FMEA Chapter 92

Chapter 92 Transfering the funds 

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The three faces changed unpredictably, but they finally lost in the eyes of Zhang Sunshi’s inquiry. They walked forward unwillingly: “Chen welcomes the Empress Dowager.” 

“There are no outsiders here, no need to be over-courteous. Ai Jia has not seen you three for a long time. It’s rare that all three of you have come here today. How about you stay with Ai Jia, Qing Er and Ting Er for a meal?” 

“Chen…” Just when Yan Ran wanted to refuse, he was robbed of his chance to speak by Feng Tingye: “Yes, these Da Ren’s have not seen royal mother for a long time. Today, they should spend lunch with Royal Mother. What does Royal Mother think?”

“If the Da Rens are willing, Ai Jia naturally would love that.” 

“Chen…” Shao Zitong took a look at the sly Feng Tingye. When he was about to speak, he heard Zhang Sunshi let out a long sigh.

“Sigh, in the past, Xiang Er would always accompany Ben Gong. Now that Xiang Er has just left, Ben Gong feels that there is a piece missing in Ben Gong’s heart. It feels so empty.” 

The three men were in a stalemate. Xia Yuqing had a sad face and consoled: “Don’t be sad Royal Mother. Seeing Royal Mother treat Xiang Er like her own child and seeing Royal Mother miss her so much, it is really moving. However, Xiang Er had always respected Royal Mother. If she knew that Royal Mother was sad and hurt because of her, she would certainly not feel relieved outside.” 

“Ai Fei is right. Royal Mother, don’t be sad. Although Xiang Er is gone, there is still Ai Fei and Zhen accompanying royal mother.” Feng Tingye also comforted her. 

“……” Xiang Er just went off to get married, why is the Ultra Seme Lord making it sound like Xiang Er… had passed away?!!? 

Zhang Sunshi did not suspect anything and nodded her head. Xia Yuqing covered her eyes and turned her head to look at the three people. Turning the subject around, she turned towards the three: “Since Da Rens can see that Royal Mother for the sake of Xiang Er is so upset, you won’t say that you don’t have time for a meal right?”

“……” They obviously came to criticize the perpetrator, but why are they being led by the nose to do work? This is irrational! 

Shao Zitang’s initial words in his mouth were swallowed back down. Gnashing his teeth: “….. of course, it would be an honour to be with the Empress Dowager, the Emperor, and Consort Qing. It is Chen’s fortune.” 

“That’s great! Lu Rui, why don’t you hurry to arrange the meals?” Xia Yuqing ignored the murderous gaze of the certain someones and happily attended to the guests who came over. Anyways, she had a strong backing now, she wasn’t afraid of them! Ohohoho, how can I be so smart? 

Xia Yuqing was very excited, and even her face had a sly smile. Seeing this, Shao Zitong could not wait to beat her up. 

At this time, it was near noon. Originally, it was time for their meal. Thus, Lu Rui’s movement was very fast. Merely a short period of time passed and the table was filled with sumptuous dishes. 

The group of people were all seated, then Zhang Sunshi asked some questions: “Right, Ben Gong saw that the bunch of you came to Qing Er’s Palace together, what was the matter?” 

When the words came out, the atmosphere on the table suddenly stagnated. Shao Zitong stunned, smiled coldly: “What’s the matter? Yes, there are some important things!”

Shao Zitong showed his white teeth towards Xia Yuqing. He was satisfied when he saw Xia Yuqing’s smile stiffen. “Chen has come because of…” 

“Ai Ya…” The words have not been finished yet when everyone heard Xia Yuqing shout out. Her face suddenly became a little strange. 

“Ai Fei, what’s wrong?” The first one to discover something was strange was Feng Tingye. Putting down his chopsticks, he held Xia Yuqing’s hand. 

Everyone’s attention was once again drawn to Xia Yuqing. After a while, Xia Yuqing’s eyes were wide open and she turned to look at Feng Tingye: “It moved.” 

“Moved? What moved?” Feng Tingye asked, confused. 

“Moved, could it be…..” Zhang Sunshi who had gone through the pregnancy experience took the lead in reacting. She stepped forward and took Xia Yuqing’s hand. She was becoming very excited: “Qing Er, is it Ai Jia’s golden grandson moving?”

