FMEA Chapter 90

Chapter 90: A Murder case caused by a Duilian

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* Duilian = antithetical couplet; pair of lines of poetry usually seen on side of doors

After a chaotic event, Su Linlang hurriedly rushed to leave the palace. Tsk tsk, she came in a hurry and she left in a hurry, her style was exactly like a masculine woman!

Before leaving, Su Linlang intentionally ran over to Xie Fang palace hall and dragged Cui Er out to nag at her repeatedly. She simply wanted to warn Cui Er to follow the moral injunctions for women and not to fool around with any men. She could be considered a married woman now! Another thing was for Cui Er to properly take care of and watch Xu Lao. Make sure not to allow him to frequent brothels or fool around with young pretty maidens.

Hearing this, Cui Er’s lips couldn’t help but twitch. But having skills incomparable to her, she could only stomach her anger and nod her head. The consequence of this ruckus caused Cui Er to brood for the next couple of days. With this depressive and angry atmosphere, even Lu Rui her good sister* didn’t dare to lightly approach her.

* not actual sisters; close friend

Xia Yuqing looked at her sympathetically. She really wanted to open her mouth to allow to vent out her feelings.

It should be known that if some things were held back for too long, it would easily cause internal injuries. Sigh, it seems like some strange thing mixed its way in!

Once Su Linlang left, the palace once again reverted back to its peaceful self. This day, Xia Yuqing had decided to run over to Xu Lao’s to see his struggling expression. Unable to hold back her curiosity, she asked: “Master, how did you provoke that witch? In fact, she even said…. that you guys have a child? How come disciple has never seen him?”

Xu Lao froze and turned around to look her deeply in the eye.

Xia Yuqing then realized her question was too rude. Even though Xu Lao usually indulged her, how could she just bring up these private matters? 

As she was seriously regretting her actions in infuriating her master, she heard Xu Lao let out a heavy sigh: “This is an ill-fated relationship…”

Her mind was shaken. All of a sudden, she smelt a strong gossip. Her eyes lit up and she looked at Xu Lao hopefully.

However, Xu Lao didn’t know whether to laugh or get angry. Lifting his hand he gave her a smack on the head: “If you were half as diligent as you are now when I usually teach you the mechanisms, you would have finished all your lessons by now.”

Xu Lao wasn’t willing to hit Xia Yuqing, so the smack on her head didn’t hurt at all. Xia Yuqing understood Xu Lao was indulging her. Quickly climbing up this pole, she pulled on Xu Lao’s hand: “Disciple is just worried about master…. eh, Xu Ge?”

Under a certain old fellow’s proud lovable gaze, she cleverly changed the way she addressed him: “You’re not so young anymore, ai, you shouldn’t be unhappy.”

Seeing Xu Lao still unhappy, she quickly pouted her lips to act cute: “You are already this old but still haven’t settled down to get married. A few days ago, disciple asked His Majesty and learned that you still have not married to this day. Thus disciple was anxious for you. However, not so long after, master’s wife suddenly popped up. You even have a child. How could disciple not be interested?”

Xu Lao’s complexion started to clear up a bit. Letting out another sigh he said: “This matter is quite complicated. It was a long time ago, around twenty years in the past. At that time, I was still following my respected master to travel around in search of materials for manufacturing mechanisms. Unexpectedly, when we entered Xue country, I got separated from Master and the caravan. After that, it just happened that that crazy woman was plotted against. Injured, she was lying down in the river.”

“….. then Xu Ge saved her? Then to repay her debt, she decided to give herself to Xu Ge?”

Xu Lao’s face blushed red. Coughing out embarrassed: “… something like that.”

“……” This melodramatic third-rated romantic plot is going to blind my eyes. At the moment, Xia Yuqing felt that she was struck in the face by this world! Oh God, stop playing okay? You’re giving me a headache~

“She didn’t give her body in gratitude. Instead, she felt that when I was nursing her wound, I had taken advantage of her and demanded that I married her.”

