FMEA Chapter 89 Part 2

Chapter 89 There really is a master’s wife! 

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Huh? Revenge? Revenge for who? She had just come back from her trance and didn’t seem to understand what Xiang Er was saying.

“Xiang….” By the time Xia Yuqing responded, Liu Yixiang had already run off energetically.

“Cui Er, what Xiang Er meant was….”

Cui Er concealed her laugh. There really was nothing to be done for these two clowns. Patiently, she explained: “Nu Bi thinks Lady Liu wants to take revenge for Niang Niang for the mistreatment she received from Xia Country. In addition to the accumulation of grievances these past few days, Nu Bi is worried for the eldest royal prince.”

“Ah, so it’s like this!” Xia Yuqing suddenly understood and nodded her head. Within her eyes, one could see that she was taking joy in someone else’s calamity.

“Niang Niang, you’re not preparing to stop Lady Liu?” Cui Er was a bit confused with Xia Yuqing’s carefree attitude. 

“What is there to stop? Xiang Er knows what to do.” Xia Yuqing not giving a care, waved her hand. Since it didn’t concern her, she had the inclination to watch the show. She just silently lit a candle for her elder brother. 

“But Nu Bi can tell that Lady Liu’s martial skills aren’t weak. If they really start fighting, the eldest royal prince who doesn’t know a thing about martial arts, Nu Bi is afraid…..”

Xia Yuqing thought silently, then turned towards Cui Er. Thinking deeply she nodded her head and began to slowly circle around Cui Er. 

“Niang Niang why are you looking at Nu Bi like this?”

“Cui Er, you are so concerned with my eldest royal brother’s safety. Could it be….” Xia Yuqing paused then looked at Cui Er’s deathly pale face and changed the topic around, “you have a secret crush on my eldest royal brother!”

Cui Ers face changed and became increasingly unsightly. She rushed to kneel on the ground: “Nu Bi is just a lowly servant. Nu Bi would never dare to do something so disrespectful and have those thoughts for Nu Bi’s superior. Nu Bi being concerned about his royal highness’s safety is because Nu Bi is concerned with the reputation of Niang Niang. If something were to happen to the eldest royal prince in Ye Country then not only would outsiders speak badly of His Majesty but they would also do so with Niang Niang. They would say Niang Niang does not respect her elder brother even though you both share the same veins under your skin. Niang Niang’s reputation will take a great hit.”

“Hearing that, it does seem to make sense.” Xia Yuqing stroked her chin. Then looking down at Cui Er for a while and seeing the cold sweat flow down, she dully scoffed: “Really not fun at all. I can’t even joke around. Stand up stand up. You don’t even have a single funny bone in your body at all. If I had said this to Lu Rui, that Ya Tou would have definitely played along and allowed me to be their matchmaker.”

Suddenly hearing what she said, Cui Er froze. Now she understood she was just being teased by Xia Yuqing. She let out a breath of relief and forced a smile: “It was Nu Bi’s misunderstanding. Ruining Niang Niang’s mood, Nu Bi has truly sinned.”

Having lingering fears, as Cui Er stood up, she hears Xia Yuqing suddenly say another thing, “But even if you had that intention, my eldest royal brother with his outwardly cold inwardly passionate and difficult personality, he definitely won’t accept you. So, Cui Er please just give up now or the one who will be hurt will be you.”

Cui Er nearly choked on the breath of air she had stuck in her throat. After quite some time did she grit her teeth together and say: “Niang Niang, you’re overthinking things. Nu Bi really doesn’t have those improper thoughts about the eldest royal prince.”

Xia Yuqing took two steps back and nodded her head. Even though her mouth was agreeing with her, her face was showing a ‘don’t worry, I understand’ expression. Cui Er became even more frustrated!

“The safety of the eldest royal prince won’t be a concern. With Xiang Er’s personality, if she wanted to beat him, she would have done it so he couldn’t even get out of bed. Why else would you think he would still be able to jump around right now?” Xia Yuqing rubbed her belly and spoke distressingly: “Ai Ya, Xiao Yuan is sick. Xiang Er is probably causing havoc in the Yi Guan*, there is no one to accompany me in the palace. I feel so bored.”

