FMEA Chapter 91

Chapter 91 The unjustly attacked yellow book

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After a moment, Liu Yixiang had a cold flash in her eyes. Xia Yuqing couldn’t help shiver. In her heart, she silently lit a few candles for her eldest royal brother. Amen, I wish you all the best! When you reincarnate, I hope you have a better life! The most important thing is to remember to not provoke women in the future!

Saying farewell to the two main characters, Xia Yuqing also had a sad departure with her disaster friend*

* friend facing same difficulties as her

“My dear friend!”

“My dear sister!”

“…..” When everyone heard these two calls, their entire bodies broke out in goosebumps. Then the guardians of each of the brats came forward at the same time to pick them up and increase the distance between them.

‘Royal sister! Don’t pull on me, royal sister!”

“Why are you holding on to me? I have to say my goodbyes to my royal brother. Royal brother!” Baring fangs and brandishing her claws, Xia Yuqing tried to extend her hand to grab the increasingly distant Xia Mingxi. However, with her short arms, she could only watch as the other person drifted further and further away. 

Ah….. we are like real live versions of the cowherd and the weaver girl* with the galaxy obstructing our physical bodies. But, they won’t be able to stop our spiritual connection. In this world, we are the ones who understand each other best. I can understand everything from your gaze and everything in my heart you can relate to.

* folk story of a couple who are forcibly separated

The two gazed at each other, full of tender feelings. That short moment seemed like it lasted forever.

In that split second, everyone else could see countless pink bubbles floating about. It was so oversentimental, it nearly made everyone…. vomit.

“Ai Fei and second royal prince really have a deep sibling bond, even their goodbyes are different.” A gloomy voice with a sharp icy tone as if it was beckoning the devil made Xia Yuqing wake up.

Turning her head, a beast-like smile that could change the colours of the sky fell into her eyes. She gave a hollow laugh. “Since childhood, Chen Qie was taken care of by second royal brother. Naturally, Chen Qie would be closer to him.”

“Is that right?”

Yes, yes. Ultra Seme Lord, please stop smiling. It’s horrifying! Xia Yuqing finally understood the meaning of Xiao Li Cang Dao*. The cold knife… cold and sharp, she might die soon!

* a dagger hidden within smiles = friendly manners belying hypocritical intentions

Xia Yuqing was about to fall, naturally, Xia Mingxi wouldn’t be able to handle putting up a fight by himself. Facing Xia Mingyuan’s blackface, his entire body quivered. Within his mind, he suddenly recalled the confession not long ago. At once he shut his mouth, keeping quiet out of fear.  

Thus, the parting words of these two brats were under the supervision of their two arguing family heads. Xia Yuqing waved her small handkerchief tearfully as she mouthed ‘please take care of yourself’ to her disaster friend. Then because of someone’s jealous nature, she was quickly wrapped up and taken back. The few Da Ren who was left behind watched the carriage gradually disappear and their mouths twitched.

Paying more attention to a lover than friends, Feng Tingye certainly stands above the rest at doing that.

“Da Rens, are you not returning? Yi, what are you Da Ren’s holding in your hands?” After sending off Liu Yixiang, Liu Chengsi could have said to have settled a long-cherished desire. Wiping away his last emotional tears, he turned around to see the group of men who were left behind.

“This.” Yan Ran hoisted the book in his hands. “Xiang Er had given this to us before she got on the carriage. Perhaps its some words she felt embarrassed saying to us in person. Should we open it and take a look?”

The group made eye contact and nodded their heads. Looking at the title on the book they frowned: The palace secrets: hardcover? Suspicious, when they turned to see the first page….

Caaaa… all of them became… petrified.

At the same tie, the criminal mind sitting in the gorgeous sedan chair was laughing evilly. Ahahahaha, I can allow my royal cousin to scheme against me! However to let you guys not help me and hide from me? I don’t believe after seeing those things, you guys would be able to peacefully handle the situation calmly! Kakakakak….