“….. Pu.” What kind of development is this? My master is clearly the one who was taken advantage of! Xia Yuqing looked at him sympathetically. However, with Shi Niang’s* personality, she was definitely capable of this.

* Master’s wife

“Then what happened? You aren’t married, so you didn’t marry her? But… If you’re not married how could you… Xu Ge, you didn’t play around then run away did you?”

When those words came out of her mouth, Xu Lao’s face darkened and looked as if he wanted to beat someone up. This frightened Xia Yuqing into retreating back a few steps. “Flying into a rage, it wouldn’t be true right…”

“You…..” Xu Lao angered, once again wanted to step forward.

Upon seeing this, Xia Yuqing begged for mercy: “It’s my mistake, it’s my bad…. I won’t say anything anymore. Xu Ge quickly tell me the details.”

“Hmph……” Xu Lao coldly snorted. Then he turned his face to the side in a pampered arrogant manner, giving off the impression that he didn’t want to speak anymore.

“…..” Xia Yuqing’s lip twitched. Master, why are you trying to act cute?!

“Master…. Tell me, please tell me.” Xia Yuqing’s heart was ridiculing him, but she was pushing her ability to act like a spoiled child. In a second, she was able to break through Xu Lao’s fortress.

“Okay, fine. I’ll tell you.” Being continuously shaken by her, Xu Lao had no choice. “That year, I was dedicated to following my master in learning about mechanisms. I absolutely had no intention of forming a family, so…..”

“So you rejected her?” Xia Yuqing carefully asked, feeling the most important point coming.

Xu Lao nodded: “That crazy woman isn’t just a Miao Jiang person, but she was also the chief of Miao Jiang’s tribe’s daughter. My rejection not only made her look at me as an irresponsible person but it had also hurt her pride quite badly. At this urgent time… cough cough, she drugged me, tied me up, then….”

Xia Yuqing’s mouth immediately became an ‘o’. She really is a manly woman. If being gentle didn’t work, she would be forceful. Drugging someone then tying them up, omg, this queen bows down before you!

Speaking to this point, Xu Lao’s face became red. But, Xia Yuqing clicked her tongue and sighed in admiration: “Shi Niang really is brave.” But towards Xu Lao, Xia Yuqing rolled her eyes.

“Hehe…..” Grabbing Xu Lao’s hand: “Xu Ge, don’t tell me that one time caused you and Shi Niang to have a baby?”

“……” Xu Lao froze then his face turned red.

In response, Xia Yuqing was stirred up again. She immediately thought of something. With a complex face, she looked at Xu Lao: “Xu Ge, since you guys have already done that, don’t tell me you still refused to marry Shi Niang? Thus in a fit of fury, all these years Shi Niang….”

Seeing Xia Yuqing’s gaze turn towards becoming one of looking at a heartless rat, his face became heavy: “No…..”


“She ran away herself. On the second day…..”

Bang…. Xia Yuqing’s chin fell to the ground. She was thoroughly astonished. “Xu Ge, are you saying…”

OMG, so the one who had their fill of fun and ran off wasn’t her master, but Shi Niang! Shi Niang, please receive this disciple’s bow!

Xu Lao’s thick-skinned pride couldn’t handle this. The things from twenty years ago, he long ago had forgotten. If it weren’t for this incident, he would have thought those events were all just a dream. At that time, that short-lasting love, how would he have known that crazy woman had gotten pregnant?!

“What happened after? Master, don’t tell me you didn’t know that you had a son all this time?”

“Cough cough, I also just found out recently.” Saying this, Xu Lao also let out a sigh, increasingly confused about whether he should be crying or laughing. “Bringing this up, it seemed to be an ill-fated relationship. My disciple, do you know you still have three senior apprentices? Among those three, your eldest senior brother* had the most steady temperament and also had the highest innate talent. But, obviously disciple you are not worse than him in any way. Your eldest senior brother started following me around, travelling the world, when he was in his teens. Looking back, it was a good 7, 8 years. I always cared for him, who would have thought….”

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