FMEA Chapter 89 Part 4

Chapter 89 There really is a master’s wife! 

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Xia Yuqing’s heart was frightened. Suddenly losing confidence, she remembered that not long ago because Li Yuan’s incident she had mentioned to a certain someone about bringing that child in her belly away from the palace. Who knew that after a few days this would happen…. She really couldn’t blame Feng Tingye for thinking this way, however this time she was wrongly accused! That’s why there’s a saying that you can eat the wrong thing but you cannot say the wrong thing!

“Your Majesty, this is a misunderstanding. Chen Qie merely sees that master is worried about his wife, thus Chen Qie was worried that Zhen might punish Master’s wife because of her blunt words. If this caused master to become hostile, that wouldn’t be the best.”

Feng Tingye can see that Xia Yuqing looked like she was going to cry from his teasing. She looked like she was facing bitter suffering, her mood terrible. As expected teasing this little kitty is life’s best prescription!

“It must be tough for Ai Fei to be so considerate of Zhen. Zhen feels incredibly touched.”

“…..” Your Majesty are you turning the corner and cursing my low EQ, you mad narcissist! I already said that it is for my master, why would you be so shameless to change the words around!

Once angered, Xia Yuqing felt her head heat up. Borrowing the people to the side as shelter, she gradually extended her claws to Feng Tingye’s lower back.

Smiling sinisterly, she prepared to pinch down when a certain someone found out a step ahead and grabbed her hand.

Xia Yuqing was startled. Looking up, she stared straight into Feng Tingye’s smiling eyes. She gave a hollow laugh: “Ahahahah, Your Majesty, why are you grabbing onto Chen Qie?”

Feng Tingye didn’t speak and merely smiled. Xia Yuqing wanted to pull her hand away. But after pulling for a long time with no sense of progress, she smiled rigidly and tried to use her other hand to peel off a certain someone’s fingers.

Xia Yuqing did this for a long time, but Feng Tingye’s fingers didn’t budge a bit. While her, on the other hand, had a forehead full of sweat.

Omg, did this guy train in Yi Yang Zhi? Why are his fingers so strong! Focused completely on rescuing her hand, she did not even realize the change in the atmosphere around her.

When she finally returned, she realized everyone was blankly staring at her. To be exact, they were all staring at her hand, even including those two who had been arguing earlier.

In a flurry, she wanted to quickly hide the pair of hands that were tightly grasped together. Who would have thought that at that moment Feng Tingye would suddenly make a move. Unprepared, Xia Yuqing was pulled straight into his chest.

“You……” Xia Yuqing was about to explode. With his other hand, Feng Tingye had already brought his hand over to pat her on the head: “Be good and don’t make a fuss. Zhen is here.”

“…..” Good… be good my ass! Turning me into a house pet? Also, don’t rub my head! You can snap my head off, let my blood bleed, but do not ruin the hair. Has your mom never taught you that?!

Xia Yuqing felt her heart baring fangs and brandishing claws. She was incomparably mad. She scarcely realized that in everyone’s eyes she looked like she was being embarrassed and was like a little bird relying on someone. Especially adding on Feng Tingye’s words, everyone to the side was once again blinded!

“You guys……” Su Linlang’s eyes went back and forth between the two until she finally spat out those two words.

Feng Tingye was completely satisfied when he looked at Xia Yuqing in his embrace. Turning his head towards Su Linlang he gave a big smile towards Su Linlang: “Senior, please don’t misunderstand. Ai Fei is particularly special dor Zhen. In Zhen’s eyes, Ai Fei and the royal baby is more important than any matter. Naturally, Zhen is cautious to the extreme. If possible, Zhen wishes they could be by Zhen’s side anytime and anywhere. If this offended senior, I hope senior can take it within her heart to forgive Zhen.”

Once these words came out, the room was dead silent…. Then weird pink bubbles seemed to begin floating everywhere….

“Ah, our Majesty is infatuated! No matter what, always placing our Niang Niang in first place. If I could find a man who would treat me like that, then my life would be complete. Niang Niang is so lucky!” This was on the minds of all the envious palace maids.

“His Majesty really is his Majesty. Sweet speeches and honeyed words are so casually thrown out. Nu Cai is forever your loyal fan!” This was what the moved eunuchs felt.

Xia Yuqing who was currently being envied by everyone, without feeling grateful at all, looked at Feng Tingye with the corner of her eyes. Wanting to keep her by his side at all times? Aren’t you treating me like a house pet or what? You can kill me but you cannot humiliate me. If a dog is desperate he can jump over walls. If a rabbit is desperate, it can bite!!!

