FMEA Chapter 92 Part 2

Chapter 92 Transfering the funds 

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“Seeing you can care for Qing Er and my future grandson, Ai Jia is pleased.” 

Now that the former dynasty has stabilized, it is mostly because of you guys supporting Ting Er. Ting Er and Ye Country having such dedicated loyal officials is their great fortune. Ai Jia in place of Ting Er will like to offer you a cup. ” 

“Empress Dowager’s words are exaggerated. All these things are simply our duty.” The three men also got up to raise their glasses and toasted with Zhang Sunshi. But their eyes turned to Feng Tingye seamlessly.

Upon seeing this, Feng Tingye’s mouth slightly twitched thinking, Royal Mother, you are wrong.  These three people are not as good as you think. Just earlier they were trying to force the king to do things!

For lunch, Zhang Sunshi had a big smile the entire time. Xia Yuqing was still in the midst of worrying, Feng Tingye felt too complicated to eat, while the three Da Ren’s ate without really tasting the food.

When lunch was finally done, the three people excused themselves and left. They made sure to give Feng Tingye a good look. Feng Tingye’s eyebrows shook, knowing these people, they definitely weren’t up to any good. 

Now the originally helpless Xia Yuqing had the royal mother backing her and she was ready to use this knife. 

Thinking like that, as soon as Feng Tingye walked out of the door of Fragrant palace hall and seeing the three dark faces, he tried to gain the upper hand: “Zhen will give you a satisfactory answer.” 

“Satisfactory answer?” The three looked at each other with a trace of suspicion in their eyes. 

But soon they knew what the so-called reply was. Searching the inside and outside of the palace for those bad books, they were burnt on the spot. While all the people involved in the book production were arrested for half a month.

When the matter got out, there were rumours outside the palace. Each one more extreme than the next. Finally, there was an unexpected idea that His Majesty was worried that Consort Qing who was pregnant would indulge in flights of fancy and might try to find a new flame, thus he had a bunch of books burnt to represent his deep love to Consort Qing and his future prince.

As a result, the truth of the matter was distorted. Originally somewhat sympathetic to those who have been implicated and were complaining about Feng Tingye, now it had a different development.

Our emperor is so deeply in love with her. He is just like the twenty-four filial husband exemplars. Those who have been spreading those yellow books really have no ability to discern things and they should be caught! 

When Xia Yuqing heard this, she was in the midst of nibbling an apple. After listening to the report by Lu Rui, the big red apple in her hand fell to the ground. 

Hey, he was clearly burning books and burning the scholars*? Although he wasn’t as cruel, burning the books of gods was true!

* the supposed burning of texts in 213 BCE and live burial of 460 Confucian scholars in 212 BCE by the Qin Shi Huang of the Qin dynasty of Imperial China

“Niang Niang… Niang Niang…” Lu Rui seeing that Xia Yuqing’s face was a little strange, she couldn’t help but call out. 

Xia Yuqing returned and suspiciously asked: “What?” 

“Oh, Nu Bi just wanted to ask Niang Niang since those people have been arrested, then….. are we still printing?” Lu Rui asked cautiously. 

“Of course …..” Xia Yuqing looked at Lu Rui’s face and held her breath, then sighed. “Not” 

“Not print?” 

“Don’t speak rubbish. You should know that it is a very special time right now. To commit a crime against the law, I am not stupid. The most important thing is to protect my small treasure. Humph. Xiang Er that Ya Tou dare sell me out? She better not let me see her, otherwise, I’ll settle this debt with her.”

 “…..” Niang Niang, are you sure you will remember this thing at that time? 

“Hey, why is he moving again?” Xia Yuqing was thinking about how to hide the funds, only to feel that her belly was moving. The sudden pain made her exclaim out loud.

Lu Rui hurriedly helped support Xia Yuqing. Since the first fetal movement that day, the little baby in Xia Yuqing’s stomach had begun to act up. From time to time, he would move a few times to show his existence. Sometimes, he would use so much strength that it was really painful for Xia Yuqing. 

“So small but you already know how to torture me. Just watch how I deal with you when you come out” Xia Yuqing aggressively stated as she rubbed her stomach.

As if the fetus in her abdomen understood the threat Xia Yuqing gave, it gave her a hard forceful kick to show its dissatisfaction. 

“Hey…” Xia Yuqing was in so much pain she began to sweat. Now she finally understood what you can’t escape from your sins means! 

“What’s wrong? Is the child bothering you?” Feng Tingye kicked open the door of Fragrance palace hall when he heard Xia Yuqing shout in pain. Rushing over, he discovered that Xia Yuqing was covered in cold sweat. 

Eyes cold, at once Feng Tingye carried Xia Yuqing into the inner room.

After lying down on the soft bed, Xia Yuqing felt a little better. After relaxing, she found that there were only two of them in the room. 

“Your Majesty….” 

“Lie down.” Just when Xia Yuqing was about to stand up, she was pressed back by down by Feng Tingye. His line of sight dangerously stuck on the stomach of Xia Yuqing. “This child hasn’t even been born yet and he’s so naughty. After he is born, Zhen will definitely beat him up for you.” 

“Don’t…” Hearing Feng Tingye’s words, Xia Yuqing reacted and stretched out her hand to protect her stomach. On one hand, it was because of the nature of being a mom. On the other hand, she was scared that the child would hear him and torture her! 

But who knew that after a while, the stomach would quiet down with no movement at all. 

“Ah? Why is that when I threaten him, he kicks me. But when you threaten him, he is so obedient. Are we sure he’s my child?!” Xia Yuqing whispered dissatisfyingly. 

Feng Tingye heard her words clearly and laughed: “It’s only natural that he is your child since he’s in your stomach. But it seems that this child seems to listens to Zhen’s words more.”

Feng Tingye’s words were tantamount to pouring oil on fire. Xia Yuqing let out a cold humph: “Your Majesty is overthinking things. Maybe the child is tired from throwing tantrums and doesn’t want to deal with you.”

“Is that the case? Ai Fei, why don’t you try it, see if he will continue to torment you?” 

Xia Yuqing hesitated, but seeing Feng Tingye’s smug look she became a bit annoyed. “Why not? You little bad guy, if you kick me again…..oh…” 

Her stomach once again received a sharp pain directly stopping her mouth. Holding on to Feng Tingye’s hand, and the cold sweat came down again. 

Feng Tingye just wanted to make a joke with Xia Yuqing. He didn’t expect the child to start tossing around again. Looking at Xia Yuqing’s tearful expression, his heart started hurting. Reaching out and touching her belly, his eyes looked like a storm was about to stir. 

The child inside the stomach seemed to sense Feng Tingye’s anger and it immediately settled down, no longer tossing around in Xia Yuqing. 

Xia Yuqing became aggrieved at this scene. This little thing hasn’t even been born but it’s already being partial, it really hurts!

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