When this was said, everyone’s eyes all gathered on Xia Yuqing’s stomach all at once.

“Is what Royal Mother said true? Did the child just move?” The most excited person at this time was Feng Tingye who was going to become a dad. Stunned for a moment, after a while, the eyes he had on Xia Yuqing became increasingly warm. 

Xia Yuqing still hadn’t recovered from the surprise of that previous movement. Hearing Feng Tingye’s question, she slowly nodded. 

The next second, a warm hand gently covered her belly. Xia Yuqing’s eyes moved to look up to Feng Tingye’s gentle and tender eyes.

His clear eyes reflected her helpless face, his gentle and watery eyes; it was as if the child in her stomach was his whole world. 

Xia Yuqing’s small heartbeat uncontrollably. **gradually climbed along her neck and up her cheeks. It seemed as if she could only hear her own heartbeat. No, there was a slightly undetectable heartbeat… their child. 

Zhang Sunshi looked at the two gazing at each other and could not help but grin, her eyes full of gratification. 

Suddenly, as if it wanted to respond to his parent’s mood, the palm Feng Tingye placed on Xia Yuqing’s belly felt a slight bump. 

Accustomed to the dispute in the government halls, he was used to using a smile to conceal his real emotions. Yet at this moment, he lost the calmness of his past. His eyes widened at this incredible miracle: “This is…”

Xia Yuqing also had a surprised expression, but then she smiled a little. As if she was a child who just received a novel toy, she delightfully cried out: “It looks like it’s healthy.” 

Her voice didn’t even land when Xia Yuqing was pulled into a warm embrace: “Your… Majesty.” 

“Don’t move.” Acting as if there was no one around, in front of everyone he seized her into his arms. In fact, he had always wanted to do this. 

This woman, always when he didn’t have his guard up, would bring him all kinds of novel feelings: horror, helplessness, joy or nowadays… warmth and satisfaction. 

Seeing the two of them begin to fall into their own world, ignoring everyone while unleashing these rays of light, everyone could barely look straight.

For their own sake, the bystanders couldn’t help but let out a light cough to remind them.

Xia Yuqing just remembered that there were still people and hurriedly pushed Feng Tingye away. Bowing down, she tried to cover her burning face. 

Waaahhh, the Ultra Seme Lord is too charming. No, I can’t be like this. Calm, calm down!!! Think about your lofty fujoshi ambitions, with this insignificant gorgeous man tactic, you can’t let this goal fail due to lack of a final push!!

The rare serenity moment was disturbed. Displeased, Feng Tingye gave those people a side-eye. But he was in a good mood today and didn’t want to lower himself to their level. 

“…” The three people stared at the smug-looking Feng Tingye. It was as if they saw someone’s foxtail swaying behind them. Strutting around acting arrogant, it really made people get heated. 

Fortunately, after the baby in Xia Yuqing’s belly moved a few times, it seemed to have tired out. No matter how Feng Tingye teased it, there were no more movements. Otherwise, no doubt that person’s tail would have lifted into the sky. 

“Well, Qing Er has been pregnant for more than four months now, with all the fetal movement, it sure will be a lively and healthy baby.” Zhang Sunshi said happily. 

After the unexpected surprise, Zhang Sunshi came back and looked at Shao Zitong asking: “Yes, so what did Zitong say about urgent matters?” 

Shao Zitong’s mouth was drawn out. He looked at Xia Yuqing with a complicated stare. The luck of this girl was really like a god’s. He just wanted to reprimand her, yet there was suddenly fetal movements. With this, even if Feng Tingye that boy who is so eager to forget his friends over a lover doesn’t speak, the Empress Dowager would definitely stand on her side…

After a struggle in his heart, Shao Zitong smiled and said: “Chen came… because Chen was originally going to visit the Consort Qing and the royal successor. The Empress Dowager should know that Consort Qing is pregnant with the first in line successor of Ye Country. His identity is extraordinarily important. This successor is tied to the future of the country, so it’s completely different. Thus, isn’t coming to see the future successor not an urgent matter?” 

Xia Yuqing listened to Shao Zitang and couldn’t help but let out a sigh of relief. So, has she escaped this predicament? 

Royal mother really is the best thigh to hug on to. In the future, no matter what, I swear to not hesitate to follow you left and right, no matter the state. Hahahaha!

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