FMEA Chapter 91 Part 2

Chapter 91 The unjustly attacked yellow book

Happy new year everyone!! I hope everyone had an awesome countdown and have a few new year resolutions they will aim for, mine will be to finish translating one of the two novels this year!!

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His face turning cold and both ears on alert, he seemed to have heard some motion. His face changed colour. He quickly jumped from where he was to the other side.

Then in his original spot, a cannon ball like object came hurtling over. Bouncing against the gate pillar, it caused the pillar made of gold to cave in. It wasn’t hard to guess what would have happened if that item had landed on Feng Tingye.

Feng Tingye stared at the indent and his face became solemn: “Shao Zitong, are you thinking of committing regicide?”

Shao Zitong slowly came out from within the palace hall. His face was as terrifying as a demon in hell. Hearing Feng Tingye’s question, he didn’t reply. Instead, he let out a cold snort and turned his face away.

“What’s the matter?” Feng Tingye’s eyebrow pinched together. Usually, even if they had some small arguments, being aware of their social differences they would have a sense of propriety. Yet today…. There was something fishy.

If Feng Tingye didn’t ask it would have been better. Once he asked, Shao Zitong’s face became even darker: “Look down at your feet.”

Feng Tingye suspiciously looked down. That was when he saw that near his feet was a book that had gone through inhumane treatment, this was the concealed weapon that had nearly taken his life.

Automatically, he had a bad premonition. Bending down to pick up the book, as expected…. The front of the page had several large words that entered his eyesight—— Palace secrets hardcover copy!

Feng Tingye’s lip twitched. This actually had a hardcopy version!

“Cough cough…..” Seeing Feng Tingye freeze up when he picked up the book, Leng Ruofeng kindly reminded him: “There’s a lot of people here, come inside the palace hall.”

“Humph.” Shao Zitong unwillingly looked around at the palace maids and eunuchs who were starting to crowd because of the noise. Then he took the lead to turn around and enter the palace hall.

After the group of men entered the hall, the palace maids and eunuchs outside finally all let out a sigh. Waahhhh, the Da Rens are so scary today. Also, why did the temperature of the Qian Qing palace drop so much, it could freeze someone to death!

Just as he entered the hall, Feng Tingye could sense an intense sense of wrath being thrown his way. Daggers were hurtled over as if it was calling out to him in greeting. If it weren’t for his status, he probably would’ve been stabbed until he looked like a sieve!

“Cough cough….” Feng Tingye cleared his throat: “Where did you guys get this?”

“Where else could we have gotten it? Xiang Er had delivered it to us before departing.” Shao Zitong sneered revealing his white teeth. His razor-sharp teeth appearing like a beast causing one to be terrified.

“Xiang Er?” So it was that Ya Tou. Before leaving, she couldn’t overlook pushing me into a pit. She really is worthy of being my cousin. If only she could be this intelligent when she is over in Xia Country and torture Xia Mingyuan to create pandemonium in Xia Country. That would be great.

“Since this is something that Xiang Er gave you, shouldn’t you be looking for Xiang Er and not coming to Qian Qing palace to call for Zhen?”

“Feng Tingye, you still want to cover for that Ya Tou?” Yan Ran who was restraining himself this entire time finally erupted. Slamming the book in his hand to the table, he was unable to take it anymore.

They all knew that Xia Yuqing had a craving towards men being affectionate couples. They also knew that Xia Yuqing loved to single them out as a point of attack. However, that was after all just thoughts. They were able to hold back someone’s actions but not someone’s thoughts, so they simply let her be.

Yet they did not think that a certain someone would take their sexual thoughts and actually create a book. Spreading it all over, that person had compiled them into a book of them being homosexuals. How could they suppress their anger!!

Feng Tingye raised his eyebrows, pretending dumb: “That Ya Tou?”

“Naturally, it’s Consort Qing. Don’t even try to deny it. That day at Xie Fang palace, Xiang Er had once requested wanting a hard copy with Consort Qing. At that time, we still didn’t know. Now if we were to have only realized then what that meant… Hard copy…. heheha….” Shao Zitong’s laugh echoed within the room causing one’s hair to stand on end. 

The palace maids and eunuch outside the palace hearing Shao Zitong and Yan Ran’s explosion all nearly prostrated themselves in admiration.