The sudden cackle had the carriage driver’s hair stand on end as he trembled in fright. Using his other hand, he fiercely lashed the horse to increase the speed.

Just as Liu Yixiang planned, after seeing 《Palace secrets》the hardcover copy, they were thoroughly disturbed! After getting out of their petrification state, the veins on their foreheads looked as if they were going to pop. With a dark expression, they directly turned around and headed towards the palace.

“Hey, why are you all leaving? Young people these days, they really have no patience at all. Sigh, this old man wanted to see what Xiang Er had left behind for them too.” Liu Chengsi had a regretful face as he spoke. His own daughter had left. Knowing that she had given her friends a commemorative gift but didn’t leave her own father one, this must be the spilt water from sending one’s daughter out to marry!

Liu Chengsi full of bitterness departed. Little did he imagine that the few Da Rens who received that gift did not want that kind of departing gift at all!

“Your Majesty…..” Xiao Shunzi trembled with fear as he called for one of the two people hidden from view by the curtains. All the palace maids and eunuchs were well aware. His Majesty burning with anxiety to bring Niang Niang back certainly meant he wanted to do those embarrassing things, but…..

Those Da Ren’s had really unsightly expressions. If they didn’t pass on the message, they would definitely be swallowed alive! Xiao Shunzi had cheeks streaming with tears. After losing in rock paper scissors, he was selected. Why does he always have the worst of luck!?

“What is it?” Feng Tingye’s voice transmitted outwards. His languid way of speaking obviously showed…. that his desire was unsatisfied.

Xiao Shunzi’s body shook, but he gritted his teeth and replied: “Answering Your Majesty, the Da Ren’s are currently outside Qian Qing Palace. They have something urgent to discuss with His Majesty.”

“Da Ren’s?” Xia Yuqing’s voice also transmitted from within, but her voice sounded somewhat delighted. “Your Majesty, since Da Ren’s had come at this moment, there must be something important. Your Majesty, how about you go take a look first.”

Hearing these words, Xiao Shunzi immediately teared up. Consort Qing really is considerate and empathizes with this Nu Cai. Niang Niang, if Xiao Shunzi is able to safely return then Nu Cai will definitely do anything to repay Niang Niang!

Entirely oblivious that she had reaped the devotion of this eunuch, at the moment Xia Yuqing was urgently… defending against a wolf.

“Ai Fei, we still haven’t finished with this debt.”

“Ahahaha, those little matters, how could it be compared with national matters. With the Da Rens acting in this way, they must have something important to say. Your Majesty being the monarch of this country ought to sacrifice the self and think about the collective. Only then would you be able to live up to the citizen’s hopes and expectations.”

Feng Tingye looked at Xia Yuqing’s happy expression as she said those words. Reaching out he stroked Xia Yuqing’s stomach and smiled: “Those might be small matters, but in Zhen’s eyes anything related to Ai Fei, no matter if it was small or big, is an important matter. However, since Ai Fei had already said so much then Zhen won’t force anything. We will follow the old rules, this will be added into the books.”

“Still noting this in the book?” Xia Yuqing’s eyes widened as she gasped.

But Feng Tingye loved it when her mood was exposed like this. Calmly smiling he replied: “Naturally, Ai Fei is so magnanimous, with our debts, adding on one or taking away one, Ai Fei definitely won’t haggle with Zhen, right?”

“…..” Ultra Seme Lord, aren’t you a bit petty? You can’t even let go of a matter that’s smaller than a fart? Won’t bother about adding or taking away on the debt, the one who is bothered about it is obviously you! Knowing that I’m generous means you could bully me like this? Waahhhh, I’m so tired. I don’t want to believe in love anymore!

Fully content with his achievements, Feng Tingye added one more to him and Xia Yuqing’s book. Then did he casually leave behind the depressed Xia Yuqing in Xie Fang palace.

Just when Feng Tingye set foot in Qian Qing palace, he could sense something wrong. There was…. murderous aura!

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