FMEA Chapter 89 Part 3

Chapter 89 There really is a master’s wife! 

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“Pfff…” Xu Lao spat out the tea within his mouth. “N… No…..”

“Hahahah…. This girl… interesting.” The woman who was pressing down on Xu Lao earlier suddenly began to laugh. With a woosh, she appeared directly in front of Xia Yuqing. 

Cui Er’s expression changed immediately. Her right hand extended out from her sleeve seamlessly.

That woman didn’t do anything to Xia Yuqing. She simply sized up Xia Yuqing then turned around and said: “This Ya Tou seems to be full of life. You haven’t gone out at your age and found a lover to give birth to a doll for you right?”

“You… you crazy old woman, what are you saying? Xu Lao’s eyes widened. “This Ya Tou is my new disciple, Xia Country’s young princess. Our Ye Country’s Consort Qing, the future empress. How could she be my child? Also, don’t speak as if we have a deep relationship. Disciple, don’t misunderstand. Master has nothing to do with this crazy old woman.”

“No relationship at all? How dare you say those words! I’ve already even had a child with you.  Ke Er is already this big and you still dare say that we have no relationship?”

With a bang, all the chins inside the room fell to the ground. Xia Yuqing’s mouth had become an o shape. So… so this is the master’s wife!

“So it’s master’s wife! Disciple was ill-mannered just a moment ago. I hope master’s wife can take it in her heart to forgive this one.” Once Xia Yuqing closed her mouth, she quickly spoke in a flattering manner. Inside her heart though, there were wolves howling. That person had only taken a second to flash in front of her. Just from one look, she could tell that this was a valiant martial artist and was unexpectedly her Master’s wife. If she didn’t cling on to this person’s big thigh, then she would be the biggest fool!

Xia Yuqing’s words made the room deathly still. A moment later, there was a burst of bright laughter: “Ya Tou, no wonder you are this old fart’s disciple. You really are… too charming.”

Xia Yuqing nearly choked when she got patted by Master’s wife. Luckily Cui Er was able to help block her then did she stop. A modest expression hanging on her face, she smiled: “No, no. Master is just a great teacher.”

Su Linlang’s eyes paused for a minute on Cui Er, then hearing Xia Yuqing’s words she objected: “Huh, what good things could that old fart teach you? How about you follow me? If you marry my son and become my daughter-in-law, I will pass you all my martial skills that I have learned. I guarantee that if you enter Jiang Hu*, no matter where you go you would be able to go proudly.”

* = martial arts world 

After hearing the bold words from the person across from her, she made an 囧 expression. Why is it that her wanting to cling onto this person’s thigh suddenly changed into selecting a daughter-in-law? This doesn’t make sense! 

“You…. you crazy old women, what are you saying? My disciple is the future empress of Ye Country. Her belly is carrying the royal family’s blood, my disciple grandson. She has no use for your indiscriminate matchmaking.” Hearing Su Linlang’s words, Xu Lao swiftly stood up and criticized her.

“What if she’s the empress? I finally found someone who is pleasing to my eyes and wanted to give Ke Er a wife. If you don’t help me, that’s fine. But, how dare you even try to stop this. I don’t even know if you’re heartless or what.”

“……” Xia Yuqing was stunned from a certain someone’s argument. In this world, there was actually someone who was even more unconventional than her.

Big sister, the senseless one is you. We’ve already said that I am married. How could you still want me to become your son’s wife? Furthermore, we just met for the first time today. Just meeting one time and now you want to drag me back to be your daughter-in-law, isn’t that too careless?!!

“I don’t care. No matter what I am bringing this Ya Tou back to be my daughter-in-law. Ya Tou, speak. Are you willing to come with me?”

“…….” Can I say no? I’m just a poor person who wants to lean on a strong tree for protection and not be chased around like I’m going to get killed! Ultra Seme Lord, help me! If you don’t come soon, I’m going to be carrying your son and running off with someone else.