It was really hard to see those calm Da Ren’s to be so shaken. These Da Ren’s were even having a falling out with His Majesty over Consort Qing! A beauty could overturn a country. Niang Niang really is a femme fatale to be able to cause a quarrel between His Majesty and the Da Rens who were as close as brothers.

It won’t do. Usually, Niang Niang treated everyone quite well. They couldn’t let Niang Niang and her unborn prince because of Niang Niang’s beauty to fall into danger. Someone must hurry and inform the empress dowager and Consort Qing.

When the group made eye contact, at once they all knew each other’s thoughts. Separating to handle it, at this moment within the palace halls, the fight inside was reaching the climax.

Feng Tingye looked at the dark expressions on the three people’s face and took a deep breath: “Then what do my beloved officials want to do? They are just some books that don’t reflect reality. Does these Da Ren’s possibly want Zhen to punish Ai Fei? 

She is Zhen’s Ai Fei, not Consort Qing! He obviously wanted to protect that Ya Tou to the end. 

The three fuming people glared at Feng Tingye, it seemed as if they were ready to tear him apart at any time.

At that moment, a light knocking could be heard from outside breaking the imposing atmosphere.

“What’s the matter?” Feng Tingye knitted his eyebrows, showing a bit of impatience.

The outside figure became stiff, thereafter her voice shakily said: “Nu Bi has come to serve tea to Zhen and the Da Rens.”

Something flashed within Feng Tingye’s eyes: “Come in.”

An Yan trembling with fear as she came inside feeling the heavy atmosphere within the room. Her heart had been crying rivers long since. Why had she come at this time, to go as far as to punish herself and try to stall for time? 

An Yan entered the room and poured the tea successively to the men inside. When she arrived in front of Yan Ran to pour another cup of tea, her eyes swept over the book on the table and her eyes immediately shrank.

An Yan’s face turned an entire 360 for a single short moment, but to the group of men who were paying attention to her, that short period was enough.

An Yan hurriedly looked down and holding onto the tray was about to rush out the door when Feng Tingye called out for her: “Wait.” 

An Yan’s heart skipped a beat: “Does His Majesty and the Da Ren’s have any orders?”

Shao Zitong gave a signal with his eyes to Yan Ran. Understanding it without being told, Yan Ran fished up the book on the table and threw it in front of her: “Do you recognize this?”

“Nu Bi…..Nu Bi…..” An Yan seeing the book thrown to her feet, immediately had her eyes wandering everywhere, showing her guilty conscience. 

“Speak the truth! Otherwise, Your Majesty, this is just a palace maid from your palace right? What do you think we should do?” Shao Zitong turned to look at Feng Tingye, his eyes like vultures. “If this palace maid dares to lie in front of His Majesty, it should be considered deceiving the king. Following the laws, she should be sentenced to a death of a thousand cuts.”

“Your Majesty, please spare my life. Your Majesty, please spare my life…..” An Yan’s face paled. Then with a crash, she threw herself onto her knees trembling.

Feng Tingye didn’t put a stop to Shao Zitong. Originally he had thought this was just how Xia Yuqing found amusement. Even if she were to share it, it was simply in privacy with Liu Yixiang. But now it seems like…. it wasn’t as simple as that. This time it had piqued his interest.

“Speak, what is this matter?” Feng Tingye narrowed his eyes as he asked.

From head to toe, An Yan was shaking. Pale lips, her voice was so quiet that even though everyone was paying rapt attention to her they still couldn’t understand.

“Louder.” Shao Zitong slammed his right hand on the table. With a bang, the wooden table was…. shattered into pieces.

An Yan drew in a cold breath and shrieked: “Nu Bi will speak. That book was developed by Consort Qing who in turn had Lady Liu take it outside of the palace to form a physical copy. Afterwards, it is sold within the palace.”

 “Sold?” Feng Tingye raised his eyebrows.

“Yes…. yes, that book is divided into a regular copy or hardcover copy. There is an experimental copy to start first. If one wanted to continue the story then they would have to use money to buy an original copy. The hardcopy version besides the original story would have a few extra short stories for appreciation. Dependent on the version they had different prices. It is priced at a fair cost of 9.98. Just 9.98!”

An Yan had learned the way Xia Yuqing had enthusiastically marketed the item. By the time that she looked back up at the faces of the Da Ren, then did she realize…. Niang Niang, Nu Bi let you down!!! In a moment of excitement, she had revealed everything. Nu Bi really didn’t do it on purpose. Waaaaaaa ~~~~(>_<)~~~~

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