* where the eldest royal prince is staying

Cui Er’s mouth stretched, recalling that a certain someone had caused some massive event. Luckily, it was throttled by the cradle and didn’t create too big of an effect. However in accordance with a certain someone and their personality of wanting chaos everywhere, being bored senseless, that person might cause the entire palace to become chaotic. Flying chickens and dogs wouldn’t be impossible.

Weighing everything, Cui Er decided to solve this calamity. She lightly coughed: “Niang Niang, since Lady Li Yuan’s event, you haven’t visited Master Xu in a long while. Since Master Xu has been back to the palace for so long, he must miss Niang Niang a lot. How about Niang Niang….”

“You’re right! How could I have forgotten? Master had returned back to the palace for so long. Besides that day in front of Qian Qing palace where we met briefly, I haven’t seen him since.”

“He was so excited to see my little belly. How did he just disappear without a trace? Could it be…..” Xia Yuqing then remembered the words Shao Zitong had said that day and froze.

“Niang Niang, what is it?” 

“Nothing, we’ll know when we get there. Let’s go to my Masters.” Xia Yuqing’s eyes lit up and immediately headed out.

Seeing Xia Yuqing’s excited manner, Cui Er felt that some earth-shattering event was about to happen. Stunned for a moment, she rushed to follow.

Xu Lao loved peace and quiet. He hated it the most when people came to bother him when he was doing things. Thus, he had Feng Tingye bestow him the southwest courtyard that was the most tranquil. Besides Xu Lao, there was usually a young scholar who would keep things tidy inside. He would also remind Master Xu to dine, otherwise, Master Xu would be the type to neglect sleep and food because of work.

It was common for people to want to see Master Xu, but they always had to notify ahead of time. Firstly, this was a sign of respect. Secondly, they were anxious to ignite this firecracker, since Xu Lao was known for his difficult temper. However, these people didn’t include Xia Yuqing. This is why there was this…. tragedy.

“My dear maa…sss…tt…ee….rrrr, your disciple has come to seeeeee you!” Xia Yuqing rushed into Xu Lap’s courtyard. Using her strength, she gave the door a big push. 

In a flash, two shadows appeared causing Xia Yuqing’s arms that were lifted up to freeze in midair. Six eyes staring at each other, after a long time did Xia Yuqing spit out the words: “You guys….”

The two people with their clothing disordered, suddenly being woken up, got flustered and tried to get up immediately. Unfortunately, they had underestimated their age: “Ouch, my back…..”

“Ugh….. don’t fall on me!” With a plop, the person who was pressing down from above became rigid and once again fell on the person below. This caused the stupefied people to be able to hear this duet from the two.

Everyone outside continued to maintain their rigid expression and stood straight outside the door. The two people who were trying to climb back up: “…..”

After a long time, finally someone became clear-headed: “Niang Niang, we have to quickly help the two get up first. Nu Bi can see that Xu Lao won’t be able to handle it soon.”

With someone’s reminder, Xia Yuqing also awoke from her daze. Isn’t Xu Lao… who was getting pressed down is turning red and was about to pass out?

Xia Yuqing was frightened and quickly pointed at a few people to help the two stand up.

“My disciple, Master has really been troubled by you. Cough Cough…” With great difficulty and everyone’s help, he had finally gotten up. Sitting on the chair on the side to get back his breath, he grumbled in complaint as he looked at Xia Yuqing. 

Luckily that person had reminded her in time, otherwise, he really would have departed from this world. This legendary person, free and unfettered would have been pressed to death by some women. If this was spread, his illustrious reputation would have been ruined!!!

Feeling aggrieved, Xu Lao grabbed his cup of tea to drink.

Seeing Xu Lao’s angry look, she felt a bit wronged: “How could I know that there was someone else in Master’s house. In fact, its the middle of the day. Master, dragging someone to do those kinds of affairs in the middle of the day, you would ruin that person’s waist. I’m not saying Master is incapable. But you shouldn’t. You should know if you aren’t careful, then in the future…!”

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