FMEA Chapter 90 Part 3

Chapter 90: A Murder case caused by a Duilian

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In Liu Yixiang’s room, everyone was rushing to seize the last little bit of time to exchange departing words. While in the other room,  the atmosphere wasn’t that much better.

“Xiang Er will be depending on the eldest royal prince to look after her when she goes.” Feng Tingye looked at Xia Mingyuan and smiled.

Putting on a fake smile, Xia Mingyuan replied: “That Shr…..Xiang Er arriving in Xia Country and going through our wedding vows will become this prince’s imperial concubine. This prince will naturally treat her well. Your Majesty can be reassured. Since His Majesty has the time to worry about this prince’s future imperial concubine, why not carefully think about how to tether up your own little animal. Make sure she doesn’t go around causing trouble.”

Giving another smile to Xia Mingyuan, Feng Tingye objected: “If she wants to go cause trouble then she can go ahead and do it. Zhen has the ability to help clean up after her and protect her. As long as she is happy then it’s fine.”

“Hahaha, Your Majesty says big words. Willing to give up an empire for a smile from a beauty, this isn’t something that anyone can do. However, this prince still has to give a warning advice to His Majesty. If pets are not domesticated, it’s really easy for them to bite their master.”

Feng Tingye lifted his eyebrows and smiled lightly: “Zhen also sends these words back to this prince. I hope this prince takes care of himself.”

Just when the sun was right above their heads, the two people looked at each other, face to face. The smell of fireworks was beginning to spread. Even the surrounding airs was getting stiff enough to cause a person to feel a cold breeze in the hot afternoon.

Yan Ran and a few people were quietly watching the two people confronting each other. They all gave each other a look. Each and every one of them could see a thread of probing within their eyes. If the two countries were still able to maintain peace with one another then that would be ideal. If they opposed each other, there would certainly be a fierce fight. At that time who knows who would be the final victor.

Just when the atmosphere was about to fall to zero degrees, the main person from the conversation came wobbling in. Seeing everyone’s strange faces, she asked: “You guys are….”

Hearing Xia Yuqing’s voice, Feng Tingye immediately recalled the iciness within his eyes. Turning around, he lightly smiled at her and held her by the waist. Then he asked her in a pampering manner: “Have you finished saying farewell with Xiang Er?”

Feng Tingye’s strange act of gentleness caused Xia Yuqing to freeze up. She was so frozen she didn’t even notice that a certain someone had put his hand on her waist.

Did the Ultra Seme Lord eat the wrong medicine? Even though he does usually say these cheesy things, he would usually add some banter and joke to it. Not as…. tender as today.

Xia Yuqing’s heart skipped a beat. Her cheeks also blushed a bit. Just when she was at a loss of what to do, someone’s hand slowly began to inch down her waist….

“…..” Xia Yuqing’s eyebrow trembled. Then she immediately pinched the back of Feng Tingye’s hand to stop him from making any more movements.

She must be blind to have been shaken by this beast’s words. No matter where this beast goes, he’ll still be a beast. There is no need for doubt!

Xia Mingyuan didn’t see the small actions between the two, instead, he only saw them show off with their public displays of affection. His face getting heavy, he made a face that was like a smile yet not a smile: “Royal sister and His Majesty are truly deeply in love. This really causes everyone to watch in admiration.”

Feng Tingye lifted his head up to give him an eye and laugh: “Eldest royal prince you don’t have to be envious of Zhen and Ai Fei. Once the eldest royal prince and Xiang Er arrive at Xia Country, it will surely be a momentous day. Both of you will definitely be the object of envy.”

Both having their daggers drawn, Xia Yuqing who was caught in her own world didn’t seem to be aware of it at all. She even happily added: “Yes, yes. My eldest royal brother will definitely cause everyone to be envious, right….”

At last, Xia Yuqing suddenly remembered her purpose of coming. Crying out in alarm: “Eldest royal prince since you seldom come by and Xiang Er is little sister’s older sister, plus this is eldest royal brother and Xiang Er’s big marriage, little sister couldn’t just come with empty hands. This is why I personally wrote a Dui Lian to present to royal brother to show little sister’s blessings. I hope royal eldest brother won’t mind and please accept it.”

“Dui Lian?” At this, it wasn’t just Xia Mingyuan who was surprised, even Feng Tingye and the rest all had their gaze on Xia Yuqing.

The twinkle in Xia Yuqing’s eyes seemed to be excited about something. Jumping out of Feng Tingye’s arms, she clapped her hands. Then subsequently, Lu Rui walked out clasping an embroidered case.

“Who would have thought that royal sister was so considerate. This prince is very moved.” Xia Mingyuan looked carefully at Xia Yuqing, his eyes clearly showing he was on guard. “This prince is curious about what royal sister could have written this prince as a blessing. Is it possible to open it here to allow this prince the pleasure of seeing it for the first time?”

Xia Mingyuan was trying to be on alert, scared that Xia Yuqing had done something to the embroidered box. Thus to guard against the unexpected, he decided to open the box at once. Little did he imagine that this would be one of his biggest regrets in life. Obviously, this was something in the future, so at the moment the only thing he was thinking of was trying to figure out what Xia Yuqing had planned.

“Since this is a gift to eldest royal brother, of course, eldest royal brother can choose how to handle it.” Hearing Xia Mingyuan’s words, she didn’t even show the slightest bit of hesitation. Instead, she became even more excited, causing Xia Mingyuan to take even more precautions.

“Lu Rui…..” Just when Xia Yuqing wanted Lu Rui to open the box, Xia Mingyuan barred the way: “No need to bother Lady Lu Rui. Hei Ying.”

With a call, everyone could see a young scholar dressed in black walk out from behind Xia Mingyuan. That young scholar’s face was grave and stern. With an extraordinary temperament, it was clear he wasn’t an average person.

 This time, it was Feng Tingye’s side who was taking the precautions, putting their guards up.

“You tell me, what do you think that Ya Tou could have written to give to the eldest royal prince? I guarantee that it isn’t anything good!” Yan Ran was in high spirits as he was rejoicing in another’s calamity.

Shao Zitong looked on with disapproval at Yan Ran’s expression of wanting everything to be in chaos. Then he rolled his eyes at him: “Compared to that I am more curious about the fact that Consort Qing can write? Has anyone ever seen her write anything?”

“….. no.”

“……” Why is there such an intense ominous premonition?!

Seeing the young scholar in black appear, she stared blankly for a minute. It was then she had finally realized that Xia Mingyuan was taking some precautions with her. She couldn’t help but feel wronged.

She just wanted to give him a departing gift, yet she is being misunderstood. She really is getting punished for her good intentions! Hmph….

Look look look, what are you looking at? Do you think this older sister is playing around and will put daggers and such inside? Xia Yuqing glared at the young scholar who was cautiously opening the item with small movements. She really wanted to just stab a few holes in that thing.

The calligraphy roll didn’t seem to be hiding any weapons and it didn’t seem that any poisonous incense will come out. However, Xia Mingyuan wished the scroll had contained those things. At least he wouldn’t be like how he would be in a minute… raving mad!

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