FMEA Chapter 90 Part 4

Chapter 90: A Murder case caused by a Duilian

Happy new year everyone!! I hope everyone had an awesome countdown and have a few new year resolutions they will aim for, mine will be to finish translating one of the two novels this year!!

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On the white scroll, there was a thick concentrated scent of ink. Adorned with golden powder on top of the slender delicate, pretty calligraphy style of writing, originally it should have been a magnificent sight. Unfortunately, the content of the scroll…..

Since Feng Tingye saw the scroll unfold, he had become like a stone and his complexion ashen. Advancing forward, he had petrified on the spot. After a while his eyebrows perked up, then he gave a profound smile and read out the words: “Every single civil and military officer to be a homosexual.”

“Pfffttt…. What?” Hearing Feng Tingye speak, Yan Ran and the rest was stupefied. Then looking at each other, each and every one of them fought to see it.

“This is the first part” To see clearly the scroll, Yan Ran ran over to the embroidered box and took the other two scrolls and unfolded them.

Hands trembling, he read one scroll: “The Next part: The common people give priority to homosexuals.”


Everyone was lifeless. Then everyone at the same time turned to the last scroll in Leng Ruofeng’s hand. As a result, everyone had the fortune to see this iceberg crack.

“The last part: Tian Xia Da Yong*…..”

* philosophical thinking that everyone should be like a family and have the same feelings

“…..” It was deathly silent as a cold breeze swept across everyone’s feet. The place was indescribably desolate.

“AHAHAHAHA, no…. You are too talented. Niang Niang, you are too talented. To gift this Dui Liang to the eldest royal prince. You are thinking… Mmmmm…..” Before Yan Ran could finish speaking, his mouth was covered by Leng Ruofeng. 

Shao Zitong gave him a side-eye. His friend really was like a pig. Even though he also thought it was hilarious, can’t he tell that a certain someone was about to spit blood? Laughing at this point is like offering yourself to be at gunpoint – you are looking to be killed!

Xia Mingyuan’s face was completely black. He naturally knew what Yan Ran’s last words were going to be. To deliver this scroll hoping that all the civil and military officials and common people to be all homosexuals, she definitely wants his Xia Country to have no more offsprings?

An effortless victory by breaking off his Xia Country’s roots? Good… good… GOOD! Xia Yuqing, this prince has looked down on you!

Xia Mingyuan was so angry he had blood lodged in his throat and his face was incredibly pale. Yet, Xia Yuqing still dared to innocently ask: “Does eldest royal prince not like little sisters gift?”

Seeing Xia Mingyuan’s scary face, her last comment came out as a squeak: “I thought about it for quite a few days before I was able to think of this.”

“This prince…..” really wants to pry open your head to see what is inside that brain of yours.

Xia Mingyuan was thinking of what to say when Feng Tingye rebuked: “Ai Fei, you are overthinking things. This incredible Dui Lian, how could the eldest royal prince not like it? Do you agree, prince?”

Receiving Feng Tingye’s warning gaze, Xia Mingyuan suddenly remembered Feng Tingye’s earlier words. His face for a while was erratic and the blood in his throat was forcibly choked down. Holding back his internal wounds, with great difficulty he smiled: “Yes….. this prince…..” 

Once again before his words could be finished, he was again interrupted: “Ai Fei, since the eldest royal prince has already agreed then Ai Fei doesn’t have to brood about it. Zhen can see the efforts you have put in this Dui Lian. The words are written with strength. With this rare gift, there can’t be anything better.”

Xia Yuqing’s face lit up with happiness: “Really? If it’s so great, how about next time Chen Qie writes one for His MAjesty?”

“……Pfft!” Yan Ran let out some laughter and quickly exerted all his strength to cover his mouth. Covering his face, he was going to receive an internal injury soon!

Choking on Xia Yuqing’s words, Feng Tingye’s eyebrows began to tremble. Now he finally understood the meaning of “Xi Zuo Nie Bu Ke Huo*!”

* you cannot escape from your evil sins

“Cough, cough, I shouldn’t get a reward when I don’t deserve it. Ai Fei’s Dui Lian is so precious, Zhen would be ashamed, it’s better that ….”

“What is there to be ashamed about? Chen Qie and His Majesty is so…. close. How could gifting a Dui Lian to His Majesty be a big deal? Your Majesty doesn’t need to decline.”

“…….” With these words, Feng Tingye didn’t know if he should cry or laugh. He wanted to cry because he couldn’t decline to have to receive this curse of not having children. He wanted to laugh because he finally heard from this Ya Tou’s own mouth about how intimate they were. Could he finally be able to consider that this Ya Tou is starting to understand things properly?

After being in a deadlock for a while, Feng Tingye under Xia Yuqing’s hopeful eyes, stiffly replied: “Ai Fei’s great kindness, Zhen would be rude to refuse.”

“……” Your Majesty, is this truly what you think?

Everyone looked at Feng Tingye with sympathy and respect. It was only Xia Mingyuan who was taking joy in his misfortune. However, when he saw the embroidered box with the Dui Lian, his face looked like he was constipated again. 

Shao Zitong looked like he was in deep thought. Just now the two who were in a deadlock had one by one been defeated by Xia Yuqing. The corner of his mouth couldn’t help but lift up, speaking in his mind: It’s not for sure, but maybe the Ya Tou is the strongest!

After settling her wish, Xia Yuqing perfectly content, walked in Liu Yixiang’s direction.