After hearing Feng Tingye’s words, Su Linlang lifted up her eyebrows: “It seems you rather like this Ya Tou. Fine, I’m not someone who can’t be reasoned with. Since this Ya Tou is already with your child, no matter how much I like her, I’m afraid my son wouldn’t take a liking to her anyways.”

“……” Even though I’m ecstatic that you have changed your decision, it seems more like you are making it my fault for being someone’s woman and not a virgin anymore. 

Xia Yuqing’s mouth twitched and she gently asked: “Since senior has decided this, then….”

“I was just joking, who knew you guys would react so big.” Su Linlang waved her hand out with a face saying you guys are so troublesome. This nearly caused everyone to spit out blood.

“…..” This joke was not funny at all.

“However….” Just when Xia Yuqing could finally place her heart back to its original place, she suddenly heard Su Linlang shifting the conversation. Her eyes became alert and she immediately became nervous again.

“However, I made such great troubles to come to Ye Country’s imperial palace. If I return without any achievement, then that….”

“You crazy lady, don’t go too far. This place is the imperial palace, it’s not someplace you can just rampage and stroll through.” Seeing Su Linlang taking things a bit too far, Xu Lao struck the floor with his crutches feeling indignant.

But what level of shrewd person do you take Feng Tingye as, once he heard Su Linlang’s words he immediately understood her intentions. Without the slightest intention of blame, he smiled: “Senior is modest. Within the palace, besides Ai Fei there are plenty of other people. If senior fancies one, then you can take them away. Zhen will not show the slightest opposition.”

“You, youngster, is frank and straightforward. Great…” Su Linlang hearing Feng Tingye agree so easily, she suddenly flashed and disappeared.

Everyone simply felt a shadow had suddenly swept past. Feeling her head spin by the gust of wind that brushed past, by the time she came back to her senses, Feng Tingye had already shifted her from her original position by quite a bit and was gazing at a distance.

Cui Er felt someone come from behind and felt her heart stop. With her reflex, she extended her hand to chop down, but her wrists was immediately caught. Suddenly a laughter spread to her ear: “This Ya Tou’s reaction is quite quick. But, if you don’t want to get hurt or want to be in a state worse than being dead, make sure you don’t move.” 

Cui Er was frightened and quickly listened to her words. The person behind her was a lot more skilled in martial arts than her. If she were to try to fight it out, she definitely won’t be able to win. She might also reveal her identity and attract people’s attention!

Seeing Cui Er not putting up any fight, Su Linlang’s lips turned into a smirk. Pulling Cui Er’s hand forward she said: “Since that Ya Tou can’t be my daughter-in-law then I want this Ya Tou to be my daughter-in-law.”

“……” Didn’t she just ask her to leave the palace to become her daughter-in-law? How could she find another in the next second! Senior, do you treat daughter-in-laws like your clothing? You just change it back and forth. Can marriage, this major event, be treated so sloppily?

Feng Tingye in reverse seemed to have made out something, his eyes paused on Cui Er.

Su Linlang seeing Feng Tingye’s expression couldn’t help but lift her eyebrows in question: “What? You want to take back your words?”

Before Feng Tingye could answer, Xu Lao had already taken a step forward to speak: “You crazy lady, every grass or tree is owned by His Majesty. The palace maids and eunuchs as well. Do you think you could casually take anyone away. Quickly let go of that miss’s hand!”

“When did I say that I’m going to just take this person away? I just said I wanted this Ya Tou to be my daughter-in-law. I just want to give her some status. Huh, you old fool, are you trying to start a fight with me on purpose today? The owner hasn’t spoken and you are already jumping out to yell at me? Your Majesty, am I wrong?”

“A gentleman cannot go back on his words. Since Zhen has already promised senior, naturally Zhen won’t eat his words. As long as the palace maid is willing, Zhen will happily help bring about this wonderful event.”

“This palace maid…..” Su Linlang turned to look at Cui Er, “Are you willing?”

“I…..” Just when Cui Er was about to reply, she was interrupted by Su Linlang: “This girl is sensitive. Her not speaking shows acceptance. Okay, then it’s decided.”

“……” Cui Er who was slower by one step.

Therefore, a certain someone in this confusion forcefully got themselves a daughter-in-law. o(╯□╰)o

Xia Yuqing sympathetically looked on and coughed. Unable to hold back her curiousity she asked carefully: “Um…. senior, how many daughters-in-law are you finding for your son?”

With her reckless attitude and overbearing personality, she could guarantee that it wasn’t just one!

“….. this, I haven’t counted.” Su Linlang crossed her arms across her chest, her face at a loss. 

“……” Everyone was silent, while Cui Er’s face became…. dark.

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