As if they heard Xia Yuqing’s heart calling out, just when Xia Yuqing didn’t know how to reply, from outside came a burst of familiar laughter: “Senior wants to bring Zhen’s Ai Fei away. Have you asked Zhen for permission?” 

“Nu Bi (Nu Cai) greets his royal majesty.” Startled, everyone rushed to kneel down.

“Your Majesty….” Xia Yuqing was overjoyed by his unexpected arrival. She happily ran over to Feng Tingye. This was the first time since passing through to this world that she was this happy to see Feng Tingye.

It was evident that Feng Tingye also noticed this. He had a genuine smile on his face. Supporting Xia Yuqing’s staggering body, he gently reproached: “Be careful, don’t be so careless while you are with child.”

Xia Yuqing didn’t mind and lifted her glistening pair of eyes to Feng Tingye and asked: “Why are you here Your Majesty?”

Feng Tingye simply smiled and didn’t answer. On the contrary the eunuch who was following behind him from the beginning came up to reply: “Niang Niang probably does not know, his Majesty during the royal court was missing Niang Niang the entire time. When he arrived and noticed that Niang Niang wasn’t in her palace, he went to inquire from the people from Niang Niang’s palace. It was only then did we find out Niang Niang came to Master Xu’s. Thus, His Majesty came running over to look for Niang Niang.”

Xia Yuqing recognized the eunuch as the one who was constantly following Feng Tingye around. He always pointed out everyone’s identity for him, last time’s incident’s eunuch. Smiling at him slightly, she turned to face Feng Tingye and said: “I’ve troubled His Majesty.”

Feng Tingye looked at Xia Yuqing profoundly then smiled. Of course, he put in the effort. If he didn’t, his own wife would have been taken away by someone else!

Feng Tingye then smoothly pulled Xia Yuqing over to him and placed his hand on her waist, showing his ownership. Subsequently, he smiled indifferently at Su Linliang: “I’ve heard that this senior has been spending quite some time here with Xu Lao. I’ve always wanted to meet senior, however, because of the royal court, it has dragged out until now. Now meeting in person, your reputation really can’t compare to meeting in person.”

Su Linlang lifted her eyebrows: “You have heard of me?”

Feng Tingye smiled: “Su Linlang, leader of the five poisoned sect. Born in Miao Jiang, proficient in poison. Establishing the five poisoned sect by yourself, you are Jiang Hu’s best poison user. In Jiang Hu, senior is very well known. How could Zhen not know you? Zhen has admired senior for a long time. Zhen just hasn’t been fortunate enough to meet senior.”

The five poisoned sect leader, born in Miao Jiang and proficient in poison? Xia Yuqing’s chin nearly fell down again. Master’s wife is actually this impressive? In fact proficient with poison….? Since she was so close earlier, could she have accidentally gotten infected with something!?

“Humph, don’t think I can’t tell that you’re speaking fake praises. If you really admired me, why would you only appear now? Why make up those lies about being busy and not having time to come pay respects when you have the time to go search for your Ai Fei.”

“You crazy old lady, how could you speak to His Majesty like that?” Hearing her speak, Xu Lao eyes widened. He quickly yelled at her to try to stop her from continuing to offend her superiors. It’s a pity, a certain someone was used to being free and unfettered and did not give a single care.

“What if I speak like this? Who are you to me? Why are you bothering with me? I thought you said we don’t have any relationship?”


Seeing the two who if had their ages summed together would be hundred turning red, everyone to the side became rigid with eyes wide open.

Xia Yuqing couldn’t help pull on Feng Tingye’s sleeves and lightly whispered: “Your Majesty, master’s wife is frank. Please don’t blame her.”

Watching this show, Feng Tingye was keen with interest. Suddenly hearing Xia Yuqing speak he couldn’t help but squint his eyes and reply: “Ai Fei, if Zhen doesn’t remember incorrectly, you have only met Senior Su once. Since Ai Fei is speaking up with her, could it be that Ai Fei really has the intention of leaving with her?”

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