“Qing Jiejie!” Liu Yixiang had just reluctantly parted with Zhang Sunshi. Just when she turned around she saw Xia Yuqing walking over. At once she pounced on her, sadly stating: “Xiang Er can’t stay by your side anymore. You need to make sure you take care of yourself and don’t let yourself get bullied.”

“……” Why do these words seem like a certain someone’s…. last words?

“In the future, I won’t be able to stay by your side to protect you. You need to be extra careful. Don’t pamper my royal cousin and let him do whatever to you. These men shouldn’t be pampered. Otherwise, they will take a mile when you give them an inch.”

“Xiang Er…..” At once, Xia Yuqing felt moved. Even though she didn’t remember any time Xiang Er had protected her, since every time Feng Tingye appeared, a certain someone would run away faster than a bunny; at least these words had allowed her to know she has found her best friend. Wuuu~~

It wasn’t that she wanted to pamper a certain someone. It’s that she had no choice but to surrender to a certain someone’s might. Don’t you know that beasts are the best at playing tricks and forcing themselves on people? Every day, she basically couldn’t move on the bed. She wanted to revolt but it’s so hard! 

Aaaghhh, this person isn’t some sardine or those kind of items!

Before Xia Yuqing was finished being moved, she heard Liu Yixiang grievously add another comment: “Qing Jiejie, this time I really have to leave. I probably won’t be able to personally see my obedient nephew come into this world. You need to remember to tell him every breakfast, lunch and dinner that he has a gentle kind aunt. For the sake of the country, she had given her own life and thrown herself into a tiger’s cave. Now she is in deep water and scorching fire, waiting for him to save his aunt from this danger!”

“……” Actually the last part was the most important. Gentle and kind?  For the sake of the country, she had given her own life and thrown herself into a tiger’s cave? Now she is waiting to be saved? Xiang Er, do you think that you are a scriptwriter?! Also repeating this three times a day? Do you think this is like eating a meal? In fact Xiang Er you have forgotten. In my stomach, your nephew could be the future Xia Country king. If I educate him like this, won’t there be some international problems?

“Qing Jiejie…..”

Xia Yuqing’s heart was roasting her the entire time. It was only when Liu Yixiang called her did she lift her head to look right into her miserable gaze. Feeling a bit uncomfortable, she lightly coughed: “I….. I know. I won’t let the royal baby forget this aunt.”

Liu Yixiang’s eyes lit up. Her dazzling eyes seemed to be like searchlights. They nearly blinded Xia Yuqing’s eyes. Embarrassed, Xia Yuqing quickly changed to topic: “Xiang Er, come look at my departing gift for you.”

“Departing gift?” Just as expected, Liu Yixiang’s attention quickly was diverted.

“Lu Rui, bring it out.” Xia Yuqing mysteriously had Lu Rui bring out a small box and whispered in a low voice: “Open it and look.”

Liu Yixiang gave a her a suspicious look, then carefully opened the box. Seeing what was inside, her face was astounded: “Isn’t this….”

“I especially asked Master for this Ji Guan Niao. These birds are able to differentiate directions and are just like carrier pigeons but they are faster than them by ten times. With this, if anything happens in Xia Country, you would be able to write a letter and use this Ji Guan Niao to notify me. If anything happens to me, I can also notify you quickly. This way we will be able to look after each other.”

This Ji Guan Niao was meant to be used for people in the martial world. When Feng Tingye had an accidental encounter with it, he had requested a few to be made for quick distant communication. 

Back then, Xu Lao had sworn in front of his Master, he would not allow the Ji Guan Niao he had made to be used for war. Thus he had kept rejecting Feng Tingye. To this day, Feng Tingye still hadn’t had his wish fulfilled. Who would have thought that now these items would fall into the hands of these two women to use it for…. Cough cough communicating gossip. If Feng Tingye were to know this, what would he think? Look in the distance~

“Qing Jiejie, you treat me too well.” Liu Yixiang after being shocked grabbed Xia Yuqing’s hand and was all teary-eyed.

“What are you talking about, we are sisters. If I don’t treat you well, who else will?” Without shame, Xia Yuqing accepted Liu Yixiang’s gratitude. Inside her heart, she was silently smirking. As long as you are able to help me dig out all those secret affair gossip within the palace of Xia Country then that would be your biggest repayment.

“That’s right, we are good sisters. Thus…. little sister will definitely help Qing Jiejie vent her anger. Qing Jiejie don’t worry.” Liu Yixiang looked at a certain someone not too far away and coldly humphed.

“Huh?” Xia Yuqing didn’t understand and tilted her head. Something didn’t seem to be right. Why is it that these days speaking with Xiang Er didn’t make any sense? Was it her misconception? Or did the marriage cause Xiang Er to be…. a little mental?!

Xia Yuqing resisted stepping forward to stroke Liu Yixiang’s forehead. Just when she was about to open her mouth to ask, she saw Liu Yixiang lift the small box and bustling with energy, departed.

“Hmph……” Walking past Xia Mingyuan, Xia Yuqing clearly saw Liu Yixiang give him a cold humph.

Not to be outdone, Xia Mingyuan also gave a cold sneer. In an instant, another smokeless fire was ignited. 

“……” Xia Yuqing had a 囧囧 expression looking at the two interact, both about to blow their tops. If you guys go back like this, how will you live in peace? As expected, the idea of ‘being the envy of bystanders’ floated away, loving and killing each other is more likely!

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