasn’t as disinterested in men as he had said. However, the most important thing is, if the soup was drunk by the Gorgeous Grand Tutor and the Ultra Seme Lord was with her, then what happened to the Gorgeous Grand Tutor….. 

Before she had slipped the drug, Li Yuan and her had verified it. If you don’t do that thing after taking the medicine, you would get heated up badly. Yet from Liu Yixiang’s words, the Gorgeous Grand Tutor was clearly vigorous and lively when he left the palace. Then who could the person who spent the night with him be…..

Out of nowhere, the image of Li Yuan hobbling back in floated into her mind. It couldn’t be….

“Qing Jiejie, Qing Jiejie, what are you doing? Why are you making such a strange face?” Liu Yixiang’s words woke her up from her trance.

Coming back, she faced Liu Yixiang’s confused expression and hurriedly covered it up by saying: “It’s nothing, it’s nothing. I just suffered from a bit of insomnia last night, so I was just a bit absent-minded.”

Right, just a bit absent-minded. How could Li Yuan and the Gorgeous Grand Tutor…. She must have been tormented too much by that beast last night that her brain short-circuited!

“Oh, ok….” Liu Yixuang sighed then held onto Xia Yuqing’s hand. “Nevertheless, Qing Jiejie is the best and won’t avoid me like the others.”

“……” Actually I wanted to hide too. Too bad you can run away from the monk but you can’t run away from the temple! 

“I understand now, I’ll marry! Doesn’t that bastard just want to see me be miserable because of this marriage? Then, I won’t give him what he wishes for. Does he think that once he dragged me over to Xia Country, I will be manipulated by him and listen to him obediently? Humph, think again. I’m going to show him what it means to suffer from your own consequences. Not everyone has the right to enjoy this beauty.”

“That’s right, aha….” Hearing this, Xia Yuqing let out a sigh. Can’t help being happy, she nodded her head. But hearing the later portion, the more it didn’t seem right.

Before she could react, Liu Yixiang had already gripped on to her hand with a serious expression on her face: “Qing Jiejie, I will take revenge for you.”

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