FMEA Chapter 90 Part 2

Chapter 90: A Murder case caused by a Duilian

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Xu Lao wiped his nose, eyes tearing: “He was my son.”

“Pfff…..” Xia Yuqing was just sipping on tea when she heard this unexpected gossip. Immediately, the tea came spraying out.

“Cough cough…. My eldest senior brother is Xu Ge’s son? Oh my god! Master, don’t tell me you just recently found this out!”

“Eh…. he resembles his mom more.”

“But you’ve seen his mother!” Your own son was by your side for 7-8 years. How could you not know? Master, are you sure your head hasn’t been squeezed by a door before?

Xu Lao had a long face again: “How could you blame me? I was also…..”

Xia Yuqing shook her head. She was fully aware that a certain person’s EQ and IQ were two completely different extremes. She let out a sigh: “Then Xu Ge, how did you find out about his identity and even encountered Shi Niang?”

Xu Lao pulled on his long white beard, feeling a bit guilty: “This time when I left to handle work, on the way I passed by your senior brother’s place. Originally wanting to visit your senior brother, who knew I would run into….”

“Yuan Jia Lu Zhai!”* Xia Yuqing gasped. Then her eyes flashed at Xu Lao: “When you went out for work this time? In other words, Xu Ge you weren’t burning with anxiety because of your disciple, you had just wanted to hide from your lover!”

* an inevitable clash between opposing factions

Xu Lao’s face was stiff, but he couldn’t say anything to explain himself. Xia Yuqing just felt like she got struck by lightning, her body suffering damages. Wahhh, finally knowing the truth, I really want to cry!

“I knew no would be concerned about me! You even lied to me, Master is a liar. You are a big fat liar! I will never believe in Master again. Baby, make sure not to copy your Grandpa master on putting in airs. Two-faced, unpredictable, angering the people and god…”

Xu Lao looked at the small figure sitting in the corner drawing circles on the ground like a broken record. He couldn’t help but worry that this Ya Tou received too much of a shock and wasn’t right in the mind.

He really couldn’t understand, why is it that his disciple who always seemed to be lacking in the brain would be able to react so quickly at this time? This was a blunder…


Hearing Xu Lao call her, Xia Yuqing turned her head to pitifully stare at Xu Lao. All at once, Xu Lao felt a sense of guilt: “Cough, disciple please don’t be upset. This time, it was Master’s fault. In the future, I won’t…”

“Just like this?” Xu Lao hadn’t finished yet, but Xia Yuqing already interrupted him.

Xu Lao paused: “What is disciple thinking?”

“Xu Ge how can this simple apology show good faith….” Xia Yuqing’s mouth shrivelled, her face preparing to open the flood gates.

“….Master can’t endure this. What does disciple want?” Xu Lao looked at Xia Yuqing’s face and threw up the white flag.

As soon as his voice came out, the tears that were falling out of Xia Yuqing’s eyes returned in an instant. Her eyes lit up. Fixing her attention on Xu Lao: “Master said it so you can’t take back your words!”

“……” Disciple, do you have a power switch inside you. How can your tears flow out whenever you want and even be able to return back inside!? Why do I also have a feeling that I just fell into a trap?

“Ji Guan Niao*, I want Master’s recently created Ji Guan Niao. Two of them.” Xia Yuqing expectedly shouted.

* Bird Mechanism 

Xu Lao’s eyebrows trembled: “What do you want the Ji Guan Niao for?”

Xia Yuqing paused. Then twisting her handkerchief she quietly said: “Xiang Er has to get married to the Xia Kingdom. In the future, won’t it be hard for us to see each other? Disciple wants to gift a Ji Guan Niao to her as a wedding gift. From time to time we would be able to send letters to each other to understand her life in Xia Country. This would make me feel a lot more at ease.”

The most important point is that we can gossip! The secret affairs in the Xia Kingdom palace,  the love and the hate, just thinking about it is making me blush!

Xu Lao looked distracted: “Liu Ya Tou is getting married to Xia Kingdom. Who is she getting married to?”

“Yi… Master, you don’t know? Xiang Er is getting married to my eldest royal brother. It has been already decided. After three days, she will be heading back with my eldest royal brother to Xia Country.”

“What? That idiot? Snort, this is like sticking a flower on top of a pile of manure.”

“….” Eldest royal brother, you really aren’t well received. Even when you are lying low you are still shot at!

“No, a fragile girl like Xiang Er marrying off to foreign lands, what if she gets bullied by others?”

“…..” Master, you are overthinking things. Even if there is bullying, it’s more likely that Xiang Er is the bully. Who would dare to bully her?

“Nevertheless, my disciple is the most considerate. Okay, Master will go grab the Ji Guan Niao. If that weak soul dared to bully Xiang Er, watch us skin him alive!”

“…..We’ll do as Master says.” If Xia Yuqing knew that tearing up would make it this easy, she wouldn’t have wasted all that energy earlier. What a waste of her acting skills!

Perfectly content with the gossip she gathered, the Ji Guan Niao and some extra equipment to defend against a certain wolf, she joyfully left the courtyard. Carefully enclosing the Ji Guan Niao in a box, she prepared to personally deliver the gift to Liu Yixiang on the day she was departing.

As for that equipment to defend against wolves, hehe hehe. With Xiang Er’s martial arts being so high, what use would those be? Why waste it by giving it to her? Why not keep it so she could use it to take care of the Ultra Seme Lord? 

It was midnight when the palace maids, eunuchs and guards who were patrolling around Xie Fan palace heard a bone-chilling evil cackle. Each and every one of them cursed. With a clatter, they all broke into a run. Waah, Consort Qing has gone mad…. Gone mad!

However, the overly cocky Xia Yuqing had never thought that this so-called prevention equipment would be discovered by Feng Tingye the very next day. Moreover, he would take all those items….. away!

When Xia Yuqing tried to find it, it was nowhere to be found. Even though it was a bit sad, Liu Yixiang’s departure day has arrived. With all the bustling, Xia Yuqing quickly threw this to the back of her mind.

That day the skies were clear and bright, with no cloud in sight. The entire place was brimming with energy. It was a good day, yet the gates of the Ye Kingdom’s imperial palace was miserable and wretched.

“Xiang Er ah, when you get there make sure to take good care of yourself. Gu Mu really doesn’t want to part with you!” Zhang Sunshi had tears dangling from her lashes. Pulling on Liu Yixiang’s hand, she continued to repeatedly give her advice; completely reluctant to part with her.

“Mu Hou, please don’t be too broken-hearted. Although Xiang Er is going to a foreign land, Xia Country isn’t too far away from Ye Country. It’s just across the border. In the future, if Mu Hou missed Xiang Er, you can just deliver a message to Xiang Er. Chen Qie is sure that my eldest royal brother and the royal king wouldn’t be unreasonable.”

“Yes, Empress Dowager. Today is Xiang Er’s big wedding day. If you are like this, Xiang Er will also become emotional.” Liu Chengsi who was on the side commented. His pair of eyes were also filled with tears, but the excitement that can be seen underneath it made Xia Yuqing feel a bit suspicious. Liu Yixiang’s dad must be this moved from being able to marry off a certain someone….

Xiang Er, how many people were worried about your wedding!

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